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Read millions of stories for free and publish on-the-go via the official app.
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Read millions of stories for free and publish on-the-go via the world’s first and largest fanfiction archive.

* Read – Read millions of stories for free
* Write – Edit and Publish your stories on the go
* Translation: Read stories translated into your native language via our AI engine
* Text to Speech – Turn stories into audio books
* Android Auto support – Read stories while cruising down the highway
* Syncing – Library/Downloaded syncing between devices
* Forums – Join writing groups or make friends with millions of other readers and writers.
* Push – Push notifications for Followed/Downloaded stories
* Private Messaging – Enjoying private communication with other users. Send text, image or voice messages.
* Community Archives – Start or browse story archives .
* Beta Readers – Browse and search for registered beta readers.
* Story Management – Browse and manage your favorites and follows.
* User Management – Browse and manage your favorites, follows, and others.

Please note Private Messaging (PM) feature is currently app to app only. PM site integration is coming soon in a future release.

App Permissions Explained:

* Audio: Our Private Messaging feature allows the sending and receiving of recorded voice messages between app users.

* Camera: QRCode story/user sharing/scanning feature requires the camera to capture qr encoded images.

* Phone status: Text to Speech feature will auto pause story reading in headset mode when detecting in coming calls which requires phone status.


* New Translation v2 engine with much improved translation to-from many languages
* Notification UI bug fixes
* Polished forum topic/thread UI
* Reduced memory usage
* General bug fixes and quality of life improvements

* 20+ enhancements to Notifications UI
* Refined forum/topic/threads UI
* Reduced potential battery usage


40 comentarios en "FanFiction.Net MOD 2022"

  1. Usually great, some bugs. Text to speech misses short lines. “No.” Or “Why?” Sometimes will skip chapters. These are annoying, but can be compensated for. What cannot be compensated for however, is my downloads disappearing. They still take up room in my phone’s memory, and if I select them some other way, they are still downloaded from what I can tell, but the download tab itself is completely empty. This is massively inconvenient.

  2. percy dice:

    Pros: infinite offline reading, friendly reading experience, superior search function. Cons: not as many new stories as other sites, search function is a bit clunky, stringent rules with inconsistent application. If you’re migrating from Wattpad, I 100% recommend. Way fewer ads and consistently better quality. The search function is a bit of a learning curve, but it’s much more reliable and useful than Wattpad’s. Takes a little work but once it’s up, you won’t regret using this platform.

  3. The most recent version (current as of 12/19/22) has a major bug with the TTS (text to speech) feature. It rarely progresses from the current chapter to the next, instead bugging and getting stuck; frequently drops out during TTS & completely closes the app and then when you go to open it again, it won’t have kept track with the speech function, so you’re stuck trying to recall recent paragraphs or topics to try and find where it left off in order for you to get going again. Please fix or revert

  4. I’ve been listening and reading for a while now. Have to say that the app keeps getting worse with each update. I know that it fixes some things, but each one seems to cause more problems. For example, I used to be able to listen to the app all day, and then an update a few months ago barely lasted a few hours. Text to speech keeps changing, and no matter the options, it always remains the same voice. But it is still a good app and site.

  5. Would love more ability to search within a user by not only the story type but also the relationships and so forth like we can in the overall category. Some authors have hundreds of stories and I want to only read a certain relationship in their entire mix of stories. Overall, I really enjoy the app. Also, I’d like to be able to switch the voice back to the one that used to be there two weeks ago. The new one is more pleasant sounding but she is much quieter and it’s harder to hear.

  6. This app is good but there are a lot of bugs. First, the listening feature stops working randomly regardless of whether your phone is on or off. And second, I don’t know if this is just me but some times it will keep loading things despite me having internet. The loading symbol comes on the screen and won’t change. While this is happening I can get on the internet with other apps

  7. While I’ve been enjoying my time using this app, its latest update has come with a couple of problems that I can tell easily. My audio will automatically stop for some reason, and as soon as I press the power button on my phone, it’ll start playing again. At some times, it’ll just stop the playback altogether, and I’ll have to start it again in the app. Other than that, I quite enjoy this app.

