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SpanishDict is the leading Spanish translator, dictionary, and conjugator trusted by more than 10 million people each month.

“The best free Spanish dictionary available in the app store!” Featuring the highest quality Spanish-English dictionaries and a Spanish Word of the Day. Use it as a handy reference tool and translator or as a fun way to learn new words in Spanish.


★ Spanish English Dictionary

– Full Spanish-English dictionary with examples, regional usage, and contextual information.
– Much faster than dictionary apps that require an Internet connection to lookup words.
– Words are autosuggested as you type.
– Audio pronunciations for dictionary entries available in-app (internet connection required).

★ Conjugations

– Full conjugation tables for all tenses now available for thousands of verbs.
– Irregular verb conjugations are highlighted in red.

★ Translators

– Three separate in-app translators (internet connection required).
– Simply type the phrase that you want translated and receive three translations.

★ Word of the Day

– Learn a new Spanish word each day!
– Push notifications conveniently send you the new words.
– Easily turn off notifications in the Word of the Day settings.

We hope you enjoy the app. Be sure to leave a positive feedback rating and tell your friends if you like it. And as always, good luck with your Spanish!

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This release includes bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "SpanishDict Translator FULL"

  1. I like it but it ALWAYS closes after using it for too long. I can instantly reopen it and start using it again, but it’s annoying. I guess I’m overusing it and it can’t handle it? Lol. It is an okay app. It’s fast, but doesn’t feel as comprehensive as the browser version. Mispelling words in the search bar or trying to find the dictionary form of a word when you only know the conjugation can lead to no results, whereas the browser seems to be better at finding words.

  2. This app has improved greatly through the years I have used it. I use it to look up words and haave noticed that it almost always has the words I am searching. I use the vocabulary quizzer regularly. It really helps with improving my vocabulary and exercising my memory. I’ve used the technical support and found the support person very responsive, professional and effective. I don’t have a subscription but I am considering getting one in the next few months. Thanks for a great app!

  3. This app is super easy to use and makes a lot of information conveniently accessible. I’m a high school teacher and I have my students use it as a regular resource, as my college professor recommended it to me (and all of my classmates) as a student. I especially love that it includes all of the conjugations for the verbs since there are so many more of them in Spanish than in English! I highly recommend this app to anyone learning Spanish!

  4. I am trying to teach myself Spanish using duolingo and kids books. This is an awesome resource! A dictionary, phrase explanations, real people pronunciation videos, all as close as your phone. There are vocabulary lessons. I haven’t tried the rest of the studies yet, but it’s on my list.

  5. Cami M dice:

    Wow. I’ve had this app for like 20 minutes and OMG I can so see the potential for deeper learning and understanding of the Spanish language! So diverse in categories, and I love that I can click what I would like focus on (awesome because I want to focus on what’s relevant to me first.) I’m being exposed to such a broader vocabulary (I feel like Duolingo can be too repetitive) which, I also love about the quizzes. They repeat more often what I need help with. Totally subscribing. Awesome app

  6. Excellent app BUT I have a suggestion. It’d be great if you could “Star” terms (like the word of the day or a term from the vocabulary flashcards) into a Starred folder that you can repeatedly go back to, to study on your own the terms you need to and for repetitions sake. That’d be AWESOME! So I really hope they see this review. LOVE the app!!

  7. Best one so far. I’ve tried so many apps to learn Spanish and this one is the only one that helps me learn AND retain words and phrases. The explanations help so much too. I have the free version right now and I don’t even get annoyed by the ads. One pops up for 5 seconds after you finish a lesson, it doesn’t take up your whole screen, and doesn’t hide the x to close the add. It’s a short add and you click continue after you wait 5 seconds and your on to a whole new lesson. I love it 🙂

  8. M Null dice:

    Love it. So thankful to the creators of this content! No complaints at all, so much useful information and great resources! I do have one suggestion though, when you use the “learn spanish” function, you have to complete each level before moving on to the next. A placement test so that you can skip over what you’re already familiar with would be amazing! Also, out of curiosity, what country are the spaniah speakers in the videos from? Their accents are beautiful! 🥰

  9. I will probably upgrade to premium at some point. The great thing about this app is that it doesn’t simply give you translations, but context – different ways the words can be used, more nuanced meanings, and how the words might be different in different Spanish speaking countries. The lessons that display images along with the words are also a very helpful aid for building memory.

  10. I like it better than the website and it’s better than Google Translate. I don’t know if the Conjugation Drill is available in the free version but it’s great. I just wish that instead of automatically moving to the next drill when you get it correct, it would make you press continue. That way you can translate or listen to the pronunciation again. Great app though!

  11. I was able to delete 3 other apps because this one has everything you need to learn Spanish including verb conjugation and videos of real people having conversations. Though the premium is a bit steep, it offers enough free stuff to still be a five star app. My only wish is for a built in mic so I don’t have to type single finger on my phone. My mic won’t work with Spanish. Also, a placement test would be nice just because I’m already in my 2nd year. However, to review is good. Five stars!

