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GoodNovel – Web Books & Fantasy Novels for Story lovers!
– Book Genres: Billionaire, Mystery, Fantasy, Western, Sci-fi, Fan-fic
Collection of Best Books & Hottest New Reads in Every Genre!

GoodNovel has collected popular web novels and books, provides you with the latest chapters of the highest quality. This is a must-have book app for the majority of web novel lovers.

Start reading your favorite book, by downloading the GoodNovel app

– No.1 Book Reading Platform for Novel Lovers
– Numerous of Book Genres for Choosing Freely
– Hundreds of web novel Read More Than 1,000,000+ Times
– Professional Author Team Creates Best Novel

Book Genres
GoodNovel contains many web novel genres, from urban books to supernatural books, and is deeply loved by the majority of our readers.

* Fantasy
* Adventure
* Urban
* Werewolf
* Billionaire

So many book genres await you to explore on GoodNovel App.

Anyone can find their favorite web novel on GoodNovel. Start reading web novel without delay!

Hottest Web Novels
If you’re looking for any of these web novels below, then you’ll love GoodNovel for sure.
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Trending web novel at GoodNovel:
– 「The Charismatic Charlie Wade」by Lord Leaf
– 「Married by Mistake: Mr Whitman’s Sinner Wife」by Sixteenth Child
– 「Alpha Asher」By Jane Doe
– 「The Alpha’s Slave Mate」By Danielle Bush
– 「Mommy, Where Is Daddy? 」By LiLhyz
– 「The Forsaken Daughter’s Return AC1」By LiLhyz
– 「Rejected By My Mate」By LorreignneScarr
– 「Rude Awakenings」By Turquoise Grace

GoodNovel has hundreds of books that have been read more than 1 million times, and you can read these novels as much as you want without having to buy the paperback edition!

Topping Author Team
Our GoodNovel authors are from all over the world, with experience and talent in writing stories of many different genres and update frequently for their fans to read over and over again.

GoodNovel has been continuously recruiting high-quality authors and has a steady stream of new content recommendations.

**Join GoodNovel & Become A Professional Author!**

About Payment
GoodNovel is unfortunately not a totally free online novel platform. Because we at GoodNovel need to ensure that our authors can obtain a stable income to produce better quality content for you to read.

At the same time, GoodNovel has a lot of in-app tasks that you can easily complete to obtain coins to continue reading new chapters.

If you have any dissatisfaction with the charges or feedback, please write an email to [email protected]

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40 comentarios en "GoodNovel – Web Novel, Fiction MODDED 2022"

  1. I like the app, the coin and bonus part gets a little frustrating when you’re into a really good book and run out at a intense part. Though that app has some great titles and authors. It would be better to do a membership and do away with the coin aspect. Personally I’d rather pay a monthly fee to read unlimited books rather then pay per so many chapters.

  2. The stories on this app are great, you start reading the first few chapters and instantly become hooked. The only negative; is that you have to accumulate coins in order to continue to read. While you are given options to recieve coins free of charge; they run out quickly. If your a fast reader it sucks, you have to read a little each day or multiple books at a time. Some grammatical errors throughout but can be overlooked.

  3. I really like the stories offered but it is pricey, chapters are not very long and it seem the writers do not update daily. So I do not think books should be allowed to be posted till they are finished. Some books I have started its been almost 2 weeks with no updates. Other than being able to get the menu bar to show, the app is easy to use.

  4. I like the variety of books. However, I don’t like how the coin system works. When I purchase a big amount it seems that the cost of the chapters go up. My coins disappear much quicker than if I was to get the free ones. Also the chapters should all cost the same in all the books. I will jump from one book to another and one chapter in 1 will cost 22 coins but in the other book 14. Make it consistent. I do love the books they all have held my attention and have a good story line.

  5. The app works very well and the stories are very entertaining. The only issue I have is that I like to get into books and read them continuously, not just one chapter each day then stop. I wish there was a better system for unlocking coins. Once more, the app is great, the stories are fantastic, the variety of genres is never ending, I would just rather buy a book in real life to read from start to finish than wait months (of still pay) for these chapters to unlock.

