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The fast and easy way to master piano skills - Learn piano with songs you love
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Learn piano with songs you love!
Simply Piano is a fast, fun & easy way to learn piano. You’ll be amazed how much you can achieve with only 5-min practice per day, at your own pace and time.
This popular piano learning app has won Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019 and others.
Join millions already learning to play with the Simply Piano app.

Once you download the Simply Piano app for free, you’ll be introduced to some piano basics and gain access to selected songs and piano video lessons.

Simply Piano is developed by Simply (formerly JoyTunes), creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster. Created by music educators, the apps are used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week.

Chosen as one of the best Google apps. Works on both smartphones and tablets.
With more than 5,000 popular songs in our Song Library
A mix of classics and today’s hits, like Imagine (by John Lennon), Chandelier (by Sia), All Of Me (by John Legend), Counting Stars (by OneRepublic), as well as iconic pieces of classical music by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and much more!
Learn step-by-step from reading sheet music to playing with both hands, or improving your technique, and practicing playing songs you love
See your progress in real-time, get instant feedback on your playing progress
Works with any keyboard or piano
Suitable for all ages and playing levels, whether you have – no or some – piano experience
Build a practice routine you can be proud of and that keeps you motivated! Enjoy personalized 5-Min Workouts ensuring you progress fast and achieve constant success
Kids safe – no ads or external links
Easy courses designed by musicians and teachers
Multiple profiles (up to 5!) for everyone in your family, under same Simply Piano account and plan
Enjoy premium access to Simply Guitar when subscribing to Simply Piano!

Simply are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning piano quickly and easily.
How it works:
Download the Simply Piano app for free and set up your profile
Place your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) on your piano or keyboard and start playing
The app will walk you through the many piano lessons, step by step
Simply Piano listens to every note you play (via microphone or MIDI connection) and gives you instant feedback
Discover the magic of music with a large variety of fun songs in our Song Library
No previous knowledge required to learn piano
Develop your piano playing technique with high-quality piano tutorials
Set goals and track your progress! Play like a pro in no time!

To get full access to all songs and courses, you’ll need to purchase a Simply Piano Premium subscription. New courses and songs are added every month!

Your payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions can be canceled during the trial period, however, cannot be canceled during the active subscription period.
All recurring subscriptions will auto-renewal unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Awards & Recognition –
– “EMI’s Innovation Challenge”
– “World Summit Award”, by the United Nations
– “Best Tools for Beginners”, NAMM
– “Parents’ Choice Award”
– “Golden App”, Apps for Homeschooling

Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at [email protected]

Enjoy Playing!
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Play piano like you’ve always wanted
No Piano? Try the Touch Courses with 3D Touch to turn your device into an on-screen keyboard!


Learn library songs at your own pace, slow down the music till you get it right.


40 comentarios en "Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast FULL"

  1. Brad C. dice:

    As a complete beginner I am really enjoying this app. I like how the lessons are broken down and provide a slow but steady progression. Some other apps that I have tried suddenly throw new things at you with little to no explanation. I also find it very helpful that songs can be slowed down to 60% or 80% of the normal speed. I really wish the app had a rewind feature, so when I mess up I can immediately go back and try that part again. Practice mode is nice, but rewind is a lot more helpful.

  2. The free content ends right after the first lesson, learning the five notes of the left hand. A bit light before shelling out a subscription. Still, that’s their business model, so I can’t really fault them too much for that. The app seemed to have a good system of microphone note detection, that hooked up well with the sheet music playback. Maybe another time I’ll shell out for it, but as I’m just trying to break into this hobby, I think I’ve like to at least bring the left hand into it first.

  3. V M dice:

    I’m a complete beginner and overall I really enjoyed the app. I was overlooking some of the issues because I felt like I was learning, but once I created a profile for my 5 year old stepbaby I became disappointed. The speed for a 5 year old beginner is the same as the speed for a 27 year old. Even though she was doing great, the app kept getting ahead of her and she became discouraged. I really wish it was more self-paced.

  4. Pretty cool at first… It’s neat that the app uses your microphone to provide feedback, and track your note playing. However that feature is not that good. It often says wrong keys are right, and when I tapped the key board hard, it said that was the right key too! The lessons and guides are decent so it’s not a bad app. Just not worth the money for me.

