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2. Audio Magazines – Listen to popular magazines and articles in audio from The Economist, Wired, Time, US Weekly, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, and many others.
3. Sleep, Relaxation, and Meditation Audio – Listen to curated audio content to help you sleep with bedtime stories, relax with our soothing sounds audio, and meditate with our meditation and visualization audio content.
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We’re always working hard to improve our app. Here’s what’s new with this latest release:

- Minor bug fixes for an optimized user experience


40 comentarios en " Books & More MODDED 2022"

  1. Chris dice:

    Very buggy so I unsubscribed. When you pause from your lock screen, the media player disappears from your lock screen and you have to go back into the app. When I rewind by 30 seconds, sometimes it only goes back a few seconds sometimes it goes back way farther than 30 seconds and I get lost. Not a great interface when you get more than a few books.

  2. I didn’t give it much of a chance, but using it didn’t feel intuitive. I couldn’t tell how much books cost until I clicked “download” (which apparently means “buy”) and I could never figure out where it showed how many credits I had. They did seem to have a good selection of audiobooks and you do get two credits free for signing up. It felt like a worse version of Audible, but does have potential and I’d love to see more competition to Audible.

  3. I’ve been listening to Deathless Divide. The app isn’t bad but could use some improvement. The skip back/forward doesn’t function properly. It keeps jumping all over. Also it would be helpful if the tracks corresponded to book chapters. Update 2 years later: Skip forward/back still doesn’t function properly. I skip back and get taken forward instead.

  4. The app: ok. The subscription: seems good. This app some very clunky aspects. Overall it works OK, but navigation is sluggish, the search feature doesn’t always do what it should (returning previous search results rather than the current query), and the 30sec skip is hilariously never 30sec. It might be 4sec or a minute or sometimes goes in the wrong direction. Very strange. The whole app feels about 10yrs out of date BUT the subscription is pretty good. Book clubs are very cool.

  5. A few surprising flaws: 1. Every single track started somewhere in the middle of a chapter, not at the beginning. Why? 2. While rewinding, sometimes it would actually skip a few seconds ahead after I rewound 15 seconds, causing confusion. Why? 3. There is no dark mode. Why? It’s a bright white screen and the font is so small that I have to turn up the brightness at night, making it worse. 4. There is no widget like Audible to access play controls from the home page. Why?

  6. The playback is very flaky. I typically have it set to 1.25x speed and my forward/backward skips are set to 15s. Hitting the backward skip will frequently jump back a minute or 2 instead of 15s, and other times it will jump forward several minutes. Playback doesn’t pause when a notification comes in and instead just goes quiet and makes me miss some, so I have to skip back often. Also no way to delete downloaded books. Have to delete and reinstall the app.

  7. I don’t think I have ever written an app review in my life, but I am making an exception because of how bad this one is. My audiobook is constantly stopping for absolutely no reason, and sometimes, it just closes completely. It does not matter whether I am doing anything else on my phone; the book will still just randomly stop. I understand that mistakes during development can happen without the developers’ knowledge, but a paid subscription service needs to have a functional app.

  8. The seeking doesn’t line up with chapters. It’s consistently 30 seconds to a minute off. There’s not an easy way to navigate through the book. It’s hard to understand how an audiobook app is flawed like this in it’s most basic functionality. That 4.6 rating makes no sense sinceost reviews are like mine. What’s up with that Google Play?

  9. Rochelle dice:

    I’ve only used this app for one audiobook that wasn’t available due to DRM on another app I regularly use. It worked well, downloaded my book easily, and I don’t recall any ads ever popping up during my trial so far. Removed one star because the button to rewind 30 seconds sometimes fast forwarded instead, a handful of times. And it wasn’t user error (the buttons are not next to each other). I think it may just be a glitch. Otherwise, the app served its purpose for me.

  10. Pros: Decent sound quality Decent overall selection Cons: no way (that I can find) to change playback progress from whole book to chapter. Which means, no clue how long each chapter is, can’t set sleep timer for the end of the chapter, & can’t easily use the navigation bar VIP selection is not great Free trial claim of 3 books is really any 1 free book of your choice, & 2 from the very limited VIP selection (which isn’t good/great, 20-40 books total). Feels like bait & switch

  11. It’s okay. The chapters (at least on the books I’ve seen) are by “tracks” and not chapter 1, 2, 3, etc. Although maybe this was an isolated incident or two. I’ve gotten disconnected from my book a few times and had to restart the app as well. Otherwise, it’s another audiobook app, pretty good.

  12. David Lux dice:

    Easy to use app with a robust selection of audiobook titles. I immediately found what I was looking for and downloaded the title within seconds. Monthly prices are comparable to other services of this type, like Audible, without feeding the pockets of Mr Bezos. And the UI is attractive and simple to use.

