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Turn work into an adventure!
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Ever wonder what grown-ups really do at work all day? In Toca Life: Office, you get to tell stories about office life the way you imagine it!

Toca Life: Office looks a lot like a regular office — you can have everyday fun with laptops, printers and copy machines; have lunch in the cafe; and get cash from the bank. But in Toca Life, even simple office life can lead to an exciting adventure! Find hidden surprises. Hop into a helicopter. Turn regular people into superheroes! Where will you work today?


DAYCARE: First stop: daycare, where little ones can play instruments, splash in mud, grow plants outside and slide down the slide on their playground!

BANK: The vault holds valuable things and keeps them safe and secure. But if the alarm is triggered, it’s time to spring into action!

OFFICE: Use the printer to print documents, then make copies with the copy machine! What else can you make copies of? In the fancy office, solve the desk puzzle to discover an exciting secret!

ROOFTOP: Experiment with food in the cafe to discover new recipes! The rooftop also has a helicopter waiting on the landing pad for when you need to make a quick getaway!

COURTHOUSE: Do some detective work — maybe you’ll solve a crime! Hold a trial and announce the verdict. Shhh…there’s a secret exit in the jail — will someone escape?

APARTMENT: After a long day, make yourself at home! Cook a meal, take a nap, even wash your clothes in the washing machine!

– Role-play in six locations: bank, office, rooftop, courthouse, apartment and daycare. Plus a storage building with a fire pole!
– Meet 35 new characters!
– Find costumes hidden in different locations and turn characters into superheroes!
– Look for surprises in secret compartments!
– Move from floor to floor in the glass elevator.
– Keep valuables in the bank vault. Set the alarm to keep them secure!
– Discover what’s inside the safe deposit boxes.
– Draw on the whiteboard, print from the computers and make copies with the copy machine.
– Explore the big office and unlock the secret hiding places!
– Play with jellyfish in the window aquarium.
– Pretend to be a chef and whip up delicious meals in the cafe!
– Hop into the helicopter and start up the propellers!
– Have a make-believe trial at the courthouse.
– Discover a secret exit in the jail.

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40 comentarios en "Toca Life: Office 2022"

  1. *PLEASE FIX THIS BUG* I rated four stars only because, 1. It wasn’t perfect, which is fine. And 2. Because I had to reboot my device because when I tried to drag a person somewhere, they wouldn’t go anywhere, all they would do is hop up a little. After I rebooted, I got back on, and after about 5 minutes, it happened again. You couldn’t interact with anything, or drag. Please fix this bug so that I can enjoy this game again!

  2. It is so hard to play because the houses have this problem were it is purluple and many more but it pretty good for like 7 minutes. But it is ok I guess.

  3. name dice:

    I have had this app before on an old phone of mine but I got it again. I click on it and it keeps coming up wit ‘Toca Life:Office is not working’ and I am like hell nah it was working before but not now. Ur pissing me off

  4. I really like this app, but I deleted it once so it would update. Then when i tried to download it again, it comes up with an error message. This is also with the Toca Life Pets and Toca City. I have those apps still, but they won’t update. They just come up with an error message too. So I don’t know if this is a device issue, or a game issue, but I would like if you could please try to fix it. Thank you!

  5. I purchased this game about a year ago and loved it. Recently I installed it again so I could add it to my Toca World app but it just won’t open. Every time I open the app it just crashes. When I tried to just add it to my Toca World app, it just kept loading while the other apps I added only took about 5 seconds. Please fix this!

  6. PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!! It is really annoying that I spent $5.19 on this and it just kicked me out of the game when I tried to go into the game. I bought it for the second time and the same thing happens, it also doesn’t appear on my Toca World app either. I really enjoy Toca games so please fix this because it just means I am wasting money. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

  7. I thought it was very fun to play this. It gave your character a nice house, a court system, a five star diner, a place to leave your kid and even a super cool job with an awesome hidden secret in the bosses office. (If you want to find it, look in the top 4 cupboards in his room. They will give you a useful password

  8. This is a great app, but like basically every other toca review the apps are a bit overpriced I would recommend to make it $4 instead of $5.99. I understand staff needs to make money but making the apps cheaper would probably get all the games more downloads and also adding more places to interact with.

  9. This is game is simply AMAZING! It has lots of different characters and nice setting. There’s also lots of hidden objects like pink diamond or black diamond – which is used to basically make yourself invisible. Definitely, would recommend this game!

  10. It’s alright. Just a bug where nothing loads but that’s kinda it

  11. I ❤️ this game! There’s lots of hidden objects and secrets! But the reason I gave it 4 stars is because I think it would be even more fun if there were more places and characters. Since it’s a bit boring and I keep on installing and deleting it constantly.

