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Listen to books while relaxing by the fire or traveling on the weekends — Audible is storytelling that speaks to you. Audiobooks, podcasts and Audible Originals await in an all-in-one audio entertainment app.

Audio stories of all genres – get lost in the books and voices that speak most to you and explore a binge-worthy collection filled with thousands of titles no matter your taste. Start listening to Audible Originals now like Impact Winter or check out Beck Dear Life, part of our Words + Music series.

Listen to books on the road for your morning commute with Carplay or stream bestsellers at your leisure — enjoy Audible as part of your daily listening routine, anytime, anywhere. Stream and download audio books, whether you’re offline or switching devices, and experience seamless listening.

Build your library and find intriguing audiobooks or podcast series that speak to you. Tap into the best of audio entertainment today with Audible.


Listen to thousands of originals, audiobooks, and podcasts including exclusive shows and series.
• Stream or download anything in the Plus Catalog anytime you want, no credits necessary
• Browse thousands of binge-worthy titles and top genres
• Dive into new audio stories, enjoy a bestseller or discover exclusive Originals
• Personalized library app – start collections, save to your wish list and sort through your titles

Queue up an audiobook, adjust your listening speed and experience e books your way with Audible.
• Stream or download directly to enjoy Audible with or without WiFi
• Read on your Kindle or listen on Audible – seamlessly switch between your devices with WhisperSync
• Let sleep stories lull you into a slumber and set a timer to stop playing your audio
• Continue listening to your last audiobook with ease – access Audible through Widgets

Listen to storytelling that enriches you with immersive audio experiences for every moment.
• Stream stories and podcasts fit for every mood – relax with mindful meditation or get lost with a captivating audiobook
• True crime podcasts for your commute or adult books for a lazy Sunday – find what you need to unwind


Listen to books and podcasts your way with Audible Plus:
• Build your own audio library and listen to thousands of titles from the Plus Catalog
• Access fresh audio content, with new listens added weekly

With Premium Plus, get access to the Plus Catalog and even more:
• 1 credit per month to pick any title that you want to keep from an extended selection of titles
• An extended selection of bestsellers and new releases
• The entire Plus Catalog – thousands of titles, podcasts, and originals
• A permanent library! Titles purchased with credits are yours to keep, even if you cancel

Purchase individual credits through the app and expand your audio library anytime with Audible.

The most compelling stories & podcasts. Told by inspiring voices. Listen to storytelling that speaks to you, anytime, anywhere. Fall in love with books all over again with Audible, an Amazon company.


What's New:

• Bug fixes and improvements
If you're experiencing issues, please reach out to customer service. For feedback or suggestions, contact us at or on Twitter @audible_com.


40 comentarios en "Audible: Audio Entertainment MODDED 2022"

  1. Cathy T. dice:

    Audible stops playing as soon as the screen goes dark. That has never been an issue before. Terrible listening experience! Was working but stopped again last week (end of 2022). This is not an enjoyable experience at all. I also want to add that when it does stop playing the book, I have to do every single step of setting it back up to driving mode. Ridiculous! I’ve spent countless hours and actual money on books to listen while driving. It is the main and really only reason I have Audible. 🤔

  2. My audiobook starts as soon as it gets connected with any Bluetooth, headphones or car. I have tried toggling this feature on and off in the settings and it doesn’t matter. It does this even when this feature is turned off. This is very frustrating as my volume’s not always turned up and I’ve found the book playing after a long time and have had to then back track to find where I was. It also cannot be paused if it’s connected to Bluetooth. It turns back on even after I hit pause.

  3. Constant. Crashes. I’ve had the app for years with minimal issues, but over the last few weeks the quality has PLUMMETED. The app shuts itself down every 5-15 minutes, and I have to reopen it again, wait for it all to load, before being able to continue my book. It’s extremely frustrating having to keep coming back to my phone to restart my book, to the point I give up entirely and stop listening altogether

  4. Ky Husk dice:

    If you don’t sign up during a sale it’s expensive for your 1 credit a month. Started enjoying audiobooks as my new job allows listening devices. But when you read as much as I do it would get extremely expensive compared to just going to a library. I do a lot of the free books in between credit because I refuse to pay for books or credits. The membership included books are organized poorly. There should be a way for me to browse ALL free books at once without having to search a key word.

