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Brain training games to improve your mind skills — Math, word, & memory puzzles.
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Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve speaking abilities, processing speed, memory skills, mental math, and more. Each person is provided with their own personalized learning program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. 90%+ report improved vocabulary, memory, math skills, and overall mental sharpness when they frequently use Elevate to challenge their minds. Elevate is for everyone. Your age or profession don’t matter. Adults from all backgrounds can benefit from our app.

Elevate offers a 7-day free trial as well as a free version. To access the free version, tap the X in the upper left-hand corner after you sign up for an account.


“Elevate comes out ahead” in the battle of the brain training apps. – CNET

Elevate is a “cognitive pick-me-up” with games that are “good for mental breaks throughout the workday.” – Washington Post


• 40+ Brain Training Games: Improve your cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension with 40+ brain training games and puzzles.
• Performance Tracking: Measure your performance against yourself and others. Weekly reports highlight your key accomplishments and opportunities.
• Personalized Workouts: Customize the focus of your daily workouts to train the mind skills you need most, and choose between 3 and 5 games and puzzles.
• Adaptive Progression: Train your brain with math and word exercises that get harder as you progress to ensure your experience remains challenging.
• Workout Achievements: Start a workout streak and stay motivated with 150+ achievements to win while you train your mind.
• And more!

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• Express yourself more effectively in writing. Learn to write with clarity, persuasiveness, and concision.
• Improve your spelling and punctuation. Avoid common writing pitfalls.
• Become a better reader and learner. Flow through words with ease. Read everyday materials faster and with greater understanding.
• Expand your vocabulary. Learn how to use thousands of new words with fun games.
• Quickly and easily solve everyday math problems. Get better at comparing prices, splitting bills, and calculating discounts and markups.
• Boost your memory. Get shopping lists out of your pocket and into your mind. Never forget buying the milk you need or the chocolate you’ve been craving.
• Speak confidently. Advance your speech with new words. Become more articulate and develop clear expression and tone.
• Feel mentally sharper as an adult. Exercise your mind and continue to learn with Elevate’s proven training program.


Elevate’s brain games and puzzles are designed in collaboration with educational experts and are based on proven educational techniques. Elevate’s mental workout algorithms draw from cognitive research in attention and memory studies to develop a personalized training program for each user. Elevate’s effectiveness is proven by independent research on adults. 93% of people who use Elevate frequently feel mentally sharper and more confident in key skills.

For additional information about the app, please read our Terms of Service
(https://www.elevateapp.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://www.elevateapp.com/privacy).


• Gameplay improvements in Diction and Syntax
• Various bug fixes and improvements throughout the app


40 comentarios en "Elevate – Brain Training Games MODDED"

  1. Many of the games have options in multiple choice that are obviously wrong, and even so it’s usually easy to get to the right answer by estimating/guessing and seeing that only one option could possibly be right. Not really helpful in actually learning. On top of that, the option for a daily reminder doesn’t work so I forget about it.

  2. Gabriel dice:

    Great app at the beginning, I installed it a few days ago. The app worked amazing and I was even planning to buy the premium version but then it started to crash every time I opened a lesson. Great concept though and I would highly recommend it to all my friends IF it didn’t crash that much…

  3. Telly S dice:

    An excellent learning tool and then some. Love it. Recommend it to many friends. For the developers: Here is one thing I hate. The sounds upon completion of a task may be welcomed in the beginning, but after a month, they become annoying. Also, the time between completion of one task and the next is veeeeerry long. You have to click NEXT a couple of times. Just abbreviate all that please.

  4. This game has been my favorite for years. I have been completely satisfied the entire time. It is a unique and helpful part of increasing my knowledge and improve some lost cognitive skills. I look forward to using it daily. The recent audio excercises are exceptional. There an excellent variety of exercises. I purchased the upgraded version to avoid ads. I appreciate that option.

  5. Edited: revising rating to 4 stars, as I’ve played for 2 weeks and I’ve never gotten a game in my weakest area (memory) this whole time. I understand being limited to 3 games a day since I play the free version, but I don’t like that I can’t see how/if it could help my memory if I don’t pay to unlock the app. Overall visuals are great, games are short and fun, and app is easy to use.

