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Join 35 million people who are learning a new language with Drops. Language learning is easy! Learn to speak Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, German, English, and 40+ different foreign languages! Language learning is fun and free with Drops.

Learn to speak new languages. Language learning with Drops free app. Speak Korean, French, Spanish – become fluent with Drops language lessons. Learn languages, vocabulary, and foreign phrases effectively in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, and Hindi. Play language games and get rewards.

• Become fluent in a new language with this language learning app
• Learn to read different alphabets like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hindi
• Custom illustrations for each word makes learning the language easy to remember
• Language learning fun with game-like language lessons
• Track your language learning progress and get rewards
• From beginner to expert levels, learn foreign language vocabulary
• A professionally curated vocabulary list with more than 3,000 words and phrases
• Professional and correct dialect pronunciations
• Learn Korean
• Spanish learning app
• Learning languages like American English, British English, Korean, Mexican Spanish, Latin-American Spanish, Japanese, German, French, European Portuguese, Russian, Castilian Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Tagalog, Hebrew, Icelandic, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, Cantonese Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Thai, Swedish, Vietnamese, Maori, Brazilian Portuguese, Farsi (Persian), Hungarian, Greek, Hindi, Danish, Samoan, Indonesian, Finnish, Serbian, Croatian, Esperanto, Estonian, Hawaiian, Ukrainian, Yoruba, Bosnian, Swahili, Igbo, Sanskrit and Ainu!

“By focusing on visually appealing games and vocab, Drops aims to lower the barrier preventing users from exploring a new language and, ultimately, accessing the social and economic benefits knowing that language may provide.” – TechCrunch. Featured by CNET, Forbes, VentureBeat and many others!

Learn a new language today! Language learning is easy. Learn languages while playing games. Language learning with this free app. Learn Korean. Speak Spanish and English. Easy Spanish learning app. Learn to speak and read new languages today! Learn a new language like Chinese or Korean. Learning languages is fun with Drops. Learn Korean with this language learning app.

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We made improvements to the Drops app! This update contains bug fixes and offers you a better play experience. Happy language learning!


40 comentarios en "Drops: Language Learning Games MOD"

  1. Compared to some other apps it’s a best buy. Plus, it has a decent free version. It’s limited to only learning words and phrases out of context but it’s awesomely designed and fun to use. Challenges and streaks are really motivating. The dojo can circulate the same words at times, which is a bit annoying. Drops must improve its counting of consecutive words. Counless times I lost my streak because Drops decided it’s time to start counting from zero, even though I made no mistakes.

  2. It’s pretty useful to learn some language. The gameficafion takes up too much time. A good portion of the experience is making the constant good job screens go away. I wish there was an option to slow down the examples, it’s way to fast three times then pitch-shift snails pace after that.

  3. Karli * dice:

    The app has so many useful features. I downloaded all the different language brand apps to compare which worked best for me. The visual and audio learning flash card style helps. I love that its on my phone, easy to use. I have access offline, and withh premium access to so many other languages. I love that there are so many topics, setting preference options, and a review dojo. I love that you stand in solidarity with Ukraine. I wish the vocab had example sentances when u hit the word.

  4. Pretty good, but they need to continue reviewing words once introduced far more than they do for retention and some of the icons they use resemble each other too closely, making it difficult to differentiate, so you get words wrong, because you can’t tell what the picture is meant to be. I think it would be better to build sentences more, too, rather than just vocabulary.

  5. Brie Nya dice:

    While I liked this enough to get the pro version, I do have a couple frustrations. 1.) I’m studying Japanese and just wanted an app to help me with vocab through fun repetition. However, there are some cards that are just full phrases. I’m here to learn specific words, NOT phrases. 2.) I’d really appreciate to have a kanji only option. It’s one thing when I’m learning the words during lessons, but in review I’d like to toggle the furigana on/off because I’ve come to rely on that too much.

  6. Aurora K dice:

    This app is a great app when it comes to learning! I have learned so much vocabulary in the language of my choice (but their ASL section needs to be updated). However, there are so many technical difficulties. I paid for Lifetime Premium and it disappears after I finish a session. That is alot of money to pay for something to not work as promised. I also lost alot of progress that I made in the lessons. I would love to recommend this app, but am unable to do so with all the technical issues.

