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Find thousands of new fiction books on the Inkitt App and read them for free. Fantasy books, scifi and thriller novels, horror stories, mystery, romance and more!

Discover hand-picked novels from all genres and join us on our mission to support aspiring authors taking their first steps towards publication.

*** Most Downloaded Free Reading App in 5 countries. ***

• Discover and read upcoming fiction books by indie authors for free (all in English)
• Download fiction books and read them offline
• Personalized reading recommendations based on your favorite fiction genres
• Customizable background colors and fonts to meet your preferences
• When reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll

Over 700,000 readers have discovered new novels from indie authors on the Inkitt reading app.

From Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Action and Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA, discover hand-picked novels and books from all genres.

About Inkitt

Inkitt is the perfect free app for reading fiction books on your Android phone or tablet, especially for avid readers who love discovering upcoming novels from new and talented authors on the go. All stories published on the Inkitt app are our readers’ top-picks. Books and novels are our passion and we want to share it with you. Join us on our mission to support rising talent!

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40 comentarios en "Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories MODDED 2022"

  1. Vivian dice:

    I don’t like how if you accidentally highlight a word or sentence that it prompts you to post on Facebook. I did and when I try to unselect, it glitches and I’m left with a word that’s magnified over the entire text. I also don’t like that there isn’t dark mode for the app. My reading preference is dark mode, but once I click out of it – the rest of the app is startling white. I love paging, but this is the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s not smooth and causes me to highlight words.

  2. roldy ray dice:

    I found some good stories to read, but I can’t help but wonder how many I didn’t get to read because of publishing/saving issues. I had actually started my first story, great opening paragraph and a half, saved, went back to work on it the next day and it was gone. However, after looking at other so-called ‘similar’ apps, at least it doesn’t have some stupid points system to continue reading.

  3. Di R dice:

    I noticed someone mentioned about a volume button & the loud noise. Why is a volume button used in Inkitt? Am I missing a feature in the app? Sometimes I can scroll up & down; other times I can only slide from page to page. I prefer scrolling up & down. Is there someway to choose between the two options? I really do like the app.

  4. It’s a really awesome platform, just wish the comment section was available for individual paragraphs if I feel like getting technical, instead of one lump comment area at the end of each chapter. But it’s very user friendly with simple buttons and background colors that are easy in the eyes.

  5. I like the app. I can read a lot of stories and such as intended, but there is an obvious glitch going on with the app on my phone. whenever I linger on one story for a long time and decide to leave, it starts glitching out like it’s possessed. after the usual “do you want to save it your library” prompt, it tries to get me back to where I was before the story. the screen turns white and when I touch the screen it glitches out until I restart the app. other than that annoying glitch it’s good

  6. Inkitt is wonderful. Although the variety of stories seems like less than what Wattpad offers, the experience given is amazing. There’s no limit on offline stories, it’s very user-friendly, and it gives a full experience. Hardly any restrictions! However, there are few bugs in Inkitt. Oftentimes, while reading a chapter, it will skip back to the beginning of the chapter, the screen will freeze for a few minutes at a time, and switching from chapter to chapter isn’t the best, but it’s worth it.

  7. The content is great, but it is difficult to get past the glitches in the app. It is constantly crashing, and I have to reload only for it to crash again one minute later. The scrolling also glitches. I scroll down and it will return me to the top several times. I do like most of the stories! For the most part the glitches don’t bother me, but certain days the glitches seem to happen more often.

  8. First thing, thank you for no ads! I can read while listening to music and not get interrupted every other page! The selection of books is great! I haven’t found any major issues at all. Two tiny ones, like moving books to reading lists/ and it will close itself every once in a while. But it doesn’t lose your place when it does and the fact that the app itself isn’t that big space wise I can’t really complain.

  9. I’ve had this app for about a week and noticed there is a lag when you touch the screen. At first I thought”maybe I didn’t press hard enough?” And then the options pop up and close right away because it processed the touch very slowly. Hopefully Inkitt can fix this problem soon. I haven’t really read many stories on here yet but there seem to be lot of interesting free books to read and many different genres. When you over look the lags it isn’t that bad of an app.

  10. I’m so frustrated with this app. At the end of each page, it cuts off a few sentences. At the end of each chapter, after passing the comments, it skips a whole chapter so I have to go back page by page. I’ve edited my settings, closed the story, deleted it from my library and re-added it, and deleted the app and reinstalled it. Nothing has worked. The only thing keeping me from permanently deleting the app is that it worked when I first downloaded it and I know some of the stories are great.

