MagellanTV Documentaries MODDED 2022

Ad Free documentary movies and series across History, Science, Nature and more.
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MagellanTV is an Ad-Free documentary streaming service dedicated to telling the
great stories of History, Science, and Civilization. Watch over 1500 high-quality
movies and series from the world’s best filmmakers.

What makes MagellanTV different from other streaming services?

MagellanTV offers documentary collections that are deeper and broader than just
about any other streaming service available. It’s the place to dive deep into shows
about war, ancient history, science and technology, crime and culture. Don’t forget
to check out our growing line-up of Historical Dramas and 4k Nature and Space
shows. Once you get started with MagellanTV, you’ll get as hooked as we are on
great documentaries.

MagellanTV membership includes:
-Unlimited streaming anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices.
-Extensive genre collections in History, Nature, Science, Space, Crime and more.
-Exclusive playlists that dive deep into people and events that shaped our world.
-New content added weekly.
-No advertising or other interruptions ever.
-Cast MagellanTV programs from your iOS device to a Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, or
smart TV.

How to join MagellanTV:
Unlock these membership benefits for as low as $4.99 per month on annual plans.
Free trials offered on monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.
Sign up with your Google Play account or go to

Please Note:
-You may manage your MagellanTV subscription on the profile page of the App,
provided you are signed in.

-All subscriptions automatically renew following your selected plan period.

-If you cancel your MagellanTV subscription, you can continue to enjoy all programs
right up to the end of your plan period.

-By downloading the MagellanTV app, you agree to its Terms & Conditions
( and its Privacy Policy


General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.


40 comentarios en "MagellanTV Documentaries MODDED 2022"

  1. Anthony D dice:

    Content is great but features leave a lot desired. Seriously though, no fast forward or rewind options on a streaming service app in late 2022? Most free video streaming apps have this feature let alone one that is 5 bucks a month. I love the content but trying to re-watch specific things or jump to a certain point is incredibly tedious without that basic feature. Makes me debate on canceling my subscription. It may not seem like a big deal overall but when trying to watch content it is.

  2. I love the content, but the app could be improved with better navigation options while watching – like being able to double tap to go forward at back 10 seconds at a time. Maybe it’s there and I’m missing it. Would also like to see it available for PS4 Anyway MagellanTV is totally worth the price – really glad I tried it out.

  3. This review is for the app and not the MegellanTv platform, Megellen is awesome. The appears to be worthless, the sound doesn’t work using my phone or tablet so I have to use the actual website if I want to use either device, which this isn’t a problem for me because I just bookmark and add to home screen and works just like having the app and doesn’t require and storage space, but for people don’t realize they can do so, makes the app a let down.

  4. Nichole dice:

    I like the content, although there probably isn’t enough in my areas of interest for me to keep it more than a few months. The app, however, leaves a lot to be desired. There are no options in the player to go back or forward a few seconds. The captions don’t always display even when they are set to display. There’s no Pip functionality. There’s no next button at the end of an episode to go to the next one. Also, it crashes multiple times per day.

  5. Once I got it downloaded it was browsing through to see what I’d watch first, and was in fact eager for the History Time video (where I got the link) to finish up so I could start watching. I have but only two complaints/suggestions: Please allow us to create playlists, and (MOST importantly) can we have a “play all” option for series? Having the player stop after every episode kind of turns me off from watching any series. Great Content Either Way!

  6. This would have been 5 start it was a great app. Tons of great quality content. But I will now have to cancel my subscription… Chromecast worked great for a few days. Now for the past week it disappeared from the app. This was my primary way of using it. I tried force closing, uninstalling, and rebooting my phone. You guys have plenty to offer, but have real technical issues, which makes me loose faith in you guys being a quality streaming service.

  7. I like it because it’s a lot like curiositystream but with its own stuff. If there was one bit of advice I can give it to the developers of the app, that is please put in fast forward and reverse/skip 10 seconds buttons. I’m shocked that it doesn’t have it. Every video streaming app in existence has got it . It’s incredibly annoying to try and slide around that tiny little bar on my Samsung Note 10 plus.

  8. Great content, if you can get the app to work. I subbed for a year (my bad) and have discovered that this app is the absolute worst. I’ve had to re-sign in multiple times after getting kicked out. 4 out of 5 times when I try to open the app, there is nothing on the screen but text. App does not indicate shows have been “watched”, so it’s on me to remember where I left off? Now today, regardless of which show I click on, the app crashes and returns to Roku home sc. Absolute POS app.

