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Read any books easily! Great e-books viewer epub, pdf, doc, mobi, fb2, txt, zip
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📚 eBoox is the nicest book reader: fb2, epub, pdf, doc, docx, mobi, prc, txt, rtf, odt, html, cbr, cbz, zip and rar archives. Convenient loading of books into the reader from any smartphone folder, SD card, the cloud and browsers. eBoox is free, has no advertising, but got lots of advantages: ✨
• Awesome settings for comfortable reading;
• Instant loading pages;
• Simple and convenient book’s loading from your memory card or the Internet;
• Friendly interface;
• Sync files for Android devices;
• Support service that hears its users.
Install eBoox and our cat Bun 😻 will tell you about all the settings. We’ve already downloaded four books, so you could try our reader.Added simple step-by-step instructions for downloading books.
Don’t know what to read? 📖 📱 Go to the built-in online book directories and find the most desired e-books!
We have added several directories in different languages. Book Reader eBoox is the best way to read books for free! 👍🔥❤️

If you find a mistake in the localization of the application, write to us by mail [email protected]
Take part in the translation of the application with the eBoox team! 💫


40 comentarios en "eBoox: ePub PDF e-book Reader MODDED 2022"

  1. Love it, it’s smooth, the animations are great. The only thing I dislike is the inability to remove the snowman and Christmas lights from the home page because I am a minimalist. But that one is on me. It’s free of ads and you can buy the developers a coffee or a burger for their hard work. It’s a wonderful app.

  2. Rachel B dice:

    I really enjoy this app. It’s easy to use, looks great, and has great organization. Only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the issues I’ve been having. Sometimes jumping to a certain chapter will not work, and I also have an issue where it won’t let me add mobi files and will say that they are damaged, even when deleted and downloaded a second time. I’ve only been able to get around this issue by downloading epub instead.

  3. So far, I’m really liking the app! The dark mode is nice, and the free syncing option is a huge plus, not to mention being able to download your own fonts! I only have one complaint, and it might just be my epubs, but the spacing between certain words is huge and there’s no option to fix it. In other apps, align left seems to do it… But I can’t find a similar setting on this app. Regardless, I’m still looking forward to using this app more. I love the colored progress bar.

  4. This app looks very nice. I could not get all of my books to import at once. I forced to import them one at a time. It also seemed like anytime I hit the back button from anywhere I would get kicked out the app. The reason I tried this app was for the sync functionality, hoping that it would sync my progress between devices. All it did was sync the book in my library, not my progress in them.

  5. I needed a replacement for Aldiko ebook reader which hadn’t been updated in years (and it showed). I tried a lot of apps and while each had their own bells and whistles, they also had the same annoying issue: downloading books from my rather extensive personal catalog. This app hit the sweet spot in every area, including ease of adding books. The UI looks great, including the snowball fight. Seriously cannot believe this app is free.

  6. This app does what you want it to do, it is easy to navigate and has pretty much all the functionality you could want. The minor issues are ones you will find with any ereader, like font size changing where you are in the text. My only wish would be the ability to add a short note that displays in the list of installed books, though i have been able to get around that by editing the “author”. Thanks for the great app, ive gotten a lot of use out of it 🙂

  7. A decent epub reader, but not great. This is one of the fastest readers that I’ve tried. There appears to be no way to use the volume buttons to change pages. The controls for adjusting text size are a little wonky. Works well in split screen mode. Requires too many taps to visit the table of contents or to change color mode (night, day, etc)

  8. This app is great. I’m not an avid reader, somewhat new to regular reading, but this app helps so much. I can highlight, bookmark, and share books with anyone interested. The advanced setting are very nice, I can change the size of the font, the font itself, the background of the pages, how the pages turn, it’s incredible. Definitely a top notch reading app.

