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Need to get unstuck? Socratic can help! This learning app, powered by Google AI, helps you understand your school work at a high school and university level. Ask Socratic a question and the app will find the best online resources for you to learn the concepts. Socratic supports most high school subjects.


Use your voice or camera to connect to online resources and understand any problem.

Find videos, step-by-step explanations, and more to learn subjects at your own pace.

Socratic partnered with teachers and experts to bring you visual explanations in each subject, so you can learn the concepts behind any problem.

Currently includes Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature. More to come!


You now have access to step-by-step walkthroughs for Algebra! Take a picture of an equation, and tap the “Top Match” card to see detailed explanations.


40 comentarios en "Socratic by Google MOD"

  1. I don’t like this new version. I love that it automatically captures the text, but I REALLY DISLIKE how the results are displayed. MUCH RATHER the older version in that sense, because the answers popped up automatically and were straightforward and easy to see. Now you still have to sit and search. What’s the point? This new version in my opinion downgraded in that sense. I think that a mix between the two would be perfect. Use the old way the answers are displayed with the new text capture.

  2. It’s a good start. It gets tripped up by some more advanced topics where more mature engines do not, but I can see that this is a work in progress. The search function doesn’t really seem any more useful than a normal Google search for most questions. The voice function is similarly limited. The photo feature is useful, but there doesn’t seem to be an option to import photos, images, screenshots, etc from device storage, which is a huge limitation.

  3. Very interesting concept. It doesn’t yet really “solve” certain problems, in the way that Microsoft’s Math app does, but it brings up extremely similar examples that one can extrapolate to find a solution. The reference materials (swipe up) look voluminous; I’m excited to dive in and review old math, physics, and science topics that I have almost forgotten.

  4. I like the old version better. It seems to have more answer and it actually shows the FULL answer. This app has a focusing problem and makes you click the link to see the rest of the answer which is really irritating. I like that it crops the question for you & gives you the option to type the question or speak it. I just think it needs a couple adjustments.

  5. Not even that long after installing it, this app is amazing. Its easy to use and efficient. One thing i would like so see in an update or Smth is an option to select the question. For example instead of just cropping the question maybe add a part where you can circle or highlight the question and whatever part you highlighted or circled is the part the app will use. It is still easy to use even if you cover up a part with your finger.

  6. The old version is better as it shows you the answer directly on the page result. This version requires you to click on the search result as if you were in your Google Chrome browser. It takes more time to get you answer. That’s a big minus point. On the positive side, when taking a picture of the question you dont have to crop it out. This version automatically center the picture on the question. If i didnt have the option 2 use the old version, I would probably uninstall socratic all together

  7. It’s sick for letting me get quick answers on the spot. No more looking on the internet and wondering if it’s actually what you’re looking for. This thing provides sources and context and the snap of a picture and has a ton more to learn from. Just needs adjustments for the camera option and something to make it panaramic to take better pictures and maybe if it can take questions with the blanks and take the multiple choice answers and it can tell you which one is the correct one. But That’s all

  8. Works great! It’s finally a lot simpler to use like it used to before Google took over. You can see the answer immediately on the screen again. I do have a complaint about the photo-taking button. I have to spam tap it a million times before it takes a pic of my question, occasionally ruining the focus. I got a new Moto G6 smartphone too, so the issue isn’t my screen. Plus, the GO search button works immediately when I press it, which is in the same place on my screen as the photo button.

  9. THIS NEW VERSION WAS NOT READY FOR RELEASE. It is extremely slower that the other one available for Android. And the answers DO NOT auto pop up in the app like before. Even though it says answer. You still have to click on the link. I would attach photos if I could. It still does not work as fast or as well as the one on iPhones but the older version was still way better than this.

  10. Not a bad little app to have on hand if your in school or have kids. It has different options to help explain your question. It could use some help with explaining the answers better, some answers are just confusing, but I like that it has any subject, not just math. It has science, history, fiction and many more. It’s nice to have and be able to use for free. That’s a rare find, free without ads. My 6th grader loves this app. She uses it a lot on her own to help explain her school work better.

  11. Bo Bolton dice:

    Good all around, I’ve used this app for about a year now, and I can say it’s a reliable source that provides multiple other sources to give you variety of options. Very few times has it been unable to read a question. And very rarely has it struggled to process a question very slowly. Other than that this is an app I would recommend as an reliable and effective tool to use.