  5. Robyn T. dice:

    Update: 1/3/23: Still no improvement on the search function for the Plus catalog. Sucks! I am so frustrated with the app and it’s lack of practical function. When in the Plus catalog, if you click a title to see the details, you cannot go back into your search results list. It takes you all the way out of the Plus catalog! It’s completely ridiculous. It should save your place in your results list, obviously. For the price of monthly membership, simple functionality should be there. Please fix!!

  6. Fix the back button. Used to be that hitting the “back” or “forward” button on Bluetooth headphones or car controls, the audio would skip back or fwd 30 seconds. This feature is absolutely crucial. Now the app skips back or forward an ENTIRE chapter. This can a 20 min to multiple hour jump in the playback. No one wants this change! It renders the app almost unusable. When I press back in my car, or at the gym, I don’t want to skip back 45 mins! I want 30 seconds. Changing settings does not fix

  7. Great app, just terrible search features. You can’t browse the store by author in the sub categories, or reverse the order of the filter, so if you go by, for example, running time, then you have to flip through EVERY PAGE of the catalog to get to the longest books. There isn’t even a store button to just browse the plus catalog that is included in the membership, the hoops I have to go through just to find a list of them to search is insane. I will happily up to 5* if this is resolved.

  8. The app stops if anything else is running on my phone. If I get a text message the app shuts down. If I want to check anything else on my phone while listening to a book the app stop and shuts down. It is extremely annoying especially since I pay a subscription. I would use a different app. This one is fine but it shutting off all the time extremely aggravating.

  9. Keeps shutting off or stuttering. It only recently started doing this but it’s *very* frustrating when it shuts off say, when you’re driving and you have to pull over to go back to the audible app (from Google maps usually – they used to combine nicely with the Audible book being on a strip below the map (an excellent update!!) But now it keeps vanishing and the book shuts off. Or it stops for a couple of seconds then repeats the previous 2 sentences… repeatedly.

  10. So far it’s great. Has a lot of audiobooks and so far I like the way they have been read. Just hate that you have to pay for a subscription and only receive one credit for one boom then have to pay for all the other books. Also don’t like how you don’t have the option to purchase credits in app. Sadly you get instructions to go to one of several possible places to get credits.

  11. This app works great. I like to listen to books while working to keep my mind at ease. Does not buffer or pause, no ads which is a plus. Downloads new books fast. Only issue I had, I finished my first book a few days after installing app and found out app does not allow you to purchase book credits for the first 30 days. I had to wait 3 weeks to use app again for next book in series. After the 30 days were up though, I have no issues. This app helps keep my mind at ease while working.

  12. ssbeets dice:

    My sleep timer stopped working and I miss audible escape. Most of all my player/ app acts so weird on any android device. It just stops playing all the time. It’s almost impossible to listen when the app keeps crashing. If I go to another app it stops, when my phone closes it stops playing, when someone calls and the calls and apps doesn’t start again. I have to keep the app open just for it play. I have updated, uninstalled, and nothing works. I’m thinking about ending my service.

  13. I love audio books and have been using Audible for a long time, but there are still two things about the app experience I find intensely frustrating. Not too long ago they made a change, when I start the app, it seems to need to connect to the internet and show me ads before I am able to start playing the book I’ve already been listening to. Second, a feature, when resuming from pause, I want to automatically jump back a little, 15s would help me feel confident this is my place in the story.

  14. Worst change ever. Why would anyone want the miniplayer to go have buttons to skip between chapters instead of the rewind/fast forward 30 second. Do you have any idea how frustrating this is?? Audio books are not music, I don’t skip around. I don’t randomly open a book to a random chapter and start reading, pick a different chapter and pick up there… Fun fact, books are not designed to work that way.

  15. dave o dice:

    Frequent random stops for several updates. Not appreciated. Don’t want to fumble with my phone while driving or working out. Sleep timer frequently loses my setting (I frequently use the “end of chapter” option). It seems to be more stable if it isn’t running in the background, but playing an audiobook in the background is EXACTLY what I want the app to do. Same issues using the version from the S-shop or the G-shop. Frustrating.

