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Achieve your goals with online courses in Coding, Python, and more.
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Skill up to success. Udemy is a leading destination for online courses that empowers you to grow professionally and personally. Get the app to explore our expansive library of thousands of topics with cutting-edge online video courses in Coding, Development, Python, Java, Business, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Drawing, Photography, and much more.

Tap into knowledge from around the world by learning from real-world experts. With courses in over 65 languages, you’ll probably find the right course for your goals.

Here’s what makes learning with the Udemy app so valuable:

LEARN OFFLINE: Download courses and learn even when your internet connection is unreliable

LEARN ON THE BIG SCREEN: Watch courses with Chromecast

DARK MODE: Stay focused in any lighting condition

LEARNING REMINDERS: Build your learning routine with customised push notifications that fit your schedule

NOTES: Maximise your learning by taking notes and adding bookmarks to remember more of what you learned

QUIZZES: Take in-course quizzes to reinforce your learning

Q&A: Ask instructors your burning questions to increase your knowledge or get a little extra help

LIFETIME ACCESS: Take courses on your schedule. Revisit them as needed.

Many instructors update courses (at no extra cost) to bring you the latest knowledge as it becomes available. Making learning with us is a short- and long-term investment in your success.

Other popular topics people are learning to achieve their goals:
App Development: Android, iOS, Swift
Data Science: R, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Marketing: Mobile, Social Media, SEM, SEO
Art, Music, Drawing, Photography, Health & Fitness

Learners around the world trust Udemy to launch new careers, advance in their current field, and reap the benefits of lifelong learning.

Take control of your future with online courses that deliver practical, professional skills. Prepare for certification exams in IT, Project Management, and more. Earn certificates of completion for paid courses to showcase on your CV or impress in your next interview.

Join millions of learners around the globe and improve your life through learning!


40 comentarios en "Udemy – Online Courses MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve been using the app for quite sometime with no issues and now everytime I try to login I get an “Oops” and “Check your connection”. Nothing is wrong with my connection btw. I’ve tried things suggested in the help center and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app more than once, but still can’t get in to my courses that I’ve paid for! I did login on the actual website (using this same connection) and could see my courses, but it’s much more convenient to be able to use the app!

  2. I cannot get an answer from anyone. I paid for content during a flash sale. Receipts and bank account all show payment, but my Udemy courses are still missing. I already updated everything. I need a real person to help me figure this out. As you may have guessed, I cannot purchase these courses again at that price. So I would appreciate some guidance here. Thank you, in advance.

  3. Even when you pay for the courses you can’t view them on your phone when downloading them. It just forces the app to crash or closes down the video and all the files you have downloaded disappear from the app and I haven’t found a way to view anything here. Besides the fact that the majority of coding/design courses are very old and talk only of deprecated items. Very disappointed on this app and the courses available here.

  4. It’s really good regarding just plain online usage. But when it comes to downloading course for offline use – it’s a buggy, freezy, unusable mess. For example it may completely freeze when you clicked to download or when clicked to delete downloaded course, or play. It’s a nightmare and judging by other reviews others have same issues for a long time. Please fix it. Your whole platform is good. ADDED. It’s more than a year later and nothing is fixed, it’s still unusable for offline use.

  5. This is a review of Udemy as a whole. The good: 1. the content of the courses I am taking. The bad: 1. Every web browser possible struggles to play the video content. 2. The applications for my phone and tablet struggle to play the video content. Even after downloading the course (to the tablet), video playback constantly bugged out. 3. When finishing a section, taking a quiz, then trying to advance to the next section, the app stops responding and refuses to move on. Udemy, care to fix?

  6. B Gable dice:

    I like the fact that I can download courses I have purchased. However the downloads are very problematic, hangs, and corruptions, unable to recover or restart. Primary fix is to uninstall the app. This deletes all prior downloads. The app appears to be single-threaded with little error checking. Any glitch can cause major issues.

