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Mathway helps you solve your most difficult math homework problems
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Mathway is the world’s smartest math calculator for algebra, graphing, calculus and more! Mathway gives you unlimited access to math solutions that can help you understand complex concepts. Simply point your camera and snap a photo or type your math homework question for step-by-step answers.


40 comentarios en "Mathway: Scan & Solve Problems MODDED 2022"

  1. Easy to use. You can either take a picture of a problem or type it in. The layout is a simplified as can be but if you need extra detail or help it is also there. The only problem I’ve come across is that the wording can be slightly confusing at times. No ads, all gain. Definitely best math app out on the market.

  2. This app is an absolute life changer for me. I am using the free version and so far it’s given me what I needed to really get by. I’m seriously considering the paid version for a few reasons. 1.) The free version was considerate enough to not throw adds in there. At least none I’ve seen yet. I appreciate that and makes me want to spend my money with them. 2.) I can see where having the paid version will be handy with seeing the steps. I was thinking math was an impossible nightmare util now.

  3. Kayla A. dice:

    Update 1/18/23: Removed a star. They changed the photo feature where now you have to crop a photo of a problem WHILE taking a photo with shaky hands instead of taking a photo and then cropping 1 problem out. This is insanely inconvenient. The app is still great aside from that, but holding a camera steady while trying to crop a problem is nuts. Or else you have to take a regular photo on your phone, then pull that photo up in the app. This takes even longer. Please change this feature back.

  4. New calculator is clunky, messy, and annoying to use. I enjoyed being able to see the answers I just worked on without having to go to a history tab. I can’t click a previous problem to auto generate into the input bar. I never plan to use the camera feature but now it seems the app is designed around the whole thing. I just wanted a calculator. This one stood out because I could narrow down specific subjects. Even those options are in a more annoying place with the update. Not what I paid for.

  5. I would have rated it 4 out of 5 or even a solid 5, but they updated it. Now when you solve a problem, it takes you to a different screen, and then you have to go back to the original screen. If you need to reference the calculations you just made, you have to go to a separate “History” tab instead of just scrolling upwards. Each shift to a different screen takes a second to load, which doesn’t seem like long, but you definitely start to notice very quickly.

  6. ok dice:

    i really enjoyed the app but they updated it and took away some features i really liked. before, you typed in and receive the solution all in the same page, it was very reminiscent of a calculator app; i liked that. you could scroll up to see past problems worked. now, you type in a problem in a different page, and then it sends you to another page for the solution. i have to click ‘x’ twice to type a new problem and it ruins the flow. you also have to make an acc to see your past history.

  7. Loved this app, until the new upgrade came out. I often type in long integrals for quantum physics, and loved how I could just type the integral once and evaluate it at different bounds by using the history. Can’t do that with the upgrade. You have to type in long integrals and equations each time you need to solve one now. Bummer the app was pretty much perfect before they messed with it.

  8. Works well if there are just numbers but if u have to try and answer the words in the equation it doesn’t like to calculate or reads as an error and you have to close and reopen it. If u are just factoring or finding solutions to equation its definitely worth the download but needs improvement. Can’t zoom camera. So u just end up using your own cam.

  9. Asa Trek dice:

    It was a great app. It was intuitive, easy to use and easy to go back and modify your input. Ever since the update, i keep seeing errors when I edit my input, the camera function doesn’t work as well as it used to. You can refer to your history but can’t edit it anymore. Also, The ability to look back at your previous inputs, press them to edit, and see explanations all in the same page was great. Now you have to go to different sections to do it, making it harder for those with shorter memories

  10. This is amazing. I’m doing statistics in 7th grade at the moment so obviously it’s going to be a lil difficult. But, Mathway comes in clutch. It gives you choices between the types of math, gives you all the different symbols to use, gives you many choices to how you want the problem solved, gives you very quick and simplified answers, gives you all the different ways you can show the answer, and lets you see the process of solving it (if you watch an ad). And this is free? Truly amazing. 10/10.

  11. The app itself is amazing and so far has not failed to solve any problem I gave to it. The only problem and suggestion I have is to give users the ability to change the scale of the graph. I understand that zooming in on the graph adds smaller numbers to the axes but at a certain point moving it around that zoomed in makes getting from one end to another very time consuming.