  11. I love this app very much, the books are amazing and I’m hooked on the experience. I spend so much time on this app, yet too often for my liking it will glitch and exit or slow down significantly. Sometimes it will take a while to respond to my clicking so when I try to save a story to my library I was scared it would quit and exit; as it does occasionally. The app is great but the glitches are annoying so I can’t give it a perfect score of 5 stars. (Upadate) It’s stopped glitching

  12. I’ve had this app for a few years now, but like everything in 2020 its just started crashing, text spacing glitches, kicks me to a previous chapter, jumpes to a different part of the chapter while I’m reading. I’ve noticed there are quite a few people having this issue and I’ve seen multiple “we are working on this and will have something soon” – well that was earlier this year, its been almost 8 months or so. Where is the fix?

  13. Kitya C dice:

    Content is great. The app? Not so much… When you open the app via a notification for a story update, you have to constantly select, then re-select the chapter you need to even get it to load. Usually, you’re dealing with this about 3-5min on every entry into the app. It started in roughly Sep/Oct 2020, and definitely has the feel of an “update gone horribly wrong”.

  14. Rachel J dice:

    I like it, but it’s so slow sometimes it takes a whole minute to respond. Sometimes it just looka like the app didnt notice you tapped something. And its hard to get lut of a story and get back to the home page. Some of the stories need editing because the grammar is so bad. In some cases it’s hard to read and not get confused, as to what’s happening.

  15. This is a great app! A lot of great stories! A few amazing writers and some more beginner but all have great potential. I have been having issues with it closing or restarting to the beginning of story and I thought it was my phone so I deleted it to re install hoping that would work but it has been installing all night and I’m in the middle of a great story and I noticed there is another complaint of the same thing happening to someone else so Im a bit irritated and hope I can get it back!

  16. Inkitt has some really great short reads, some good writers and some bad writers who can’t spell. If your not a novice reader, it is pretty easy to pick out the good books. Be ware tho, there are some unfinished books that doesn’t get deleted even if it’s not been updated in over a year and that I really dont like because if you accidentally get started on one, it can leave you hanging permanently, which is horrible.

  17. Powerfox dice:

    The app is a great platform for me to post more of my stories on. And having the ability to make my stories a series is great. But there is a glitch in the app. This is my first time downloading the app, and as I try to post my first story, it gives me a pop up saying im missing one more piece of info, and that’s the genre, age rating, language, and etc. As I try to fix that issue, it goes white and after a minute it kicks me out of the app. Please fix this!!😩

  18. This app is really good! I was expecting an app like readict that has ads between every chapter, that are longer than the chapters themselves, but so far no ads which is great. The stories I’ve read so far are pretty good, and there are a lot to choose from. I have not had any problems as of yet with glitching, lag or crashing like some other reviewers. I do wish there was a way to filter your search so you can see fully released stories or ones in progress. Download this app, and thank me later

  19. Really good. I was expecting it to start hammering out the ads and demanding money. I have really enjoyed reading the stories. The only thing I would change is the ability to tell if I have already read a story in the new and discovery tabs. Edited to add There new sections are not great, some stories hadn’t been updated for over a year. Hasnt been updated, same stories, dont seem like they are updating.

  20. Had the app for about a month and was working great. I was enjoying it. Over the last week it just keeps force closing. Can’t make it through 1 chapter without it crashing multiple times. Not sure what changed. I tried clearing the cache, restarting my device, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing helps. 😞

  21. This is a really cool app, with interesting stories, only 2 problems are its really confusing and hard to navigate, and there are lots of stories with just a teaser chapter and no info as to where you can read the whole book! Natalie La Roux is AWESOME! But I need the rest of the content!😍 There needs to be a major overhaul of the navigation here, it’s soooo hard to find something once you’ve backed up from it!

  22. I would really rate this app 3.5 if I had the choice to do so. The stories on there are phenomenal. The reason I am changing my 5 star rating to 3 stars is because the app itself has started to function poorly over the last few months. The chapters take forever to load if they do load at all and I have to press buttons a million times before the action actually takes place. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but the same issues occur.

  23. This used to be an awesome app and I did most of my reading here. But since the last update I did it’s a mess. I may get notifications and I may not. The biggest problem is the app closes out! A lot! Sometimes before it fully loads. When I finally manage to open a book, I may get a few paragraphs in and it closes out! I may give up and uninstall it. It’s been weeks.

  24. T J dice:

    This would be a nearly perfect reading app if the lag wasn’t so atrocious at times that it makes it unusable. It happens often enough to be extremely frustrating. They also need to work on more comprehensive tagging and searches so people can find the stories they are interested in. As of now it’s very much a hunt, and MANY of the top ranked books are only samples with plugs to get you to go buy the rest of the book through another service.

  25. There’s a few things that could be fixed, like it lags a lot and usually takes a few taps to get something to work. And when i pull the chapter menu over, it either doesn’t or stops half-way out. Also, I keep getting the same stories everyday on the discover page like it never refreshes or shows different books. The app had great potential, everything just needs to get fixed first.

