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Meet Buddy, the voice-based virtual English tutor for children ages 4-10. Buddy teaches kids to speak English using unique speech technology and game-like lessons and activities.

Speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish easily

If you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish at home, Buddy can help you learn English.

Buddy is the world’s first voice-based virtual English tutor and one of the leading English learning apps for children worldwide.
• Over a million children learn with Buddy every month
• 280,000 5-star user reviews
• TOP 10 App in Kids and Education charts in major countries throughout Latin America and Europe
• Major awards and nominations including GESA London, EnlightEd Madrid, Startup Worldcup San Francisco

Buddy provides one-on-one English speaking practice just like a live tutor. With Buddy, your child can:
• Learn over 1,500 common words and phrases in 14 topics like Numbers, School, Technology, etc.
• Improve pronunciation
• Practice conversations
• Break the language barrier and start speaking English with confidence

Buddy is affordable for everyone — You’ll get a month of learning for the cost of one session with a live tutor.

Start speaking English with Buddy today!

• Children learn 60 English words and phrases per week.
• Parents receive weekly progress reports.

Buddy works by combining:
1. Proprietary speech, virtual human and adaptive learning technology
2. Latest learning techniques
3. Engaging game design

Our virtual tutor was developed by an expert team of educators and engineers with Ph.Ds in Education Science, Psychology of Learning, and Computer science.



For more information, please visit our site:

Any questions? Email us:
[email protected]


We focused on improving performance so you can focus on practicing spoken English with your favorite virtual robot tutor, Buddy!


40 comentarios en "Buddy.ai: English for kids MOD"

  1. I’ll purchase this app when issues with microphone are fixed. My douther gets angry when she has to yell out to the tablet and it still responds “I can’t hear you”. Other apps don’t have that issue. Looking forward for the fix!

  2. I’ve signed up for the trial bur I cancelled before it expired. It charged me anyway. Are you kidding me? Give my money back or take that purchase out of my credit card as soon as possible.

  3. Wow it’s so amazing I want to keep this game all day long and they have language when your Chinese everything when they don’t speak English they can just change it into Spanish that’s the thing I love this game let me give it a 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very good!i play the game every time,i like it,i just like that and love!i can’t stop playing,i be excited every time when i play!i know,some of people says”don’t download it!” And i downloaded and is everything i want!pls do more games like that!is just… Wow!and thanks for doing this beautiful game!

  5. It says choose my native language but I am not seeing English as an option

  6. Good app, and I would give 5 stars, but… songs/music are TOO LOUD compared to buddy’s voice. I hope you make them aligned. And I guess there is something wrong with mic sensitivity – my son repeated a word right into the mic and buddy couldn’t hear him (It happens from time to time). Double checked the mic on the phone and it works well.

  7. How can I unsubscribe to the monthly plan? It automatically charges and I can’t seem to be able to stop it.

  8. Hanh Le dice:

    I like it but can you add English I’m only English sorry if this is not a review

  9. Was cute for the first two hours now it doesn’t hear our voices. Also its really difficult to access the help and settings. We needed up buying the app for a week but I kind of just want to cancel our subscription as my son is too frustrated to be interested. However I can’t find a place that gives me the option to cancel or access account settings at all…

  10. I paid for one year subscription but the app is barely usable. Does’t open most of the time. My daughter was able to use it couple of times after the update but now it is stuck again at loading page. The content is also very limited. She finished all the exercises in couple of sessions when the app was working.

  11. I bought the app for my kid, but it does not work. Primarily, the algorithm of voice recognition is very poor. My kid previously studied english with duolinguo, and enjoyed studing. With this app he started to dislike english, since the app does not recognize his voice for most of times (about 9 from 10, really!). But it was not the worse. In some moment the app stopped to work. It tryes to launch, but is not able to do this. It costs really a lot. But does not work. I suppose it is a scam.

  12. After I have purchased the Forever subscription, the app started to work badly, with a lot of bugs. Does not recognise the voice of my daughter and now it is asking to install Google app to be able to hear us, this app is installed on my phone by default and we cannot use the app. I want my money back, very disappointed.

  13. Can’t seem to choose the payment for 1 year of 34.99 EUR / year. After choosing this option, it only says that a parent should continue this transaction from own profile. Only when I choose the unrestricted access for 59.99 it offers me to accept all the terms andcontinue the deal. But I don’t want that, I want my kid to try you app for a year, cause after that it may no longer be needed. Pls sort this out, otherwise it’s no good, guys.