  9. I’ve tried probably every ebook reader that’s in the popular top 20 on the app store. The ones I always come back to are Moon+ Pro or FB Reader. However, the eboox app is a breath of fresh air. For two reasons: (1) It is FAST, I mean blazingly fast, no lags even on large book files that cause FB Reader to choke, and (2) It is simple and effective. The UI does not confuse or overwhelm with unnecessary, complex features. It has all the basic features needed to read and navigate your ebooks. There are a few features I’d hope to see added as the app matures, but giving it a 5 star as an excellent performing app, a truly new and fresh design where simplicity is a virtue, and finally, because it has a lot of promise to get even better. I’d hope to see two features in the near future: 1. The ability to sync not just books, but also reading data (like your positions in the books, your notes and highlights, etc.) across your devices. 2. The ability to use the Epub 3 feature where footnote links pop up and display as a panel or window on the current page. Rather than navigating to a separate list of notes, which then forces the reader to navigate BACK to their original position.

  10. Love this app, It doesn’t seem to have a limit on how many books you can have on your shelf. It provides a lot of setting options on color of the pages, highlighters and brightness. It also lets you change the font and how the words hyphen. I didn’t give it 5 stars because it doesn’t provide the option to flip the pages like a book. It also doesn’t let you zoom out to see the reel of pages, which I’d like so that I can find my highlighted text better and other info pieces. Still an amazing app.

  11. Mixed. I quite liked it and then someone sent me a zip file with photos in it, and for some reason it opened in Eboox reader. After that the reader would not work. It only displayed the photo, and I was unable to do anything else with it. I could not get any of the controls, whatever I did. Even restarting the phone, didn’t help, it just went back to the photo, as soon as it opened, and no other books were accessible. Eventually I had to uninstall it, remove the zip file and reinstall.

  12. Washu Ai dice:

    I can read books off my sd card. Nice supported format selection. Simple, functional. I figured out colored content’ s purpose long before I figured out how to turn it off in settings. An app preview pic would help. No ads & free – maybe I should be concerned that I’m the product, but best feature. So far so good. I wish I’d come across this app sooner. I created a new shelf 1st thing. 4 presets sufficient, but any colors I fancy would be nice.

  13. This is a nice ebook reader for these looking for a modern variant from moon reader. There are a few issues that need to be addressed. First having a clean simple popup dictionary/translator for highlighted text. Secondly; if not already possible, add custom font family sets. The progress bar on the left corner isn’t clear, rethink? That being said the justification and hyphenation is a definite great feature. And the quick access toolbar in the bottom right makes changes a breeze.

  14. If you need an application for reading, look no further. Like many, I torture myself till I find an app that is _just right_ for a specific task. Let me save you some time & your device some storage. Stop here. eBoox is the program you want! Thank you to everyone involved in this great app! Would request the devs make it SUPER clear from the beginning that if you don’t sync, you’ll lose your books. Likewise, having the option to sync w/ dropbox, MEGA, nextcloud, etc. would be helpful. Cheers!

  15. I love it, the interface is so simple is beautiful and is smooth, the animations are enjoyable and makes reading a pleasure. I wish there was a highlight option even if it was just one color, but the app is well made, I really like it and will definitely suggest it to a few of my friends who also love reading. Thanks you for creating this beautiful and helpful application. Amazing job.

  16. UPDATED: The last update seemed to fix most of my problems. The iOS and Android apps now sync, and importing books from Dropbox is working fine. I do prefer Noto Serif to Droid Serif (or, ideally, Amazon’s Bookerly), but that’s minor. Two things remain: 1. Synced highlights don’t show up in the right places, they seem to be moved arbitrarily. The list of highlights is still correct though, so at least they’re not lost. 2. Still waiting on PDF support, which I know is coming (hopefully soon?)

  17. I had hopes, but I guess I will try another time. I didn’t feel that the UI was set up in the most intuitive manner, but perhaps that is just me. I have tried numerous ereaders, and have several downloaded, but still haven’t found THE ONE. Thanks for your work to give an ad free app. Btw, I have enjoyed your little responses to those with complaints. I guess it is a sign of the times that people get upset about the app not reading certain formats when you are very clear what formats it supports.

