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Escape with YONDER, the next chapter of storytelling. Enjoy bite-sized, binge-worthy, thrill-packed stories on the go from top-tier authors. A universe of ongoing stories and worlds you can get lost in.

DISCOVER must-read titles by top-tier authors across diverse genres, including original fiction exclusive to YONDER.

Explore exciting stories within hit genres such as Billionaire Romance, Shifter Romance, LGBTQ+, LitRPG, Progression Fantasy, Apocalyptic Sci-Fi, Psychological Thriller, Cozy Mystery and more!

ZERO ADS! Immerse yourself without any interruption. Enjoy a hassle-free reading experience and escape into our addictive stories.

FRESH content every day! Access daily offers, exclusive content, and new chapters with many ways to read. Explore titles and authors you’ve been missing out on with:

Daily Unlock – on participating titles, receive a Free Pass every day to unlock chapters and keep the story going.

Countdown Deal – on participating titles, indulge in a good story without waiting for the next chapter, free for a limited time.

CURATED experience: Spend less time searching for hidden gems and hit stories – Choose your favorite genres and dive into the best in serialized fiction from our library. Hand-picked by YONDER’s in-house editors for you, so you can just enjoy the story.

CUSTOMIZE your reading experience! Manage your personal library, and comment with other readers. Choose how you read with YONDER’s highly customizable viewer and experience a whole new way to read!

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We are excited to roll out an update to improve the introductory flow for your better reading experience!


40 comentarios en "YONDER: Fiction & Books 2022"

  1. I’m editing my review from 1 to 3 stars. They added a section for Korean novels so it’s easier to find them. There is still no good way to filter the novels to search what you want(status,genre or things like that), you can only scroll all the way down in the section you selected. I don’t like the new covers for the Naver’s novels but I can understand why they did it. Even though the changes are small , it shows they care about feedback, that’s always a good thing however the UX is still bad.

  2. I really like the flexibility of the recommended stories, and how even one read can boost the viewability a story has. The customization of the page is a huge boost, and I prefer it to any other platform. I would like a way to input promo codes without a specific link, like it’s own section in the settings or coin purchase, but otherwise am quite happy.

  3. IME this app is not user friendly or very intuitive to use. EX. I am trying to re-read past chapters and each time I tap the chapter, it loads on the last page, so I have to manually flip back to the beginning. Also,I lost my internet connection and could no longer read – I got told I needed to download the book – never did find a download button

  4. Downloaded this a few hours ago and so far, I’m only given it 4 stars because after every few chapters it sticks or freezes. I have to keep getting out of the series or even the whole app just to go back in and continue. It’s actually pretty annoying. Also each chapter is pretty expensive.

  5. I love the stories on this app. So immersive and well written with vibrant characters and captivating story lines to make everything come together for a great read! Big negative is that coins should be easier to earn and available more often. There are way too many great FREE reading apps out there to pay for coins…not to mention the coins are WAY overpriced. Also, coins shouldn’t expire. Once you earn them they should be yours until used! The holidays were a missed opportunity for freebies…

  6. I love how it is set up, and that I have chapters to look forward to every night. But for some reason, I can’t open the app normally. I have to wait until I get a notification and tap that to open it. Otherwise, I just sit there staring at the rainbow Y in the middle of a black screen. It never loads anything else, and I can’t navigate around the app. I’ve tried off and on for over a month now, and I can only ever open it by tapping a notification.

  7. Quinten dice:

    When I first got this app it was great, but Now it say “please check your internet you can still read offline on your downloads” and I have strong Wi-Fi, data and a fast phone Not sure if it’s a bug or something but it’s very annoying so I can’t renew ant of my books Please fix this in the future.

  8. I am currently reading 3 different books so far. They are interesting and the editing has been very good. I just wish they would let you watch ads instead of having to wait a day to read the book, as other apps do. Then the app could still earn money without having to pay or wait so long. I haven’t gotten to the end of a book yet and I am concerned that I won’t be able to finish one without having to pay. I will wait and see. I will update after I finish one and see.

  9. I love the library of novels that are available. So many selections and they even send you suggestions. I don’t like having to pay for the chapters but the subscriptions allow a free chapter once per day. Sometimes the stories get so good that I can’t wait.

  10. Nothing wrong with the app as i have not used it, but the ads. I was in school during lumchbreak playing games and one of your ads popped up. It had imagery that could be deemed as sexual and a teacher walked by and scolded me. Please fix the way you make your ads.