  5. I constantly write songs without music. I have a great voice. An no one in my life has ever worked with me. I have a keyboard I just received from buying storage units that was defaulted on. Tonight I just played my first song with music. amazing. Thank you. Update: They asked me to leave a review *before I knew they wanted me to pay them over $100.00 for lessons that cost the same for private. That was disgusting! Then tried to make it difficult to edit this review. Don’t do sketchy! Uninstall

  6. Nice but very horrible MIDI. I tried out the 7 day free trial and was able to get through a couple of lessons no problem. But when I got to Essentials I, it started having connection issues. I use a Casiotone CT-S300 and plugged it in via MIDI by usb micro to usb c cable. It worked great… Once. When I pressed a key on the keyboard, it somehow just stopped registering notes and disconnected when I went into settings. I’m not sure why it’s doing this, I don’t know if it’s my device or not.

  7. Being a very beginner, I tried a few lessons. They were slow, you see them once a week. This app after 1 week, I am playing with 2 hands! Sight reading is taught, which is very important. The 5 min warm ups are great. You learn the notes with the keys and can go back to refresh or spend the Whole day learning. You advance as much as you want WHEN you want. So far, love this app! I’ve gotten further than I dreamed! I am honestly PLAYING the Piano!

  8. The reason for the one star is primarily because the SPEED at which songs play in the lessons and songs section seems to have increase 4-5x from before. No newby is going to be learning at 5x speed. This makes advancing through lessons impossible. Even a 60% speed seems to be 1.5x of before. This is on top of the numerous MIDI issues and sound recognizing issues. Starting lessons are good, but that’s about it.

  9. The training and songs are good. However, the app doesn’t have some of the features that are in the iOS app. Seems like the Android app isn’t getting as much attention, which is disappointing. After seeing what the iOS app is capable of, especially that it includes features I always wished for, I’m even more disappointment and hope that the Android app can catch up soon.

  10. This is a great app for beginner-beginners. I got on and it was a little slow for me. But while I was doing the practices it would say I missed a note that I CLEARLY played. And you have to pay monthly so you can play sheet music and other songs that I actually want to play. (not to mention the singer is awful at singing in the practice songs)

  11. This is a good app for those that have no piano experience. The app does not pick up all the notes and often adds some notes but, all in all, it’s not a bad program. My family has thoroughly enjoyed learning during the 7-day free trial. I was prepared to pay the $149.99 a year but, I was under the impression I would be charged monthly not for the full year all at once. If you change to having a monthly payment option, I would be happy to purchase the program.

  12. Susan K. dice:

    Really Fun And Effective I trialed a few different apps to learn to play after being gifted a piano from a neighbor who was no longer playing. Simply Piano was my favorite and I figured I’d use it for a year and then move on. Now I absolutely see myself renewing, no question about it. The app is easy to use, the courses are quick paced but aren’t *too* quick. You also earn additional songs as you move through the courses so you have plenty to practice. I really can’t praise this app enough.

  13. Jay Smith dice:

    Is very good and easy to learn notes with… Edit it was easy when they taught you the first I think it is three lessons then they wouldn’t let you use the app anymore unless you pay.. that’s why I gave it a four star if I could afford it this is the best app I’ve ever seen you don’t even need to use midi chords it listens to your piano playing and will tell you when it’s off and it works perfect. I just wish it was cheaper…

  14. After finishing all the courses, I have to say that my friends think I’m a lot cooler now. I can play just about whatever I want, as long as it is not too complicated. It leaves you with more med-advanced tutorials at the end, but you probably will need a personal teacher afterwards if you want to go PRO, but all in all I am very satisfied. Took me about 6 months to finish, and that was with active practice. I wouldn’t wish the app’s note recognition problems on my worst enemy, but its over now.

  15. I heard this app mentioned by a psychologist. I have been wanting to learn piano for years. I had a few beginner’s books, but was not confident I was building up my skill. The app price seemed high. It was worth it to me if I could start reading music.This app tells you exactly what to do next, with options for extra practice of what you’ve already learned. It is so well-organized, like you’re in a college class with clear expectations, and, well, simple! Challenging, yet possible. So rewarding!

  16. Love the app for the most part. I started brand new a week or so ago and I’m already making good progress. The problem I’m having is that the music scrolling across the screen randomly lags. It makes me miss notes and sends me into practice mode. It is extremely annoying! I’ve emailed their support multiple times and have yet to get a response. It was so close to being a good app… very disappointing.

