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DeepL Translate is the go-to translation app for translating text, speech, images, and files in 29 languages. Millions of people use it every day to communicate and overcome language barriers. Start using it today for free, fast, and highly accurate translations.

* Translate text fast between all 29 languages by typing: Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (American), English (British), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
* Translate speech to text: Use your microphone to translate spoken text in most languages
* Text to speech: Listen to the translated text in most languages
* Dark mode: Protect your eyes from bright light and save your battery life while translating
* Quick detection: Translations start after entering only a few letters
* High quality: DeepL translations outperform the competition by a factor of 3:1
* Zero cost: The DeepL Translate app is completely free
* Alternative translations: See alternative options for short phrases
* Instant camera translation: Translate text in images instantly by pointing your camera (23 languages)
* Photo translation: Import photos for higher quality translations (23 languages)
* Saved translations: Tap the bookmark icon and save words and phrases for future reference or to build your own vocabulary (all languages)
* DeepL Pro: Log in to your DeepL Pro account

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Permissions Notice:

DeepL Translate may ask for permission to access the following features:
– Microphone access: Speech recognition
– Camera access: Instant camera translation


No big news this time, but that’s only because we’ve been working hard on improving your experience:

- Fixed several bugs
- Enhanced the usability
- Planned and designed further for the future of translation


40 comentarios en "DeepL Translate 2022"

  1. K D dice:

    This is definitely better than any other translator I have tried so far! However, unreliable because too often, it suddenly stops translating unexpectedly and displays a message saying “Access Denied” with explanation that too many requests are being sent to server. Once this happens, it’s impossible to use the translator for a while, especially if you open DeepL in incognito browser to try again, then go to try app once 2nd browser messes up, only for all three methods to have same end result.

  2. Go Away dice:

    Easily one of the best MTLs out there, most of the time Deepl’s translation is better than google. 2 reasons I didn’t give 5 stars is because when using the phone app there is no way(that I’ve found so far) to just draw the characters of let’s say, Japanese, Korean or chinese. And better image recognition, when selecting an image from your gallery the image will display, but if there are any foreign characters Deepl will not see them. Having these upgrades would certainly improve my rating.

  3. cimannon dice:

    Really great app! Has provided the most accurate translations so I can chat with foreign friends. However, I wish that the microphone prompt would stay on-screen longer when utilizing talk-to-text. I have to keep pressing the mic button whenever someone pauses in the middle of speech. It would be nice if Korean was added as a language, and if the app could save a history of your recent translations

  4. Amazingly accurate from all the testing I have done thus far. I’ve done the best I could thinking up euphemisms and odd speech patterns that usually end up confusing most other translation software, and I have to say, by far, this is the best software I have ever seen with the ability to accurately interpret and translate in natural and coherent sentences. Loving to see where this will go in the future and deeply hoping for some sort of keyboard implementation.

  5. lily9140 dice:

    This app is amazing. When compared to other translation apps, DeepL stands out in a good way. As expected, there are a few hiccups here and there, but I would rather have a wonky translation than a useless one. I accidentally deleted some saved translations, I feel like it might be too easy to do so. Asking for confirmation, or having undo would be nice.

  6. other guy dice:

    Easily the best Japanese translator I’ve ever found or used. It’s hard to imagine there are better ones out there, especially for free. Even outside of Japanese, DeepL is a pretty reliable translator. One thing that seems unique to them is the providing of alternative translations. I think it’s really useful and helpful. The app is easy to use. The only thing missing would be a dictionary or even a history, but, still, hands down, one of the best translators out there.

  7. The desktop version is probably one of the best, if not the best, translators for documents and text I have ever used. It allows you to toggle between formal and informal speech (I use it for Spanish, mostly), to check for alternative vocabulary words or phrases, and to translate audio. I only gave it 4 stars because the mobile app is more limited in that it doesn’t allow for the ability to check for alternative words but it’s still superior to other translation apps I’ve used in the past.

  8. I’ve been using Deepl for years since it’s inception, and it’s came along way from being already better at translating different languages (especially Japanese) than Google, and I’m glad they finally made their translator into an mobile app. I did find that the photo function isn’t 100% accurate when scanning simple black and white Japanese text from a page, and it’s missing the option to pick alternative translations from its desktop version.

