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MoboReader– Read your imagination

HELLO! Nice to meet you here!

As a reading application with the goal of “Providing a pleasant reading experience for all story lovers”, MoboReader ( is very popular among over one million users worldwide. Download it now! Come and join us, immerse yourself in the romantic love world with millions of users, and experience ups and downs in the story!

🔹 Numerous addictive love stories
– Large amount of novels: more than 30,000 romantic love stories
– Various types of novels: romantic love stories of campus, werewolf, modern society, royal, billionaires, ancient society, etc.
– Exclusive copyrighted books: thousands of copyrighted books. (These are wonderful novels that can only be seen in MoboReader~)

🔹 Rapid rate of novels update
– Daily update: bestsellers are updated daily, and readers can even jointly unlock more new chapters by participating in activities in the app
– Weekend surprise: additional update may come as a surprise at weekends

🔹 Personalized reading experience
– Guess what you may like: recommend new stories every day to help readers build their own distinctive “private book shelf” and meet all their reading preferences
– Comfortable reading experience: readers can adjust the font size, change the reading background color and screen brightness, etc.

🔹 Exclusive benefits for subscribers
– More benefits: subscribers will automatically get additional Free Coins by logging in to the app every day (available for unlocking story chapters)
– More discounts: subscribers will enjoy substantial discounts when purchasing Coins or other value-added services!

Don’t hesitate! Download MoboReader Now!

Any questions or advice? Please contact us:
Email: [email protected]


1. More attractive stories
2. More delightful to read


51 comentarios en "MoboReader MODDED 2022"

  1. Chi Wi dice:

    To many changes, and can’t redeem points anymore. I used to be able to redeem for more than 50 bonus per day, but have lots of points and can’t redeem them. Not to mention that the chapters relock after 3 days. The history list is not intuitive, not to mention if you accidentally auto unlock a chapter in a book, it defaults to that and there is no turning it off. I’ve spent coins as well and have had this for several months, but it so far is the worst out there compared to other apps.

  2. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Subscriptions get you NOWHERE! You can’t even finish a SINGLE book. Checking in every day gets you coins, but not enough. Chapters are 2-4 pages long, and coins get used to “pay” for the next chapters, but it takes a huge chunk of coins, and if you need more coins, you have to pay for them to get another 2-4 pages. Total waste of time and money for stories that drag on, repeat themselves, and have so many grammatical errors! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

  3. The stories are interesting, but drawn out to the extent that the author frequently repeats themselves with back stories in an attempt to lengthen the storyline. If they base the cost by the number of words, there you have it. There were times where a chapter would end, and a new chapter would repeat what was just read also. Seems like a ploy to get more money out of you.

  4. I detest this app! It’s obnoxious as can be with numerous ads and tries to get you to spend more money than similar apps. Points/free coins don’t last long. If you open a chapter with free points (from watching ads) instead of money, it times out so if you back to refresh your memory, you’d have to repurchase it. There are six others I’ve used that I like better! This is the absolute worst! The second I’m done with what I’ve started, I’m deleting it.

  5. Ads constantly cover the words in the stories and many chapters that are already unlocked end up being not viewable and jump around to a different chapter while I am reading without any scrolling which is SUPER annoying! I have messaged “Annie” many time and they only answer I get back is “clear your cache” which would be fine if that actually helped but it does nothing. Books end up going on for 500+chapters with the same scenarios repeating. Definitely have some things to fix.

  6. I like the content but the app looks terrible on my Pixel 5. The bottom line on pages is constantly cut off even if I shrink the font down so I am left guessing what the last line is. The top edge of the app where the back arrow is at is under my camera so I cannot tap it, and there is this random white gap at the bottom of the screen when I am reading a book where there is nothing. Would love to see improvements made to the UI to fix these issues. They make the content unreadable at times.

  7. Horrible app. Ads cover the story. Without spending money to actually get enough points to get chapters, which are way overpriced, you have to watch all of their ads. That is at least 60 ads a day to be able to unlock maybe 2 chapters. Most chapters range from 30-60 coins. Once I’ve finished the books I have already started I will be deleting this app.

  8. Ashley L dice:

    The stories are good, and you get to begin them free. That is the good part. The bad part is whether you earn or pay for coins they disappear immediately due to each “Chapter” costing coins. There is an option to disable autopay on the coins, but it doesn’t really help as the settings must be disabled for each book and you must click on the book to change those settings. Autopay will deduct again. I hate feeling taken advantage of, so it seems inevitable that I will have to delete this app.

  9. Ads cover the chapter. After spending a ton of time watching ads to spend my points to get some coins half of the last page is plastered with an ad over the chapter. Also everytime you switch back to the app there is an ad before getting to the app. To be honest there are better apps that are less time consuming, ads aren’t all in your face, they only have coins and bonus coins.