  6. I received an email saying my free trial would expire in 2 days and if I wanted to cancel to click a link. I clicked the link and was led to the playstore to download the app. I knew I had never signed up for a free trial but I wanted to make sure. I downloaded the app and used the email address where I got the email big surprise NO ACCOUNT. Stop scamming and spamming people to get your app downloaded.

  7. Quality exercises, even with the free version. I like having just three quick challenges each day to stretch my mental muscles in different areas. Being able to follow/complete with friends would make it a perfect 5 stars, but I haven’t figured out any way to do that.

  8. A paid version of the app is well worth it. The games keep you actively engaged for short bursts and the variety of games that specifically target certain categories of learning is invaluable. I have seen real world improvements in my ability to read and comprehend at a faster pace, quicker math with percentages and short division. My biggest improvement has been my recall. I can finally remember more than just what I ate for breakfast, lol. Leisurely gameplay with tremendous long term results!

  9. Brittany K dice:

    While this game is an interesting concept, I don’t think it is designed to actually help you improve in any way. For the most part, I don’t have to know the answers. For example, with many of the math questions, I don’t actually have to do any computation, I can tell which answers are correct because there is an obvious wrong answer. Also, with the reading and grammar questions, sometimes there are errors that are no marked or errors that could be subjective. Maybe useful for young kids…

  10. Caitlin dice:

    I genuinely can’t recommend this app. I used to use it frequently back in the day, but after trying it multiple times recently, I can’t get it to open. At all. I’ve tried everything from uninstalling, restarting my phone, clearing the catch, etc. And, no its not my wifi either. It simply just doesn’t work. Disappointing.

  11. I don’t remember installing the app or doing anything with it. But they had my email which they sent me a “reminder” that they’d be charging me the annual fee soon. Again, don’t recall installing the app or putting in *any* information. I did try to see if I could recover any form of password but I’ve gotten no email back for a password reset. This is one hell of a malicious way to get you to install and use the app.

  12. Our brain needs to be exercised or it will atrophy just as our muscles that are not used would. Elevate is an exciting, challenging, and fun way to stimulate the brain and keep it active and developing. Join in and watch your brain’s capacity grow in diverse areas like math, reading, grammar, tipping, purchasing, memory sequencing and name recalling, and many other areas. Elevate makes learning fun!

  13. They sent an email saying my free trial would end and I would be charged for my membership. The button to cancel this led me to downloading the app. I go to log in with my email and what do I get? The option to sign up. There was no account, no free trial, no impending charge. Just scammy behavior to increase their downloads. As you can see, they’ve replied to my review (& emailed me) saying it was an error. Ok. They still emailed me- someone did not have an account. Why do they have my email?

  14. More challenging than it looks–and it actually works! With only the free version limit of three games per session, I’ve noticed improvement in my target areas (mental math in particular.) [UPDATE: I decided to switch to premium. It’s definitely worth paying for! But some of the exercises seem weighted toward people who type more rapidly with their thumbs. I don’t like that.]

  15. I have adhd. I know I’m not slow or stupid, but sometimes it feels that way. Either my brain moves too fast to comprehend or completely loses everything. I can say after trying this app for the first time, I love it! I’m very easily bored and distracted, but these games and practices were fast, challenging, and engaging. It actually felt like I just put my brain through a quick, focused, and satisfying workout! I look forward to seeing how I improve as I continue to use the app!

  16. It’s pretty good, I’m having fun with just the free version. There are barely any ads at all. I don’t like that there’s no way to improve your memory score after you answer those two questions on the pretest though; that category is bringing my average score down and there’s nothing I can do. It should either not be on the pretest or factored in to the total score for this version, or there should be one game we can use to improve that category. The games are all super time-based too (is bad)

  17. Allan dice:

    Loving the new update! It finally shows you the answer after running out of time! 0 ads. Exceptional, beautiful, well-crafted minigames to help you hone your learning skills in reading, writing, speech, and math. A few of them are rudimentarily simple and can be repetitive, but there is always a piece of knowledge you will acquire with each game activity. There are informative stats and progress reports available, as well as extra study sessions. I definitely intend to be playing this every day.