  12. I hate the updsted version. I wish i would have never downloaded the Google version. It takes ao long to search for the correct answer. It gives you too much info and the search button and mic is always missing. Also when u take a pic, the words are so much smaller. I just hate it!!! Please go back to the old verison. Nothing was wrong with it

  13. Improvement in veiwable answers from brainly so that’s a plus. Half the time it doesn’t even give you what you’re looking for at all though. Not to mention the camera you take pics of the questions with has a lot of bugs focusing you always have to close the app and reopen it, has improved slightly though so well done on that, that’s only worth half a star cause it still persists..

  14. I love this app. It’s a superb creation by Google, it lets me learn so many things faster than I ever could. The interface is peaceful and simple. No distractions, results only related to what has been searched. I literally removed the Google search widget from my homescreen, this app does the all of the student’s job. However, recently I have been experiencing a few crashes, so I hope you may work on fixing app. You guys always think the best about us. Thank you so much existing.

  15. It’s awesome. It simply makes finding answers to questions on the internet pretty easier, faster and well organized. It provides you with all instances where your question happen to have appeared on the internet and provides you with matches and links to visit them. In my opinion, I think search engines should be designed and built this way. Again, speaking for myself, it makes searching much much easier than having to type keywords in Google to find a solution to a problem.

  16. It is very good helps in doing assignment, homework and many things being easy because of this app. Its just it doesn’t solve scenarios or word math problems. Which is most difficult thing and the happiest thing is it is totally free of cost. Thank you socratic for making student life easier. I request you to work on the word problem solutions.

  17. Great idea to make a homework helping app, but it hasn’t ready helped me. I LIVE FOR The Capture problem thing, but I’ve been trying to take a photo of a problem for like 2 minutes. idk whats going on in this app, but when I took a photo of the problem, it just showed the numbers and not the strategies.. And when I did get it to work, the strategie was completely different and made no sense at all because I wasn’t even doing subtraction..

  18. This app is really good! It’s easy to study and the explanations are good as well! I have just one suggestion, this app should have a translation to others languages, I can understand English but I think it’s more easier and comfortable to study on my main language. But if you want to study about many differents subjects and know how to speak English this is very recommendable!

  19. It is one of the best learning… But it would be more comfortable if u add some more subjects… And if we wanted to copy the text from the given answer, we can’t… Until we open the page with the browser… Please fix that issue… And another request is that if u had the subjects according to the CBSE, i.e, chapter wise, it would have the chance to become the greatest learning App for Kids… But the visualization, the pictures, the videos, helps us to be more interactive… Thank You!!!!!💖

  20. I’m sorry to give this app 2 stars, I had it before and it worked splendidly. But right now it seems completely different from what I had last time, the camera isn’t focusing at all and it doesn’t highlight anything it sees the lines just remain yellow on my screen and don’t move at all. I don’t know what’s happening but I could really use some help

  21. Some drawbacks which are also present in old version.. 1. No landscape mode for pic. 2. User interface not so good to find specific answer. But some things are really outstanding than previous.. Like learning feature u added and more wider screen in portrait mode for pic. And many more things which are very good. This app is really helpful for students..

  22. Best learning app I have ever seen. Best feature is that it scans all problems and gives the best results within one minute. Not only Maths it gives all subjects solutions. Love it!!

  23. Damon _ dice:

    The app itself and the idea is great, one of the better tutor apps you can get out there, but like everything has numerous flaws : 1) It doesn’t necessarily give you certain academic needs, for example if you picture a word from your local dialect for its translation and meaning, it usually just finds whatever famous article has it and shows you that instead. 2) The app needs better camera support, if you are to cater to all classes of students, you need a good camera service, this doesn’t.

  24. Although it’s a really great app, it cleared almost all my doubts, it was really helpful. I would have given it five stars, but there is a problem in the app that it can’t scan figures of mathematical questions, so it not helps completely because it can’t scan questions with its following image, so the app is not helpful for those questions with diagrams and other images in it.

  25. Abby JC dice:

    This app helps me study and I went from 74.6% to a 97.3% in just a week! Super helpful, and super easy to use! If you are struggling with certain subjects I really recommend this app!

