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The world’s largest online catalog of U.S. coins for coin collectors like you!
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U.S. Coin collectors finally have the resource needed to make informed numismatic buying, selling and trading decisions, thanks to the PCGS CoinFacts mobile app. The world’s largest encyclopedia of U.S. coins now fits in your pocket and is 100% free to use. Download this coin collecting mobile app today to access coin values, images, narratives, auction prices realized, and more for over 39,000 U.S. coins.

Features include:

* Barcode scanning for coins graded by PCGS or NGC provides instant coin look-up functionality.
* PCGS Price Guide listings for all silver, gold, and copper U.S. Coins in every grade!
* Complete PCGS population statistics (over 30 years of data)
* Over 3.2 million auction prices realized from PCGS & NGC graded coins, pulled from over 5,800 auctions, including Heritage, eBay, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonham’s, Stack’s Bowers, Legend Rare Coin Auctions and others.
* Complete numismatic specifications for all U.S. coin types
* Expert narratives on specific coins from leading industry professionals like David Hall, Ron Guth, Q. David Bowers and others.
* Coin rarity and survival estimates by grade
* Coin condition census listings
* Hundreds of thousands of high resolution photographs from the PCGS archives
* Detailed coin variety attribution with photographs

The PCGS CoinFacts application requires an active internet connection to operate.

* See the Collectors Universe (parent company of PCGS) Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: http://www.collectors.com/Home/Privacy


- Fixed a bug causing metal prices to not show up
- Other minor improvements

** If you love this app please leave a review! If you run into any issues email [email protected] and we will work with you to resolve the issue.


40 comentarios en "PCGS CoinFacts – U.S. Coin Val MODDED 2022"

  1. Fantastic user interface, good up to date information, and just a wonderful resource for checking on and learning about coins. Auction history with links to many recent sales of particular coins, and a price guide that stays pretty current. For anyone who is on the fence about it, I’d say go ahead. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. The new price layout stinks. I wish they’d go back to the old price layout. It was much easier to just scroll and see all the prices for different coins years on one page. Now you have to click on each year to see the price. Just a waste of time. Just go back to the grid for the price guide and it’ll be a great app.

  3. Other than “obscure, miscellaneous” coins it’s very easy to find the coin you’re looking for. It tells you the size, composition & weight of the coin. Photos in different grades along with their value & recent sold prices. *Special errors & variety coins are described in thorough numismatic & historical detail. I would not rely on this app for info on error or variety coins. I also wish it wasn’t partnered with ‘e-bay’ for buying/selling coins.

  4. Stopped working. Shows current gold and silver prices at the bottom of a blank screen. Menu opens but every selection is a hyperlink that opens a your browser. °APP WORKS AGAIN° I tried redownloading, same issue. I used an app to uninstall and get rid all data related to the app. Reinstalled and it works normally. Fingers crossed it stays working.

  5. This app does not work at all without an internet connection (there’s no offline mode like the older versions). Many coin shows, auctions, flea markets, etc. don’t have cell coverage or wifi… that’s when I use this app the most.

  6. I absofreakinlutely LOVE this app. I use it at least 10 to 15 times daily. Scared to death that I may accidentally spend a coin that could be worth “Life Changing” money. I like that I can zoom in on the pics of coins, giving me the ability to see any errors or varieties that make these coins worth so much.

  7. I love this app! it shows all the coin years plus their errors, values, auction prices along with eBay prices. basically all the details I would waste time online searching for. makes coin collecting so much easier !!

  8. This app is amazing! I have never once rated a app but this one deserved it for sure. I’m pretty new to all this and have a hard time with most apps but I have not had even one issue in my searches on here. This is the only app you all need when needing to find out about your coins. Keep up the good work PCGS, if I could have gave you more stars I certainly would have!

  9. It’s good when it actually works. Stops displaying pictures of coins. Close and restart app usually fixes the issue. However, most recent occurrence required uninstall and reinstall of app to correct the problem.