  7. Updated from a previous review. The app is still terrible. 75% of the upgrades fail to work properly, which requires that I uninstall and reinstall the app, losing all downloads. If I go from being connected to the network to trying to work offline, I have to stop and restart the app. The app does not appear to be smart enough to realize when there is a problem authenticating to the network and switch to offline mode (I have given it up to 5 minutes, which actually exceeds my patience level.

  8. App is bug filled. Crashes when reverting back in videos, doesn’t accurately see when you’ve completed sections of a course, so you end up completing a course in full, go to see the certificate, and get a message that a bunch of sections were skipped when they weren’t. These items need fixes.

  9. The actual website is okay, but I can’t get any audio for my videos within the app, even after I’ve downloaded them. The videos play frame-by-frame and with no sound. Pretty agonizing to watch. I’ve been using my phone’s browser, which loads everything correctly. May not happen to everyone, but this has certainly brought my rating down. Edit: Nevermind. My headphones were glitching out somehow. I got a new pair and the app works just as intended. Thank you for the learning platform!

  10. The course videos keep jumping ahead and it’s super frustrating. I have to keep going to the website to uncheck the lessons which have been arbitrarily marked as complete, even though I have NOT completed them, in order to procede with the proper lesson. This really interrupts my flow and is extremely frustrating. If it didn’t do this, I would probably rate it a 4 or 5. I like being able to cast onto my TV to follow along. I’m using a Pixel 6.

  11. This app is still hot garbage. Udemy works just fine on a PC, but heaven forbid you try to run a lecture on Chromecast. You might get the first one to load fine, but then it goes to auto play, starts loading the next lecture and then randomly skips to the next one. If you try to click on the right one, it skips over that one and goes back to the one prior. This has been an issue with the app since at least 2020. Hot. Garbage.

  12. Geno dice:

    The app needs lots of improvement. My biggest issue with this app is the TV casting feature. Afterall, who wants to watch tutorials on a tiny phone screen? The casting feature doesn’t support playback speed selection and it constantly skips videos, so you have to close the app and start over for every video. You would think they would at least make the very basics working properly as the bare minimum after all these years.

  13. A Salinas dice:

    This use to be a really good app for PC/laptop. But I am finding now, that I have to close the app and reopen it in order to move forward with lessons. With in the past 30-40 minutes I have had to close the app down twice and restart. No fun. Please can we fix the bugs with the app so the flow of the lesson doesn’t get interupted. In respond to developers: ok makes sense why the app would be buggy on the computer side when using it. I’ll just stick with brower when it comes to the computer.

  14. The content is the content is good, overall. I am very annoyed by the fact that a major tech company intentionally does not allow a user to to sort one’s list of saved content content alphabetically. If you have more than a few list categories you waste time scrolling through your list trying to assign an item to your preferred category. I also think that they can make the subscription option available as an option during the checkout process. Overall I have found the content to be very good

  15. Rediculously usless app!!! This app has a hard time loading lectures despite downloading it on your phone. Even when they loads, it randomly goes to the next video. Super annoying !!! I have to completely exit out of the app and restart for it to play any video. There needs to be an audio only function if you are just listening to the lecture and dont need the video. Some lectures are basically all talk that could have been an audio book. Honestly, why even bothered making this app.

  16. This is a nearly pointless app. You can already browse and view courses in a web browser, and app doesn’t improve this in any way. You can zoom in with a browser, but NOT with the app. The app crams a lot of functionality into the interface, and it can be confusing to use. I somehow triggered a download of a video, but then I could not stop the download. It’s good to have if you want to download a lesson, but otherwise you’re better off in a browser.

  17. Absolutely love and recommend this app. Most of the courses are accredited and you will receive certification of completion for whatever you chose to learn. A wide array of topics of interest and categories to suite your needs. Thank you Udemy for being so awesome! Oh, and you can wait until they put your course of choice on sale and get it up to 85% off!