  18. I have used this app for a couple of years now but suddenly it is not finding any of my files. It keeps showing the error:file cannot be found screen, which is really disappointing. I hope the issue can be resolved soon, otherwise I’ll have to find a replacement for reading my ebooks. EDIT: Problem was fixed, thank you!

  19. Me dice:

    Getting to the settings is non obvious and fiddly, but once you stumble onto it, can set “dark mode” and tweak font size, etc. Still not quite sure what exact tapping gets the settings menu to appear, but the app works. It would be nice if you could get the settings from the top-level menu, though. Setting a directory as a “shelf” is handy, as I already have eBooks organized that way on the device.

  20. Comparable to Amazon Kindle, this is by far my favorite reader for independent epubs downloaded from the Internet. I have it on my tablet and my phone and use it all the time. The sync feature allows me to share books, reading position, and notes on both devices. Kudos and highly recommended!

  21. Good lightweight e-reader. It can be sensitive and will turn the oage when swiping down to bring up my home row buttons. Highlighting text can also be difficult as you can’t see where the cursor is when touching the screen, it could use the letter pop-up feature that is usually standard when highlighting text on a mobile device.

  22. Awesome! This is an almost prefect little free app! It has a low learning curve and is very easy to use. It has quite a few custamizable features inc: font & font size, line spacig, margins, background & font color choices, bookmarks; I might have missed a few. It takes you to the place where you stopped reaing and has a TOC. No dictionry, but that’s O.K. Kindle’s ditonaries leave much to be desired; you wind up having to Google the word anyway. Many high praises for eBoox!

  23. Heather G dice:

    Editing my previous review. Thanks to advice from the developer, the sync function is working again. I had to log out and back in again on both devices. Due to a little glitch, I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall the app on my secondary device to be able to login again, but have had no issues since then and everything seems to be working well. Thanks again to the developer for the help.

  24. This is the best ebook reading app I’ve found so far. The reading experience is so pleasant, and it keeps your files managed simply and nicely. It’s clear that the author cares deeply about the whole experience of using this app: it remembers where you were, it organizes the books well inside the app, and the settings are unobtrusive yet helpful.

  25. Really disappointed – this app fails right out of the box. On my current Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 9, this app: 1. Hangs frequently, especially when showing popup tooltips. The “Clear” button to get rid of the tooltip is unresponsive, requiring a force quit and restart on the app just to get back to reading. 2. Is very slow to scan for books on my device. I frequently see screens with fade/glow grey lines and no content. 3. Insists on scanning the device for you, rather than providing the option of a file picker. I mean, really, opening a file picker in Android is like 4 lines of code, not hard! Making me sit through a full device scan with no direct control seems really bad. 4. Is unable to accept an Open EPUB Intent/Send-to target. If I try to use the Android “My Files” app and open the file from there, Eboox is presented as an “Open With” target. However, if I select it, Eboox complains that it cannot add the file to the library. I have to sit and wait for a file scan before Eboox will even consider opening my book. In short, with the dimple addition of access to a file manager, this app could be significantly improved; right now, however, its need to be easy makes it slow and unresponsive and unusable. So much potential, but falls short in execution.

  26. I really like almost everything about this app. However, half the time I try to change the page, it simply resizes the text. There needs to be a feature to allow you to lock text size or disable raizing via gesture so you don’t lose your place in the middle of reading.

  27. It does exactly what I need it to do. Decent features and overall easy to use. My only complaint is that I would love to see a reading mode similar to Google play books. This app has a similar option with changing background and text but the Google play books is easier on my eyes. Overall this has become my go to reader.