  10. Awful. Don’t bother!! Really enjoyed the book i got. Got hooked. Then had to purchase coins to continue reading. $19.99. Did that. And then the book was missing like 7 chapters!! Can’t even follow the storyline anymore. Asked for refund and they said they can’t do that. Can’t even figure out how to cancel membership and can’t get anymore that a bot for customer service. Don’t bother!!!

  11. The stories are all so drawn out and it costs way too much to read them. Chapters are expensive and you literally have to buy everything. It’s cheaper just to buy a book. Why spend $10 just to read a couple of short chapters, that are about maybe 3 pages long. Ask Annie us useless because they don’t get back to you, and my coins disappear without me having to do anything.

  12. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!! I have it an extra star because the book I’m reading seems like it might turn out to be good? This app needs to take a lesson from Dreame. I paid $5 and I’m stuck needing to buy more coins at chapter 27/100! It requires a ridiculous amount per chapter so even if you “earn” some here and there you still have to buy. I’m not going to pay more for a book here than I would buying one on Amazon. It’s also not very user friendly in my opinion. It’s very hard to navigate.

  13. I love the books but it’s very disappointing when you check in daily and get no points because the message says no feel or no ads available. Also I’m not able to watch any of the incentive videos to get points. Each chapter seems to be a little expensive with the coins. I have contacted customer service several times about the point and videos. They’re response is to uninstall and install most recent update. I’ve done this and it has not fixed the error message

  14. I’ve been thinking about deleting for a while now, because it was good when I first found it right before pandemic started, but now it’s just an overpriced waste of time. Points are harder to get, and free coins is almost not worth the effort to earn in the digging for treasure in app game. Also, majority of the chapters that I have previously unlocked, are now locked again. It’s just not worth the amount of coins they want to unlock again, so I’m letting this app go…

  15. A Clark dice:

    It’s way too expensive. Just reading half a book costs more than some regular books! They dont have good proof readers either. Lots of spelling errors were in the book I was reading. I could have overlooked that, but not for how much it costs to read, and I mean a lot. I bought 15 dollars worth of coins. I blew threw them and was only on the 40th chapter. The chapters were only 2 or 3 pages long! I’m deleting the app now. It’s a shame.

  16. EXPENSIVE!! MORE THAN PUBLISHED BOOKS. It is really expensive. I got 2,500 coins for about 25 bucks. And I’m barely half way through one book. If I want to finish it I will need to buy at least another 20 dollars worth of coins . That’s way more than I paid for my best selling books, with no grammar errors. I like the story , but too overpriced for what it is. Download wattpad. It’s way cheaper.

  17. $$$$. Sure you can read the books without buying coins if you like reading a chapter a month but going to the app every day to click on the “bonuses/ free coins” gets tedious. There are some really good stories but unless you want to pay $80+ to read them you will get really frustrated. It is a shame to because I would be willing to buy the books regular price (with better editing) but I am now going to delete the app.

  18. Getting really frustrated with this app. Purchased a ‘svip’ subscription where books are supposed to be free for reading now, but for some reason I still have to purchase coins to continue reading. Now for some reason it won’t let me read at all and when you contact the help desk you just keep getting messages that they’re away and can’t help.

  19. I detest this app! It’s obnoxious as can be with numerous ads and tries to get you to spend more money than similar apps. Points/free coins don’t last long. If you open a chapter with free points (from watching ads) instead of money, it times out so if you back to refresh your memory, you’d have to repurchase it. There are six others I’ve used that I like better! This is the absolute worst! The second I’m done with what I’ve started, I’m deleting it….2

  20. Nice novels and all. But why can’t I redeem coins from my points anymore unless the app do the exchange which I find not appropriate. Because you have to wait for that which I personally cannot wait, it makes it very annoying. Please work on that. And the ads are no longer available but you need to watch an ad to claim some points; very frustrating and confusing.

  21. Are’nt updates meant for making the overall experience better…. Unfortunately with every upgrade the services are getting worse. It was so simple to redeem points… and the automatic redemption is really faulty…. hardly any points are redeemed to free coins. The games keep on hanging. What is the point of collecting points If they are not redeemed as per collection.

  22. **UPDATE** PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE WITH A NEW UPDATE!!!! I have already tried to reach out to “Annie” but she takes FOREVER to be available to chat and when she available by the time you type your issue she is gone again. I am getting frustrated to the point where I’m going to delete this app if these issues aren’t resolved soon. Since the last update to Version games are missing, freezing & not giving points or rewards for completing tasks.