  17. I was really excited to get the app but I’m having audio issues. Since the app decreases the music to hear the piano, its inaccurate. When a song begins in a unit, the sound is automatically lowered before I’m even required to play anything. Even with my keyboard being as loud as possible, it keeps lowering the sound and its annoying. Other than that, i think it’s a great app. Please do something about this.

  18. I got this app for both myself and my 9 yr old brother. We like it and it makes learning more fun. There are 5 min workouts you can do when you don’t want to do a full lesson but want to keep up. However, I was charged $89.99 twice. I emailed them and they were able to resolve it though. There are also some issues with note recognition but not enough (yet – I am on Essentials 2) to be impossible to ignore. May try the midi adapter. Wish some of the songs were longer!

  19. This is a decent app for true beginners; ie, children who have never had any experience with playing a musical instrument before. The free trial does not offer much to anyone who has progressed further than having proper posture. Note recognition, even after I read the provided info to help with the issue, is awful and only works if your device volume is off and your keyboard turned up all the way. I was billed $90 after free trial instead of monthly. I have emailed them, hope for a refund. -Ren

  20. Just started with a rhythm lesson and was very annoyed. In the exercises with no background music, if there are two of the same note in a row, I will strike it once and it counts for two notes, no matter how briefly I hit it, even if they’re supposed to be half notes. And then for the ones where I’m playing along with music, I keep getting this “unable to hear your piano” alert before the notes even start, and then it lowers the volume of the song so I can’t hear it to get a feel for the tempo.

  21. great concept but when you’re playing the song, the app directs you to play at a different tempo then the music that is playing, and as a person who is familiar with music, it really ticks me off when I’m playing the rhythm based off the music provided though what I’m supposed to be playing is much slower. i really like this app and wish this was improved. v great, good helpful tips c:

  22. I’m just starting out leaning piano and I thought the app was very helpful. I wish I could continue using it but sadly I don’t have the money for the premium subscription to go beyond the basics Edit: after getting the free trial I decided I wanted to cancel after not being able to finish a lesson because it wasn’t registering the notes. I tried to cancel several times and got an error message. I emailed the company and got an automated response and they charged for the full year subscription.

  23. I cant speak to how well this app is for learning the piano deeply, but as someone with barely any exposure to music in middle school, I have picked it up rather quickly. The app itself is wonderful, but if youre going from zero to hero, you need to be patient with yourself and willing to make time practice. The app provides a guitar hero style song selection that expands as you progress, and that has been both fun and motivating to see my progress on those songs.

  24. We managed to install an Android OS on the PC and now the app works great on a large screen. No lag or jerkiness. My daughter and I both are having great success with it. Much better than Flowkey. Extremely interactive and well thought out. Stay the course, even when frustrating. You will see that it all comes together. Not perfect. But what is? One feature that should be available. Ability to slow down some songs instead of waiting for practice mode to hit. Kids get frustrated.

  25. Terrible sound recognition. This gets me everytime. The lesson froze once and I had to RESTART my whole progress. It’s very annoying. I also wish they gave us opportunities to actually pick a song we actually LIKE to play. Overall, their lessons are okay but whenever it goes to practice mode, it’s very slow and sometimes I didn’t even make a mistake and it goes into practice mode right off the bat!

  26. I do like the lessons. I’ve got both an electric grand as well as an acoustic piano. The app cannot hear either of the pianos well enough for me to play with any music. Also, the app has a hard time hearing chords. I’ll have to hit the chords multiple times for it to register or hit each note in the chord seperate for it to clear. The app is alright, just think that this shouldn’t be a problem after paying $149 for it. Obviously this didn’t happened during the free trial.

  27. This is a fantastic app for helping learn piano! It progresses at the perfect rate and helps you pick things up quickly. However, sometimes the app has a difficult time picking up all the notes being played (especially if it is a chord). Therefore, I end up having to repeat a lot of things and slamming on the keys just for it to hear correctly.

  28. Dal Bana dice:

    I wish that a time signature was given when playing songs. It’s very hard to try to figure that out so I can count correctly when the song begins so quickly. I also wish that there was an option to continue playing even after making several mistakes rather than so abruptly stopping the song. Overall, I like the app but it’s not as beginner friendly when it comes to actually playing songs as it is while teaching the songs.