  7. It was good at first. But: they don’t give common usage, only the formal, full words even though no one uses them. Also, some phrases are just wrong. And some of their illustrations are odd enough that you wind up having to memorize the pictures instead of the words. After initial use, it switched to full phrases and sentences that aren’t given any more emphasis than single words, making them impossible to remember. And some are wrong. Uninstalling.

  8. I think it really helps to learn nouns and is good to pair with other language apps that focus on grammar etc. The image based learning is this very different from most language learning methods and definitely seem to have its advantages. I appreciate that. It works offline as well. Using the free version, I’m happy to report I don’t feel overwhelmed by the ads.

  9. Really Helpful! I want to learn basic Thai for an upcoming trip, and so far, I have no complaints. I’ve only spent 5 minutes in the app and learned 10 words! The games and visuals mixed with the audio make it very easy to learn the words regardless of how you learn best. I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can learn by October!

  10. This app is great for language learning! It’s been awesome helping me learn Russian and expand my Spanish skills over the past few months, but recently, this has just stopped playing audio, and those are the only ones that have. I’m not sure what’s wrong but even after downloading a separate drops app for one language and the audio still didn’t work! My volume is all the way up, and audio works for every other app but Drops!

  11. Lily VM dice:

    I really like drops. I like how it teaches vocab in a way that sticks with you and you remember for sure. I just wish there was more time allowed because it’s so good hahahahaha Update: the vocab is nice but it teaches phrases which are hard and it moves on to the next slide before all the phrase is said. For some stuff this is good, but I wish there was more focus on vocab and not phrases.

  12. I bought the lifetime subscription after the UI update so my experience is only for the new UI. Works nice, needs a little more challenging modes as you become more familiar with a set of words. For example you should be able to look at an image and type in the word freehanded, or use audio cues only to type in a word answer. The latest update cuts audio of long words or phrases as you switch from card to card. There could be a lot more words per language for it to be really worth the price.

  13. This app has great potential, but my biggest complaint is that in the Russian lessons the voice of the speaker is rather annoying. It sounded like they were put in a very echoey room and had a really low quality microphone things have a rather tinny sound to them. Because of this it’s rather difficult to understand what the speaker is saying while also trying to read the text on the screen whenever it’s flashed up rather fast in the brief 5 minute lessons. Things could definitely be better

  14. e_v_mc dice:

    This is a very fun and easy to use app! This app teaches you real thing you can use in day to day conversation! One of the greatest language learning apps I’ve used! HOWEVER they do change the voice in each lesson (which I can understand because you have to learn how different people say different things) which I personally don’t really like. I wish they had some kind of feature where you can set everything to one single voice. Other than that it is an amazing app! 🙂

  15. One of the absolute best language apps. I truly appreciate that they offer an alternative to the subscription model system and allow you to outright buy a lifetime premium subscription. I hate paying for subscriptions because I sometimes go months without opening the app. That will make me feel like I’m wasting money and I’ll cancel it and give up on learning the language. I would even be okay if the premium lifetime purchase was tied to a specific language. Thank you drops!

  16. S dice:

    I enjoyed this app until they took away my streak because the timer for my session wasn’t moving. The stuck timer has happened to me multiple times. Good app for learning, but not reliable. Update, now the app lost all the work I did! It’s gone!? Another update, Deleted app. You tell me to reach out through the app? The app was stuck and I can’t. It lost my progress from over a year of work. Maybe I’ll try to download again in the future. So disappointed. Thank goodness I didn’t upgrade!!

  17. The interface is very calming, which I throughly enjoy, and the app is fun to play. I also feel that the personalized exercises, while simple, are very enjoyable and can be very helpful if used in conjunction with other apps. However, I feel that 5 minutes isn’t enough time to dedicate oneself towards learning a language. Apps like Duolingo also use a “freemium” system, however more is possible with a free account, enabling them to reach out to as many users as possible on a consistent basis.