  13. I love the collections and suggestions they have to offer. I would like to strongly suggest that I would love to have an option to amplify the audio because when I listen in my Car I turn the volume up to Max and it’s still sometimes hard to hear especially When I listen to most of my audio books at 2 times speed.

  14. So AS OF RIGHT NOW, I’m giving 5 stars. It’s great. I listen while I’m working. Right now I’m listening to am aerobic fiction, it’s a pretty good story. I’m Getting a free set(I believe or chapters) but the stories laste weeks so, I haven’t had to really spend any $.I don’t remember having any commercials because I’m just starting for about a week. So, if I did hear commercials it wasn’t enough for me to even remember listening to or watching. IMO.its a great App for MYSELF!!

  15. I tried the app out to listen to Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules. I like the ease of use and the bookmark feature. My only gripe is the the same issue I have with all the other audiobook programs. I really hate that the audiobooks aren’t separated in to chapters like the physical books are. Besides that it’s a good alternative to Audible.

  16. This app is really great and easy to use. There are 2 reasons I didn’t give this app 5 stars. The tracks do not match up with the chapters. This could be just the book I read. I’m not sure. But, chapters start randomly in a track and if you go back and forth between reading physically and audibly, it’ll be hard to find your place. The second is that speed in which you can listen. This app has a max of 2x speed. Depending on the narrator this can seem too slow. But, overall, a great app for audio

  17. Interface is pretty simple and easy to figure out, I love the ability to alter playback speed. Im only one book in so far, listening to Ready Player One. My only complaint is that it appears you can’t select specific chapters to listen to, so if I accidentally skip ahead or rewind, it is a little difficult to find my spot again. Otherwise, it’s a pretty decent and usable app. I’m enjoying it thusfar

  18. Plays well, and I love that it plays in the background. My only complaints are that when listening, the displayed time code does not always match where the playback actually is, so when I choose to rewind 30 seconds, it ends up taking me to a place that’s actually a couple minutes ahead of where it should have been. And then it takes some work to correct and find my place.

  19. Yvonne dice:

    Lots of books available and i like the VIP rewards as it encourages me to try new authors and genres. The app interface isn’t the greatest as it will sometimes rewind 2 minutes instead of a few seconds. Also I’ve had issues with the app opening and playing when it connects to my car’s Bluetooth but it’s not actually playing sound so it doesn’t leave me in the same spot I was before.

  20. Update: the “VIP” books (received in exchange for this review)are a very poor selection. The one quirk that needs to be fixed, and the reason I gave the app 4 stars instead of 5, is the rewind and fast forward buttons. I’ve got the back button a number of times and ended up leaping forward in the book, but then additional presses of the back button work as they should. It’s a little extra work and kind of annoying, but I’m sure they’ll fix it soon. It’s not enough to drive me away.

  21. Enjoyed my listening experience with this app. Includes essentials like playback speed, and goes above many other apps by having a sleep timer and the option to view content by chapter or entire book. I do wish there was the option to go back just a few seconds, instead of only 30 at a time. I listened to Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss, which was a great read.

  22. I’ve used this app for a couple years and overall I’m pleased with it. Pretty good literature selection, though does not have a few titles I’ve looked for and would expect to find. I don’t have a subscription and listen mainly to free classics. I did use to have the paid version but it wasn’t worth it to me in terms of # of titles you get, and I accidentally bought at least one book I did not want and there wasn’t a return option.

  23. alsia dice:

    I love this app for audible storytelling. My only wish is that maybe text were available as well while the story is being read along, maybe in some future updates. Also, if the bar for skipping and rewinding were a bit more refined for smoother rewinding and fast forwarding that would be amazing. Otherwise, a great app. So far I have read Game of Thrones, the first book in George R.R. Martin’s series : A Song of Ice and Fire, and I do plan on finishing the series here with the Audiobooks app 🙂

  24. I downloaded this app and signed up for a subscription so I could listen to The Winners by Fredrik Backman. I’ve used other audiobook apps through my library, and in comparison this one was very easy to use and offered all the functionality I was expecting. (Pause, speed up, skip fwd/back 30 sec, etc), plus the subscription allows me to access new releases!

  25. So far, I’m really loving the app. I picked Within These Wicked Walls from Lauren Blackwood and listened to half of it in one night. The reader, Nneka Okoye, is great. She’s very smooth and relaxing to listen to, I don’t have interruptions or issues with the app, it picks up my spot easily if I close and reopen. It was also very easy to navigate the different sections and find a title I was interested in. The pricing after the initial trial I also felt was fair. So far, I would 100% recommend.

  26. Good selection of books, not great programming. 1)books are downloaded to my device, but if i don’t open the app before turning on airplane mode, I can’t access them. 2)frequently plays on my phone after i disconnect my headphones or turn off car, even if i manually paused. I’m often having to figure out where I was. 3)if I accidentally touch the playback slider, there is no indicator where i was or option to cancel the accidental contact, so again I’m having to figure out where i was.