  23. Most expensive reading app out there. I basically spend $30 to read a book on this app and still it wasn’t enough to finish reading the book. As much as I enjoyed reading the book it’s not worth it. I just chose the monthly subscription option hoping I would be able to finish ready the book I started but I had no such luck. I believe readers should be able to finish the books they start to read if they have a monthly subscription to the app.

  24. Site is a disgrace, asks you to watch videos to unlock chapters, and it either doesn’t unlock the chapter or it unlocks a chapter a few away, sending messages about missing coins gets a “it’s the luck of the draw” message which is no help at all, site was brilliant before the update, looking through previous reviews the reply from moboreader, are all the same, get in touch with Annie, or points are changed at 5pm, these do not help, when the app is broken

  25. This App is more of a fraud than an online casino. Don’t waste your time and money I have had to spend close to $100 just to read a book that might be $10 at a bookstore,three page chapters, and more errors than a second grade essay. It would be more accurate if they had negative numbers for the stars awarded.

  26. A waste of money. I’ve spent almost $30 in two days for a book that has 800 plus small chapters and have only read the first 100. It costs too much and you can’t pay too read a single book. For $30 I’ve already brought the book. Such a rip off!

  27. This app is awful. The chapters are basically 2 to 4 pages long. The book I started reading has 92 chapters and the coins are ridiculously expensive. I can buy better books on my kindle for 99p and they don’t have any adverts covering half the screen. The daily coins disappear everyday so i never get to use them and i have noticed that the amount of coins needed to unlock chapters changes regularly. Today the chapter started needing 3 coins now it wants 26. I will be deleting this…

  28. I feel like this papp is a rip off. There’s a story on here that I really like but unordered to read it I’m basically going to have to spend around 60 dollars to do so. It’s sad too because I really wanted to read the story all the way too. And the coins packs are useless. You get the coins right away but once they run out you have to wait and check in every day to get your 5-4o something coins, and the chapters are at least 27 coins a piece ir more.

  29. I would heavily caution anyone from reading a book from here. The cost is way too expensive, you get log in points and can earn points watching videos but that would take you an eternity to finish a book. Of course you can purchase coins, which I have, but the cost far exceeds what a book should cost. I have spent over 40 dollars and have only reached 1/4 of the book….seriously 800+ chapters? Its unfortunate, it was a good book. I feel the stories are dragged out to make more of a profit.

  30. The stories posted are interesting enough. However, the amount of money you have to spend just to read the chapters is not worth it. The cost of the chapters requires you to top up is equal to buying a paperback novel in bookstores. I’d understand if the $4.99 top-up rate could last you more than 15 chapters but it only lasted me eight to ten… I hope that they fix the cost to read ratio so that paying for coins would at least be worth it.

  31. Tarnz Biz dice:

    In response to MoboReader I don’t think that is a satisfactory response to my comments. I do not wish for you to randomly redeem my points everyday, the App was better before your updates. Unfortunately you have made it more difficult for the purchaser, to purchase coins. It looks like the response to everyone’s comments are automatically engineered by a computer program, as it seems everyone gets the same comment.

  32. Good app however recent updates are not that good. Use to be able to convert points into free coins whenever however since the update it apparently does by it self and not quickly enough. I have almost 10000 points but cant convert them into free coins to buy chapter. Very disappointed. Hope and wish it can be changed back as the bonus centre is much more confusing and not so useful. Already tried talking to Annie with no results.

  33. Usha Sree dice:

    You cannot convert points to coins as u wish for. They have control over how many chapters you can read per day🤷🏻‍♂️. Waste of time to watch ads and collect points bcz they aren’t gng to converted anytime soon. Loosing interest on the story due to this. Older version of converting to coins was far more better than the present version.

  34. Worst app since updates, nothing works properperly, you can’t even win coins, free coins is the worst add on and all chapters on all books are expensive even the books that have errors and many misspelt words that make no sense in the part your reading. If I could rate a zero I would.

  35. PL Chin dice:

    Used to be able to exchange points to coins. What’s the point of accumulating so many points but cannot be use for anything? The app will change some points to coins everyday but the remaining points will expire within 30 days. Really a waste of time. Chapters are expensive and full of grammatical mistakes.

  36. Heather S dice:

    Books are 800+ chapters as a chapter is the equivalent of about two pages in an actual book, yet the fees per chapter are high. Can only convert 250 points to coins per day no matter how many you earn and that only gets you enough coins for 1 chapter. It would take 2 years to read one book at this rate. You could easily pay over $100 to read one book if you buy the coins needed to purchase chapters. Definitely not worth the time or money.

  37. Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Having to pay additional fees to unlock chapters is very expensive, ranging from $9.99… $19.99… 59.99 and more, just to unlock A CHAPTER. When the subscription should enable the reading of the book or just charge a reasonable fee to read the entire book.