  9. It’s a very, very good app; extremely useful for me playing games, especially with the camera feature. However, I find that taking pictures isn’t always helpful without some finagling; often I have to erase garbage text it picked up from nothing or add in some characters or a random english letter it missed (this happens a lot when trying to scan the word “ID”, like an ID card). Otherwise, it’s a great app and I recommend it!

  10. Justin dice:

    This is a great app and I feel that the translations are better than Google Translate. The only reason I give it 4 stars, and why I still use Google Translate alongside this app, is because the text-to-speech voice speaks too quickly. It would be great if they added a feature to change the speed of the voice, as well as the type of voice, like I see in other language learning apps. Then this app would be perfect!

  11. The translating service is quite good, seemingly better than Google’s. It has the same translating service as the web and desktop versions, but as of writing this, it is a bit of an early version (1.0.1 right now) and doesn’t have some features the other versions have. It does have a paste button which is useful though. This version is good for a quick translation if you don’t need the other features right now.

  12. I LOVE this app, it’s very accurate! however I would like to see a few modes. camera mode – As in being able to use the camera to see languages (a stop sign for example) and have the app translate it. Along with a picture upload mode – As in if we upload a picture that has a different language on it, it’ll translate the picture. And maybe even conversation mode – you say the word outloud and the app translates it.

  13. This is an amazing translator which picks up on all those pesky nuances that languages have. I have had the best experience with Japanese… a language that Google Translate completely flops on. It is truly an incredible, incredible translator. I would recommend this to ANYONE! And the best part? It is free. There is the premium options but you can make due with the free version for hobbies or such.

  14. Mc Ga dice:

    I find it extremely accurate. Have used the web version for the last two years. What sets DeepL apart from other machine translators is the idiomatic, as opposed to merely literal, referencing. There are occasional hiccoughs, but these are generally minor in nature. There does not appear to be a facility for offline translation. Nonetheless, a highly pleasing overall result.

  15. Daff B dice:

    I love this app! it’s almost as useful and perfect as the desktop version! the only thing I really miss is the vastity of alternative translations/synonyms that I get on my pc when I select a word in any screen from any of the languages I’m working with. overall it’s beyond great, and I like the interface, too.

  16. The translation is good, but I find the lack of alternative translations like on the website very disappointing. You can’t tap on the translated text to see alternatives like on the website. Maybe it works for shorter phrases like shown in the pictures but it is not enough. It is essentially useless if you can’t fit the translation to your needs.

  17. generally works well, the translations are really good. i have a problem with alternative translations, i cannot get the alternatives list to show up. it worked once but now it never popped up again. in the help article it states only “click on the word” . I am using a mobile device. without this issue I would’ve given 5 stars.

  18. Edit: The bug got fixed after the update!! Thank you developers 🙂 really appreciate that! || (old review) The quality of the translation is good. But after update, the select text then translate from the popup menu in other apps is now broken (the text I selected won’t be transalated anymore, I had to copy and paste). Hope this gets fixed

  19. Used to be great… but something happened to the German-English algorithm that makes it extremely picky with the kinds of phrasings you use. Using the slightest bit of dialect or an alternative phrasing will often result in nonsensical outputs, that leave me bewildered as to what could have changed, as this wasn’t the case as recently as September. On occasion the translation will also spit out a pre-2006 spelling such as the capitalisation of “euch”, which is honestly inexcusable

  20. I use deepL for translating English to German or vice versa. Although none of those are my mother language, deepL seems to be pretty accurate. Have already recommended it to everyone who might need it. If I could change anything about deepL, I would add the function of replacing words in the translated text, because sometimes tiny adjustments are required, either regarding formality or that simply other synonyms would be more appropriate for the given context.

  21. Love this app, translations are very accurate and not changing the meaning of a sentence or paragraphs across languages as I have experienced with other translation apps. The camera on use for documents or the microphone translation is top 😉 Definitely good 👍 to have and no regrets for downloading. I have the free version. Keep it up DeepL

  22. Allison H dice:

    I can’t believe this is free! The voice translation is excellent. It picks up easily on everything I say and the translations are not only fast, but you get a few alternatives to make sure you can use the best option. I can’t imagine the need to ever use any other translator. Very impressed!

  23. When translating Japanese, app doesn’t display furigana or romanized translation beneath results (meaning, unless you can read the kanji, you can’t actually read the results) making it pretty much worthless. If this feature were present, I would uninstall Google Translate and never look back.

