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Kids will have a blast learning sight words with the adorable Endless monsters.
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As a follow-up to Endless Alphabet, set the stage for early reading success with Endless Reader! This app introduces “sight words”, the most commonly used words in school, library, and children’s books. Kids need to recognize these words by sight in order to achieve reading fluency. Recognizing sight words is advantageous for beginning readers because many of these words have unusual spelling, cannot be sounded out using phonics knowledge, and often cannot be represented using pictures.

Kids will have a blast learning sight words and their context and usage with the adorable Endless monsters. Each word features an interactive word puzzle with letters that come alive, and then a sentence puzzle with words that become what they describe. See the word “dog” as a barking dog, and the word “up” reach for the sky!

** NOTE: You must be online and have sufficient disk space while running the app to get all words you purchase in the app. **

– 6 words free to try with additional word packs available for purchase.
– Delightful animations reinforce sight recognition of words in a fun and interactive way.
– Word puzzles reinforce spelling using lower-case letters and the sentence puzzles teach definition and usage (in addition to sight recognition).
– Endless Reader was designed with your children in mind. There are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.


This update includes minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


4 comentarios en "Endless Reader MOD 2022"

  1. Melanie Raynor dice:

    Good app. It says single letter phonics. For instance, this might confuse a child that is learning ‘three’. As they are putting it back together the ‘t’ and ‘h’ are sounded out seperate from each other, rather than together to make the ‘th’ sound. So, it doesn’t do phonics blends. But it’s good for recognizing words by sight and learning letters and letter sounds.

  2. Tammy Hocking dice:

    I truly cannot say enough good things about this app. Our son was born with apraxia of speech (a motor speech disorder, where the mouth/tongue muscles are weak and receive no signal from the brain). Kids with apraxia of speech often have reading difficulties later on, so we included this app not only as part of his speech therapy to learn how to make individual sounds, but to also learn to recognize the letters of those sounds. It was used as a ‘reward’ during his speech therapy sessions and he couldn’t get enough of it! The characters are soooo cute and funny 🙂 As adults we actually had fun doing it with him day in and day out!! We ended up buying the full extended pack and it was worth every single penny – to us it was a small investment for something so important. He is now in Kindergarten and not only has almost totally overcome his apraxia, but his teacher said he’s WAY ahead of his peers with reading and language. I can’t thank the creators enough for the difference it made to our son – the love that went into making this app is obvious! Thank you so much!

  3. Jimmy Ruska dice:

    takes long time after purchase to be able to use on diff device. very creative app. it rewards kids by turning sentence into short story scenr with every success. it makes reading to him very interactive. my son repeats the game a lot to watch the animations. this app is dangerous on mobile data. i installed it on wifi and went out to the store. when i opened it in store it downloaded almost 1 gig data, or $10 worth on my plan. it does not preload the animations until after open!!

  4. hiu laam Chan dice:

    My two years old loves this app! The phonic component is great and I love how there is a sample sentence for every word that includes the other sight words. A suggestion would be to make a way for the child to record their progress, say when they ended the app at letter ‘k’, it restarts with ‘k’ or ‘l’. This way younger child don’t have to struggle trying to find the words they want to work on again. Also, a tracker of progress would be useful for parents.

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