  18. I’m basically preaching what others have said with the content being good, but the app is pointless esp if casting it to the screen. There’s no functionality to fast forward, change the speed, and lectures will skip around. It’s incredibly frustrating! The PC is the only experience where it’s good.

  19. I like udemy, but this app is absolute garbage. It works briefly and then just gets stuck in an infinite loading cycle. Doesn’t matter if I’m online or have downloaded courses offline. Only solution is to clear all the app’s storage, which is not a solution at all. Edit: if you browse recent reviews, this is an enormously common problem, yet Udemy’s team just points you to their “extensive” help documents, which don’t help at all. The app is garbage and will clearly stay that way.

  20. The app has an incredibly hard time playing video lectures, of which the majority of courses on udemy are comprised of. I try to download the lectures, which the app supposedly has an option to do. If you try and download multiple lectures instead of downloading them in order it will download them at random, and will frequently get stuck on downloads requiring multiple restarts and redownload attempts. It will say a video is downloaded, but when you try and play the video will not be there.

  21. Rasa B A dice:

    Hidden pricing. I give one star for the hidden pricing at Udemy. If you look for a course without logging in or with a new account, you get discounted prices. But if only you go to check the subscription rates, the discount in your cart disappears. I literally now see on one browser, where I am logged in, a course at full price. On another browser, where I am not logged in, the same course with 82% discount.

  22. The app function is horrible when playing videos from my tablet or my phone. I am either unable to interact due to a black screen or the video will get stuck loading. The only way I have found to fix this is by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Then I am able to take video courses for a little while, until it misbehaves again. Frequently l must uninstall and reinstall 4 times a DAY. So frustrating. PC function does not have this issue.

  23. Offline mode is awful and deceiving and will work for the first few videos without incident, so you’re happy and you think you don’t need to stop driving. Now you’re half an hour out of town and the app stops playing videos completely even when closing and rebooting. If your phone manages to connect to the crappiest cell signal that can’t even load MMS, Udemy will stop loading offline videos and will try to phone home and fail, resulting in infinity loading. Absolutely frustrating.

  24. On phone app is fine, nothing amazing. It theoretically has Chromecast capabilities but they work horribly. About half the time you’ll get audio and no video. It doesn’t auto play. And you have to tell it to turn captions on every time if you want to see them for every individual video.

  25. Vladislav dice:

    The service is great. The app is buggy and it’s been like this for at least two years. I’ll change my feedback as soon as the issue is fixed. Like many, many people mentioned in other reviews, the app has a difficultly remembering what video you’re watching. It keeps skipping videos, goes back a video or two randomly. If you go in that background play, then come back, it will often times starts playing the next video. It’s a mess at the moment. Browser versions work perfectly. Never had issues.

  26. The service itself is great, but the app is buggy in ways I wouldn’t expect from such a respected commercial company. The splash you get at the start never goes away so you scroll thru but the splash remains, making it difficult to navigate. The courses don’t pick up quite right, often bringing you back a video or two. It doesn’t jump to your current slide so in large courses you have to scroll far to recalibrate. I give it 3 stars because it does display my courses, but it’s a generous 3.

  27. Peter S dice:

    Horrible app! What’s the point of buying courses if you can’t watch them. I’m a software developer so I can see what’s going on. They designed the app to blame the internet connection for every error even if the network is flawless and works for other apps. It seems they saved money on development. I have reached out to them for a long time but no helpful responses.

  28. Kyle dice:

    I used to really enjoy this app but over the last few months I noticed that downloading courses wasn’t necessarily working when internet wasn’t available. I’ve downloaded entire courses and when I open the lessons to watch, I get a constant loading circle on the videos and nothing will load. I just get a black screen with a couple divs and that’s it. Very counter intuitive.