  26. The app is great for Chemistry, Biology, Geometry* and Algebra* (at a basic level). However other subjects such as Physics, and the rest of maths is missing, there’s not English Lit or Lang history is only focused on the US and world history is very basic. There isn’t any languages like French, Spanish or German. It’s great for basic explanations but it doesn’t go too in depth. I would recommend to anyone who is doing GCSEs ,OE.

  27. This is a all-in-one study handout app that anyone dreams of! The ‘What do you want to learn Today?’ area is really helpful as it gives some short explanations with simplified drawings and it just makes me feel to keep on studying. The app also throughout helps you in getting answers to your questions and I am loving it. I have been using this app for a year now and haven’t found any problems with it. I surely recommend downloading this app!

  28. Its quite good but there is no option to search images from your gallery 🤷.. I want that options and I think it could be better than Google or other apps. It’s a satisfactory app 😊 but need more tools (as a student what I need) . And also last but not least I like the little owl 🦉😂 there writing my questions. 🤪❣️.

  29. Its all good app for homework… like I’ve been using it lately… Its better but a thing that i wanna mention is that it could have some improvement like adding a gallery option cause It takes a lot of time capturing each single question, rather it would have been good if i could use one image of that page again cropping single question from it… Thats all but overall this app’s too good 👍🏼.

  30. The best tool or program I’ve ever used for work is this one. Although you might not always get a direct response, this app is still fantastic. I’ve been using it for two years, and it has greatly simplified my life. I can discover the solution and comprehend how to carry it out or learn more about it. This program is very fantastic, and you should definitely give it a try since everything is free. There are numerous subject categories, and you can either type or speak your query. Overall, 10

  31. A freshman in my highschool computer maintenance class showed me this app and taught me how it works. It’s very simple, just need to take a picture of the question, crop the question, and you get the answer with swift ease. No ad pop ups and it’s absolutely free. This will get you answers for anything. Even a few teachers recommend it.

  32. ES dice:

    Great app! Only thing you guys should add is a history button. Sometimes I find something very useful and I want to look at it later but whenever I try to search for it again it no longer shows up. It would be very helpful if they added a history button to check your recent searches.

  33. The app overall provides us a very well experience by showing results from all ove the web.But there is only one thing which I missed in this app,that is a specific grammar section.As a student I would suggest you to add a individual grammar section where all the topics should be explained deeply with examples.This would improve the app a lot.Other than that the overall app is very well developed and will help each and every student.

  34. While it doesn’t always fully understand what I’m asking, this app is easy, very reliable, and at times, a lifesaver. It’s way better than other apps I’ve used like it, and doesn’t even have all of the excessively pop up ads asking you to get the paid version.

  35. It’s so helpful for my daughter she uses it doing homework to check her answers. It’s great for guidance if you’re stuck. And it shows ways you can solve the problem. And it’s soooo easy all you do is snap a picture and it’ll analyze.

  36. I tried to scan the questions in my book and it worked, some answers came from Google references. But when typing the matter looks black so typing is not visible. The results of the answers are also very few and no accurate answers are displayed, we must look for it in several articles on google. Please improve UI appearance and answer results that are fast and accurate

  37. Good app, gives accurate answers to questions, and is easy to use. However, on devices running Android 13, you cannot see what you’re typing, searching by camera and voice does work though.

  38. This app is amazing! Where has this app been in my whole life😭.It really helps when you get stuck on a question an almost any topic which will be a huge help for my classes. Though this app is amazing it does need a little bit of improvement. Math problems it would be best if you guys add a math button where it can be able to type mathematical terms such as fractions, exponents and all the good stuff without having to use the arrow or the front slash. That will really be a big help Thank You!

  39. Honestly I love this app, I even used it when NTI was a thing and I still use it 2 years later, it’s very helpful and really good at calculating my math problems. Ive never had a bad experience with this app in my life and 100% recommended using this if you have problems during your work. Don’t tell anyone 🤫 but sometimes I use this app in class. Overall it’s a really good app and I haven’t found anything like it. And so far in 2 YEAR’S, I’ve never had adds, so that a thing!

  40. An optimal app for educational apps with little intervention in terms of ads. The interface is also excellent as you would expect from google which makes it an ideal app for studying.

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