  27. The app is suitably functional and includes a sleep timer, the ability to speed up or slow narration, and switch between chapter and full book clock mode. While it sometime doesn’t have the “just out” titles that Audible does, I prefer the “Audiobook Club” catalogues selection to Audible’s Plus catalog for a higher quality choice of books from which to listen to as many as one wants for one credit. Just finished the first Harry Bosch book and it was tres execellente.

  28. So far I have been happy with the app except for two issues I have had. Sometimes is starts playing in my car but isn’t on anywhere in my phone and it defaults to my audiobooks. The other issue I don’t like with it is I can’t see a table of contents for the book to keep track of what each section is called.

  29. This is a great app and not priced badly at all. I love the variety of books they have but they are missing sone of my favorites and I hope they expand their catalogue so that I don’t have to keep two audiobook services. The player is good, and the quality of narrators and sound also seems very good. It says you can make lists, however, I have tried and simply either can’t or that feature is broken. Over all, I really like this app and would recommend it.

  30. Very frustratingly buggy app. I really like the service, one set and fair price for all audiobooks is great, but I can’t give this more than 3 stars due to the app. Some books are worse than others, but for a lot of books if you try and rewind 30 seconds the first time you do it in a couple minutes the app will rewind or fast forward multiple minutes. Additionally bookmarks will sometimes be a couple minutes ahead so when you resume you have to find where you actually stopped. Fix the tracking!

  31. r s dice:

    The fastest speed you can listen to an audiobook at is 2x, which is sometimes not fast enough if the narrator speaks really slow. Another problem I had is that the book you were last listening to starts playing immediately after opening the app. It was really annoying and I couldn’t find a way to turn it off. Lastly, there are no returns or exchanges and the book I happened to choose to listen to was really bad (A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo). Everything else was fine though.

  32. Pros: it works, it’s affordable, it has a large library, and it has some decent customization options. Cons: The interface, search function, and how subscriptions work are unintuitive and frustrating in these subtle but inescapable ways. It feels like a lot of different systems that got smooshed together as new features were added. An overhaul to streamline things wouldn’t go amiss. (Review provided in exchange for a free audiobook credit.) I listened to Sword of Secrets & Master of Iron.

  33. Alan dice:

    Really like the app. Books are separated into tracks to skip between chapters, and I can use the skip forward/backward buttons on my headset to skip by 30 second increments. The only hiccup is that if I skip forward/back from the widget in the notification pane, the widget disappears for a second, and it seems to easily close the app if I pause it, which makes it a bit of a hassle to resume the book I’m listening to.

  34. So far so good! I listen to audiobooks when I drive, so this app is great. It integrates easily and well with my car screen and has easy to find rewind buttons if I miss something. I was able to find the exact v book I wanted, when other apps didn’t carry it, so that was an extra plus. I would recommend it for sure.

  35. The app is relatively easy to use and seems to have a lot of different functions for managing and interacting with your books. It also has a relatively large library. The one issue I’ve had so far is that it sometimes skips forward when I hit the pause button. Otherwise, it has been decent. I listened to Protect the Prince by Jennifer Estep.

  36. Has a great selection, and the price is comparable to other audiobooks subscription plans. The only thing I don’t like is when I pause the book I actually have to go into the app to play again. I canceled the subscription because of issues with the app. It seems to skip around when the app pauses, I have to re-open the app really often. If you pause the app and don’t unpause it within a minute or so the whole app closes. It’s annoying when I’m driving to actually have to get my phone.

  37. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts through various apps. This one has all the key features for a good experience. I noticed a few glitches, like I couldn’t restart the book from my wireless headphones. The selection is growing, and includes several bestselling titles, which is great compared to using my library system with super long holds. I listened to “How Not to Die” by Greger. Fascinating!

  38. This app is ok, but one huge issue I have… it never remembers where I left off. At first I didn’t mind it, dropping back a few seconds to refresh my brain where I was, but it’s sometimes a few minutes ahead or behind. Bookmarks don’t help either. The “tracks” also seem weirdly timed. uninstalling as soon as I finish my free book from my trial. Audible is so much better.

  39. Very much enjoying listening to The Secret Commonwealth on here as well as some great free audiobooks (Ben Franklin’s autobiography for example). The only thing that irks me about the app is if it’s in the background and you go more than a few minutes without using it, it closes automatically, so then if I want to resume listening I need to manually go and open it up again. Other audio apps don’t have this problem.

  40. There isn’t anything particularly flashy or exciting about this app, but it plays audiobooks just fine. The playback speed adjustment options are fairly limited (increments of .25 rather than .05 or .1 like other apps), but at least the option is there. The rewind feature after starting listening again after an extended period of time is pretty nice, but I wish I could adjust how far it jumps back. It jumps back a minute or two, which I don’t need if I was listening just a few hours prior. Overall, there is not much incentive to use or recommend this app and service over one of the “big guys” when the service is the same price and the app is much less polished.

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