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Readict has a library of addicting novels that will have you turning pages for countless hours. With a collection of bestselling and debut authors, Readict offers exciting, dramatic, and epic tales.

✨Why Readict?

Whether you’re a romance lover, a werewolf enthusiast, a fantasy fanatic, or just looking for something fun to do, there’s always a story for you to read and enjoy on Readict. And we’re adding new books every day.

✨What you will love about Readict?

-A diverse collection of +2000 free full-length novels spanning every hit genre. All can be read for FREE.

– Tailored book recommendations based on your reading history and tastes.

-A personal library that keeps track of your reading progress.

-Interactive spaces where you can comment and vote on books you love to support your favorite authors.

There’s something for everyone on Readict! Some of our top stories include:

❤️[Not Rejected Just Unwanted]

All Raine Andrew wanted was a mate. She wanted a mate to love her and make her feel wanted. And when she turns 17, she gets her mate: soon-to-be-Beta Elijah Woods. He’s a great guy. He’s loyal to his pack, a straight-A student, and a very hard worker.

He sounds like the perfect mate, right? Raine thought so too, but there’s just one problem: He doesn’t want her.

🧒[The Billionaire’s Baby]

After Amara’s cheating boyfriend broke her heart, she had an unforgettable one-night stand…that left her pregnant. But she didn’t know the father and didn’t bother looking for him.

Instead, she moved in with her friend and raised her child on her own for three years. That’s when the restaurant she worked for closed down. Amara managed to get a new job as a personal chef, only to find out she would be working for her son’s father, a billionaire.

At first, Zavier didn’t recognize her, but one night, he finally remembered who she was…

All this and more—right at your fingertips. Download Readict and start reading today!

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- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- New features released. Enjoy stories in Readict!


40 comentarios en "Readict -One Click Away Novels MOD"

  1. More of a suggestion, but having to physically push a check-in button to show I’m reading when you can already see it and shows I’m reading is redundant and feels as if we are being punished for not clicking a button, so we lose out on points. Can you put it as automatic Daily Check-Ins instead of what you have set up? Ive always found this type of system as unneeded, this app isn’t the only one to do it. Plus that “offer” for a free hour was a bust, I still had to watch ads. Awesome😒.

  2. I love the variety of books, especially the paranormal ones. However, some of them are in DIRE need of at least a decent editor. The grammatical errors are horrendous, and make for a difficult reading experience. If one cannot get lost in the story due to the extreme lack of proper spelling, punctuation, and feeling like a 1st grader wrote it, it ruins the entire book. At times, it is obviously written in a foreign language originally, and the translation was quite poorly done.

  3. books are good so far the only problem is with the app, It doesnt rotate so you can read the whole sentence. the right side margin does not cut off and allow for the words to go to the next line starting at left margin. in other words it cuts off the last third of the sentence in that line, makes reading the story a guess as to what the author wrote there.

  4. One of the few actually free reading apps. Most “free” reading apps I download you read 5 or 6 chapters, enough to get hooked on the book, then you have to pay to finish. But Readict, this app is FREE for real. Yes you have to watch ads at end of chapter to get next chapter but to me that’s a small thing to read for free. Not all books are well written. But it’s like with any magazine or book you pick up. There are different levels of writing levels You have ability to stop and choose new.

  5. Love this app!! It’s easy to use, has good writers/stories, and tons of them! The only thing that bothers me every so often: I have to watch a second ad to move to the next chapter because the first one didn’t work right. I’ll watch the ad then it will get stuck at the end and go right back to the end of the chapter I had just finished so I have to watch another ad to move to the next chapter. But I truly enjoy this app and I don’t see myself getting rid of it anytime soon!

  6. I honestly enjoy this app and I love that you don’t have to spend money to read books unless you want to. You have the option to spend money or watch ads, which is about 30 seconds at most, to continue onto the next chapter in a book. I love that you can earn coins for free every day and there are various ways for you to earn coins too in which some you just have to watch an ad clip as well but hey, free coins. I LOVE this app and will be keeping it and strongly recommend it.