  10. I have used this app for a few years. It is THE authority for PCGS prices. The follow most auctions including Ebay. Coin value are updated in real time. It has a great section of grading examples. For most coins they will show pictures of grades from 5 to 68 or 70. One of the MUST HAVE apps if you have any interest in coin collecting and an absolute necessity for a professional (at least I think it would be)

  11. Sean S dice:

    Simple and easy to use app with lots of good information on US coins and some others. Personally using this to check prices based on grading and auctions, as well as to get rough ideas of the potential grading of my coins and well. I recommend for any collector looking to get a little more serious about their collection.

  12. Missing some features that were in Priceguide like excerpts from Ron Guthman and other authors, sometimes the information loads and sometimes it doesn’t. Some major and minor varities missing, there used to be more varities. Auction listings for some items (in shop) is inaccurate; shows coins of no relation. Edited this review to reflect that the Priceguide feature for prices across multiple years is still available and the fact that I do use the app quite often.

  13. Super great information available. Some parts are easy, some parts are obviously for more educated coin enthusiasts. love this app, use it regularly. information is readily available and covers ALOT of coins. The fact that I’m leaving a review speaks to the high opinion I carry about this app. Its got to be either really good or really bad. 😂

  14. Fantastic experience as a free account holder. Maybe one day Ill get to enjoy the Platinum benifits and leave a more informitive review. Today Im just a basic member that couldnt be more satified with the website and apps. I have no recommended changes add ons or input that would be useful to the programers or the app in general. It is very well laid out. Some users may dislike the fact that there are multiple apps for the different functions. But’ I can’t stand navigating through a drop menu.

  15. Very buggy, if it won’t run right on a Pixel 2xl, it won’t work on any Android correctly. It spends all it’s time looking for dealer ads, also is bad for pop-ups asking you to install this program, even after you install it. It has a lot of potential if someone worked on it, it is basically an ongoing ad for PCGS, a company that Use to be the industry standard, not anymore. Going to find the NGC app. Let me know PCGS when you fix it. UPDATE, 2/17/20; Not Fixed, No room to respond w/limited txt!

  16. I absolutely loved the app until PCGS updated. it’s still a great app but it you used to be able to look up any coin and see images of that year in all the grades they have on record now you cant do that. you can only see the top grade now. I wish they would add that feature

  17. This app Rocks!!!!!! it’s in depth and gives you other options to choose the best match of coin you have in your list or collection. I like it so much I decided to delete all my other apps even ones I paid for. Great job guys….

  18. Just keeps getting better!!! I loved this app before they did the major update. Now…wow! I admit that right after the update it didn’t work. But now works great. I noticed they added extra descriptions of some varieties that have answered some of the questions I’ve had. (Thanks!) I’ve been collecting coins for years just for me because I like the way they look or just because they’re older. This app has shown me that they can be valuable too. Please continue to improve.

  19. Could be better, the image displayed 2005 D (ms 68) has a couple hairline scratches and mine doesn’t. Many double dies and legitimate varieties not even listed, what’s up with that? No auction images.. This site could be way better, it falls short of it’s potential to be epic…simplified pricing and instructions for consignment to auction houses would be a great help to both the seller, buyer, and outfits arranging same (pcgs, ect.)…fix these failures of insight and you’ll get 5🌟’s from me.

  20. this is the first time I’m looking at the contents of this site. I’m trying to figure out it’s features before purchasing. I have so many different coins and notes I’m trying to get an idea on value and were to sell. I believe I have a few error coins but from what the mint is saying that the error must be raised metal or doubling of words numbers or images. No scratches or gauging that is caused in circulation. I seen a nickle online it was mess and claiming to be mint error?? Ty J. Heron

  21. Great app. Tons of information and high quality images. Nice interface. Very intuitive. The only thing it is missing is pricing for raw, non graded coins. That is certainly not a deal breaker.

  22. Really a great app, could maybe use a little more of a user friendly platform, however astounded by library of coins. A couple coins i have viewed dont have a picture which sucks and some coins dont have hardly any information, but the ones that do are pretty cool. All in all pretty great for being free.

  23. Wonderful app that gives extensive information about each category and denomination of coin. I give it 5 stars even though I would love to see one big update added… please add the ability to check a box for each coin denoting that it is part of your collection so you can have quick reference to which coins you already own!