  12. I love the game but it keeps loading I waited a good 20 minutes and it still doesn’t work plz fix this issue I loved this game and now it’s all gone my heart is broken I’m counting on you creaters to fix this problem soon enough before the tears roll down My eyes like rain 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  13. Its so good! And its fun for all ages to, im 11 and i love this game, i like sorting things out my own way so this is the perfect way to do so, the only downer is that when you leave a place, it puts everything back 😣 its still a 5 though!!!

  14. This game is…SOOOO AMAZING !!! Overall I give it 4 stars because there are a couple of bugs and glitches but its still a good game there is a hand full of characters but the amount of fun it has is at the max , anyways keep up the wonderful work toca boca!

  15. I love this game its so cool!!!!! you should make more games like this good job!!!

  16. There is a problem! I LOVE to call games but, when I try to open this game it crashes and won’t load. when I tried to add it to to call world it just loaded and then crashes. pls fix it! 🙏🙏💓🌎

  17. Very good game! I love this game! Love the daycare! But there is not much to do, or places to go. If you could add more places, that would be awesome 👍! Good game overall tho. Another good game by Toca!

  18. Even though I’m ten years old, the games that toca boca makes are so fun! I always play them on trips because they don’t need internet! The only thing is how lonh it takes to download. Thank you, Toca Boca!

  19. theres alot to do in this game and I love it! I just wish there were more clothes / stuff for the babies :/ Can you make a a store too?? + a park plz then it would be even more fun for me and my little sister !

  20. its very good. i love it! and since it doesn’t have to use internet, its great for in the car or on long travels! i love to find the secrets too.. who knew of a villain who squirts ketchup? 😂

  21. It’s amazing game and it has no ads and that’s amazing but the only thing I don’t really like is because it’s not fair to kids because if they want to get the game and they don’t have that much money they can’t get it so I know but it’s still good but just it needs to lower down have a good day

  22. Saleta dice:

    I’d like to be able to send these apps I buy to my kids phones. Is there a way to do that? I got them for them but they now have their own phones for games and they are trying to charge me again. They love the apps but I don’t feel like you should have to pay everytime you get a new phone. Please help!

  23. The game has so many ugly characters. There’s not much to do and u can’t MIX FOODS. I WOULD GIVE U 1 star but it’s the holidays and I don’t want u to have a bad holiday because of something stupid and I don’t want u to spend ur holiday trying to fix da game for me.

  24. Won’t even open after several reinstalls, no reply from leaving feedback via the app. All other apps working fine. Is not being used with Toca World.

  25. Honestly it is a pretty good game. It my get boring without dialogue. Other than that it is a good game.

  26. Dr Gaming dice:

    I LOVE this game it is AWESOME i love the day care i love everything the house the jail great game i am gonna BUY more btw it is my 7th one

  27. F.U on this game application. It access my payment method without asking of my pin then deduct an amount. This kind of game must be deleted here. A huge example of scam.


  29. My brother says this was his favorite one cuz it has Deadpool and you made a space happy we had happy memories of robbing the bank with each other on this

  30. I just love this game sooo much. I’m 8 years old to. Can you please make a Toca white house? It would have a white house, a voting place, and a home. plz make more thing s like this .thank you for making awesome apps and good prices for them. also thank you for making the toca world app free.

  31. Amazing it’s really fun and I love the the office reference with the stapler in the jelly this is a really fun game just like all the other toca games I highly recommend them all

  32. Whenever I try to open the app, it just takes me out of it and back to the homescreen. I’ve tried rebooting and reinstalling the app, but doesn’t work. If you ask me, I’d say it’s a waste of money.

  33. ANNABELLE dice:

    This app is a rip off and it’s made for kids and I don’t and I’m a kid so this is a rip off and I’m really not sure about this but I’ll be okay and what will that game download will be like 100 sec or a million sec let’s see and bye delete

  34. I love this! I am ten and i still play yo games! I love it! It is better than ‘my town’ 😅. Keep up the good work! FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  35. My brother was trying to play Toca office and it is asking for us to send feedback and I tried and it didn’t work so can you plz tell us and if you tell us how to fix it I will give 5 stars but my brother is very sad because he paid money to get Toca office and he can’t even play it

  36. I love this app but when I want to add it to Toca World it says I added it. When I come back to the game it’s not there please fix this bug

  37. I’m sure this game is great but I bought it and can’t even open it! When I try to open the app it just shuts off. Waste of my cash

  38. I gave it 3/4 Stars because 1.i got bored so I wanted to uninstall and I could not refund it can’t interact with objects.last all it shows you is how to be still overall it was great

  39. I love the game! Its so fun and great time killer! I even watch the trailer like a movie lol!

  40. it’s fine but I don’t really like how small the map is but other than that it’s great for kids to learn and have fun. in my opinion it’s ok!

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