  18. Seth Baron dice:

    It isn’t really doing anything for anyone, it’s just quizzing you on the same criteria over and over. You get “better” because you start to memorize the answers and can answer them more quickly, thus inflating your score. But that does not equal higher cognitive ability. It just means your brain is adapting to their criteria. You need to have a truly novel experience every single time, otherwise it’s not doing anything.

  19. Great for exercising your brain and keeping sharp. I’m over 60 and am concerned about losing my mental abilities, so this app stimulates my brain. There’s a large variety of exercises with a great interface. There’s personalized scoring and also comparative scoring against the populace. Customer service is also very helpful and responsive to your emails in case you have a question or a suggestion for one of the exercises. (I hate to call them “games”, even though they’re fun.)

  20. Daryl King dice:

    A great, fun and convenient way to keep the mind sharp- in addition to reading, physical exercise (mountain biking, road cycling, walking, and fitness workouts – exercise is good for your brain), along with good nutrition and the reasoning and judgment exercise on my job. I like how the Elevate exercises get progressively more challenging, with many levels, hit different areas (math and counting, language, short term memory, etc) and the the games are engaging and visually interesting.

  21. This is one of my favorite games to play once a day, as I improved in math, reading and vocabulary thanks to Elevate. I have played this for a year now. The cons are the expensive price to access all games, and the recent update to move the quick workouts behind a paywall. I think any more changes will have me find another brain training app.

  22. I love this game, as it really pushes my brain to higher levels, only competing against myself. I would challenge anyone who gets this game to allow it to push your brain on areas in which you feel less confident. Again, very helpful, especially when you use it as a daily brain workout!

  23. This is THE app for improving cognitive skills, or at least, preventing a decline. Using diff. learning types (auditory, reading/writing, & visual), you practice: reading, learning, remembering, logical reasoning, paying attn, & math. Workouts are adjusted by your previous results/goals. The exercises are short & you can skip, if so desired. I’m dyscalculic, & since it’s rarely discussed or dealt w/ even today in schools – I wanted to wk on it, myself. I’m so grateful I found this app! TY!

  24. Laken H. dice:

    Today was my first day trying it out. My first impression is that I really like it. It seems very quick to test different aspects of cognitive areas that people often wish to improve. Mine being in mental math and it gives quick and easy to understand explanations. I’m impressed so far. Some games are so fun I wish they didn’t end so soon. The graphics and sounds are very enticing, as well.

  25. I have played for 3 years. Some games have been made shorter or easier so they stop just as you get into them. I prefer the original. I have tried some of the higher difficulty games and get frustrated. Maybe I am just getting dumber. I do like that one can swap to a different game, however.

  26. This is a great app! I love how its design approaches the various subjects from a simple standpoint, allowing the user to progress at their own speed. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because, in my opinion, the price for the Lifetime membership is too high – especially in today’s economic decline. Honestly, I would’ve paid $100 for the Lifetime membership, but no more than that. Other than that, the Free version will suffice, so hurry up and download this app TODAY!!! 😏

  27. I have used this app for an extended period of time. In the beginning, perhaps it is somewhat beneficial. For the last few months though, I have seen zero improvement. The “games” are tedious and chore-like. After you reach a certain level in the game, it is difficult to focus on completing the games and the fact you set out to beat your own high score seems extremely counterproductive to any kind of useful learning environment. I regret spending the time I have on this.

  28. lots of reviews talk about a limited free version, and i thought maybe its worth a try, but there is no free version. you can sign up for a 7 day trial of the full version and try to remember to cancel it before you get charged, but you cant just try the app for free without strings attatched. just keep that in mind before you download this app. you put in payment info or you just wasted your time trying to test out this app.