  12. saydee dice:

    This is a great app for struggling students like myself. It has some flaws such as the speech-to-text or the picking of types of problems (if that makes sense), but other than that, it’s amazing. If you’re trying to understand or answer a quick problem, Mathway is the best application for that. I love that you can take a photo of the problem and just like that, it answers in the simplest way possible. Overall, aside from a few things, Mathway is the best “math help” app there is so far. 🙂

  13. This app is amazing for doing homework quickly. I really recommend paying for the subscription to be able to see step by step working out for the answers as it goes into so much detail on how things are solved and can really help you understand how to do a problem if you were having trouble on it. I’m so glad i found this app, otherwise I’d still be spending 4 hours on each homework struggling to figure out how to do a single problem. to the people complaining about the photo solver thing, don’t use that, it worked for me a few times for super complicated problems but it needs to be clearly legible. it is much easier to get the answer you’re looking for if you type it out, and the app has absolutely every symbol under the sun. if you’re having trouble then you’re probably typing in the problem in the wrong order. I highly recommend this for college students, and highly recommend paying for the subscription it is worth every penny, even if it means not being able to afford one more pack of ciggies for the month.

  14. An amazing app that so far knows the solution to all my problems. I haven’t found a single problem that this app couldn’t solve almost instantly. Mathway solves problems in not even seconds. The best part is that you’re given a choice to see the steps, and it doesn’t force it upon you. That way I can see the answers in a clear, simple, small text bubble without having to scroll for it. The camara feature is phenomenal, works perfectly fine and quickly. Barely any ads too. Amazing overall.

  15. Amazing app! I’ve been using mathway for various classes over the last 6 years and it has definitely saved me a ton of time. It would be nice if you guys could get the software in a physical calculator so we can openly use mathway in class. It’s a shame the education system won’t change with the times. Why is a graphing calculator okay but not mathway. “I’m not learning” but in this day and age, we don’t need to learn it. If I need to solve a real world problem I’ll just use mathway then as well

  16. Helps a whole lot with my math homework, basically a graphing calculator that can also calculate answers. There are multiple options to choose from so the system gives you the answer in the form you want. If you want it to show work you get the premium or just watch an ad. The steps help so a 20 second ad is ok for me. On very rare occasion it’s wrong and that’s because I type the question wrong.

  17. Math way is really great! It can give you step by steps. However the reason I give it a 3 is because sometimes it doesn’t recognize the problems in the picture. Other then that it really is great. Oh and I would live to be able to scan screenshots too instead of just having to take a picture of it with everything being on line and all. Please consider my idea!

  18. When it works, its amazing. But frequently the pages won’t load, or it doesnt do what I want. This became worse after I paid for a subscription. The photo option is amazing, also… when it works. If the bugs could get fixed it would be a game changer. Edit: I updated the app. Hasn’t been able to connect for three days…. can I get a refund?

  19. Chris dice:

    Amazing app. It helps find solutions to even the most difficult questions or equations. There are probably hundreds of different types of questions it can do, from end behavior to multiplying to factoring or finding excluded values. I wish you could view steps without paying, but at least you can watch a video to view them. Makes it a little annoying when trying to learn how to do something but it’s worth it.

  20. Okay, so I do enjoy this calculator as it provides the answers to your equations almost instantly with almost all of the requirements you need. Though, I don’t like the subscription in order to view the steps. And now, after the past couple years, they pushed it with an ad for every problem you send. That’s absurd. I’m sure they wondered why they weren’t gaining money from the subscription service, well forcing an ad down our throats for every problem doesn’t fix the issue.

  21. Katie dice:

    Amazing when it works. This app can solve any basically math problem, for 9.99 a month it can also show you the steps of the solution. However the app doesn’t always work, I’ve ran into several situations where every problem I enter the app responds “unable to solve”. Otherwise a really good tool to help people who aren’t good at math like myself, hopefully they can figure out why it sometimes doesn’t work and fix it.

  22. Slate009 dice:

    Math’s not my strong point so im slower at solving. This helps save time by not only solving my answer but showing me the solution to write down. 2 things that i’d like is a customisation feature. Various colors and themes you can add to give more texture to learning. Also with step-by-step, the 39.99/year for step-by-step feature is questionable.

  23. Love it. Very reliable! There are odd times when it doesn’t provide the exact answer I need, but more often than not it’s correct. When it’s “incorrect” it’s cause it put it in a different form of the correct answer. Very worth the premium or whatever the upgraded version is called since it shows all steps!

  24. Onyx dice:

    Really great math calculator. It gives you multiple different ways to solve equations (for example finding out if it is polynomial or not, then same equation on finding the degree). Plus when you can take a picture of the equation and not have to type it in, which makes putting the equations in soooo much easier. It’s really good for online assignments as you don’t have to write the work on ‘how you did it’, but I think you get to watch videos to get the work, I’m not sure. Anywho, great app!

  25. Almost like a TI-84 in your pocket but different. You have to give it certain commands to find the value you want, but don’t let that turn you off. I only have a couple of complaints, like the fact that there’s not an option to slide along a line or parabola and get the exact value of it at whatever x or y value on the graphs like Desmos. It also doesn’t have an option to pull up a table. But everything else is pretty great and the things I mentioned might be included in the premium membership.