  16. I love audible and have listened to tons of books that I missed out on over the years, but the app leaves much to be desired. Navigating the store for different kinds of books is as haphazard as trying to browse Netflix. Also sometimes I will just buy a book if it is cheap enough instead of using a credit but you can no longer check your wish list to see when things are on sale.

  17. I hate a recent update – 30 second rewind is only avail by going to the app. It was replaced by the chapter back button. It’s changed in the pull-down audio controls, smartwatch controls, and most annoyingly and dangerously, Android auto. Please please please bring it back ASAP. Otherwise the app is decent, other than incompatibility with casting to Google Home devices.

  18. Love the selection, wish it were a bit more reasonably priced but it is what it is. Driving is so much more enjoyable. I’m able to listen to books I would probably never find sit down time to read. Only complaint is the app will bug occasionally, perhaps 3 times out of 10, where it will stop playing, act as if it’s caching & then I need to hit play on my car interface again. Phone is an S22+ and car is a 2016 Subaru Outback premium. Have never had this issue with Bluetooth on any other app.

  19. Recent update??? Things have gotten worse. Many things about the app are frustrating. Skip or rewind 30 seconds no longer works. It skips to the next chapter. Search feature for a book in your library to download no longer works. Brings the purchase page up. And no option to download for listening. Becoming less user friendly.

  20. The app stops playing any audiobook I’m listening to soon after the screen goes dark/the phone locks. It makes for a terrible listening experience. This started happening about a year ago. It’s a bug that needs to be fixed. Before this started happening, the app was excellent. Now, it’s really bad.

  21. I love the Audible app. I have gone through books faster than I would’ve without it, and there are great selections. However I think it’s silly that I pay for a monthly subscription and only get 1 credit to use a month. Of course there are a few free books that are always available, I just wish I could listen to more than one of the books I like in a month.

  22. The app runs smoothly and there are tons of book options. However you have to purchase books with a credit. Even with Plus you only receive 1 credit per month, each book costs a credit, and if you want to listen to more then 1 book a month you have to spend about $25 on a new book. Depending on how long & how many books you want to hear, that could get pricey. I wish you could just purchase another credit for less.

  23. Mixed. I’ve used it for a few years, and generally it works. It some issues and bugs, and I have reported them. The problem is they don’t fix anything. The most annoying for me is that no matter what phone I’ve used it on, or in several vehicles, it always auto starts. Even if the auto start is off, it still starts. Now, a new issue is it always runs in the background. I have to force stop to turn it off.

  24. Tania H dice:

    The app works well and I enjoy the books and extra things like podcasts. The interface is not great though. They have free books but I can only see the ones they recommend. I have not figured out how to browse them. Sometimes when I close the app The book I was listening to disappears. Its not in my library or currently listening to list. Its a good app but could be better.

  25. Ezeefisch dice:

    Automatic Car Mode in the settings just doesn’t work anymore and hasn’t for a while. It seems the solution to this problem is to make the on screen car mode button so tiny and hard to activate it’s almost useless. Apparently, briefly moving the button back down to the bottom of the screen and enlarging it to a practical size was so wildly unpopular it was changed back to this bamboozling arrangement after 1 update.

  26. Let me just say, that I love the audible app. I gave it a 5 start review in the past and I would’ve left that review except the app just stops all on its own all of the time and I don’t have a timer set. It just stops randomly and quite often lately. I’ve made sure that the app is up to date but it still happen. Annoying.

  27. Audible allows me to have current titles instantly! This I love. Audible quits occasionally. Sometimes after just seconds. Sometimes after minutes. Sometimes it works for 30 minutes before I have to restart. This makes working out or walking while listening a bit annoying – if I want to count on continuously.

  28. Rachel K. dice:

    I love the convenience and the features of in this app. Such as, the ability to speed up or slow done the rate in which it is read. Once you initially learn to use it, it’s super easy. I haven’t ever had any trouble with it functioning properly. The only issue I have is that some books don’t have chapters labeled like regular books.