  12. Would give a 5 star but I am hoping developers will notice this. I used to have an iphone but have switched to a Google Pixel. On the iPhone i was able to search up a word and add it directly to vocabulary lists but this feature is not available on my version. Also, you should be able to add words to list even if they are conjugated differently as right now you have to look up basic verb form, which can cause problems with irregular verbs. Otherwise great learning tool.

  13. Sam S dice:

    I think the app is great, especially translating in proper context, not just the words. I’m not seeing a feature (maybe I missed it) to copy translated text like is available on the website. Selecting text to copy slows down the process, especially when you’re trying to converse with someone.

  14. This app has a very easy to understand user interface and works great for the purpose of simply looking up words. It is sometimes however difficult to find phrases- even most 2 word combonations are not avaliable with a search. This is a feature that even a simple google search preforms better. I am not too advanced in spanish but I am already beginning to see that certain online dictonaries contain more information than this.

  15. Has great tools for learning and includes separate entries by meaning, so you won’t get the wrong word with the same spelling. I would like a way to filter by tags, such as location/dialect, and a button to add a word to a vocab list from the word viewing page (so we don’t have to go over to the vocab section and type it in over there).

  16. This app has a lot of great reference material. The dictionary and vocab lists with clips for pronunciation help a lot, and the structure of the lessons are very practical. However, for some reason in the writing exercises, I have to press every key twice. You can disable them, but I don’t want to because they’re otherwise very useful, so it’s a bit of a pain. Also, the ads partially cover the space you write in. I’d pay for the premium features when I’m able to, but for now it’s frustrating.

  17. One of my most beloved apps. I paid to remove the ads because I want to support the developers. Note: Ad removal used to be a one-time fee, but they changed it to an annual fee. When I switched from my iPhone to an android, I lost the ability to favorite words, which is very disappointing. I emailed to ask about this a year ago, and they promised it would be added soon – however, I’m still waiting for this to happen. Overall, it’s a great app, that does what it says. I use it daily and do feel the positives definitely outweigh any negatives of the app. I especially love the video translations! This app also has one of the most comprehensive word collections and translations. For certain words, they tell you if the word is used only in a particular geographic area or if it’s slang, which is incredibly helpful when you communicate with people from different countries. I highly recommend this app for English or Spanish users of all levels.

  18. This app has great support for Spanish dictionary. However, recently the advertisements in the application will start to play by itself with sound on which I can’t find anywhere it anywhere in the APP to turn it off. It’s really annoying especially when you’re trying to look up a word in class. Hopefully the SpanishDict team can fix this soon.

  19. VAS1ON dice:

    The experience was a lot better when you did not make it so many steps to get to places. The entire UX is unappealing. The UI is great. I’m talking about the User Experience. The ability to find what I want and see information well and quick. I’m using Google more than this app all because of the UX change. For example, specifically in the grammar tab, I now CANNOT find the Pronouns section because it has been removed. I have to use search. STUPID 👎❌

  20. I like that the app will have several different Spanish words, if they exist, and gives you context for each word. If you are looking up the meaning of Spanish words, it will give you all of the meanings and contexts. Many times, it will also include regional preferences. You can go onto your computer online and create word lists to help you memorize words. The Apple version also allows you to create word lists, but the Android version doesn’t.

  21. Honestly a very well designed app. The only thing that could improve it is if it had the same feature that Google translate has where when you highlight text on your screen it brings up the option to translate it for you. Spanish Dict is a really solid and really helpful app. You can tell by the fact that I actually took the time to review lol.

  22. Last year it was $3 for a year of premium (just removes ads, really). That was fine. Now they want $60 for the exact same thing! I don’t know who fell and hit their head at the office, but please take them off the team responsible for pricing and send them to see a neurologist. Reply: I don’t want any of those new features, I just don’t want ads. So offer two tiers: the $3/yr “no ads” option, and the more expensive one for those who want that. As it is now, you get nothing from me and I just use an ad blocker.

  23. Robin dice:

    I love SpanishDict. It’s so easy to use and complete. One thing would make it even more convenient is if we could click on a word in a special way, in kindle, or wherever we’re reading, and have SpanishDict automatically look up the word for us. Then, there would have to be an easy way (one click) to go back to where we’re reading. Also, I have already paid for SpanishDict, which I’m happy to do, since I love it and depend on it. However, I keep getting notices asking me to pay again. Argh.

  24. This app is my constant companion. No one can learn how to speak a foreign language fluently by simply using an app, at some point you will actually need to talk to people! This app sure does comes close, though, and as a supplement to my ongoing Spanish class, it’s amazing. Too many great features to name I’m addicted to the vocab quizzes, and the conjugation drills are where it’s at. Customer support has also been above and beyond. Highly recommend if you’re serious about gaining fluency.

  25. I installed the free version. Besides being blasted by ads and “go premium” reminders everywhere there is no option to close the program. No “X” no exit or close. Very very annoying app. If that is how you treat potential clients, I don’t want nothing to do with you. Absolutamente “horrible”.

