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Join the millions of readers who turn to Scribd’s digital library to access audiobooks, books, magazine articles, podcasts, sheet music, and more. Our ad-free experience puts some of the best ebooks and audiobooks in your pocket starting with a free trial for new members.
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“Put an entire library in your pocket with a subscription to Scribd.” – Entrepreneur
“Scribd is a massive library that’s home to millions of books, audiobooks, magazines … and even sheet music. (Sheet music!)” – Mashable
“The fact that I could have access to all the greatest minds, mysteries, and stories for $8.99 a month was (and still is) crazy to me.” – Business Insider
Ebooks and audiobooks across all genres including Personal Growth, True Crime, Business, Travel, Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, YA, Science Fiction, and more.
Sheet music selections that cover every musical genre, instrument, and difficulty level. Play the classics or explore current hits from popular artists.
Articles from hundreds of magazines including People, Time, The Atlantic, Entrepreneur, and more.
Access to the world’s largest document library, which has more than 60 million documents including official government reports, case studies, study guides, academic dissertations, medical reports, and more.
All content read or listened to on Scribd can be synced across multiple devices. These special features are included in your subscription for free:
Customize your narration speed
Set a sleep timer
Download audiobooks to listen offline
Download ebooks to read offline
Make notes and annotations, and add bookmarks
Customize your font size, type, and background color
Choose horizontal or vertical page scrolling
Download documents to read offline
Save or print your documents
Our monthly subscription starts at $9.99 and automatically renews unless the subscription is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the next billing date.
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40 comentarios en "Scribd: Audiobooks & Ebooks MODDED 2022"

  1. 4.5 ✨. Love this app for audiobooks. Only downfall for me is I can be listening, wifi or data, and it’ll randomly stop. Then have to go open the app to get it started again. Bit of a pain in the rear end. So I do wish that could be resolved. Otherwise I feel it’s a good choice for myself. My favorite part is I can read/listen to as much or little as I want in a month. My wish is if I could see what I’ve already read/listened to. I sometimes forget if I’ve read a certain thing or not.

  2. I love scribd as a platform and how many books that I have access to. My local library is very small and doesn’t have a huge selection. Somethings that could be approved upon: I wish the audio book showed the percentage that has been listened to would be nice. The option to switch between an audiobook and the ebook and the place being transferred. And the problem with the audiobook randomly stopping being fixed.

  3. Rachel N dice:

    Ever since the last update a couple of weeks ago, playback pauses or buffers every 5 to 7 minutes without fail. This is not a result of signal strength and occurs on every Wi-Fi network I have connected to. What gives? I either have to restart the app completely or back out into the home screen and come back in to the audiobook.

  4. B E dice:

    I finished my free month and going to keep it. I have had a few issues, (one to know how to set the sleep timer-which is a moon on the left, I think), but they always get back to me. They have a better selection for audiobook’s than the Library and Amazon’s app., so as long as they keep their price down, I’ll stay until they don’t have anymore audiobook’s for me.

  5. Genuinely Fantastic. It’s a great idea that’s very well executed. It’s like Audible but SO much more in depth if you want it to be. You can use it as a fantastic and easy to use way to listen to podcasts or read a full book or magazine that you love or can’t find anywhere else. It’s so cool to be able to find a scan of a piece of obscure sheet music that I would never be able to find anywhere else. Also very helpful for cursory OSINT investigations under certain circumstances.

  6. I loved this app. I switched from audible to scribd to listen to audio books. However since the recent update I’m considering canceling my subscription. The audio books randomly stop playing often about every 10-20 min. requiring the app to be opened and pressing play again. I drive for work a often can’t stop every 10 min to restart the audio book I’m listening too. If it’s not fixed soon I’ll have to find a new audio book app.

  7. I use the app A LOT. I enjoy it. I especially like the end of chapter snooze option (it works better than hoopla or Libby). I think the selection is wonderful. I almost exclusively use it to listen to audiobooks. I would love to be able to follow readers (Cindy Kay has a voice like a warm sweater). Another quip. I cannot unsubscribe/ pause subscription. It makes you do it on the website, but I kept getting pushed back to the app on my pixel. Feel trapped.