  38. The content is addictive . but expensive . Such a money looting app . each chapter is just 4 pages .to loot money they have split to hundereds of chapters . i paid 480INR still not crossed 37th chapter. Total waste. I suggest if u can kept per book cost rather than chapter .its easier to purchase .

  39. I like some of the stories but it’s a bit expensive to read sometimes and the coins are hard to get fast without spending money. I wish the app would allow you to just watch ads strictly to receive only coins everyday versus playing the games that only reward you with points (which takes a while to transfer over as coins).

  40. You pay but they stayed putting ads up. What kind of bs is that? Also this has to be one of the most expensive pay to read that I’ve ever seen. I was hooked on a story but there is no real progression so it’s the same thing over and over the plot status exactly the same. No end in sight. Update They don’t seem to understand bad on their response to me that I bought the coins to unlock chapter’s and they still put ads at the bottom you have to click on it to read your chapter.

  41. What a joke! This e-reader app is a pay as you go to read a few pages/chapters at a time. I’m accustomed to reading the whole book at my pace vs this crazy configuration/plan. Even worse, it’s a tease since the book isn’t even finished. Oh the app offers a plan to earn coins, but the offer is expired. If your looking for a good e-book to read, stick to the mainline e-book readers or your local library. Don’t waste your time with this app.

  42. This app is completely buggy. Do not download!The chapters/books are expensive. Support is awful. I’ve contacted about problems I’ve had with the app. No solutions. They have games you can play to earn points and covert into coins to purchase chapters. But you have to watch video ads to redeem the points. Then it stalls once the video plays. So it prevents you from actually earning points. The “supposed” daily point conversion to coins does not work. Check your wallet to see. Awful experience!

  43. Ashley E dice:

    Do not download the app. It is so expensive. You need to spend 25-30 coins for each character. The chapters are only 4-5 pages long. To unlock all the chapters of the book I was reading, it would be +$100. The daily check in dosen’t even give enough to unlock one chapter. You can watch ads to get more coins, but most of the time, it glitches out, so you watch the ad for nothing.

  44. Would not download. This is the worst “free” story reader I’ve downloaded. Everyone I’ve tried you have to watch ads and do random things for coins to continue reading. But this one is too confusing. There’s coins, medals, points. I’ve gotten to chapter 15 in a book and am too confused to continue. I watch ads and go collect the points from my wallet but it’s not coins so what am I doing? I don’t want to pay $20 a month to read a few chapters. I could buy a whole book or more at the store.

  45. I have to give this 1 star because every time I purchase to be ad free, the words for the 2 stories I am reading disappear. The words will be there for stories I am not reading. The 2 I am reading, blank. I have even tried to use the in app customer service and it never understands what I am saying. If I do ask to speak to a live person, they’re always away from their desk. They just keep asking what problem I am having after I already explained it.

  46. After the new update it is not worth to download/keep this app. In order to read anything you need to exchange points for free coins or buy coins with real money. You get points by watching SO MANY ads. Before though, you could exchange all points to free coins at a reasonable fixed rate. Now they do an automatic daily “floating exchange rate”, meaning points are worth less and won’t exchange more than 250 points per day. Also after a week or so exchanged free coins just disappear if not used.

  47. It’s 15-23 “coins” per chapter. The chapters are only a few paragraphs long. one story has 850 chapters. It’s $20 for 2000 coins. I should be able to completely finish one book with a subscription. at this rate It would cost a little over $200 to finish one story. run from this app.

  48. Good old fashioned thievery! I started reading a book a week ago. I had purchased coins to read it twice already but this time when I purchased coins they didn’t show up in the app. I checked, funds were taken. I tried to get support but the only support is the automated bot that keeps trying to tell me I can earn free coins by checking in. What a waste! **They took my money for 500 coins and gave me zero. Their reply here makes no sense, beware!!

  49. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! I downloaded this app and REALLY enjoy the book I have been reading. HOWEVER, I have already spent $30 to unlock chapter and there are still 200 chapters. The cost it takes to unlock these chapters is ridiculous. I would love to be able to finish the book I started, but I refuse to spend over 100 dollars for a book.

  50. Am I doing something wrong, or is this app just a complete rip off. It costs over $100 just to read 1 book. It’s like they draw you in by making the initial part of the book free, then charge you $10-20 every few chapters. Not to mention the few books I have looked at have 200+ chapters.

  51. If I could put it lowering would. There paper scissors rock game took my coins. Been trying to reach someone all morning and I’m not getting a response. Don’t download this game it a waist of your money. Trying to do the tasks become overbearing because u can never do enough to qualify for the prizes. So I brought coins n for them to be taken from me a no one trying to help me is major disappointment. I hate this app n I just downloaded it yesterday. save your time and money

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