  6. I love this book I’ve been reading When His Eyes Opened, it’s a great escape from reality at times, and I’ve briefly started some other titles as well. The only major issue I see is the coin system. I hate when I get to the point where I need more coins, and can’t just continue reading, but other then that it’s great. Easy to get around the app, and easy to read on my phone and tablet.

  7. I had a hard time choosing between 3 and 4 stars. I don’t like the costs of some chaptwrs and there’s no way to make sure the chapter is long enough to be worth it, BUT they have a huge selection. Though some are roughly written, many are engaging and captivating. I appreciate the reading settings and adjustments that can be made.

  8. This app has some good stories with substance. That being said there are many grammatical errors and many word choices that do not make sense. The cost/bonus system is also set up more than other apps I have read from before. A lot of the stories sound exactly the same with different names and minor detail changes but if you see that and skip past those stories and move on they have plenty of options to chose from.

  9. Pros There are some interesting titles here and it makes a great escape. I read on my cell with no issues. The biggest con is that it uses a coin system for reading and there are ways of earning free coins but if you are an avid or fast reader the amount of daily free coins isn’t nearly enough. Some titles have thousands of chapters, which is good, but with the coin system used around 15 coins let’s you read 2-3 at a time. Also, there isn’t an option to purchase the right to read the whole book.

  10. I love this free novel app. I love the stories and the wide selection of themes. You can get gems that you can use to boost the popularity of your favorite books. This really helps the authors be seen by other users. The longer you use the app more options to get free chapters will be provided. Yes, you would have to see a short ad to get the free chapter but it is totally up to you. There are no ad interpretation while reading the books. This is my favorite part. I hate being interperted.

  11. I love the story and The Charismatic Charlie Wade. But to have to get coins to read a chapter is crazy. And the coins go up every few chapters. Plus the coins expire if you don’t use them so that kind of sucks because you can’t stack them to get a few chapters of reading in. It would be easier and cheaper to just buy the book and sequels to go with it then to spend money on the coins to read. Plus you can’t get the reward for doing a review unless you give 5 stars. That’s false advertising.

  12. There are a ton of great stories to choose from. I am hooked on when his eyes. opened right now. However the coin system is horrible. I am avid and fast reader and having to wait the next day to collect coins to even read a chapter or two is not fun. I have several novels started and just waiting to be finished due to not having enough coins to continue. Some of us don’t have the extra cash to spend in the store to make the reading easier. I do enjoy this app thou other then that only flaw.

  13. This app is pretty good. There are a range of story types and all of the features from earning points, to unlocking chapters work correctly when tried the first time (not my experience with other apps). There is some confusion based on what day it is and it would be nice to know what time zone everything is based off of, because it is clearly nowhere near mine.

  14. There’s a nice selection of genres. It doesn’t have a lot of ads. The books I’ve read this far have been decently- well written. The downside for me is the point system. it takes more than $15.00 (+tax) worth of coins to finish half to 3/4 of a book. I wish it had an out right coin total stated before starting the books. That aside, I enjoy the books the app offers.

  15. The app has intriguing books but it’s too bad you have to spend hella of a lot more then a regular hardcover. Not everyone can afford this. I have other book apps that have the books for free and all their stories are amazing. I’ve been able to read each one I pick. On this app, I’ve got almost 20 books I can’t even finish because you have to unlock. Soon I think I will have to delete this app. Not worth to keep spending more money if I can’t finish a book and enjoy it.

  16. Overall, I like the app but you have to either purchase coins/points to keep reading a book. They do give you chances to get points or bonuses but they are limited. Therefore, the you can only read very little daily and have to wait for more opportunities to get points. Some of the books seem never ending. They do have plenty of reading genres and books to choose from.

  17. I do enjoy reading these books. There are a few things I don’t like though. It definitely costs too much unless you only read off the rewards but then you only get to read like 3 chapters a day. Some books are in bad need of editing. I also don’t recommend buying the big bonus packages unless you read constantly because you’ll run out of time and lose half your bonus. And I have never been given the reward for subscribing to the you tube either, even with sending a few messages to support.

