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Brainly is a powerful Math solver app that can help you with your school doubts. Solve Math problems in Algebra, Trigonometry, & Geometry with correct & expert-verified answers instantly. With Brainly, you can find solutions to your math homework. Math answers have never been easier to find! Just use our math scanner, ask our community, or chat with a tutor for one-on-one help with step-by-step solutions for your math homework problems.

• 24/7 school homework app access – Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime with Brainly.
• Quick math problem solver – Math Questions are answered in minutes
• Expert-vetted answers – A team of subject experts moderators verify answers daily
• Ask by pic with math camera scanner feature
• Solve Math Problems by using Brainly Scan to Solve: learn math with step-by-step guidance on Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, & Calculus, including AP levels
• Find Math answers specific solutions created by our experts for your textbooks.
• Real-time help from pro math tutors with Brainly Tutor (Math, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology tutors)

Math Answer Scanner To Solve Math Problems

Do you ever wish you had a math helper? With Brainly, you’ll get help instantly. Use our math scanner & word problem solver to find answers to complex problems. Brainly can work like a fraction calculator, a geometry solver, & an algebra practice tool. It’s like having a math helper in your pocket!
Deal with math concepts, & get instant math answers so you can say, “I’m done with my homework!” So, if you’re stuck on a math problem, just use our math calculator as a problem solver.

Get Homework Help from a Community of Experts

With over 350M online study buddies ready to help, you won’t need a homework reminder to find the motivation to learn. Our community of helpful student experts can get your math homework answers in minutes.
It’s like having millions of math word problem solvers all at once! All your questions deserve an answer! Our network of moderators ensures not only high-quality homework help but also makes sure that Brainly remains a safe place for learning & math practice.
With Brainly, you can turn learning into a fun challenge, show off your achievements & earn cool badges for answering the trickiest questions.

Get 1:1 Homework Help with Brainly Plus or Tutor

Sometimes, even a math calculator problem solver is not enough. If you’re hungry for more quick math answers, you can upgrade to Brainly Tutor for Math, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology answers. With Brainly Tutor, you can instantly get connected to an expert to help you with your math problems.

With Brainly Plus, you can use our math solver without any limits or ads.

With Brainly, You are Learning Your Way! No matter what your math homework struggles are, we’re here to help you get unstuck in the easiest way possible.

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40 comentarios en "Brainly – Homework Math Solver MODDED 2022"

  1. The app is super useful but after a few questions I stopped being able to see answers and only had the choice to buy premium. I think it would be better if you just put ads to see them aswell as the option to buy premium to see answers to make money and make it easier to use. And the tutor option seems a little over the top to me, giving the fact these are random students and students who probably don’t have the money to buy things.

  2. This app is really useful when it comes to algebra, quadratics, etc., and it encourages users to help others too through a points and ranking system. Help to be ranked up, basically, but I’m frustrated that it can’t solve graph equations. This app is flawless and absolutely phenomenal. It answers almost every question I’ve thrown at it. It even has a scan function in which you can use to scan literally every homework assignment you have and it answers gives you answers The best app for students.

  3. This app is really useful when it comes to algebra, quadratics, etc., and it encourages users to help others too through a points and ranking system. Help to be ranked up, basically, but I’m frustrated that it can’t solve graph equations.This app is flawless and absolutely phenomenal. It answers almost every question I’ve thrown at it. It even has a scan function in which you can use to scan literally every homework assignment you have and it answers gives you answers The best app for students.

  4. Really helpful with my homeworks (especially mathematics😁). We can even find our textbook📒, and choose the question number. It gives us the perfect & step by step answer in mathematics, science🔬… basically everything! Sometimes (0.01% chance) we cannot find the required answer 🙁 But overall… this is a fantastic application for an education purpose.

  5. It was able to help me how to solve my Algebra Homework so now i’m able to do it perfectly fine if i look at the steps carefully, but there is a bit of a problem with the camera though so i would have to take a picture of my problem and insert it to start learning how to solve it. Either way, pretty good app to use if your really confused or frustrated on how to do your math problems.

  6. This app is good but sometimes it gives irrelevant answers. It should give a column to give the reason for why the user is unsatisfied with the given answer. Although it has the feature in which a recorded video is there to explain the answer but most of the time it lags I don’t know it’s a bug or what but it’s very annoying.

  7. DO NOT GET THIS APP! Anyone can answer the questions that you post, even though they are titled as experts. I was expecting real math teachers/tutors or computer answers. I only needed help on one question but the only answer provided was wrong. The amount of people that viewed it or “people helped”(as the app called it) was 15 point something thousand. I strongly suggest this other app called photomath. You have to pay for plus but it’s way more helpful.