  24. I’m preferring this to Reverso. No ads (yet) either. The only reason for not giving full marks is it appears to have the odd connectivity glitch. Closing and reopening the app seems to remedy this. Keep up the good work

  25. After reading the reviews on several transl apps I chose this one & I made a good choice. I purchased online an item that I couldn’t understand the instructions for because they were in Chinese. I just used this app to take a pic of the pages & it translated them to English. And NO ads, so far. Only issue I have with this & other apps like it is, you need to know what language the text is in in order for it to be translated. What if YOU don’t know what language the text is in???

  26. I really like this app, the translations for Japanese are the best I’ve come across. However one thing that I would love to see, which Google Translate does, is for the app to provide romaji under the Japanese. It makes it much easier to learn pronunciations of kanji if I don’t recognise them.

  27. Tony B dice:

    Trying to use the microphone for speech translation….it just stops after about 3-5 seconds….doesn’t matter who is speaking…..please look into and fix. Very difficult to have short conversations without having to resort to typing and passing the phone around.

  28. I am studying the French language at my own pace following a instructor on Spotify, and am using DeepL as a scratch pad to further understand the sentence structure as I do. It’s a wonderful program to work with. I’ve also recommended the app to some of my clients and friends. It’s a great product. I also enjoy using it on my desktop (Windows and Linux dual boot).

  29. To prove that DeepL works, I have translated this review from Finnish to English without any changes. DeepL is the first translation software that makes translations from Finnish to English sound almost perfect, and keeps the rhythm of the language natural. Works the other way round too! Much better than the bigger competitors.

  30. Ulrik Hat dice:

    Zero star not an option/ Sorry about the critical words, but when it works, works well, but sometimes just click something and coming a message:”Sorry, we couldn’t translate this text”And no other option, no answer, no Customer Service… Nothing! Something went wrong with this management or financial problems..i don’t know.

  31. I have to say I’m very happy that DeepL finally made it to mobile devices. As a bilingual person I often use translation software to speed up communication and my favorite tool has been deepl on the desktop. I have found it consistently makes better translations than Google. The one thing that will make this better but I’m not sure if it’s a Google problem is if the built-in Android translation engine can be swapped from Google to deepL to make translation usage more seamless.

  32. Mostly better than the google translator & on the pc its always my first and only choice. Just the UI could be a bit improved & if there would be a learning feature of saved words it would be perfect 😎 Good work 🥳 (I rarely write reviews)

  33. vi zeath dice:

    Gotta admit that this translator is good. I was using a translator that I trusted, from English to French. “Will happen” was translated to “Produira”. Of course it’s technically correct. But I’ve never seen it before. Then this app translate it to “Va arriver”, which is something that sounds more familiar for me. And that’s why I give it 5 stars.

  34. It is still missing one great functionality, which is the possibility to click on the translated word to see a list of options. This appears only on the website version.

  35. Gachonovi dice:

    This is not accurate from Czech to English/french. “Češe se” for exemple is translated as “the Czechs are” while it should be “he combs himself” Second problem to me is that you want to provide translation even the given word is misspelled. It results some very confusing translation. Why not just say nothing when the given word is misspelled? Nothing is better than a false translation.

  36. Very easy, straightforward to use. Super accurate translations, love that I can hear the pronunciation. Desktop app is even better with multiple translations to find just the right word

  37. accurate translations from and to english, for latin languages can do better. Sometimes I translate dead languages like Latin and it’s not available (yet). Also when translating lists it would be better to have 2 vertical windows to match line by line items translations. if I can ask a bit more, sometimes it’d great to do OCR which I do separately ATM. Please enable simple registration within the app and on google play / apple store. Congratulations to deepl team

  38. Adam Zdun dice:

    The best English-Polish translator I’ve ever seen. After entering the phrase, several sensible and very accurate translations pop up. The pro version is expensive, but the price increases in proportion to the quality.

  39. Xxx Xxx dice:

    Better than Google translate. Funny to see how Google suddenly increased the quality of their translation services when you guys showed up. Wish you were around when we had a group assignment of translation text and reading aloud in front of class some 15 years ago. Google translate was so bad back then haha and my two class mates didn’t show me the test before I read it aloud such an embarrassing experience haha . 😅

  40. Better translations than Google Translate but I am tired of it telling me I have used up my “free” translations midway through translating a few paragraphs. Very stingy so its better to just stick with one of the genuinely free services and leave this one for paid users. Plain text translating should be free and unlimited. This is 2022!

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