  7. It needs fixed! Everytime an ad comes up so you can continue reading it, you can’t continue to read after it plays! I’m constantly having to back out of the app, go back in, watch another ad, and might get lucky enough to get one that will allow me to move to the next chapter! I don’t have a problem watching the add! It’s not being able to click on it at the end and continue reading! Please fix it! Other than that it’s a great app!

  8. It’s a great idea for an app. But the ads are absolutely ridiculous. Popping up between every chapter, between paragraphs of text, and at the bottom of your screen. Oh, but don’t worry. You can pay to remove the ads. Yeah. No thanks. Gotta love the loss to attention of details too. All the grammatical and vocabulary errors really make a story shine especially in this age when people have access to check their work. One word description: disappointed.

  9. I like it. Good stories for the most part, and while I agree that the ads can get annoying, at least you get to actually read the story. So many of them out there make you pay for every chapter. My big issue is, the app is constantly running in the background weater or not I’m using it and my tablet is constantly insisting I need to put it to sleep. So I uninstall and later I’ll reinstall but of course I loose track of coins and reading history. 😝

  10. The ads r irritating. But, I absolutely will not pay to read books. Sometimes, the ad won’t let me get back to reading til I leave the app for a while. Don’t like the interruption and how it slows down my reading experience. For now, I’ll try a couple more books and if still to slow,I’ll delete and try a different app. For now, content is decent.

  11. These stories are essentially fanfictions. Each chapter is way too short before you’re forced to watch an ad that, most the time, you then can’t close out of once it’s complete. You should be able to get back to your story once the ad is complete but the close out button is hidden and most the time you’re stuck and unable to get back to your story.

  12. I understand the reason for ads. But in the middle of a chapter? That’s a little much. But over all if you can ignore the ads it’s an amazing app. If had it since it was new and I love it. It the only one I use. That being said please add more books that are finished works and not works in progress. If had the app long enough if read a lot of the books but when y’all started this new thing ng with the books that arnt finished yet I almost deleted the app. They do not update enough.

  13. I honestly like the app a lot. Tbh I only got the app for a certain book and I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to watch ads to unlock chapters instead of using coins. I’ve had so many other apps trying to find one that doesn’t charge a lot of coins for chapters, this is the first app I’ve seen that allows you to have an option of watching ads or using coins. I think more reading apps should do this, as not everyone can afford to buy coins. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  14. Started fine. The story started to get interesting. The ads between chapters was tolerable until the ads get stuck and hold the phone hostage. It just gets stuck. Won’t back out or let me move back to the story. Disappointed and a waste of time. I guess I will delete this app since I can’t use it.

  15. Been using this app on my phone for 2+ years I hands down love it. I gave 4 stars for there being too many ads, an many not so good book. Depends on what u like, I’ve read thousands of books in 2 yrs but it’s hot or miss sometimes. A plus It’s completely free with ads or you can earn coins easily and a lot of them enough to read free a whole week, or just a day or even a few hours. Deff needs few options like to be able to keep lists of what we’ve read or don’t like easier 2 find newer titl

  16. Finally found some decent books but now that I’m onto a book the chapter stalls from moving to the next chapter when I have free coins to use making u push the button 2 or 3 times. I tried to find how to get ahold of customer service and I’m not able to. 😒 I guess I deal with the ads. Just a let down. And yes there are times I have to close out of the app just to refresh and lose coins that way. I was reading over 2 hours 1030pm-3am, finished a book, but I was not rewarded for any of it.

  17. You could pay me all the money in the world and I still would not give this app up. I love this app, it totally fits me and you don’t even have to pay for anything unless of coarse if you want to. You can watch an short ad after each chapter and continue reading for free or you can go to rewards and just earn easy rewards for free so you can read without any ads whatsoever. Highly highly recommend this app, so stop thinking of reasons you shouldn’t get the app and just get it already!!!

  18. I love, love, love this app. No cost to read just short adds to view for each chapter. Collect points for add free reading time. You can buy your points if you don’t want to watch 60 second advertising clips. Lots of great stories. I have subscriptions to several reading apps, this is in the top 3.