  11. I like that some of the novels are here and all. But I was hoping there is a tool that can allow me to view the authors bio and their works to subscribe their account. The account edit setting would be provided here too, if someone chose to log in to Google and Facebook over sign up. Because i think the reader should have the right to make changes or edit their personal account if so-ever, they need to renew a password, Username, and also choose to wether keep their name anonymous or not.

  12. Got this app to read Korean novels. There is no way to report translation errors, some are so bad they are immersion breaking. There is no way to block or report other users who post spoilers. Contact us page is broken, so you can’t do the above manually. Honestly the app comes off as barely thrown together to make a quick buck. I’m terribly disappointed that the fan translations of these novels have better presentation then this app.

  13. It would be nice to be ab)e to finish a game to the end,it seem like I’m trying out the early edition so can give an honest evaluation of each one that is presented to me. But I’m unable to give a fair assessment because I’m always being directed to reading the book and boosting my phone. I’m still trying to get the money which each ad announces pays off, but I have yet seen or received any composition whatsoever from anyone so far. Which I am starting to believe that it’s all a was of my time .

  14. This app is too difficult to use… Very confusing and not at all user friendly… You can’t get a particular gerne you want… You can’t select what story you want in particular and what’s worse is the whole confusing concept of reading chapters… I don’t get it, Wattpad is much better…

  15. The ebooks I have chosen are well written and draw the reader in. However, I have found that this app is extremely stingy with the credits to continue the books. For instance, the one book has over 120 chapters and will take a better part of a year to finish it. I will suggest allowing more than just one chapter per daily unlocks.

  16. I was curious to try this app but it seems like the only thing it has over other similar apps is brand name. The covers just seem like generic 2020s book covers so I don’t know what is what. There’s too many titles to tell so I usually go by images to tell series apart but I can’t do that here. layout is cool but it has less features than similar apps. Also, getting to settings for the story is a pain. I wanted to just zoom in and out. There’s very limited font sizes and I kept turning the page

  17. I was excited to download Yonder because it was made by the same company that owned Webtoon & Wattpad, but was disappointed when I saw that it’s literally just books from both Wattpad and Webtoon. The only thing that Yonder does better than wattpad & webtoon is being able to tailor recs to your interests. Don’t waste time downloading this. Download Wp (for books) & Webtoon (for comics) as they have better features, content quality, and interactivity between users.

  18. Would love to use it but it is not functional. Hangs forever at the Y logo at the start. I tried clearing cache, restarting device, etc. It only works at the very beginning when I first install it and trying to open it after that fails, but im not reinstalling every time I want to use it. Pixel 7 Pro.

  19. Pretty good app, need more optimization for easier, and more enjoyable reading experience. If i may add, it’ll be better if the loading time for chapters transition is shorter, by that you can add auto unlock for smoother reading experience.

  20. I really liked the app till now and I’ve been using it a few days past two weeks. I’m reading the novels of my favourite webtoons as they’re on a hiatus. But i have one complaint though, well not much a complaint but a suggestion which i would much appreciate if implemented. I would really like it if the completed novels would be daily passed. Also a reply button for comments and time limit for daily pass to be extended for maybe five or seven days instead

  21. There are alot of good books to read, but Most are only free for a short time then you can’t finish the book without buying coins. The free passes have to long of a waiting period to make it pleasant to read. Especially if you are the type of person who prefers to start a book and read it all the way through without stopping. Also the books I really enjoy I can not find any way to purchase a copy so I can give them to my son and daughter whom I am certain would love to read them.

  22. Downloaded because wattpad and webtoon offered coins to start with of I tried it. It let me open the app to get the coins, but when I went back later to look at the catalog, it won’t open. Been trying, just gets stuck on the title screen.

  23. As others have said, I don’t want to pay per chapter. A short book with 46 chapters will come to approximately $11.60 in credits. Which is fine… the author needs to be paid. But that’s the cost of a physical book and not a digital one. I would also prefer to buy entire books instead of multiple microtransactions for chapters. More affordable means more accessible for readers!! What is the cut that Yonder is taking? Why can I only read one chapter a day total when I’m reading multiple books?

  24. This app is a great app for reading books. I love the fact that there are coins I can use to unlock chapters. I also love the fact that there are passes I can use to read chapters as well. Thanks. I just wish we could get more coins when we subscribe to read books. Waiting twenty four hours just to get a pass or two doesn’t help when I’m really want to keep reading because the story is so interesting. Thanks for listening.