  9. Absolutely love the content! The the layout is pretty decent as well…the only thing that I am not in live with about this app is the out dated video player…not being able to skip ahead or back 10 seconds at a time, oh I also wish you could close the app on your phone and still be able to listen to the content instead of completely cutting off

  10. The documentaries Ive seen so far, are excellent, in depth, and It’s nice to see a lot of them have reenactors involved which adds a layer of depth. Image quality is superb, sound is great, and the selection of content vs price is a good deal. Now the Cons. the app need improvement. you have to go into the app to adjust volume, or do anything. connecting to cast sometimes doesnt work or bugs out. I look forward to this service growing and improving. excellent job.

  11. I really like the idea of this app/subscription but there are times that the video just won’t load and keeps buffering. All other apps work fine so I know it’s just this app. I think it’s easy to use with lots of great content and I hope to support later and hope the streaming gets a little better. We also watched on our TV and the titles and images aren’t shown so we have to either pick from app or look at every episode to see if that’s something we want to watch.

  12. Great content. But app needs lots of work. 1. Doesn’t save where you last left a program if you can’t finish it in one sitting. 2. No already viewed history available, in case you can’t remember if you watched a certain program already. 3. An error msg pops up quite a bit that says “This video cannot be viewed because of technical error”.

  13. I’m giving it five stars, because it’s awesome. Mary Beard is worth it, alone. However, ever since I installed it on my Sony Bravia, the TV has never worked the same. Everything was suddenly slow, totally unresponsive so I uninstalled. That helped but didn’t fix it. Now, I have to unplug it every few hours for anything to work. Who knows if it’s causation or correlation…I’m sure it’ll get worked out and for all I know, the remote got sat on. It did happen immediately after installing, though. Can’t find anyone else with this problem, so 5 stars for good stuff.

  14. CONTENT: Attractive and varied, and seems to be growing. I sincerely hope they continue this way. APP: Functional and stable but has a few quirks that I find puzzling. First, the way it transfers between full-screen and framed seems a bit clunky, it switches from landscape to portrait (it does the same thing when you use the ‘back’ arrow). Second, there is no ability to skip ahead or back. Double tapping any part of the screen just switches from landscape to portrait.

  15. I was really excited to see some of the documentaries and gave the trial a go. Coming from Curiosity Stream, I was happy to see options I hadn’t seen before. I tried to watch the first program that drew me into the app, but it kept messing up, giving me an error message with a grey static screen. Out of frustration I watched a different one, and after I finished it I attempted to watch the first film again… with the same results. I tried a different documentary again and it too wouldn’t play.

  16. It connected to chrome cast the first night and will not connect again. Good thing I learned during the free trial. I was planning on buying a full year. This would be totally worth the money. This is an awsome learning platform. I just wish it would work on anything other my phone. … I have a chrome cast, roku and went to my sisters house to try it but got the same error. We even signed in on my wife’s phone and tried to cast on all 3. Looks like lots of other reviews say the same thing.

  17. Buzz dice:

    I really love the content on Magellan, but the app needs work. It’s unstable, and crashes often. The video player feels ancient, and lacks simple “skip” features. It’s a huge pain if you want to rewind or fast forward to a certain point in a program. Maybe they could spend some of their YouTube ad money on development.

  18. The content is great but the app itself is as buggy as hell. When using it I get pop ups of system level errors you never see when using other applications. It freezes up a lot and is difficult to manage. I’m using a regulaly patched recent version of android (11) too. This should not be happening. Over all it is very amateurish and needs a LOT of work.

  19. Al Sh dice:

    I regret buying an annual subscription. The app needs a ton of work, no way to fast forward or rewind. And the User Interface is poorly planned. I’ve joined 3 or 4 days ago and watched sounds 8 documentaries. Two were not bad, the rest are very average. I find content of the same quality on YouTube for free. Hopefully I can at least get a partial refund.

  20. Over all the app has really great content. But it will always stop whatever is playing with about 5 minutes left. And takes me back to the selection. Sometimes it remembers where it stopped but every 30 to 40 seconds it will happen again. I can’t watch the end of anything and am needing some closure.

  21. Not exactly what I thought it would be. It’s frustrating because if I accidently exit and I am in the middle of an episode I can’t find that content in my “keep watching’ section. Once I do give it I have to fast forward and look for the last spot I was left off at before exiting. But I do love documentaries so it’s nice. Just think there could be a lot more content. And I think the accessibility could be easy better.

  22. Nearly perfect. The quantity and quality are superior. Vast array of different types of documentaries. The only reason for 4 stars is unlike YouTube , it won’t pick right back up if you have to interrupt watching. And it gives no visual Que if you have already watched something. Fix that little issue , and easy 10 stars.