  8. I have been using the app’s TTS or Text-to-Speech function to have stories “read” to me while I work for months now. Other than a few times where a chapter would be skipped (often times coinciding with spotty wifi or data connections) I have not had too many issues until the past couple of weeks. Today the function has completely failed to function at all. I have tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, cleared app cache and restarted it, went through every reading setting I can find.

  9. Abalisk dice:

    Would be nice if it didn’t develop a new bug every time someone breathes on it. Had this thing installed for a week and it stopped working, wouldn’t even load and would just crash after several times of trying to use it. Tried clean installing and had the same issues. When it WAS working it would often throw me back to the first chapter when I tried changing pages, so I would have to remember where I was. Worst app. Needs to be nuked and redone with less spaghetti code.

  10. Want to read new fanfics and it’s just loading non stop. Over and over again so now I think I’m gonna just go to a different app might delete this one since it hasn’t worked in almost a full month. All I want to do is find more stories and add to library to read down the road and it won’t work. I’m highly discouraged and disappointed to continue with the app. Seems like every few months the app goes downhill and stops working correctly. Still ongoing of the bs loading.

  11. I normally have zero issues with the fanfiction app. I prefer reading it on mobile than on their site. However, I’ve encountered an issue with the app. It’ll stop working and won’t load. I even cleared the cache so it should work, but it’s not. Uninstalled and reinstalled, but still encountering the same issue of it not loading properly. Worked fine this morning.

  12. Great when it actually works. But unfortunately it doesn’t work for me right now, for the first time. It was working last night, then I try to get on this morning and everything gets stuck in an infinite load. I restarted my phone and checked my connection. Nothing. I then logged out and when I tried to sign back in I, once again got an infinite load just trying to log in. I Uninstaller and reinstalled but that didn’t fix it. It’s a shame because I really like this app when it works.

  13. Z H dice:

    I have used fan fiction for years on my lap top and just recently started using the mobile. It worked well for the first few days but now it won’t load anything with wifi or just my normal networking signal. I want to co tinue to use this app so please if it’s a bug fix it. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well and nothing works.

  14. The dark mode, which is meant to make less strain on eyes when reading in the dark, is not properly implemented. The portions one actually reads the stories in, for example, are white background with black text, where as with a proper dark mode implementation, it would be a black background with white text. PLEASE FIX THIS DEVELOPERS

  15. Bento Bro dice:

    I have been having a few issues like when i push the headphones button the next chapter in the story starts to play, when I’ve been reading a chapter and am about half way done with it, (it scrolls all the way up by itself) not a good feature i want it to start reading halfway through i have to pause and scroll down because it scrolls depending on where it is reading. This app changed the voice module recently i consider that to be a good change.

  16. I love this app, but I have a few minor nitpicks that make using it slightly annoying. For one, when I’m reading a story, it keeps leaving unnecessary empty spaces after a horizontal line, which doesn’t appear when you use the actual website. It just looks odd, and ruins the story format for me. Also, my profile picture won’t show up when I enter the app most times and it is pretty annoying. Again, these are just minor nitpicks, but I would very much appreciate it if they were fixed.

  17. Love the app been using it for years. But your recent updates have made me so mad at the app. You say you fix the tts reading speech but it’s not in fact it’s worse. It either doesn’t read and only skips the whole fic, or it skips chapters mid read. I have tried everything I could on my end thinking it might be my phone, but no matter how many times I restart it, or uninstalled the tts just will not work. I use this feature a lot, sad it’s not working like it was had no problem till it updated.

  18. Been using this app regularly almost daily for about 5 years. As a professional driver the audio setting is amazing the last few months it will stop randomly. Force closing the app doesn’t do anything so I’ve either had to restart my phone or completely uninstall and reinstall to get it to work. This happens randomly sometimes day in-between occurrences, sometimes chapters. Really hope this gets fixed soon

  19. There appears to be some very noticeable bugs. I normally sort by update, but there do appear to be instances where that doesn’t happen. Also, there are times where works that I have bookmarked just disappear, and I need to restart the app or find the story in my read history for it to reappear.