  18. What happened? UPDATE: So, I didn’t get the chance to message the developers like they suggested but in a couple of days the situation fixed itself. I tried to get on those couple of days and had the same issue.. Now, it’s all good. Overall the app has a really fun and easy way to learn the languages you want. The only complaints I have is that I hope it doesn’t do that thing again and I wish it was more than 5 mins a day of learning. 100% would be an easy 5stars if it was. THX FOR FIXING IT!

  19. Feed me dice:

    Downgraded to 2 from 4. Resentful of all the changes they’ve made ever since they changed the artwork. I left, and now they commemorate me in my own language for 10 correct. The correct noise doesn’t sound correct, it’s a neat bouncy noise, but it’s like they’re trying to reprogram my ears to find this noise to be correct when it sounds slightly negative or neutral. I feel like a it’s a children’s app rather than like I’m using a colorful, visual learning app that appropriate for ALL ages.

  20. It’s a vocabulary app and it does a great job at that – this shouldn’t be your only source of language learning. I enjoy the targeted lists that come out to learn about relevant topics (ex: Friendsgiving list came out the week of Thanksgiving) which helps keep it engaging vs other dry “these are the most common words” lists other apps use. Nice supplement for language learners.

  21. Uses rigid categorization which you’ll never learn from. You need lessons to constantly use all previously learned vocabulary used in new sentences and ways for you to get to a point where you can build your own sentences with ease. This is a big mistake that most language apps and programs fall victim to, including this one, and it’s too big a mistake to waste your time with. If most apps would fix this issue language acquisition would take off like a rocket.

  22. Adam E dice:

    This is a good vocabulary app but dont expect to learn the language. To me this is a companion app to a more complete educational experience. It will help you practice and learn new words but it teaches mostly only singular forms of nouns and only one gender of verbs, which for some languages is just one of many forms a word can take and verb conjugation is not taught at all. So use it for what it is. Fancy flash cards. My suggestion would be to add plurals and mix in male/female forms.

  23. Jordana dice:

    I REALLY wanted to like this app but Duolingo is way better; here’s why. Not good if wanting to be fluent quickly. There is SUCH a paywall for premium. Without it, you can only practice for 5min every 24hr (DL lets you practice as little/much as you want). During a session, English translation of new word is only given at beginning, so you end up memorizing pictures instead of meanings. Uses outdated words. Reason it’s not 1*: smooth graphics/design, easy to use, & offers less common languages.

  24. thedragyn dice:

    This is a fun app and is helping to expand my vocabulary. It is only a vocabulary app – no grammar. updated review. In my profile it supposedly tracks sessions done with 100% accuracy but doesn’t do so properly. And yesterday it said I had 19 sessions and today it says 18. This is very annoying! That’s why I took away a star. A year later and the app has improved greatly. Adding back a star.

  25. This app is user friendly and fun to use! Studying vocabulary often feels like a chore, but this app is easy to open up and use. My only suggestion is that they should introduce a verb and adjective learning feature since only studying nouns isn’t enough. The nouns and phrase options are usually quite limited in my opinion, but the learning mechanics are impeccable!

  26. This is a great app and consistently using it I’m surprised with how well I actually learn. The repetitive tasks used are fun and keep me focused. But I have tried to email support a couple of times and have not received anything back. When I first bought my lifetime membership I was able to set my session time to infinite. After a bug made me re-download the app and all I lost the ability to do so.

  27. Mathew Wu dice:

    I do appreciate the 1 time buy option. I think I will get it later. However the 5 minute learning sessions seem limiting. Duo let’s you go for as long as you don’t make mistakes. Also I don’t like the drag system, it’s slow and when you have only 5 minutes… it’s made even worse by the pop-ups that happen every so often saying “wow you’re doing great want to share” no I don’t I’m on a timer get outa my way. The pronunciation also leaves a lot to be desired. It’s certainly a tiny bit better.

  28. The app started as pretty excellent for Japanese, but has fallen off in the past couple years due to blatant QA issues. None of the new vocabularly that comes out has any audio after dozens of updates. The old vocab still works great. It’s just the stuff that’s been added in the past couple years or so. What’s worse is the company makes it very difficult to contact them directly and don’t seem to acknowledge content flags.