  23. Still on my free trial. Most likely won’t renew. The content is great, but missing some key features. 1st is multiple profiles. How was this not a thing? Name me one other streaming service that doesn’t have profile support? Another deal breaker is no support for the video to continue to play when screen is off. I like to listen to docs when I’m getting work done. Forcing me to keep the screen in kills my battery and also causes a ton of accidental screen touches. Fix these and I’ll sign up.

  24. Hey, I love Magellan and your first-rate science shows! That said, your app has been giving me some headaches… I’m running it on a DragonTouch Max 10 tablet, and the app insists on playing my videos upside-down, i.e. it’s ignoring (or conflicting with?) my tablet’s auto-rotate. Also, since I installed the app I’ve been having problems occasionally getting the tablet to turn off manually. Power down on a timer still works, but sometimes not the off button. Thanks!

  25. Dru Safa dice:

    The content is great and I watch on the Roku box. App doesn’t work for me. I installed and it goes from portrait to landscape continuously. Can not even log in. Troubleshooting found the problem. I run my phone on small display size. On normal size the app worked. Pixel 3 xl. Magellan TV has been trying for months to fix. Four stars for effort and content.

  26. I downloaded the app 2 days ago and have only been able to watch one documentary. Each time I click on a new video the search icon continues to search with no available documentary to play. I drive a lot and like to listen to history documentaries and thought this would be great. Very disappointed.

  27. rsng frce dice:

    I paid for a subscription so I could download some shows, THEN it tells me the downloaded shows will be deleted after a month, which is not what I was paying for. I deleted the shows in the app, but the storage space was not released. App was using over 3 gig of space with no downloads, ridiculous. Too bad, because they have some interesting documentaries.

  28. Jake dice:

    Excellent app, great documentaries but after last update it crashes 100% of the time within 10 seconds of opening the app.When trying to submit a bug report it crashes that too. My note 8 is up to date and so is the app. All external troubleshooting is complete with no errors. When this is fixed I will update my review.Update: 3 stability updates later and still crashing.. I work with devs on several projects and have never had failures this bad and more so never after 3 stability updates.

  29. Great, but I can’t give it five stars because the app is lacking important features. How can you be the only app on planet earth with streaming video that doesn’t have a fast forward and rewind button? That should have been obvious in the 21st century. Do you realize how annoying it is to try and fiddle around with the buffer bar to try and go back 10 seconds? You wind up going back so far that it makes you want to shut the video off cuz you’ve already seen everything.

  30. The content on the platform in itself is good but the app needs an extended reoptimisations. Buttons for next episode, rewind or forward and stuff like this. It actually crashes. After an episode I have to go back to the series menu and choose the next episode but this sometimes does not work. The screen starts replaying the same episode, buttons don’t work, you turn thr screen off and the sound is still playing. This is for mobile app. Needs improvements.

  31. Excellent content. Terrible app. Up until recently, the main problem with the app was poor features. Now it shuts itself down when you try and play something. Given I am not the only person noting this, you’d think they’d look elsewhere for their tech support. Keep this up, and Magellan my discover that a bad app is fatal to their product no matter how good the content is.

  32. the docus available are mostly good. but you cant rotate the fullscreen on chromebook, it also buffers a lot so often you just cant watch anything. and it is not my connection. hoping for more content if im gonna pay for a subscription (most available contents are also available on youtube). so with a few updates this would likely be a fav streaming service.

  33. I was a bit skeptical at first and decided to just give MagellanTV a temporary try, but I’m really enjoying it, there’s so much content I’ve never seen elsewhere, and there are always new additions, it’s well worth the small subscription fee.

  34. All these documentaries are available on other sites and you don’t have a lot to pick from at all this app sucks and I’m infatuated with documentaries that’s all I watch now I’m trying to cancel my membership and I can’t figure out how to cancel it do not get this app

  35. This should be advertised as a non American TV app, Most shows are UK, British , etc. I’m not really interested in shows involving other countries, or their people honestly.

  36. I absolutely LOVE MagellanTV! Their documentaries are incredible. The visuals are stunning, and you can learn about almost any subject. Try it…you’ll love it.

  37. I dont mind the app so far but I can’t cast to my TV at all. I should be able too as there is an option, but nothings coming up. I’ve tried finding an app to put on my xbox instead but theres nothing there either

  38. Best Christmas gift ever. Ive wanted to try this app for a while. I must have mentioned to my parents and they got me a subscription for christmas. Wow i wish i had done it myself and way sooner. I love the shows and there are so many to choise from.

  39. Guy Levin dice:

    Missing release date for content. Some of the content is old and outdated, Would be great if there was a way to see the year of make

  40. Your subscription says 4.99 a month but I am charged 9.81 every month. On top of that I have unsubscribed and your not in my subscriptions any longer. I have closed my account so please tell me how you guys are taking double the amount from a closed account?

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