  20. Fun for reading old fictions from a while back. The app has great dictionary, accessibility and annotation features. However, the app itself is constantly refreshing. I will search a particular show and spend time refining my search. However, when I try to go “back” from a story to the original search results page, i am immediately taken back to my home page. It’s frustrating having to do a search over and over again. This makes it difficult to navigate the app.

  21. Would have given full stars if it weren’t for all the glitches with the new update. PM feature does not work, and the app will not load anything, despite having full bars. As of now it is unusable for me so I hope it is seen to soon! Over all, (despite the new and horrible bugs) this app has been wonderful in the past. Great interface, easy to use, and quite simple. Please keep up the good work!

  22. The menu system in the app is so confusing! There are like 3 different menusv that you can click on depending on what section of the app you are in. Then the menu system changes when you go to a different section. It takes me so long just to figure out where to click to search for stories or find my already followed stories. I’m still looking to see if it’s possible to have notifications for new chapters of stories. Haven’t found it yet. Just make one menu with cascading sub-menus. It would stream-line the app. I find it simpler to go to the website, find a story, then when I click on the story it opens in the app. The various background, font, and font size options are nice.

  23. Alex dice:

    Latest update (Sept ’21) seems to have removed the ability to long press on a word and have the option to define it. That dictionary feature was super useful for not having to leave the app to look up an unknown word. Now the only option you get with a long press anywhere on the screen is for bookmarking. Certainly an important feature, but not the only one we need.

  24. Great app, have been using it since the start. I noticed with the new update that story filter has been changed from ‘swipe from left’ to a ‘button at the top’. This is highly inconvenient if one is on a large phone (like the S10) as the reachability of the new filter button is very low. My other suggestion is to implement a state for the TTS feature such that when one returns, the TTS continues to read from the point where the previous session ended and not from the beginning of the chapter.

  25. If you don’t like downloading your stories and or reading offline, you will like this app. However, if you want to read offline forget it. This app deleted my downloads (500+ stories) after I had organized and found them all. Twice. That is right. Twice. I thought the first time (several weeks ago) was just a hitch, so I went through the work for trying to find and organize everything. Found most of it, and poof, gone again. No downloads, no saved stories to lists, so I can find them again, nothing. Zilch. “Help desk” was contacted at least twice (I am not sure if my others went through, although it did verify that at least 2 did). No response. Not even an automated, “we are working on it” response. According to their forums, I am not the only on with this problem.

  26. Overall love the app but there is one problem I’ve run into lately. It stores all the downloaded fics on the internal storage and there’s no way in the app to tell it to use the SD card instead. Also, it would be awesome if you were on an author’s list, favorites, or browsing a community and have it show you which apps you’ve already had progress on or read, or even just downloaded, rather than no indicator at all as it is now. I use this app quite often and love it but those would all be definite improvements!

  27. Overall, it’s a great app/website. But, the general layout and presentation could use some updating for sure. It took me quite a while to find out how to change some settings for my profile, and in the “tutorial” there isn’t much information. A lot of this layout is pretty confusing, and to be honest, annoying. But like I said, good app/website; there are tons of stories, it’s easy to filter results, and I love the option to listen to stories by Audio as well! It just needs a little updating…

  28. From the last time of writing a review, the app feature hasnt been working like it was designed to work. Everytime I try to go to a different app while listening to the audio feature, it cuts off and it goes back to the info page. If it doesn’t do that then it just cuts off and forces me to reopen the app altogether. Can you guys fix it to where it works with other apps well? These are the only problems I really have with the app. Everything else works fine. Thank you

  29. It seems like the latest update messed up the app for a great many people. For myself, it simply won’t auto-update stories anymore, which is a huge problem when you are watching literally hundreds of different ones with varying update schedules. It won’t show up until i select the story, then it will show that it downloaded the new chapter. EDIT:Well, there are no notable issues for me now that it was fixed!