  8. I only expectations I had was the answers would be free and it should be step by step. The steps were really helpful but the price, not so much. I would rather watch a 30 second ad for each answer but not really pay.

  9. I love this app I am in 6 and really this app helps me like a teacher just get solved examples and understand them. Homework assignments are hard but it solves it instantly. Best app for students. I have recommended my alot of friends and cousins so that they also get helped. Thanks whoever made this app.🙏

  10. It’s a lovely app but sometimes it lags. I mean to say that sometimes when you open a text book and tap on a random answer you’ll not be able to open it you have to open all the answers before that so it’s kinda boring to do so. I hope brainly fixes this problem as it will save so much time .

  11. This is very easy to use the app there is no ads in brainly.By using this app I am becoming a good student in maths and other subjects.Even within 10 – 15 minutes I can easily complete my other subjects work (especially maths work).Very nice explanation is there which is very helpful for me to understand the particular question.Best thing is that there is no ads in this app. Thankyou.

  12. Brainly is a pretty good app overall. I just wish that on mobile it wouldn’t ask you to download the app. If you use brainly, I would advise you actually read the explanations, because many people just go on brainly to get the answer. You can find some pretty useful info here. There are some glitches, but overall it’s a very good app and I would recommend.

  13. Hi i am Nirmal Bairy.i want to say that this app is very easy to use and very usefull.Many boards and many types of subject and another studies was available here . But when we choose one the classes and board , 2nd time we can not choose another classes and boards . It is the first thing which is disappointed me .But after enything this app is very use full . Thank you .🤩🤩🤩🤩

  14. App helps me on my homework for years, some worked and some won’t. My biggest issue is that my account can’t even opened. I can’t even also create any account. It annoys me so much especially when it was the time I really need to find answer immediately.

  15. Amezing app, few days ago i bought a grammar book High school English grammar and composition by wren and Martin, i gets problem in finding answers and unable to understand if my answers are right or wrong by some research i find this app and believe me it is amazing you will found whole solved exercise in series. Just search the Book.

  16. I love using Brainly for all my homework help needs. The community of students and experts is so helpful and friendly, and I’ve always been able to find the answer to my question quickly. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to search for and post questions. I highly recommend Brainly to any student looking for a reliable and efficient way to get help with their homework.

  17. This app is really useful when it comes to algebra, quadratics, etc., and it encourages users to help others too through a points and ranking system. Help to be ranked up, basically, but I’m frustrated that it can’t solve graph equations. 5/5 stars if this feature is added. Thanks (:

  18. This app is absolutely stunning. You can basically type in any possible question that comes in up in your mind. Firstly the app itself tries to answer the question and comes up with an answer. But in case it doesn’t, the best feature comes, you can just ask the community for a favour. You can also level up and gain a lot of XP which provides a little competitive approach. I absolutely love this app.

  19. This app is flawless and absolutely phenomenal. I’ve used it for about 2 months and it answers almost every question I’ve thrown at it. It even has a scan function in which you can use to scan literally every homework assignment you have and it answers gives you answers

  20. First of all I would like to say that brainly is so good. It is very helpful.especially for school going many answers are there.And if anyone ask questions we can answer answering these questions to them,we could achieve more points. Firstly i didn’t umderstand anything. But when I download brainly and search questions i underatand everything.brainly is very gopd app.all of u try this app.i am sure that brainly will help each one of you. Thank you brainly thank you sp much.

  21. The app is very useful I love it but sometimes you get tired but the answer you didn’t find you are looking for and sometimes the answer and the method was completely wrong and the method of sloving the problem was very tough for weak students and the answer was also not correct even for eassy if you want 2 or 3 page answer still app give us half page answer overall the app is brilliant

  22. Uttam Pal dice:

    It’s very helpful app . And it has three features just imagine your camera quality is not good so you can also type the question . And also speak this and your answer is ready. So, in my opinion. This app is very amazing app. Yes, sometime they don’t have the correct answer but they have the similar and not 1,2,3,4,5,6 they have many answers .

  23. I had great experience with this app. It’s just amazing ,you can get all the answers so easily with solutions that are super easy to understand and it also saves your time. I am gonna give it a full 5.💫

  24. It really truly is helping me with my school work. The point system is fun too. And, get this, no ads that are completely in the way. I can’t even remember if there WERE any ads, that’s how unnoticeable they are. Either that or there just aren’t ads.

  25. I almost find all of the answers in the app and it is pretty helpfull to do homework and and if you don’t have private teacher you can take help of brainly and also for cheating in online classes and you can ask questions but sometimes I get inappropriate answers and I reported but didn’t got any action and sometimes some answers are not there but still it’s pretty good for students like me and Thank you.