  26. I love this app. Had to delete it before for storage purposes but as soon as I upgraded I downloaded it again. Translations are great. Shows examples in sentence form and also shows how to conjugate verbs. Honestly the conjugation thing is what got me lol I really need it and I am so grateful for it. Also they give u a new word to learn everyday so that’s pretty fun. Overall I would really recommend this app. It has great features and serves it’s purpose better than it even has to.

  27. A lot of language apps are filled with gimmicks and game elements. If that helps you learn, more power to you. This one is a very straightforward dictionary, translation, help with conjugation, word of the day, and very simple vocabulary quizzes that help reinforce and build how many words you have. It won’t teach you conversational Spanish but this is probably the best Spanish reference resource I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend.

  28. Without a doubt the best app of its type. The translation is very accurate, including idioms, and has both audio and video to teach you the correct pronunciation. it will translate complete sentences and will translate from audio dictation. The words include their use in sentences and full conjugation. This is much more than a dictionary, it’s a great learning tool with lessons on different topics. If you’re studying Spanish, this is an essential tool, I use it every day.

  29. I tried Duo, Memrise, Lingodeer, etc. At some point, they either got slow or wanted me to start paying. I love that this app is completely free! And I love learning the vocab. I’m working on the beginner 1000 word list and I love the quizzes. They have pictures and will pronounce the word for you too. Plus I discovered you can have a streak if you keep practicing every day 😁

  30. Best translations – even have dialects not found in other apps. I particularly like the grammar videos, great practice for aural comprehension but the Spanish is there if I’m overwhelmed and if it’s really tough, I can touch to get the English. So I never wasting my time or feeling stuck. And they’re kind of funny, too. The vocab testing is great with interval learning but also how I can add my own words and phrases which click into their dictionary so it’s very easy to add my choices.

  31. Super easy to use with reliably accurate teanslations. It’s really helpful to be able to look up entire sentences, not just single words. Easily navigatable interface with sample sentences and every conjugation listed out clearly. Takes the hassle out of having to consult the dictionary often, so practicing is that much more enjoyable. Honestly no complaints so far.

  32. Curtis dice:

    This is easily the best Spanish dictionary app I’ve found. It offers conjugations, example sentences, and links to associated words. My major gripe is just how big it is. It’s over 400 MB total (275 of which is “user data”) when most dictionaries are under 80 MB. I have no idea why it takes so much space, but I may sadly need to switch to a different dictionary to save space.

  33. Absolutely great!! Individual words are shown in multiple contexts with explanatory sentences. Even phrases and sentences are translated. And if that weren’t already a considerable benefit to have on your device, the entire dictionary is available off-line. It’s the only Spanish dictionary I need.

  34. I have used the online version to help me learn Spanish for several months now & just recently installed the app. I absolutely love it! It’s been a HUGE life saver. It’s so convenient to look up unknown words & phrases when I’m watching something in Spanish. I also use it constantly during my daily lessons. One of the best parts is the conjugation tab!! It’s wonderful when the verbs aren’t so obvious. I highly recommend!

  35. This app has a way of gaining your interest so that you strive to gain more from it than you initially intended. There’s really no need to mention that it translates words and sentences in English or Spanish. The examples are extremely helpful and the conjugations make it possible to learn how to speak the language. Just pace yourself because the amount of info given can become overwhelming and make it difficult to retain.

  36. Seriously the best Spanish dictionary app ever! It gives you the definition, different usages, example sentences, conjugations. Everything you could ever need. Since I’ve pretty well mastered Spanish, I moved on to learning French and there just aren’t any apps as good as SpanishDict. They’re the best, hands down! Please consider making apps for other languages!

  37. Gary C dice:

    Love the Website. App has one huge flaw. I love to open the app to take a daily spanish lesson and learn one or two new words a day. I use SpanishDict so much that I paid for a subscription. But the one thing that the website has over the app is that the website allows you to click on each conjugated verb to show you examples used in sentences. I try clicking each conjugated word on the app and the only option it gives you is how to say it. The “examples” tab of a word is not nearly as specific

  38. One very minor issue–when watching pronunciation videos, first the word is pronounced fast, then slowly. It should be indicated somewhere that the slow way is not the actual way to pronounce the word in most cases. Some letters are usually pronounced differently. Still, this app is peerless for being so broad in scope. Some apps do certain things better, but Spanishdict is excellent for translation, for its grammar guides, and, yes, for having video pronunciation examples.

  39. I love using it, especially since I’m away from an internet connection most of the day. However, it needs the option to move to SD storage. The app is insanely big due to the offline translations, but i have an older tablet that does not have a lot of internal storage and makes it impossible to even update other apps.

  40. Wonderful translations of Spanish to English *OR* English to Spanish, changeable within the app at any time, make this a multipurpose resource. Being able to enter full phrases or sentences and have the appropriate colloquial translations, as well as examples, presented from different regions is fantastic! I’ve actually found that, at times, it comes in handy for interpreting the different meanings within the same language while communicating globally.

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