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Preserve and share precious family memories for generations to come.
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FamilySearch Memories makes it simple and fun to create a digital scrapbook of memories that brings joy to families now and into the future.

By integrating Memories and photo-sharing apps like Google Photos, you can create a “best-of” collection of photos for a person’s life history or important events.

Capture photos or audio of important family moments, such as recitals, graduations, reunions, and memorials, and add them to your family tree.

Photograph old photos and documents.

Interview family members, and record their favorite memories or even the details of their everyday lives.

Immortalize important family stories, jokes, and sayings.

Identify relatives in photos, stories, and recordings. Those memories are automatically shared in the free FamilySearch Tree app and on the FamilySearch website.

Take family memories with you wherever you go-the app works even without internet access.

Pick up where you left off on any device since the app automatically syncs with

Store your family memories for free in the FamilySearch vaults.


40 comentarios en "FamilySearch Memories 2022"

  1. I love this app and the ability to record memories from prompt questions. The only thing I would change right now is a feature to upload your own audio recordings like you can on the website.

  2. It’s a great app but I don’t know how to get some pictures of people I don’t know out so other family members can possibly identify then. Also it is a great app to link records to family members. I don’t know exactly how to avoid duplicates but I think that will be easier when I use the app more.

  3. I would love the ability to upload audio files from my device instead of recording directly in the app. Other than that, great app! Keep up the good work!

  4. Very easy to use. Excellent way to label and keep my family photos. Privacy is respe ted.. I can unlock or lock viewing. Thank you for this source!

  5. It’s difficult to add and arrange the family tree. I am sure there is an easier way than how this app works.

  6. I loved this app because it made uploading and tagging photos seemless, but something changed. Now, when I go to tag a photo, typing in the name does not pull up the profile, I have to scroll through an alphabetical list of ALL my family members’ profiles…literally every generation I’ve ever worked on in the entire tree! I’m trying to tag a sister whose first name starts with “P.” Scrolling through hundreds, if not thousands of names, because typing in her name did not pull up any P names.

  7. Easy to use, missing a couple features. I love how this saves memories for my family, creating our own stories to share with each other. I would really like for it to record video, however, as I know the power family home videos can have in unifying a family and creating special memories that can last for years.

  8. This is an excellent program for researching your family’s history. Your history can be displayed in a number of different ways, such as a pedigree chart, a Family Tree, as a story timeline, etc. This app includes access to some of the largest databases in the World for researching your ancestors.

  9. D.D. H. dice:

    I LOVE the family search app. Ive been using it off and on for years now { i keep having to creat a new account because i didnt have old log in info} to make a family tree, search ancestory history and keep records of it all in one place. Plus you have all these other wonderful people in the background that help you by giving you hints to see if there are more family members that you didnt know about. Also i have connectd with 2 family members that i didnt know about. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND

  10. Terrible you make this difficult for seniors not very technical inclined. It doesn’t connect very good and you are unable to connect or create a Login Account. I called you CSRs for Assistance and Got The RUDEST no USELESS People I Have Ever Spoke with In the 1990s I Monitored 365 Phone CSRs Representatives I have spoken to. I would have had “FIRED” everyone that I had the Dishonore to Ash For Help They Are Pathetic.

  11. Nice, you can easily update your family tree and the activities of the families.

  12. i love using this app to record family happenings. it is easy to use and has great ways of organizing. i use it for every day things like activities and fun family moments when I dont necessarily want to share every aspect of our life on social media.

  13. This is excellent app of preserving memories. Only that it could improve the speed in uploading pictures or files. They may add video features too.

  14. Just wishing it would work for me and stay open

  15. Carl Hoge dice:

    Great free app. Unbeatable for research. However, data input and sourcing for the family tree not real intuitive.

  16. Easy to use and well designed

  17. Great place to store photos and family stories. Good practice to check for updates every 3 wks, so not to lose data.

  18. New and interesting bugs. Still, an excellent resource for genealogy! Well organized and easy to understand.

  19. great database with fair capability but under developed search engine. Great for beginners but lacking functionality for more seasoned computer users.

  20. Hi, this app is good but i hope in the coming updates, you will add a feature where we can upload videos. I have a lot of videos that I want to keep so that my future posterity can see it.

  21. I “Improve” a couple of batches of “Place Names” when I am keyed up at nights. It organizes my to stop spinning and be able to 😴 sleep. It works in my 🌄 morning/day for the same thing – a few batches (approx.10 min?) and it seems I am able to go about my day more effectively & w/ more peace.

  22. I tried to register both my email and my husbands email account, when it came to activating the account it stated that this link had been used, so I was unable to activate the accounts so I uninstalled it very disappointing.

  23. Ken Dee dice:

    Excellent addition to the Familysearch Tree app. Links in to show you all your Memories uploads and to search for others.

  24. It will not open. Says installed, picture icon in memories, but that is it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Won’t open.

  25. This app literally helped me preserve my mission pictures immediately and not worry if I’ll lose them. I just hope there’ll be options for videos as well.

  26. God is powerful and I am very grateful for my spiritual and earthly family.🙏😇⛪🌐🗺️🎶🕎🛐

  27. Great app to preserve recordings, stories and photos. I am trying to make a habit to upload family pictures here when I also post photos in social media.

  28. I love this app. You can add pictures and stories of you and your family so others can read about them and can compare pictures too!

  29. Every since I changed my church account password I can’t login to Memories app. I used the prompts on app to reset password and it ended up only changing my password for FamilySearch.

  30. It doesn’t save all the changes you do. I mean, if you upload a photo, a few minutes later, it disappears.

  31. I always have problems with sign in. The former email cannot be used as I cannot access it after changing to a new phone.

  32. I love being able to add my family memories. Over 2,000 photos and stories from family. I love being able to share with cousins.

  33. Scott A dice:

    Such a great and useful tool!

  34. I use it daily…wish more info (films) were online. Don’t like that anyone can change i,fo.

  35. Hunter S dice:

    Not very useful honestly. Dosent upload most pictures.

  36. joan shaw dice:

    So easy to share pictures and memories of family AND friends with extended family. Building confidence and hope for the next generation. And see pics others have of loved ones!

  37. Make pictures able to be interspersed within stories, not just ten at the top.

  38. I am finding all of my history from the past very easily and I am find the correct dates if in the census or other documents.

  39. Great app. Free and you can do so much family history on your phone. Love it..

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