  26. 😑 brainly with high rate of score won’t able to see when u just in google, it will Force you to download the App but I can’t download it because of my Full storage. Kinda sad please fix it don’t force people just to download your App. And one More thing sometimes brainly crash and won’t let me to open the app and my account was removed on the app, sometimes too brainly can’t allow me to ask questions and it says remove inappropriate words but I didn’t use any of them even if I try to reset it.

  27. Vivi dice:

    5 stars. However, it would be great if we can edit our username at least once. Is it possible to report the user, especially if he/she is just giving nonsense answers like (askajakdjja)in all questions just to gain points. Is it also possible to display the total number of people helped in the answer of someone. It is already shown in a desktop/web version but not in the app. Thank you in advance for your favourable response.

  28. Even as a set 1, whenever I forget a maths formula for my homework this app is to the rescue! I love if how it gives you the solution as well as the problem so you’re learning the method as well as gaining the answer as well and that helps me jog my memory on how to do the equations as well. 10/10 ❤

  29. Worst app. No math problems were right explained.Just for nothing .does not help me at all .I would rather say use topper for math problems ,physics problems ,chemistry problems ,.in brainly it does not explain it and also give wrong answers. Some people i see just say hi in a solution ….. Thats the worst part of brainly

  30. It’s so easy to use this app and tada!🎉 You’ll get ur answer too easily and the only thing I loved sooooo much is the true answers I got from the app …. But sometimes I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for which I have also tried to find on Google but I couldn’t… Nd I wasn’t able to find it even on 🧠 brainly… U should give more options for this… But no matter I loved this app Fantastic, Marvellous, Amazing, Outstanding …keep it up nd collect more feedbacks by encouraging people

  31. The app looks good, but there are a lot of irrelevant questions, which detoriate the experience. Moreover, due to some glitch, I am not able to answer some questions. I request some solution to this. Would have rated this 5 stars otherwise. Nice UI BTW 😀

  32. I like how Brainly helps with types of studies that happen in school but my one problem is that there is only middle school, high school, and college but no 5th grade which disappoints me because I am in 5th grade. It would be nice though if you can add 5th grade so that kids like me who have trouble getting the right answers can get them. Thank you for hearing me out Brainly!

  33. I love brainly with a passion. Everytime i have math homework i pull up brainly.It not only tells me the answers to certain questions but also gives me a step by step explanation. Brainly has taught me so much more in mathematics than any teacher ive had. I dont even care that i get the occassional ad because it is so useful. I LOVE U BRAINLY 💗

  34. Brainly Is A Great App For Learning New Things. It Has A Lot Of Different Modules, And It’s Easy To Use. I Really l Like How It Keeps Track Of Your Progress, And It’s Easy To Find The Information You Need. I Would Definitely Recommend Brainly To Anyone Looking For An App To Help Them Learn New Things.

  35. I love this app!, Especially for all the people who needs answers, like for homework or booklets, it’s easy to use and fun, you can ask questions, follow people and help them, actually I’ve been using this for 1 year I think cuz it’s really fun to use thankyou!.♥️ since grade 5 I’ve been using this and now I’ll be high school in July! I will miss my Elementary Memories!♥️😭

  36. I’ve been using Brainly app, it’s helpful. Accurate explanations and easy to navigate. Highly recommend it for students or those looking for educational resources.

  37. A M dice:

    This app is like no other! It is a whole different world out here and there are answers for literally any question you are facing difficulty. The best part is that the best answers are approved by the faculty so it is 100% true. O highly recommend this app for any brainy student from class 6-12. Have a Happy Learning!

  38. Amjad Ali dice:

    This is the best teaching app that I had ever used . I am using this app from 2-3months and it is beneficial for me to know any subject’s question . Thanks thanks for this golden app for us students to solve our every problem or something else related to study . Brainly has a few line’s best sweet and short answers …😀😀😀😀😀😀😋😋😘😘😍😍😁😁😉😉😚😚☺☺ But the one thing is that somebody sometimes answers nothing write anything like jdkdkssn and writes mark me as a brain list .

  39. Hey guys bring Lee is a great app if you’re going to use it for school work a lake in a subject you don’t know anything about say like it’s algebra 2 you can just use brainly and scan the question and it will help you with learning understanding of what the questions about but if you want to buy brainly it’s like $9.99 and it’s well worth it

  40. It is a very informative and helpful app for students. Although I have been facing an issue in the app. Right now I was solving the IMO(International Maths Olympiad) the explanations are good and all but in the question I am only able to see 3 option instead of 4. Please check on this ASAP

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