  24. This new app will not load very buggy can’t do nothing but scan so I had no choice but to find others. This app use to be great but no longer works or give you any information related to coins. Would love to see the old version can’t no longer say it’s 5 stars. I even tried to delete app and reinstall with no luck 🤞.

  25. Great app, very useful, much smoother than ngc’s. The website is also mostly fairly smooth. Good job, it definitely sets the standard at this time. Please keep up the good work. The technology factor alone will probably move me to get a membership with pcgs, rather thsn ngc, even though i prefer ngc’s slabs better. Old review mentioned being flagged by AV software, which fortunately got resolved (I knew it was false positive).

  26. Coinfacts is great. Probably the best site for easy to access extensive info on any coin, US anyway, you may have or want to have. I use the site often to look up the going rates and historys of coins I am looking at, possibly to buy. Being able to see Auction Prices Realized with month and year available is fantastic. But it’s a big file so you better have space.

  27. It really is an outstanding resource, though I wish the database and photos were updated more frequently, and that there were photos of minor varieties as well as photos of the entire spectrum of coin grades rather than mainly the top graded coins.

  28. Good app to get general information on coins and their approximate value. You can look up images to get an idea where you would fall on the condition and grading as well as facts about the coin such as designer, mintage, and what grade number it might be assigned where you to have it professionally assessed. Oh yes and you can have that done thru the app too.

  29. Definitely up-to-date and accurate, easily manuverable and pleasing to use, even an individual with little experience can breeze through smoothly and even learn as you go fluidly. I give it 111 out of 10 🙂

  30. My fiance and I downloaded the app ago to check the quality of a buffalo nickel we’ve collected over the years. Not only is the app easy to use, but we have also learned how to grade different coins for hobby and education! 5/5 stars!!

  31. Fast Simple and Accurate. Graded by PCGS and it doesn’t get any easier. You know you can trust. them, and hey a quick scan and you know everything about your coin. If you’re planning on selling or buying make sure it’s graded by the Best grading company. Personally, I know I’m getting what I have paid for, and it’s only going to increase its value. Keep up the great work PCGS.

  32. Great information and photos for getting an idea of your collection. The only thing I would like to see would be somehow maybe link or include a feature of keeping track of current collective inventory.

  33. Not nearly as user friendly or visually nice as the previous app. Bulky, ugly and hard to navigate. Really wish they had kept the other PCGS price guide app. Allowed for better side by side grade comparisons.

  34. It’s Terrible!👎! I just gave it a Try!! And it’s Nothing to See but one page of Coins!! Then I tried to See More! And it just Completely got off Course!+ Went back to Google play!! For-Another APP! I didn’t even want to go on!! So I had to get back here all over again!!-It’s Useless!! So I’m going to Uninstall it Now!! It was Like A Run Around!- to Nowhere!!👎- Forget It!!- Bye!! I do Not Recommend it!!👎👎

  35. There is nothing better I like to do more than view old coins and currency. one day I may submit some of my old coins that are in great condition for grading. I just like this app.; it is an excellent educational tool to learn what prices are available for coins.

  36. love it its a great resource history and pricing. perfect when im looking to buy. fixed a bug now i cant access most of the pricing. only lowered the rating until its fixed. tried reinstalling to no avail.

  37. JD Jarvis dice:

    I absolutely love this app. I am just starting with silver and coins, and I use this app daily to check spot prices, photograding my new coin finds, assessing values, etc. It is very informational for beginners like myself on individual coin varieties as well.

  38. Sometimes I can’t find what coin I am checking prices on. I am always looking for Lincoln Errors Coins. I think it’s just a part of researching. Here is my update… 😉 Thanks for responding. I have since been using this app and figuring it out as I go. I was pretty successful in finding several of my coins facts today.

  39. Good, I just wish it had more information on the coins especially in details. There is no app that allows you to take a picture of the coin and determines if you have a keeper. It’s a guessing game and never sure if I have the correct coin

  40. I can’t live without this app. Very thorough and informative. Just looked over the new additions It seems that it may still be being worked on. It’s great to finally have a guide for Civil War Tokens, but there are so many that you really need to have a search button for what you’re looking for. I hope it comes to that. Please keep up the good work.

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