  29. It’s fine when viewing an a mobile device, but is very poor when casting. Looses all controls aside from play/pause, and I have to close and reopen the app to get back to the course lessons. It’s really frustrating not being able to double tap to skip forwards/backwards. …and how do I turn the dark mode off, it’s SO dark the contrast makes it hard to read?

  30. Ian XP dice:

    Unbelievably irritating app. The app insists on auto-playing videos. If a lesson requires viewing a document, the app displays the doc, but starts playing the next video behind it (where it’s invisible). It’s not possible to STOP the video to view the doc. The app insists on playing the video. When this horrible behaviour is fixed, I’ll re-rate the app.

  31. The app is buggy. If it’s running and I get a message it starts playing audio or if I go back to the app it starts playing the video/audio even though I have it paused. Links I get from my email open Udemy but then nothing works. The back button or go to course buttons just reload the same page and don’t behave like they should. I have to close it when opened from email and just open it from my apps. Once you’re in the app It’s nice I can watch course videos or make purchases.

  32. Using your app to learn is one of the most frustrating to do in this life. You need to work on it. Sometimes you’ll have to restart your phone severaly before you can make it work. While no other apps behave like that. You can’t even enjoy a full 30 min length of lecture without the app buffering till they kingdom come. This is very very very very bad for a learning platform. It’s totally frustrating. If you want to frustrated while learning online. Then Udemy app is the best option for that.

  33. Performance Is Bad. There are far too many delays and network issues with this app. It’s frustrating and disappointing and annoying to learn with this app. zvideo download is freezing over and over again and endless loops. Killing the app and restarting does not help. All other apps are fine, seems as if the Udemy network and infrastructure is weak!!

  34. Great quality courses that are impossible to access. It’s a real shame that the mobile app has such great difficulty in loading content. Purchased and downloaded courses (yes, they were already downloaded…) and I cannot access them because of extremely slow loading times. Also, when clicking on a document, udemy often starts playing your next lesson whilst you’re still reading a write up from your instructor. Really irritating having to always go and stop them. This app needs more love

  35. Confusing UI. Same like website mixing too much advertising in the end user that is confusing. Too much for pushing to buy and a small section of using. Buying from mobile app is impossible. No problem from weside. In mibile app doesn’t accept password. Stop pause start all mixed so you loose control while you learn when you need a break. I like their content but the platform has long way to go. Fundamental problem they try to mix all in one. course creating side, course buying and course use.

  36. Brian dice:

    I used to use this all the time and a year ago I would have given 5 stars. Now downloaded courses try to access the internet and hang. When I open the app, the main screen never goes away. It may be slightly transparent on other pages but you can’t get to your content. I really hope this get fixed.

  37. Yes, it’s rather fantastic, but the software ought to instantly link the user to his normal browser. 2. Coupon code access points should be permitted; it currently disallows coupon code spaces. 3. It should allow users to download video content in the MP4 format and store it in a separate folder on their internal storage.

  38. On Android playing audio in background doesn’t work. Autoplay next video doesn’t work. Pretty much the two reasons why I’d want the app. Updating this to add that browsing is ruined by display issues & videos won’t load in the app. The ongoing performance issues with app should be a source of shame for Udemy. They’ve some great content but don’t appear to be nurturing the app developers or upgrading their servers or something. I may have bought my last course now as the app is so unreliable 🙁

  39. Downloads work fine most of the time but needs improvement. Once the network is turned off, the app begins to act strange, even after you back online. Searching for a course is a nightmare cos you don’t see what you’re looking for, even after typing out the creator’s names. I even typed the course full title and it still didn’t come up. I was able to get the creators on a third party search engine on a web browsers but the creator just had his bio and courses enrolled in and not their own.

  40. I invested a lot in this app and since last update it’s incredibly buggy. I have sent a mail to their support but apparently they no longer can be reached via email. Other issue is no longer being able to take screenshots inside the app. This was a crucial feature for me as i was inserting the screenshots in my notes.

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