  19. pookie w dice:

    App keeps glitching. It does it in the middle of ads which makes me have to watch more than one add a chapter. It also glitches sometimes when I pay to skip a chapter and I have to close the app out just to get past the black screen it stops at, causing me to lose coins and still have to watch another ad. I was under the impression that it was an ad per chapter, but it’s not. It appears that you have to watch only one add, but it will force you to watch more than 2 before moving to the next page

  20. This was great until the update on 10/18/22. Since then, app crashed multiple times. I uninstalled then reinstalled and lost all my current points and books. It brought me back to where I was last month. Before I uninstalled I had more than 1000 points, when I reinstalled, I only had 147. I’d send feedback through the app, but when I try it says I don’t have email, which I do. Not happy! Also, the campaign ads are horrible. Keep ads to other apps or stores and keep politics out of it please.

  21. I have tried three to four other sights, similar to this. Between, bad, very bad, no editing, this app, was amazing in the first story I read,from beginning to end. Every other app, after two pages of mis-spelled words, no punctuation, tense and verbage wrong, I deleted them. Not asking for perfection, just a writer that doesn’t write like a third grader. Very impressed with the first book I read, it was well written, not a porn screen play.

  22. As an avid reader, I have liked not having to pay out a lot of money to read these books (compared to $30+ on other apps). However, several times ads have started, the app then freezes, and I have to close it and reopen. After dealing with the long ads, glitches like this make it frustrating. Shorter ads would be a nice trade off since there are so many ads to watch.

  23. I love this app!! Unlike other reading apps, you DO NOT have to spend money if you dont want to, just watch an add to get to the next chapter. You can use coins to skip the adds if you want. There are plenty of ways to get coins without buying them; as well as purchasing them. My onlycomplaint about this app has to do with books in a series. It’s not easy trying to figure out the order to read the books if there in a series or if a 2nd book has come out after reading the 1st one.

  24. Good enough story that I kept reading. It seems like you only have three paragraphs to one chapter and at the end of each chapter you have an ad, this is frustrating. Now I’ve gotten to chapter 9 and the whole thing has froze up. This is the second story this has happened with. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, losing progress from the first storyline. At this point, I’m not certain the frustration is worth it. I’d really like to read a full story instead of getting interested and stuck.

  25. This app is wonderful, it is easy to use and I love how I can watch an ad to read the next chapter or watch an ad for the coins to skip straight to the next chapter. I only have one complaint, and that is how books I’ve deleted from my list continue to pop back onto the list. If I have read even one chapter it continues to re-apear. It’s very frustrating because I have to continue to delete them. If this bug could be looked into it would make the app so much better.

  26. I love this app. It’s really free, you do have to watch (ONE) 30sec ad between chpts, but I mean, come on! FREE! stories are great and well written and edited. Worth checking out, I’m glad I did. It gives you the option to pay for coins to bypass ads, if that’s your path. There is also a variety of stories. Edit: the ads are ONLY between chpts. I’ve never been interrupted while reading.

  27. I gave Readict a 3 star because there’s an ad after each chapter. I just start to get into the story and there’s an add. Maybe you could let us read 4-6 chapters and then have us watch 3-4 ads. That way we can really get into a story and not mind the ads so much. I just can’t seem to get into the story with so many interruptions! Because the way you have it now I’m already thinking of getting rid of this app already. I really hope you decide to change things. So far that’s the only problem I 🙄.

  28. Angie Lyn dice:

    I actually enjoy the app, it’s easy to find quick new stories/books to read and the ads between chapters aren’t too intrusive. Only 3 stars tho because the app repeatedly just deletes my earned coins (to skip ads). I had 50+ coins and without using any, now only have 6. I considered buying coins to be able to read stories ad-free, but I’m afraid the app would eat those and it would be lost money. If the coins could be fixed, my rating would be higher.

  29. Lyn G dice:

    I saw this ad from a game I was playing and the story got me hooked up to continue reading more about what was gonna happen next.. so I downloaded this and started reading. It was a nice story! Despite the short ads in between to continue to the next chapter, it was worth the wait to continue for a nice story and a good ending. It’s like paying for a book you really wanna read, but here it is free! I’m uninstalling it now though, because I’m only up for one. Thank for the story!