  18. The app does have many quality books available. It also offers a dark mode while reading, which I have found to be the best option for me. I do wish the dark mode was for all screens though, not just reading. Books are expensive. You can only get about 50 coins a day without paying, just over 1 chapter’s worth. Some of it from reading 30 minutes, so expect to read each chapter more than once to hit that if you aren’t forking over tons of $$. Many books are in desperate need of editors.

  19. Great Stories! I use several reading apps for stories of all genres. This app is easy to use and navigate through. There are plenty of stories to choose from and enjoy. The only thing I struggle with is the price for coins to unlock chapters. Physical copies of books are not nearly as expensive as what the app requests in order to unlock just one chapter. I now wait to unlock chapters versus paying because I cannot afford to spend $50 every few weeks for access to content.

  20. Sindy dice:

    Excellent way to find new books. I’m always disappointed in the descriptions of books. They sound great but then the book sucks. With this app you get a good amount to pre-read before deciding if you want to spend money on the book. You can also get more 👦 for free by completing tasks that can help you decide further.

  21. I’m glad I found this app, the novels are intriguing however in some stories the author has made some mistakes with names and can be very repetitive and annoying however the stories be so interesting that you quickly forget until the next set of mistakes. Pricing isn’t too bad but I’m glad for the rewards because they help me read a little longer when I can’t afford to top up.

  22. Read daily allows more reading. I started reading from an add then was disappointed I could not find the book except from the app. It took me a bit to get used to reading daily only what it would allow based on the points accumulated. But, I’m now able to enjoy setting some time aside to earn the rewards to be able to read. There is an option to purchase, but its not necessary. The storyline keeps you interested in wanting to know more.

  23. I like the books on this app. The price is very expensive though. And some of the books have just been left not finished. Its very aggravating to have to wait days for a short update then wait days again. 🙄 I would like to finish reading a book before starting a new one .lastly I have been reading two books that have 3000 pages and still going after so long can’t they get to ending instead going through same scenario with different caricatures over and over ? But the prices should be dropped.

  24. MJ Ward dice:

    Good novel has various eye-catching stories that will help you pass the time. I truly enjoy reading them during a break. The only down fall is the spending money on the coins to continue. Overall, I know it helps with paying the writers and stuff. I just wish they were just a little cheaper. 😔 like I said, good app for good reading and time passing.

  25. I love the app! I gave it 5 stars because of the good variety of books that will easily get you immersed in reading. However, purchasing chapters or waiting until bonus points are equivalent to the cost of a chapter is frustrating! Not everyone can afford to buy these chapters which turns out to cost more than if you purchase the book at one go. There are hundreds of chapters per book!

  26. Great, with a catch. I love reading the stories, but it does start to get expensive. If you only collect daily points, you’ll only get maybe a chapter a day. Keep an eye out for deals on points, as they do change every once in awhile. I love how long these books can go because I love characters easily and don’t want to let them go. All in all, worth it.

  27. Great app for discovering new books and authors. I dont like that the time zone is off from mine, and that when trying to get the 30 mins of reading bonus it takes and hour, esp. since unless you are willing to pay for coins you never have enough to read that long. I did purchase the $1.99 bundle today so that I could read longer and have been reading on and off all day. Other than these issues the appbus very well set up, easy to navigate, and I’m able to easily access the books I’m Reading.

  28. This app has such potential, as do the books. Not sure what the original language was but the translation to English is terrible. They need to be edited for repetitive content, punctuation, American slang and grammar, because it’s almost like watching a train wreck. The coin system would be fine if a “chapter” were more consistent in cost or if the chapters were more than a 4-6 minute read. At 3 chapters a day it’ll take me 1.9+ years to read 1 book that could be a 90 minute B movie.0 bonus

  29. I have enjoyed reading from this app at bedtime. It has limits that keeps you from staying up reading to late and being tired or over sleeping the next day, which I think is great. I am one of those that sometimes gets lost in my reading and can forget the time and that is easily done with the books this app offers. I love the ones that I have read so far and they offer a variety of topics to choose from. Thumbs up for this one.

