Learn your ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH in this delightfully educational app!
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Learn your ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH modeling compound with this delightfully interactive educational app! PLAY-DOH Create ABCs application is designed to help children develop the essential skills required for reading and writing. Using this app, children will learn to: recognize letters, write letters using proper stroke order and associate letters with sounds.

Ready to craft some letter learning? Let’s shape the alphabet!


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40 comentarios en "PLAY-DOH Create ABCs MODDED 2022"

  1. Great app but I had to reinstall it on my daughter’s tablet and now it won’t load properly no matter what I do. I’ve even paid for the app so she could actually use it and now it’s a useless white screen a week later. Lame and a waste of money unless it works which in this case it isn’t anymore but they got paid before it stopped working go figure

  2. The app needs to be tweaked a bit.. my child’s hand keeps touching the home button. The home button should not be at the bottom of the screen. And should require a longer press to prevent mistouch.

  3. Nice format. You have to download it and start letting your child start playing before you realize that Play DOH only cares about your child learning letters A-D, unless they can get your credit card numbers. Disappointing first the child. Could be remedied easily by initially saying this was not a free app….

  4. just a free 2 play bait and switch. about 3 minutes of content for my toddler. honestly, why can’t companies who claim to car about children offer actually free software. how much does a game this simple cost to develop really? playdoh should have just paid a developer to create the game and release it for free. would have been a good promotional tool.

  5. Ad H dice:

    It’s for learners to learn the letters A to C, (not A-Z.) Pre-K to Kindergarten can learn the Capital letters and their small letter child. They can also play the letter matching game or the create & share game to make pictures and tap the camera button to save it either!

  6. My son loves this game and I purchased the full app, but it’s constantly freezing I have to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall it for it to only last a couple days before freezing again

  7. It is very cute but I just find myself wanting a little more variety of my kid. I wanted to give it a 3.5 but didn’t see a way to.

  8. Hey play doh! Can you please your old game ‘play doh jam’ can you please turn back your old game its been many years since i last see the game can you please! please! please!! Turn back the old playdoh jam please!!! A wanna play it a game that game is better! 😩 i miss that game…

  9. The app is fine but when i installed on another device its asking for payment again to unlock the functionality. Really hate the in app purchases.

  10. SO STRAIGHT FORWARD and no personal( or intellectual failure – desperation, albeit, – SUPERSTAR O R ROBOTIC NONSENSE- I WA N T TO USE MY NATURAL “TALEND, AND LIFELONG CIRCUMSTANCES TO NETWORK, BULT A PRFESSIONAL, , COMMUNITY that we spend time, , sasonal reats- not spretentipn, but not just pupped from a grazer also need cjust exjoy, and indulge and hopefullybig one day sale items i paid for are always eirher canceled on me or missing! stop selling abd taking payment for what you dont have!bia

  11. It is fun to play Play-Doh and is very easy to play Play-Doh and it’s a little bit tricky to do my birth but it is still fun🙂

  12. This app is awesome for younger kids to learn shapes colors and words next time I’m with my younger cousin I’m definitely using this so she can learn

  13. You get 4 letter unlocked, to play the rest of the game it will cost you money. Player beware there is a pay wall system.

  14. Not natural movements, it me and my toddler way too long to make the b. It’s super sensitive and it’s now how you’d normally write one? Me and my kid are frustrated lol

  15. Game worked fine until I bought it, then suddenly only was able to get a white screen. Kind of suspicious??

  16. This game is so stupid and dad-gum bad that I don’t want to pay for the all-collectibles pack and I can’t trace the lowercase B letter well.

  17. Very fun! But it’s sad how the other things cost money but nice game!

  18. Wonderful app for toddlers and pre-k students.

  19. I paid for full app for my grandson. His tablet/phone broke, so I installed again on new device and there is no way to get full game again. How do I get my purchased app unlocked again?

  20. U have to purchase things on the game right away not even worth downloading!

  21. I never ever played this game it takes forever to load please fix that

  22. 23 letters are locked 🔒 can not enjoy the game properly .

  23. Writing letter b and d doesn’t work. Refund our payment. Please fix it and we’ll purchase it again.

  24. Can you tell me when can I have the other letters to unlock in the game? I can’t get them because I can’t reveal the year of my birth . It is very fun playing the creating decorations and matching the letters .

  25. Cool game my mom buys play doh but i want a molder but its okay mom will buy soon i install this then i enjoy it the play doh clay too

  26. Very interactive and my child like it

  27. I love this app because its xoxo Fun ko Don‘t say its so not good atall ko So we love this app favorite app so that we can have Fun so it giog to look Raining so bye guys

  28. It’s great but the whole thing should be free

  29. PLAY-DOH is fun to play with it and the kids are doing well

  30. Would say it was wrong when we would do it correctly matching letters

  31. i love this app it soo coll if am a kid i do love this app happy halluweng

  32. i dont like the amongus movie like and hit the bell you now are pls don,t hit the bell pls rerrrererrreretete yyou press the bell Amilers s. Mosks

  33. Mummy Lol dice:

    Very good 👍 👏 well done play doh brilant work

  34. Barry and the surrounding areas are you doing it for you to do it is the most popular

  35. I’m doing Play Doh ABCs but its Alphabet Lore tomorrow.

  36. I love it I am 8 year old girl from grandma’s phone

  37. I love it too guys this is awsome

  38. Ew you have to pay for everything bad for a 200+ mb game

  39. I paid and nothing is unblock!lie,lie,lie

  40. I give 1 because there are 3 things that we can do, Sowwy i give 1

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