  30. Many reviews say this app is simple to use, but the only thing simple is the plain white and blue layout that is displayed throughout the whole app. – Not a very aesthetic look, bland, boring when you look through the app itself and the links. – When you first start the app ( after you make a profile with an email account ), you’re greeted with a very vague explanation on how to change your username and profile picture. Took me a couple of seconds on how to do so first off, then had to figure out myself how to access and edit the profile all together. – A very LONG list of fan fiction selections! Not complaining about the diversity, but it took me a while to go through the extensive list. There should be more organization and categories to limit what I see or want to view other than slapping out every single show, comic, movie, and play out there. – There were many buttons that I didn’t know what they were, but had to find out by clicking on them. No label, no nothing but a simple icon that I even couldn’t understand what it was meant to look like. – There’s a lot of confusion with publishing and/or creating a story of your own even though there’s a button that literally says “How To Publish?”, I still couldn’t figure it out. Even then, I couldn’t figure out how to simply write and SAVE something discreetly without accidently uploading it to the site itself. Overall I am very unhappy, due to the many great ratings I reviewed before downloading this fan fiction app and the promise of it being easy and simple to use. I’m not suprized though because this IS a free app on Google, but I guess my search for an app as great and useful as Wattpad is still ongoing.

  31. The UI is wonderful and for the reader than I cannot imagine a better app. For writers, there some lacking features. First is the PMs. I would much prefer being to respond to what I get from the app rather than going to the website. Also I like tracking the stats of my work, specifically the views. Unless I’m a bad looker, there isn’t a way to do so in the app. Hope this can get addressed in the future.

  32. I use this app frequently for writing but there are several things that make it very frustrating. For example sometimes even if I hit save, it won’t save my most recent progress. Making me have to do it over again. Another, it adds extra spaces in between my paragraphs or takes random things out for example “<" and ">” when I indicate a Flashback. Other than that I love this app. I just wish they would fix these little bugs. Will continue to be my go to writing app.

  33. You are better off using the website. The app runs fine and does everything the website does however, there are no pages for the lists of fanfics. You just scroll and scroll with no end and if you select a story but want to go back, you have to start over from the top. It is frustrating to pick something and then go back and find where I last stopped.

  34. Great app. Much better than using a browser. The only problems are when ever I open the app, it sets me about a full screen scroll down the chapter. It also happens when I exit the story and go back to it. Don’t know if it’s because I have an older model or what. The PM system seems broken as well. I can send PMs but I can’t receive them. Great app otherwise.

  35. It’s a great app tbh, but the filter for search became kind of confusing. I would prefer the old one. The black kind of transparent one. It was more organized and easy to work with. Btw, when I click the “category” by the crossover, it wouldn’t respond and I can’t search for crossovers without searching in google instead :’P I hope this will be fixed soon.

  36. I’m really enjoying this app; it’s nice to finally have an official one. However, I have two main recommendations that would improve for sure! In the downloads/library section, being able to put stories into more than one folder is really helpful. And two, sorting options other than order downloaded or order updated would be awesome! Like by title or author or length. Other than that it’s a good app, but I would LOVE to see those changes!

  37. Wyrm30 dice:

    I enjoy this app and site, but, the new update makes it so that the Crossovers and Stories are mixed together despite choosing Stories over Crossovers, and the feature cannot be toggled. This didn’t used to be the case, and it shows copies of the same fanfiction, which leads me to interpret it as a bug and not an actual new feature. I look forward to a bugfix.

  38. Chloë S dice:

    I use this app regularly for the read aloud function, and it’s generally been pretty good. The text-to-speech function was occasionally reading the next chapter, but supposedly that’s been fixed. However, now the app is refusing to load any of my downloaded stories. Oddly enough, I can still listen to them; I just can’t read them, since it just displays the little loading book thing.

  39. Definitely the best app for reading, hands down! 💜 Thousands of stories you can read about almost all of animes/movies/series/etc! You can download stories, so you can read them offline which is very convenient for me. It’s also very easy to search if you’re looking for something specific because of the filter. Plus, you can change to dark mode if the brightness is too bright when reading at night. 💜💜💜💜

  40. Great app, though there are a few things to be improved. I’ll focus on 2 main things. First off, crossover stories should be separated from regular stories. Yes, it may be helpful to some, but there’s still quite a big community who doesn’t like that aspect too much. Secondly, I think that it would be amazing if a ‘Key Words’ area were added to the filter system. You could use that to filter out stories based on what’s in their descriptions and such. Otherwise, not many complaints.

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