  8. Theresa dice:

    App is buggy and will shut down while you are listening to audiobooks for no reason. Plus there’s the audiobook library that always says “available soon” and gives you a date that’s the day after your subscription renews. Guess what? After your subscription renews they just change that date to the next subscription renewal day and you never get to actually listen to the books in that “available soon” library. At least Amazon Plus doesn’t promise me books that I won’t ever be able to listen to.

  9. Great app love it very much however went to start a 30 day free trial and was charged day one for the subscription. There’s no way to talk to someone about it and the computer generated answers weren’t helpful the only option it was giving me was to cancel so guess I don’t get 30 days free like everyone else. Love this app though lots of good content.

  10. It offers a VERY large library of books, audiobooks, documents, etc. at a reasonable price of $11.99 a month. I feel it is MUCH better than kindle and audible since it’s cheaper and offers all the content free with the subscription. On Kindle and Audible, they charge you monthly in addition to having you pay for most of their books. Of course, there is kindle unlimited and audible’s credit system but they aren’t as good imho. I would highly recommend using this Scribd app instead.

  11. It’s such an amazing service to be able to get access go all these books and other writings through a subscription! I would say the only weird thing I’ve experienced is when I’m making my way through a series sometimes the next book in it disappears until my subscription renews which feels weird. I’d like to at least be told that the book is there but just isn’t available to me until a later date. More like feedback then anything. P.S. I love that a sleep timer was added.

  12. Ivy Irish dice:

    I get “Audio Playback Error” AT LEAST 10 times a day, which is absolutely ridiculous. I clear the cache regularly as suggested by customer service, but it’s still happening all the time. And sometimes, the app will randomly kick me back several hours in the book and I have to try to find where I had been prior to the snag. At this point, I’m wondering if the app is more trouble than it’s worth and I should find a different one for my audiobook needs.

  13. I’ve used for several years without issue, however the past few months have been a nightmare for trying to read a downloaded book offline. At first customer service responded immediately and the advice worked… For a week… Now it’s worse than before. Not only can’t I read downloaded books offline but once I go out of the app to do something else it kicks me out and I have to re-sign in every single time… And nothing back from customer service. Just about ready to cancel my subscription….

  14. I love this app, it is flipping amazing! It’s a HUGE library with unlimited access to audiobooks, documents, articles, eBooks, even podcasts. It is AWESOME and has expanded my research opportunities A TON. I HIGHLY recommend this app to any nerd interested in reading… well, anything. And all for $11.99 a month. Oh, and you can share this with multiple devices and emails, so, Idk if this is cheating, but I don’t think they’ll stop anyone from sharing an account to make things cheaper. Love it!

  15. One of my best friends recommended this app to me and I have it installed on every device I own. I don’t listen to audiobooks these days because, while they can for sure be great, I missed reading. I use Scribd for books but I have also found a lot of super interesting and helpful information from the pdfs, documents, blog posts, magazine articles etc that scribd has. There’s tons and tons of content and if they don’t have a book I really want, I buy it (I prefer real books for that anyway).

  16. iLemming dice:

    Please fix the disconnect issues. It stops playing over every slightest connection change. Switching wifi – stops. Bluetooth changes – it stops. It wouldn’t be so painful if you didn’t have to restart the app every single time. It’s extremely annoying, I’m thinking if it’s worth the subscription at all.

  17. Buggy app but still it’s the most used app on my phone. It starts to buffer indefinitely every time data source changes, reliably crashes 3 times an hour, books suddenly become unavailable when you read too many, no text search option on ebooks, no zoom possibility on ebooks so tough luck if you want to see the details of an illustration, the names of chapters are not available in audiobooks and intros are programmed in as chapters so the chapter number do not match the actual chapter number…

  18. Works fine…can be improved. Highlighter works sporadically and sometimes the icon doesn’t appear at all if a word is highlighted. The page sometimes jumps a sentence ahead when advancing to the next page. It’s no Kindle, but for the purposes of simple straightforward reading, it is good. 11-26-22 update. Content deteriorating. More audio and fewer reading books. The app has had some improvements in highlight options and it reads more smoothly as you turn the pages.