  28. A very simple user friendly e-reader. No ads is a great plus😺. Some improvements are needed to get 5 stars. First, need the ability to add downloads of books straight to the shelf, otherwise one has to scroll through 100’s of book to add it to a shelf (file). Second, dictionary support would be nice. Third, an explanation of the paid add-ons so I can decide if I want it. Fourth, instructions on how to add fonts to the app. Fifth, add a way to insert or attach notes. Please respond…

  29. Excellent reading app! I only have one nitpick–the page turning animations feel really slow. Having no animation is jarring, but the current animations could be sped up double and they would be perfect… right now I have animations turned off so that turning the page doesn’t interrupt the reading flow quite as much.

  30. Selecting a book to read requires tapping on it at least ten times. Usually when I tap on it, it just wiggles sideways a few pixels and does nothing else. Very little configuration. Incapable of displaying multiple font faces in one document. Completely lacks monospace font which is required for code in programming books. All of the font choices are really ugly. Painfully bright white ui that cannot be changed. Scrolling is really jumpy, you can’t just smoothly scroll down.

  31. Typically does a good job rendering with proper formatting. I have encountered an issue where some books contents section do not show but do in other readers which prevents chapter selection. Update: creating a shelf from a folder is now terrible. The explorer seems to search for only folders with books so you have to wait for a full scan. I know where i store my books. This hurts useability.

  32. Rob Odd dice:

    Oh well. I really like the layout…wish it had auto scroll but most e-readers don’t. Why? What really kills this app for me though is it’s wanting total permission to all files on device. You can’t direct it to just a specific location. Never would I allow any app total control. All this app needs is to read file. Not read, delete, move etc. Might as well give whoever these people are the right to browse my financials and passwords. Nope.

  33. Absolutely love this App. I was having to take every single file format that was not Kindle or pdf and convert it to kindle before I could read the books. The pdf reader was not all that easy to convert to kindle either. It involved taking each individual file to email, changing formats on the email and forwarding it to myself on kindle. A real pain. this program converted everything at once and gave me instant access. No link to review books.

  34. eBoox is the best no frills, aesthetically pleasing, and functional ebook reader out there (trust me I’ve tried them all). I’ve been a fan for a while and I love that I’m able to sync my ebooks and reading progresses across platforms now. I’m really keen for that to become better (maybe automatic, or faster). I also love how books with no covers are automatically generated ones now!! Really nice touch ❤️ I would donate if I could.

  35. I’ve been looking for a really good reader app and then I found this one! Although there are some minor bugs to fix like when you click on a book, you’ll have to do more than one press for the function to work. All in all a good app so I’m giving 5 stars. Plus, the app is FREE! What more can I ask for? Update: literally pressed 10 times on my screen before the book opens.

  36. Good app, read 2 books in this so far and plan to keep using it. However, pinch to change font size triggers by accident when holding and causes to lose track of reading. Please make a toggle to DISABLE the font change via pinching, I doubt anyone changes font size on page to page basis anyway. Otherwise all is great.

  37. Hi dice:

    The app that I’ve been looking for! I use this whenever I don’t have kindle on my hands, or whenever I have that need to read using only my phone. Love this! One thing though, there seems to be a bug wherein if I leave the app then return to read and highlight, the colors are bottom bar does not show up fully.

  38. Any Body dice:

    This App is useful and has potential, but currently it isn’t very User Friendly. Adding a new book is way more complicated than it should be, I find it best to Download files To my SD Card and open them from there. Another annoyance is that the App has to be restarted as it refuses to reconnect if my Tablet times-out.

  39. I’ve decided to update my previous review. I love this App. I have 2 reading apps on my phone, and it’s between this one and ReadEra. Personally, Eboox has a better library interface at the moment, while ReadEra has more fonts to choose from. I would appreciate more fonts to make my reading experience a tad better. What do you say Eboox team?

  40. Any Body dice:

    Has potential, but adding New Books is way more complicated than it should be so I download them to my SD card and open them from there. The App always needs to be Restarted if the Tablet times-out, very annoying!

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