  30. I accidently found this app when playing a game and I couldn’t stop reading the story it posted. After realizing that I could read the whole book from this app, & no running to the bookstore to finish it, I downloaded it immediately; it was easy! The settings for your eyes can be adjusted to your liking, and Ive also discovered that you can write, share, & make money with a story of your own. Definately check it out. Its awesome.

  31. Love the variety of books on here. Great stories. I do think that you should be able to read as much or as little as you want. I think having to have so many coins is a little Ridiculous. You could do a daily check in . Do ads after every chapter to unlock them. But the coins are to expensive. Doing the other little thing to earn coins is fine as well . But just do ads to unlock the ads. Should be able to enjoy the books. Some people reading is the only thing should not be so expensive

  32. Soooo many good novels and reads. I came across Goodnovel by way of fb as I started reading a novel. When the novel came to an end on that app, I quickly downloaded the Goodnovel app so I could continue reading the book which already had me hooked. I continued reading a few chapters only to have the next chapters locked. This is a good idea to keep readers coming back to finish a novel, except for the fact you can only earn very few each day. Very frustrating.

  33. The book I’m reading is great, but it’s frustrating that you need so many coin per chapter. I’d rather just pay $10 and read the whole book. But I bought coins once and they ran out wayy faster than they should have but I don’t know how. Mathematically I should have gotten much further in my reading. I now just use the reward coins to read, which only allows like 3 chapters a day. Which is extremely annoying. I’ve only continued this long because the book is really good

  34. Good novel books are quite satisfying to me. Although they are a little nerve racking at times, because of the suspenseful topics, yet they are very entertaining to read. I’m working on my second book, and this one is very interesting as well. I’m hoping that they will either provide easier ways to earn more points, or additional ways to purchase the books you read. Overall good novel is a great app!!!!

  35. So far it’s a great app. I really like the stories about the werewolves, I’ve liked werewolf movies so I was happy to start reading. I just have a couple complaints… First, I can’t handle sometimes how bad grammar is. Second, the “bonus” money system is annoying. I just want to read the whole book!

  36. Love the novels I am reading on this app. I got sucked into a book on Facebook and wanted to finish it, that is where I got exposed to the app. At first I was turned off by the point system to freely unlocking chapters to my novel…however the books are so good that I ended up purchasing some coin and with the bonus coin it works. If i were to buy the book it would be same same is how i look at it. I wish they gave you more opportunity to get more free points ts is my only complaint.

  37. The books are intriguing. I’m not one to read at leisure but the topics and storyline had a way of gettin to me and I can’t stop. I am a little bent back on the whole paying in increments to unlock a chapter. I don’t ever recall havin to pay $20 just to read half a book…which leaves me to only give 2 stars. I may have to delete this app becuz of the costs and end up getting a library card.

  38. I have enjoyed reading several books. A few srarted off really promising and entertaing and then became very unrealistic. There were a couple of books that the wording and grammer were so bad I couldn’t read very far because it was too confusing to read. It would be helpful if someone could proofread the books.

  39. Sharonda dice:

    I love the werewolf stories. I’m currently reading “Return of the Hybrid Queen”, which includes werewolves and vampires. I must say its definitely a page-turner. Once you get past the grammatical nuances it’s captivating. Full disclosure the author does say that she’s working on her grammar, heck I’m from the states and I’ve never liked grammar. Anyways I do hope that sometime in the future Good novel awards more points so readers can read longer.

  40. This is a good app…. If you are rich or are a poor reader. The “rewards” get you a chapter or two unlocked a day. If you want to read more, you have to purchase coins/points. Most stories are full of grammatical errors. And, as an avid reader, I can usually finish a physical copy of a novel (A Christina Feehan’s Carpathian book, for example) in a few hours. So, only reading a chapter or two is a nuisance. The only reason I gave 5⭐is because you have to, to get 20 more bonus. 😩

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