  29. control of pacing, content, and schedule makes learning with ADHD much easier. I had low expectations for my ability to learn, and have far surpassed them. MIDI support is a big plus, though I agree with other reviews that it should be clearer about it being effectively required for intermediate levels. additionally, the audio seems to be out of sync with the display and the note detection. maybe device-specific? it’s fine early on, but by the intermediate levels it’s a substantial problem

  30. It is really fun, and I really enjoy it. But there are only two problems I face. First is that android and ios are not synced up for this app which is really frustrating as now I get different outputs for bot of my parents phones. Second is its hearing power. I know it’s an app, but it really is annoying when you are pressing the right keys but it takes the wrong ones. Except for that it is super awesome and I enjoy its colorful theme. Song requests of mine don’t usually go through, but fun!

  31. Good app very fun and learned alot. Only problem is that the micphrone does not work well, if I would play the correct note it would say it was wrong the first time then the second time. I would play it would say that it is correct. Another problem is that it would just freeze and make me restart the progress if I was on a song. Other than that good app, but very frustrating with those bugs.

  32. Me Myself dice:

    Ok. I made the mistake of trying the latest update for this program. It has a major problem dropping the midi. When opening the program it detects fine. But after completing a few lessons, when switching to a new lesson, the program no longer responds to the piano. In settings, it shows the midi is still detected. Have to restart the program to fix. This isn’t an issue on an earlier version.

  33. The app music is too loud when logging in (I had bad service, so the music was torture). Also, you can essentially jam a palm on a few keys and the app can register that as acceptable — but whenever I try to concentrate on remembering the correct key, it gets angry for being slow and gives me a spotlight hint. Basically, I have more of an incentive to get through the beginning lessons poorly if it’s faster than learning the “right” way. I’m frustrated right now. Will give better review later. Xo

  34. Worst teaching app I have ever used. Only has a practice mode is if you screw up on certain parts and then it entirely ignores your other mistakes. The progression moves way, way to fast. The courses need to be stretched out longer. After the first lesson, and of course after paying for the damn app, things move much faster with no way to slow the tempo. The five minute workouts are a joke and are not designed very well. Overall, I would recommend avoiding this one. Needs a lot more work.

  35. Very confusing and frustrating. When I try to sign back in, it won’t let me. It automatically goes into “practice mode” when I don’t have to and when I play the right key, it indicates I played the wrong one even though I place the phone right by the speaker. Goes very fast and I cant learn at my own pace. Practice is very frustrating as a person who is a perfectionist. My friends have had the same frustrating experience. Trash app.

  36. over all great. but the having a really hard time identifying the cords when I play. meaning I’m playing the cord right but it does not pick up on one of the notes and it counts it as an error which makes it really hard to.kove on, because I’m having to constantly start songs and practices over and over. I have a piano not a keyboard, so I cant turn the volume up.

  37. Pretty decent app for getting started learning the piano. It doesn’t go over anything about music theory or anything, so me, starting with no background at all, was confused by some things. Would have been nice for more introductory stuff to have been… introduced. Also, the really most frustrating thing, and it’s probably just a hardware issue, but this app is terrible at detecting simultaneous notes. Like, it’ll tell you to play a G C E chord and the app will only detect one or two of them.

  38. Like someone else said in their review, the app most of the time doesn’t recognize the sounds and I have to restart the app and the tutorial video doesn’t show the video, I only can hear the steps without the visual part, other than that, it’s a good app to learn piano. Very easy to understand and follow. Just fix the recognition part. Thanks

  39. The concept of this app is cool but there are too many technical glitches or issues that frusterate me and waste my time while trying to learn. For instance, the app asks you to place the device near the speaker so it can hear the notes but if you’re reading the notes on the device then it is not feasible to place the device near the speakers. Furthermore, I must turn the volume up as high as it goes and strike the keys very hard in order for the app to hear the note. If not, it interprets that I missed the note and sends me into practice mode, so a 30 minute practice session then turns into an hour long practice session because you’re having to repeat notes or measures that you have already learned. Lastly, I would like to see an option where the user can remove the numbers above the notes. I am finding myself relying on the numbers too much and I would like to focus more on reading the actual notes but I cannot figure out how to remove the numbers so that they do not distract me. Very frusterating app.

  40. It has it’s small glitches, like counting one key tone for two, and passing a level up despite in making a few mistakes. But to me it’s minimal because I personally know that it did it wrong and one way or another I will compensate for that. And once you get it, it will be because the app was helpful. Not perfect…but still very helpful.

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