  29. Kathryn G dice:

    Love my audiobooks on this platform. I get credits from Amazon often and have a complete library now. Perfect for road trips or enjoying while cleaning my home. In a world full of demands, we have limited time to do simple things like “just reading”. Audible makes it easy to multi-task to meet those demands while still doing something for just ourselves.

  30. Heather I dice:

    The worst app ever. Somehow worse than Amazons other glitchy streaming apps. Randomly stops playing every few minutes. Any troubleshooting blames your internet connection or other apps but I also use a library app for free audio books and its never crashed once. If i hadn’t paid for this book I’d have already uninstalled. Can’t wait to be done with it.

  31. Jake dice:

    Used to love the app and would purchase individual titles and lectures. Now that ability is gone and there’s no way to listen to the rest of the titles I had on my list without way overpaying. Such a slimy way to squeeze more money out of your users that are already paying. Very disappointed in Amazon’s 2022 end of year changes.

  32. Audibles been really good for me. I can listen to a chapter in the car, while walking my dog, while playing a video game. It has some pretty decent deals at times as well so I’m able to get a few books. I’ve been happy with it. This little icon is popping up telling me to rate ads. I love reading and didn’t think I’d be able to have a whole book read to me but it’s not as bad as you think. You can change the speed of how they talk and there’s tons of different voice readers to choose from

  33. Joel F dice:

    Samsung S22 Ultra: Ever since a recent update, whenever I rewind or fast-forward with the button on my truck’s steering wheel, the book which I am reading jumps behind or forward to the chapter start rather than the 15 seconds which it has done since I installed the app several years ago. I think many, many people listen to Audible in their vehicles so please fix this as it basically renders the app useless because rewinding and/or fast-forwarding 0-15 seconds happens all the time.

  34. A recent change ruined the app. Who wants the default controls of the android auto widget to skip chapters rather than 30 seconds of an audio book. This is a story reader, not a music player. You don’t skip or repeat tracks. When you get a brief distraction from traffic or a momentary interruption, you don’t want to rewind 20 mins to the beginning of the chapter. I’ve enjoyed many years of Audible, but now it’s too difficult to follow the story. It’s time to move on.

  35. Wish it was easier to be able to buy an audio book in the app. Otherwise I absolutely love all of the options. Edit: This was definitely amended though now it’s really hard to get to the screen to buy the 3 credit deal. It offers it to me and when I press buy 3 credits button to get there it shows me my membership with nothing else

  36. John H dice:

    I’m trying to listen to a podcast in order, which sounds pretty easy. It’s so easy that every single other app or program I’ve ever used has been successful. You just play the next episode after the first, it’s easy. Audible does that sometimes, other times it decides not to. Usually it likes to wait until you’re driving, then it goes from episode 4 to the very end of the series right in the middle of traffic. Every day. I’ll just use a better app lol, why give money to these “people”

  37. Reggie H dice:

    The app is pretty good. There are times when opening it, it just circles around indefinitely. I’m not sure why that happens, but I just close it and reopen it. I like the sleep timer. I use it nearly every night. Driving mode is pretty good, too. It makes it easier to use the app with the larger, simplified icon set when on the road. Overall, it’s a pretty good app. I’ve never used another auidobook app, so I have nothing to compare it to.

  38. The app started to behave badly, shortly thereafter, I was unable to open it, and had the error message “sd card not seen”. I uninstalled the app, then could not get it to reload. After spendinh 4 hours of my life that I will never get back, I learned that that the built in obsolescence of my 2018 Motorola smart phone was the problem, not the Audible app. New phone, no problem.

  39. I’ve been listening to Audible for a few years and have always had good experiences with the app, both in Android and IOS. However, recently I’ve been encountering a frustrating issue where the app will just stop abruptly for no apparent reason. I have to reopen the app and restart what I was listening to. This can happen infrequently and there are other times where it will happen constantly, every few minutes. Makes listening to books difficult, since I’m usually not in a good place to restart.

  40. I use it every day. Wide variety of books, easy to search by genre or author or title, audio is great, and I love being able to listen to multiple books and if I switch up a book it remembers where I stopped when I re-download. One thing that would be nice is of I could jump back to the search section I left when I look at title information instead of having to start over from the top.

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