  29. This app is amazing. Whether your goal is solving math fast (which even helps me as a college student), being a good writer (and quick at that too. Also covers many areas in writing), having better analytical skills, speed reading, speak better, or “keeping your brain snappy” on important areas, this app is for you. I also really like the statistics that it gives for each of the areas you’re training, the tips it gives you, and the personalized routine. On top of all of that, the UI is amazing.

  30. What Free trial? I just got an email saying that I would be charged in two days for my yearly subscription and free trail being over. I don’t even remember playing this ever or signing up. When I click the link in the email to cancel my “subscription” it takes me straight here to download the app. I don’t want to download some random app that says they’re going to charge me, just so I can cancel a subscription that I don’t remember signing up for. This is a horrible business model, (scam).

  31. TDK003 dice:

    They send you emails stating “your free trial ends in 2 days, you will be charged a monthy membership if you don’t cancel.” And if you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, and want to cancel, they make you download the app just to “cancel” but find out, you never had a free trial. Smart, get people to download your app, to make your numbers look good.

  32. Steffy Ma dice:

    They sent me an email saying that I would be charged in two days for my subscription and I never put in my credit card information or started a limited free trial. When I logged on to cancel my “subscription,” a window popped up asking me if I wanted to start my free trial for the subscription. It’s an awful marketing approach, tricking people into thinking they had subscribed to something they didn’t. Made me delete my account immediately.

  33. There are vocabulary games in this app that require being able to discern exact pronunciation. These games are difficult to play due to the truly awful synthesized voice. It’s infuriating, and that’s not conducive to a constructive learning experience. I’m glad there was a free trial period.

  34. I seriously notice a big difference in my cognitive abilities and charisma everytime I use this app. I can’t even begin to explain how big of a difference it makes. When I stop using it for awhile, it’s like my brain starts slipping up; I begin making more mistakes, and my brain doesn’t work as smoothly/quickly. It seriously keeps you sharp. It’s worth the money, and it’s so so so helpful. Good charisma boost too.

  35. Alyssa M dice:

    I don’t usually write reviews but I have to say I really like this app. You can click off the free trial by clicking the cross or pressing the back button. This gives you the free version where you get 3 games a day which is perfect for me and the app still tracks your progress. No ads and great graphics. The best game/brain training app on my phone hands down.

  36. LLminx dice:

    5 days on the free version atm and quite satisfied. Would buy the full version if the price was a lot lower. Not very interested in the subscription model. Skipping the “free trial” to get to the real verion would be difficult for most people. I highly recommend changing that design. I would also recommend slowly unlocking the study options instead of all at once on the 5th day so they are like mini-rewards over time.

  37. Nice ideas in the app, but there are better alternatives for less money. Even though the individual excercises of the app are appealing and seem to make sense to me – the free version offer hardly any options and is way too limited. However, after testing the full version I need to buy a yearly plan, which I surely don’t want right at the beginning. Also, buying the app without a subscription is way too expensive.

  38. The app itself didn’t impress me back then, with bugs and such. Now, everybody is receiving the email about an annual membership. Although the marketing team got in contact first, saying it was a mistake and that we should just ignore the email, — everything just seems sketchy. Like it was a marketing campaign to get people to download the app and try to subscribe to the free trial (so they would be “able” to cancel it). You should be very careful to make any purchases on this app!

  39. Just another app that appears as “free”. Only free to install it, definitely not free to use. The sound effects are too frequent and loud. Also too much math. Perhaps also worth mentioning the shady practice where they pretend to offer a free trial, only to end up charging the customer in the hopes that the customer forgets to cancel in time. No idea who came up with this, but it needs to stop.

  40. I haven’t played this game for years, but Elevate suddenly emailed me that my “free trial” will end soon and will be charged for the annual membership. I haven’t even unlock/subscribe to the 7-day free trial yet. This feels so sneaky. I can’t even cancel the subscription without forcing me to subscribe to free trial. I also read other reviews regarding the free frial and I’m very disappointed. I’ll be trying to subscribe to the free trial to cancel it immediately. Hope they won’t charge me 🙃

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