  19. S dice:

    USERS: GO TO PRIVACY AND REMOVE FACEBOOK PERMISSIONS. I just discovered that Scribd automatically turns this on! I don’t even have FB! … Fairly large selection! Sometimes only in PDF, but update their catalog based on searches (THANK YOU). Just log in and start listening!! No credits or anything, just go 😊😊 WAY better than Audible!!! Noticed a bug in the scrolling of PDF reads – jumps to all sorts of random pages, and you have to scroll backwards several pages to find out where you were.

  20. I am about 3 months in and am loving the Scribd service thus far. Haven’t run into the “books I have saved are suddenly unavailable” issue (yet). However, the app is buggy. If I pause playback, often I cannot “unpause” and end up needing to back out completely, restart the app, then select the book and restart (which means finding the spot where I was last listening). If I download an audiobook, it sometimes still gets stuck “buffering” during playback. It’s downloaded – Why buffer?

  21. I honestly love the app and have no real complaints, just a personal preference for reading on mobile. I would like the ability to just scroll along rather than read page by page. I just find it easier to follow along when I control the position of the text on my screen as I like to keep the text I’m reading at that moment around the middle of the screen.

  22. Ive had so many technical difficulties I’m cancelling my subscription. Downloaded audiobooks that won’t work which wasn’t great for my solo road trip. Now in my home a book is stopping every 2 chapters… Which is something that frequently happens. I have to restart (yes I have the update). I’ve also had to sign in every time and then it lost my chapter. Too much hassle.

  23. Carla A dice:

    Very grateful for the wide variety of books in auditory and written form as well as other information. I have not utilized magazines so can’t address that. Easy to use and great for downloading. Sometimes you want to sample a book, author, or only read a section and this is an ideal app for this. It’s like having a library of your own to peruse, choose your interests, and then find a favorite cozy club chair to curl up in and read at leisure.

  24. I absolutely love this app! I’ve been searching forever it seems like for a place to be able to listen to my audible books, and I finally found it. All the other apps are limited on how many you can borrow for the month, example the audible subscription literally only gives you one credit( 1 book) a month, or overpriced for the month subscription. This app is literally amazing and I am so fortunate to have found it.

  25. Overall, a decent app, and I use it regularly. One issue I have is every time I disconnect from a device, the currently playing portion of the app stops working, and I have to exit that screen and go back in to restart the playback. It would be really nice if I could just disconnect and keep listening uninterrupted. Also, I really would love to have a sliding scale for listening speed. There are times when 2.5 is too slow, but 3.0 is way too fast.

  26. Jesse M dice:

    The selection and audio quality is good. Unfortunately, the app is buggy. It starts to play randomly when the app is open. I’ve had to close the app to answer a call. Pausing it to do other things and it starts to play, interrupting your other activities. Another time, it was randomly fast forwarding without my touching it. The phone was sitting on my desk 3 feet away from me. With more troubleshooting from developers, it may be worth it in the future. Until then, I’m uninstalling

  27. Last year I gave 5 stars. Used to be the best app out there. It has everything. Books, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts. They tell you there’s no limit, but that’s not true. Depending on how much you are reading, they will either show titles as Available Soon (your next billing cycle) or flat out hide it. It’s happened to me multiple times. I have a long commute and love audiobooks. I was cut off from my series on the 4th…their explanation is smoke and mirrors.

  28. Had to do the upgrade, but there wasn’t an upgrade button so I had to uninstall and re-download. Now it won’t let me log into my account. I tried a password reset even and it won’t send the email code to get back in. Nothing works. It just says try again later. Edited my review: I finally got the reset email and was able to get back into my account. I love this app and how easy it is to read/listen to books. I’ve read more this year because of this app than the last 10 years combined.

  29. I have been using this app for the past couple of years and it is well worth having. As someone who is always on my feet and doing chores, running errands, exercising, etc., audiobooks are my preferred medium. Scribd has a tremendous selection of audiobooks and books, as well as useful documents and magazine subscriptions. There has never been a topic or particular book I was not able to find on there. Highly recommend!