  29. I’ve only recently started using Drops, but it’s a strong vocabulary builder. There is a wide variety of exercises, tapping into different parts of your brain as you play and memorize. The progression system builds at a steady pace. The word choice seems pretty relevant and you can ignore words you don’t want to learn. The drawings you match with are clear and simple, but abstract enough to help better with memory association than actual photos do. Well designed app!

  30. The app is good for basic learning so far. But it would be better if it had actual pictures instead of basic drawings to identify words. Some are similar so i feel like I’m trying to figure out what the picture is more than learning the word sometimes. There was also a screw up on one of the puzzles where you have to connect the letters to spell the word. There was no option for the correct next letter and i couldn’t move on so i could only let the clock run down and it messed up my stats.

  31. I love that this app doesn’t use a lot of English, so I can study my target language and be immersed at the same time. The app is flawed in that it gives easy words and difficult phrases the same attention. What I would suggest to the developers is looking to make it easier to “favorite” a word or phrase. As it is now, I can’t easily find a way to add a difficult phrase to my favorites from the lesson itself, I have to go to a list of words and tediously scroll through to find the phrase.

  32. Anne Juan dice:

    Terrible UI. Imported all of my progress, sure, but no way to skip the tutorial. Didn’t save all my settings either. I don’t see any visible improvement. And I’m tired of seeing the dumb motivational messages that aren’t motivational. Honestly, if it wasn’t one of the few appa that taught Tagalog, I would never use this. Also never explains the grammar.

  33. It’s best for building up vocabulary. The pictures are pretty bad…some of them don’t really look like the word and look alike so it’s easy to get things wrong. It also teaches you to associate the bad drawings with words instead of learning the words themselves. For Korean, some of the exercises of choosing to build out a word is confusing. The Korean language is by syllable, and the clusters of letters are confusing and doesn’t follow the syllables. I wouldn’t use this to learn grammar

  34. A good but imperfect app for learning vocabulary. It is not a complete language learning experience – this is vocab only by design. The high quality native audio and minimal use of English along with light goal setting and progress tracking features are great. Unfortunately, there are no tasks that require you to produce the right answer from zero – there is always some kind of hint or way to guess without truly knowing the answer so you can become overconfident if this is your only resource.

  35. J G dice:

    Interesting concept that just doesn’t work very well in practice. Imagine trying to make a small graphic image to represent a phrase like “I’m only taking carry-on luggage” (they do pretty well considering). Then the corresponding phrase as a scramble is a disaster. It’s pretty fun, but just really not the best way to learn. Likely some languages work better than others.

  36. It’s a great app for vocabulary and short phrases. The creative pictures make learning fun and the drag method is relaxing. It doesn’t work with complex phrases, sentences, or language structure or grammar. It’s still a wonderful companion app (I use with Duolingo) and could be improved by adjusting how it teaches complex phrases and sentences, either by teaching the individual words first, showing sentence structure, or creating different exercises for complex phrases and sentences.

  37. I’ve used this app for a while now. The graphics are decent for the most part, but they’re just simple drawings. And some are confusing. The main issue is that some audio doesn’t match the written vocabulary. And there’s no logical progression based on level. It’s supplementary and good for that, but I wish they had Haitian Creole and Romanian. Also, they don’t tell you learned vocab after 2k. And they ignore things like Christmas but have multiple LGBTQ sections. Too political.

  38. I had registered my email with a password to have an account with saved progress not to mention take advantage of the yearly deal I was offered and when I switched phones and went to log in it doesn’t recognize my email or password and all my progress is gone! And that goes for trying on both phones! Not to mention now I’m going to be charged for that subscription but lost everything and can’t log in!!! 😕

  39. I have to cancel this, but i hate to. We just can’t afford it. Still, this excellent, easy-to-use tutorial in MEXICAN Spanish is amazing. It would be perfect if it were just easier to restart sections before you finish. So it’s a little bit hard to re-study part of a whole section. But that’s a minor thing.

  40. Excellent app for beginners, but: review fonts are too small, Can’t read on phone. Way too many updates! Does NOT teach the words in a phrase before the phrase, so harder to learn. Never adapts to fast learners, far too slow to allow progress even with perfect scores. Now has excellent audio tests! Nice overhaul, but correct answer sound sounds wrong now. Also see their scripts app for very necessary lessons on reading handwritten papers.

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