  26. This was really a 5 star app…until the update. I appreciate the developers working so hard to make the app more immersive and maybe user friendly. However, for long-term users such as myself the change was really annoying. If you could provide some sort of resort to un-updated version button so those who enjoyed the older version of the app could still enjoy it, it would be appreciated.

  27. I have been getting help with algebra problems. If you want more than just the answer to a problem, the app breaks down the problem into steps, and by clicking on additional links along the way it breaks it down even further, until you can see how the answer was obtained. If you want to understand the concept of the math involved or if you need help with word problems, the paid version is indispensable because the online tutor’s are knowledge.

  28. Jo Gary dice:

    Taking online math classes is HARD!! My professor is using a very great platform to teach but when it’s time to do it on my own I still need a little help. Mathway does give me the solution, the correct one every time. But more importantly it shows me how it got that solution! (After a short ad video). This is only my 2nd week of class but I’m very reliant on this being my little pocket tutor!

  29. As a high school graduate and college student, math way sometimes is a necessary tool in my math utility belt. It can take virtually any problem, on paper or computer, and solve it. It has a range of solutions for simplifications, evaluation, and many other things. The only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because although it provides the correct answer, it doesn’t provide a great explanation, unless paid for. I love math way!

  30. Amazing! Great tool for college algebra when the instructor is a little too fast. Haven’t had any issues except occasional crashing when launching the app. It seems to happen if another application is open and using the camera in the background. I recommend closing all other apps before launching mathway. You can also clear app cache in settings if you are on an android like myself. Great app!

  31. I use this for my college readiness class and I have no complaints this far. Not only does it have more options and subjects that Photomath just does not include (or just makes you pay for it, I don’t know) it also has a camera option now, so you can take a picture and solve way quicker that way. Not that Mathway doesn’t have any payable options but it doesn’t hinder if you don’t want to make any purchases. I kind of think it’s the best mathematics help app on the play store.

  32. Its gives me the answers, great! But I can’t see a step by step without paying for a subscription that I don’t want. I need the app occasionally to help with my math class. I’m not paying for a subscription that I’ll use maybe once a month. Maybe implement an ad based system to view a limited number of step by steps? That would honestly make a huge difference in my opinion

  33. It is a really good app would’ve gave it 5 stars if there wasn’t so many ads. Its really irritating when you are on a time limit, and every time you enter an problem, and hit send a ad pops up. In i am not about to waste 30 or 40 dollars just to remove ads. 😒 overall… it save me from getting bad grades 😁

  34. Great app…but there are some things I wish it could do that a simple graphing calculator can handle. Like tracing a plotted curve. Unless I just don’t know how I haven’t been able to trace a plotted curve on the graph. This is much more convenient then having to use the x to get the y or vice versa. Other than that I love that it goes step by step so I can actually learn via reverse engineering

  35. kasagure dice:

    Incredible app! User interface is marvelous, so even if you’re not that great at math you can easily find what you’re looking for. The speed and accuracy that problems get solved is amazing, and I love how once you type the equation or problem, you simply tap on it to resubmit it instead of typing it all over again. 15/10 app, will be using this for a while!

  36. Noel dice:

    This app is very easy to use and helpful if you’re stuck on math. Generally, without buying any subscription you can pretty much get a basic run down of how to solve the equation (without it showing you the actual work) and of course the answer. The ads are not annoying. If you are looking for a good math solving app, this is it.

  37. Absolutely the best app I have. This is so tremendously helpful ! I pay for the service to be able to understand why I’m getting the answers I’m getting. 5 stars. Recommend this app to anyone struggling with their math homework like me. The camera function is what surprised me the most. It’s so good at picking up the problem you take a picture of. I didn’t trust it at first to use the camera but after a couple weeks it is the only way I’d input problems. Esp if you’re doing quadratic problems.

  38. abt paying $10 a month for premium; I personally don’t think you really need to pay. taking pictures of the problems and getting the answer is fine on it’s own. if it gives you a different answer than you got, see what you did wrong! you don’t necessarily need to see the steps. now, I’m personally speaking that only really uses the algebraic part of the app. so I personally don’t know if there are any difficulties with the other options. I love this app when it comes to helping me find the answer

  39. Miss C. dice:

    Worth every penny! This app saved me from going crazy. Going back to school online is terrible. I had no help and there’s only so much to learn from a textbook. This app is extremely helpful. Yes, you can get the answers to almost every question, but the part that really helped was the explanation for every single step to find that solution. Its very user friendly and the camera to take a picture of your problem is fantastic. Especially for those freaking huge problems that take forever to type

  40. Amazing app, got my F to an A with flying colors. After going through and reading how it does its problems and studying it i have managed to learn at my own pace and still be above grade level. In order to get more steps you have to buy premium, wich is somthing I won’t be doing for awhile do to not needing it and not having the money for it. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone to help with math needs.

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