  26. I love this app. Some of my favorite reading has come from this app under subjects I hadn’t originally considered my choice. Anyway, no complaints. I turn the screen on dark so it’s black background and white letters and I dim that and read before bed. I enjoy this. It’s easy to save your progress and get updates too. It’s great. Oh and most importantly, no ads running thru it

  27. UPDATE: Still having the force close issue. I love this app and love the variety of stories. I do have 1 problem. When I open and try to read my latest updated stories it takes several seconds before I can select anything on the pages, like chapters or changing books. Then after getting to read maybe 1 paragraph, the app closes on itself. To read 1 chapter update can take restarting the app 5 or more times. It gets very frustrating. And I just updated and the problem is still there. Please fix.

  28. Choco dice:

    It’s a good app and free for reading any novel. But I personally had hard time finding what I want to read. Because or something I can’t find complete once and start to read not complete one and later on finding out that it’s wasn’t even updated for really long period of time. And it makes me fell like I waisted my time. Or it’s just hard to find new work sometimes and you only see on the page is old once or you just not interested in them.

  29. Overall this is a great app with many books to choose from. The only drawback I find is some of the chapters of the stories don’t display entirely, so you end up missing a few thoughts at the end which can make a difference when beginning the next chapter. There are some very talented writers and I’m this app exists for avid readers like myself.

  30. Tons of good stories to choose from with lots if genres. Sometimes there are glitches and it doesn’t show what I am currently reading when it takes me out of the story and I go back later. I would also like for the suggested stories in the emails to go straight to that story instead of me needing to hunt for it. I really enjoy this app! I just sometimes wish it wasn’t so good because I have a hard time tearing myself away.

  31. This is not the most user friendly app , and it has a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. The biggest I’ve seen is nonfunctional links. Update: After about a month of use, navigating the sight is easier. Its still a little glitchy, but the tech support team is lovely. They get right on whatever problem you have without a long wait. I appreciate good service. This had to be mentioned.

  32. I love reading the books on this app, butt it freezes a lot and it takes a long time to load a lot of the time. There is a glitch when you go to the next chapter that will take you back to the top of a chapter after you have read three or four paragraphs already…..**UPDATE** I am running Android 10 so I’m not sure it is that old of a version but it is still freezing as of 11/14/20

  33. While some of the stories are poorly written, the app itself is easy to navigate and even allows you to save stories you really like. Thus far this is the only TRULY FREE reading app I’ve found for content of all genres. No annoying adds, or wait times the beyond the author’s posting time, if it says the book is complete you can sit down and read the entire thing with no hassle. Been using the app for a couple of years so far and I love it!!

  34. I really like the app bus sometimes going to new chapters is frustrating, especially with the new flip pages. It takes a minute for the chapter to load. Currently, I am unable to read my book. I am on a long car ride and the app is frozen on a page that all it says is Chapter 23 with grey lines. I have restarted my phone twice and it’s the same thing. So I only recommend this app if you have patience.

  35. The app was fantastic in the beginning but after awhile the app stopped functioning properly. For example, I can’t click on the app and it stay up for more than 5 minutes before it closes and sends the message that inkitt has stopped working. That really upsets me because it will happen when i am in a good part of the book.

  36. I love this app but after this last update it keeps crashing after I’m reading for just a few minutes. Can u please fix this? I’m updating It’s been a week since I left this review and the app is still closing out and jumping back to the beginning of the chapters when I open them back up. Do u know when you’ll have this fixed? Because its VERY annoying to read then have it shut down and open back up at the start or the chapter. I love this app! I just want the crashing to get fixed.

  37. BunCatAl dice:

    The search interface is okay but needs more filters when using the search bar. Everything loads extremely slowly even though my connection is fine. Needs volume button navigation while reading. Not having that makes this app useless to me since it keeps me awake. Reading helps me sleep, but only on apps I can easily read on. Overall it’s an okay app. It does need a lot of work though. Navigation in some parts is also a pain.

  38. vonne dice:

    right after downloading the app, i open it up. i set an account and explore some books, but the thing is, when i go to change my pfp (profile picture) it wont let me. it’ll just immediately go to crop but then soon disappear, setting my pfp as the default one. the display is great and all but that’s the major problem i have. sorry to put 2 stars, but this bug needs to be fixed. (p.s, is this happening to anyone else??)

  39. This app has a lot of good stories. There are some that I found are further along here than they are on other apps. The only issues I have are: 1. when I go to read an added chapter, it starts in the middle so I have to scroll to the top of the page 2. Getting an update and trying to read it, but then getting a notification that the story’s been removed

  40. 10/30 update** so I’m decreasing the star rating that I’ve given for the app. The writing portion of the app has a lot of glitches and I continuously lose chapters or portions of chapters won’t save so I’m forced to rewrite things. It’s better to write on desktop but sometimes that’s just not convenient. If they fix the issue I’d probably change the star rating again, but right now it’s just frustrating.

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