  14. I am deeply dissatisfied with your app. It froze 10 times in an hour. It only recognizes my kids’ or my voice 1 out of 4 times. We’ve spent more time yelling and restarting the app than using it. I’ve tried the app two devices with same results. Customer service didn’t respond to my queries.

  15. I do not approve the approach of learning a language through another language. I’d prefer it talking in English, not in the native language of the child. Also I did not like the robotized voice. Also a child should see a talking human’s face to learn a language at early age, because they learn how to pronounce sounds not only by hearing, but also by reading lips, which is impossible with that robot character.

  16. I saw the review of the game it looks funny and nice but when i download it it take sooooo long to load and is slow even i use note20 ultra with 12 gb RAM

  17. SIR, Please add Hindi, Bangla OR other language IN this app🤦‍.

  18. I hate it i download it for learning English but there was no option to learn English

  19. The mic function does not work even I have the application permission to do so. The trial version is very limited to gain any benefit from this application and very expensive for an application that does not function correctly

  20. There’s no English I really need to practice my English I’m sorry if I was being rude

  21. I ordered lifetime programme, but it’s asking me to buy again. What to do?

  22. M R dice:

    The app doesn’t recognize speech on my devices (HTC U12+ and Lenovo Yoga Tablet). I’ve been waiting for the fix since July 2020. Now I’m uninstalling the app since the bug is still there (although after some of the last updates on HTC it works in 20% of cases), so it doesn’t make any sense…

  23. Voice is not recognized, my daughter is frustrated trying to tell simple words. Also I don’t know how money was taken from my account for the next period! I wasn’t going to prolong a subscription – please, send me my money back which were taken from my account on Au 11, 2021.

  24. You guys should have mentioned that this game is made for the kids who speak either of the fixed 4 language. My sister speaks Urdu but she can understand English a little. Even if she didn’t we could have guided her. This app is useless for us coz it won’t guide in English as we had to opt either of the 4 native languages right from the start and it didn’t have any option to get guildlines in english.

  25. Very bad application. I’ve payed almost 100 bucks for the app that can’t even turn on the microphone when it’s needed. Even duolingo for adults would be better then this app for kids.

  26. First of all, your trial demo game is only available for beginners, how can i know if this app is suitable for my child of intermediate level?? I really hesitated to buy it and finally decided not to buy. Also, trial game is not enough to decide on… wish you could improve these deficiencies.

  27. You must yell all the time, app doesn’t here you most of the time, and what kind of learning is this? then my kid even doesn’t know most of the words she been asked to pronounce, it is like “go ask you parent’s” instead of teaching thoose words at first place. Very frustrating!!!

  28. It’s a good app, my kids love it, but the restore the purchase feature isn’t working. Very dissapointing, since it’s an important one.

  29. Guys. I bought this app for life time period., but my boy deleted it. I downloaded it again, but it ask me pay again. Why didn’t this app connect to my account? What the problem? Please fix my issue? After they fixed my problem. Thanks. Good service support 😁

  30. Because i have no android device for kids I installed it on emulator for android on PC, and found problem with microphone, buddy can’t hear me… I tried many other emulators and problem still exist. App can’t work on my environment…. :(.

  31. cc daza dice:

    Looks like an scam, try to purchase from my child device and says complete your transaction from your own adult profile (a different Google profile), installed the app in my own cellphone and now the price is different. Google Play purchases are safe, but clearly there is something wrong with this app. I do not recommend put your credit card here.

  32. It’s good for me but at least can you get rid of the free trials I don’t need them cause I want to do more lessons but it just will ask for money buddy team can you at least get rid of the free trials

  33. Im going to be broke down with the way u treated me like a man who is a mid poking trip so I’ll probably be back for a couple of days a week but I’ll be back

  34. it asks too soon in the game to rate your app, now after having it for a little while I can say, its not worthed to pay for the subscription. The app cant understand when my kid or myself talkback to Budy its very fristrsting. Fix those issues

  35. Well done app, just sometimes voice recognition doesnt work but i guess ull fix it. I took 1 year subscription. Thank u.

  36. My five-year-old likes the app a lot but most of the time speech recognition doesn’t work on a Lenovo tablet he’s using. Please fix asap.

  37. good for kid now my on English is the best at class

  38. This game is not very cool and this game is really glitch and laggy this app fix it pls the adds, and the glitch, lags and fix the Languages Super bad game I will never play it again Really boring and I deleted this gross app

  39. It’s excellent, my little sister told me about this app and she’s learning english very well, i love it because she love it too.

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