  30. “Unlimited listening” as long as you don’t have anything specific you’d like to listen to. As soon as my free trial was up every single title I had saved was suddenly unavailable until the next month’s subscription payment. Then I was able to listen to 2.5 titles. That’s right!! Right in the middle of the story it was suddenly unavailable until next month. NOT WORTH IT. Now I can’t even cancel or I lose the rest of my payment.

  31. I love this app! I can ALWAYS find an audiobook that I want to listen too or read. No, not every single book is available all the time, but I challenge anyone to find so many great reads available for the subscription price. I do have one concern. The app consistently causes my phone to overheat, especially if I am charging it at the same time. No other app causes overheating like Scribd. Is there a reason?

  32. Edit: 6/17/22 I initially put scribd at 5 stars because the first month was fantastic with a unlimited selection of audiobooks. But now I see a pattern. I had about 100 audiobooks saved (not downloaded) to a “I want to read” list. Well surprise!!! ALL of the books in my list were “unavailable” and on top of that every book title from the Authors on my list were unavailable until the day of my subscription renewal. I see that sneaky trick. I am considering canceling my subscription.

  33. Best audiobook & ebook reader I’ve tried. Nearly every book I’ve looked for has been available. The only issue I have is that when I’m looking for a book, I click on it, there is a brief description that pops up, then I have to click “view all details” to download or read the rest of the description. The only options on the pop-up are read or save. It’s a minor annoyance, but when I’m trying to find my next read it’s really frustrating.

  34. taylor t dice:

    App works great. I’ve had no technical issues and finding books, saving them, etc. Is easy. It’s much less expensive than the well known audio book app. Just a monthly subscription for everything. It doesn’t have every book and not as wide of a selection as bigger groups like audible, but it still has a lot and will offer similar books that I have also enjoyed.

  35. M B dice:

    Poor business model! I was really enjoying the app until the final days of my trial. When searching for a book, all of the titles suddenly became available after my trial expires (trying to force your hand in staying). I intended to continue with the app and pay the monthly fee, but after seeing their business practice.. I’ll stick with Audible. There’s no telling how much business you’re losing because of your slight of hand tricks.

  36. Ready to cancel. When I start a series but the next in the series is suddenly unavailable.. only to find someone else with the app has completely different available titles, including the ones I do not.. its beyond frustrating. I enjoy discussing the books I read or listen to with friends and family .. it is impossible with this service. .. I’m done. Been a member forever. I have tried to keep telling myself the cost of it is paid with one listened book but, the frustrations negate that

  37. I absolutely love Scribd! The selection is vast, and it’s very affordable. A combination you don’t often see. I use it every single day, in fact the only app I use more is Youtube. Until now I’ve never had any issues but suddenly today on both of my android devices if I’m offline and try to listen to a downloaded audiobook the app immediately crashes even after reinstalling. Listening offline is what I primarily use Scribd for so I hope that the issue is resolved sooner rather than later.

  38. First of all I love using the app. Listening to audiobooks is my kind of thing. Some books that I want to listen to may not be on the app, but I can find something that sounds interesting from previous books read. Also it is easier to look for books then going to a store. Not only that you can listen constantly to as many books at once while paying for a good subscription.

  39. Would be great if it worked! I repeatedly get a “200-404” error, which the help section says they’ve fixed. Clearly it is in fact not fixed. The only way I can prevent it from getting stuck buffering is to keep my screen on, which is a massive battery waste. And even though I have the book downloaded, I can’t listen offline. I’ll update my review if they fix this, but some reviews mention this has been a problem for years…

  40. Marie C dice:

    It’s taken a little persistence, but I’ve found some really good new books and authors on here. One drawback is that a lot of my favorite authors are NOT on here, but being able to listen to any book in the library without paying an extra fee is really nice. The Other Audiobook App may have a larger audiobook selection, but most of the books are behind yet another paywall. Plus Scribd has non-audio books, podcasts, etc all in one app (but I’ve mainly just used the audiobooks).

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