  25. Really love the initiative, finally a proper place to read webnovels properly sorted with reasonable costs. The amount of new novels i can read is really overwhelming. Properly created perks like gift box are the ones that intrest me the most. Proper segregation of the titles by genres, that also include subgenres that are niche’s is the best thing! Webtoons fast pass and daily pass system is really exciting and is applied better on webnovels. Just hope that it gets only better for authors too.✔

  26. This app is an excellent idea to read books. To a point. To read chapters you have to spend points. I was currently reading, I am the Max Level Newbie, and enjoying it. I had read 62 chapters @ 29 points a chapter. Some chapters allow you to score and leave a comment to move to next chapter for free. But to get to 62 chapters I’ve spent $15. So, read the first few chapters for free then purchase the book. It will be cheaper and fewer interruptions. There are a few options I could suggest.

  27. App is fine BUT opening it takes forever and clicking stuff feels delayed. Theres also minor inconvenience where it doesnt continue in where you left off. I was reading a chapter halfway through and left coz i got work to do and when i opened it im back to the very beginning of that chapter and its a hassle to find where i stopped

  28. I would rate higher I really would. My experience started off great. I logged in and subscribed to books. Then it got worse. I tried to start reading which requires it to download. Then it says “sorry! Download failed please try again” so I try again and then it tells me “please uninstall this app to continue”. Then I find out all these stories are on wattpad anyway which I can access fine and not uninstall a app to read them.

  29. So far I haven’t had any trouble with app bugs and I genuinely enjoy the content. I specifically downloaded Yonder for the Korean novels, but the catalog is full of other content besides those that is very much worth reading. I’m giving this 4 stars for now instead of 5 because I want to have the ability to change my user name instead of it displaying as my Google account name. I will not leave in app comments on chapters if I can’t customize my username, while on Webtoon you can.

  30. I absolutely hate this monetisation system. Give me a way to binge, or a way to permanently unlock chapters through ads, or something. This reading experience is terrible and feels like a full time job. (Next to this R@dish feels like paradise, and I used to say that I greatly dislike it. Well, it’s not true anymore, because YONDER is just SO MUCH WORSE.)

  31. D L dice:

    Accidentally backed out of the app and didn’t get the “webtoon” promo code of $5, and absolutely hate that it’s either Google or Facebook that you need to use to create an account. I tried deleting the app and reinatalling to see if it worked, and nope. The code was a one time deal. Deleting from my phone even before using.

  32. I love that there are Korean novels, but I hate the westernized covers, they’re so incredibly ugly and the original covers are so much better. I’m sorry, but novel covers with pictures of real looking people are so ugly and imho it’s disrespectful to westernize the covers in order to make them look more appealing since for me personally it makes the novels look less appealing. Please just use the original covers with the original art for the covers.

  33. Instead of paying max $50 for a physical copy of Manga/Novel, they use small transactions that make you spend upward over $100 for unfinished digital copies. “Free” is only used loosely since you can read three chapters “free” per day, which is a waste of time depending on word count. This puts a really bad taste in my mouth because they parade it as “Helping Creators” when there are much better & known ways to go about it, and they know it. Please consider cost per chapter when using this app.

  34. Kiwi dice:

    Why is it asking for access to my phone permissions??? I have the webtoon app installed and there was an for this, so I decided to download it. The webtoon app has never not once asked for phone permissions. But it’s asking for access to my phone which I feel is highly inappropriate a, security risk and a scam. So I’ll be deleting it and I don’t recommend.

  35. I really like the stories. But having to use money to buy coins on a fixed income is to expensive for me. Now if they let me watch ads to progress in the story I would be able to read the stories.

  36. So do y’all care to explain how your app ended up on my device without my permission? Or do I need to talk to google about this. Either way it’s unacceptable. I see you have something about data privacy, where’s the privacy when software ends up on my phone without my permission? Something I’ve never heard of or searched for?

  37. this game is very fun I just started it and I’m on level 8 already if you want to get your mind flowing and have a relaxing time on your phone download the game it’s very fun to play especially when it’s gloomy and cold outside and you just want to stay in this is a good game to keep your mind sharp in your eyes on things that’s on your phone so I hope this game will help everybody else with their eyesight and get their minds more better it’s strengthens their brain flow and more knowledge in

  38. Can’t find anywhere to type the promo code and even after looking through their “help” guide still gave no info on how to use promo codes. Not even gonna try it cause if I can’t find something that simple then I can already tell the interface will definitely be equally as frustrating to figure out.

  39. I only just downloaded it. It seems clean but a tad puzzling.. Can the trending stories be a bit more separate from the others? Other than that.. I look forward to using it. As I am already on Wattpad and Webtoons. However, question: How does an author have their story published on Yonder?

  40. Jamie dice:

    I was looking forward to Yonder because some of my favorite Wattpad Authors we’re doing things there, sadly when I download the app it says I’m offline and to retry. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times now and have gotten the same reaction. The app just won’t work😥😭😢

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