  30. It is a free site but am annoyed with the site. When I chose a book, the site listed it as completed. It wasn’t. I read way too fast and too much to want ongoing stories and I try to avoid them. Due to this type of misinformation, I have 10 or 11 books over 3 different sites in progress. Very irritating. I understand that most people would not consider this important but it is important to me. Its hard to follow that many story lines and enjoy the content.

  31. If there were less ads or ad free time was cheaper I would give this app 5 stars. The ads can be annoying, especially if an author has short chapters and you end up spending more time watching ads than reading, HOWEVER, this app has a slew of really awesome books to choose from AND you can earn ad free time just by reading and doing a daily check in. (just beware of the one that don’t say ‘complete’…you can end up waiting quite awhile for the next chapter).

  32. This is a great app if you’re interested in finding a place where you can read some pretty good books, by some really decent authors, for free. You have the option to pay for coins so you can skip the ads OR you can keep it cheap & easy by watching ads to keep reading for free. I love that I can choose & that I’m able to also earn free coins in the app as well & use them to buy anywhere from an hour of ad-free reading up to a week of ad-free reading. Ads are short too, merely 30 sec. Love it❣️

  33. Easy to get points and reading is free when watching ads every chapter but ads are super long and repetitive, sometimes it doesn’t ever record that you’ve watched the ad and you have to repeat. Also you get points for checking in every day but it doesn’t always record your check ins. I’ve checked in for 20 days straight but every couple days it tells me I’ve only at 1 day and starts over rather than keeping accurate track and giving appropriate points. That’s the reason I’m giving 1 Star.

  34. Fixed the black out issue. This app lets me find books to read without having to load them on my phone. Because all the stories in your library are cloud saved you do need data or wifi. Some of the stories are written by people who do not have English as a first language so some of the translations are a bit rough, but the stories are good.

  35. Love that you changed to allow ads for unlock, but get rid of the “Enjoy the next chapter” pop up that now displays every time we watch an ad to clear a chapter! We are going to enjoy the next chapter without you telling us to on EVERY CHAPTER and having to close out yet another inconvenient box. If we weren’t enjoying it, we wouldn’t sit through a 30 second to a minute long ad to get to the next chapter, no need to state the obvious, it’s just annoying.

  36. I enjoyed the concept of the app and the story ideas are interesting. However, the extreme grammatical errors made it so I could never fully immerse myself. I finally stopped trying when the story I was reading mixed up the names of the protagonist and villain several times. The ads between chapters (pages really) were annoying but not unbearable. If I was to suggest anything, it would be to have some kind of proofreader or allow the community to proofread the books.

  37. I have really enjoyed this app. You used to be able to read the stories for free by watching ads in between chapters. Now the app is taking my coins to continue reading. I saved really hard for my coins to use on my down time to purchase ad free packages they have. I no longer can do that. I have tried logging out and back in. Tried to restart my device, even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It has not fixed the issue. Would like help to fix it

  38. Most of the works involve werewolves in some way, mate, alpha, etc. The text is huge and there isn’t a dark mode, you’re stuck with blinding white. The app also stops playing the music I have downloaded. I also can’t fully filter for what I want, if I click on a genre it will then only have few options to further filter by. What does sound interesting is again, werewolf in some way, and giant text on white background.

  39. This app is almost unusable and completely worthless. I opened the app, it asked me to select 3 categories MAX (why? No idea.) And then plopped me into a story. Fine, except there’s no menu, there’s an ad at the end of each “chapter” (realistically, every page), and the story is riddled with grammatical errors. Don’t waste your time.

  40. Ads, ads, and more ads. I just watched FIVE ads in a row and it still won’t go to the next chapter. I think you’re trying to force the purchase of coins. Sometimes it jumps back to the beginning of the previous chapter, and yet more ads. Boring, annoying ads. To skip an ad also went up from 15 to 18 coins. I’m uninstalling this app, even though I have dozens of TBR books😒 👎. Bye.

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