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FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps for AI photo editing. Turn your selfie into a modeling portrait using one of the most popular apps with over 500 million downloads to date. FaceApp gives you everything you need to create Instagram-worthy edits for free. No more extra tapping on your screen!

Use a fantastic set of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to create a seamless and photorealistic edit in ONE TAP. You will never have to spend hours photoshopping again!

More than 60 highly photorealistic filters


• Perfect your selfies with Impression filters 🤩
• Add a beard or mustache 🧔
• Change your hair color and hairstyle 💇💇‍♂️
• Add volume to your hair
• Try hot & trendy makeup filters 💄
• Use creative light effects
• Remove acne and blemishes
• Smooth wrinkles
• Easily enlarge or minimize facial features
• Try out the color lens
• Easy Compare tool at every step to compare before & after
• Total control of temperature, saturation, and more


• Gender Swap: See what you’d look like as a different gender
• Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
• Aging: try our popular Old & Young filters 👴👵👶
• Morph your photo with your favorite celebrity
• Swap faces with friends
• See what your future kids would look like
• Borrow your favorite style from different photos
• Put your face in a famous movie scene
• Try weight filters: get bigger or smaller
• And many more fun filters!


Share your FaceApp edits directly to your favorite social media accounts

FaceApp is powered by the most advanced neural face editing technology. It makes every photo 100% perfect to stop your followers mid-scroll. Share your enhanced photos with everyone you know and stay on top of the latest beauty trends!

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In this update, we added the ability to zoom an image via double-tap and fixed a number of minor issues.


40 comentarios en "FaceApp: Face Editor MODDED"

  1. Good app. I have an issue that bothers me a lot. Some people (such as myself) need to have access to folders. I have to put my images in a particular folder just so I can find it. Accessibility to folders directly would be convenient instead of going through the most recent used. If you could make it possible it would be great. I’m subscribed. Please make this possible. I’m not the average user that just does selfies. I actually work in photography and it’s complicated with thousands of images.

  2. I’m paying monthly for this app and it literally only works maybe half of the time. I have 5g internet service so it’s not a connection issue but rather a software issue. Either way. I’m about to cancel my membership. Grrr Update! The app has been working lately but now you cannot see the picture in order to use the app. I.mean you can still select any option but you can’t see the picture just white screen. Grrr. And no I will not send you logs because it’s your job to create the app!

  3. Pros: easy to cancel subscription, has a free trial, easy to navigate, lots of fun effects, no ads, as far as I can remember. There is a feature to correct it if it gets someone’s gender wrong too, in settings. Cons: They can’t make up their mind about which features are pro features and which aren’t, requires a good internet connection, often changes multiple faces in a picture, and crashes sometimes, but it’s pretty rare so it’s probably my phone’s fault.

  4. Everything was fine until suddenly the app keeps freezing with a glitchy white screen anytime I hit “apply.” I recently had purchased the app for a year use, but it just stopped working since last night. I reset my phone, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, and tried other ways to get it to work with no avail. It’s very frustrating and unless it starts working again in the next day or two I’m going to ask for a refund. So disappointing.

  5. So you get one or two options for each filter unless you spend 30.00 bucks to go Pro Without seeing the results?! The app overall is easy to navigate through which is nice. The finishout on the one option i was given didn’t look like you put a floating head on another body like some which is a plus. Since just about every app has competition you’d think you would let us get more options to keep people in yours. Like how about release more options with updates that u have option to pay for?

  6. Great if it always worked. Would be 4 stars, except for the recurring issue of not being able to show recent photos. It constantly stops updating it’s gallery and doesn’t show new downloads of photos from text and cloud, and other photo app photos saved to the phone. I’ve tried both clearing the memory and reinstalling. Neither works. Reply to developer: You can’t take screen shots of it not showing pictures that are in the phone’s photo gallery. I doubt this is a rare issue.

  7. Costs entirely too much. I’m simply not going to rent an app. It’s a face filter, not the Adobe suite. I’d gladly pay like $10 to own it, but they want $7.49 a mouth for the privilege of adding a mustache to someone’s face. Nonsense. They used to have a perfectly reasonable compromise where you could use “Pro” features if you sat through an ad, but they’ve since removed this feature. The audacity is unreal. Good product, ridiculous ROI expectations from the devs.

  8. I enjoy the app but I wish it had an option to switch the gender detection. When. I use it on a picture if let’s say my son. It detects him as a girl. It be nice to have a botton to correct that on the fly when the app gets it wrong. Other than this it’s great. I hope they add more options and features in the future especially the gender one I mentioned above.

  9. Ok so this bug keeps happening at this point, to where I have to constantly uninstall and reinstall just to use this app. Again, it’s very good at what it does, but every feature gets locked behind a paywall after you use it 2-3 times. Damn shame I have to do this but this is my final review. 2 stars, unless this gets fixed, sorry. (I will be glad to post screenshots and ask support if possible.)

  10. I paid for the lifetime pro specifically for the grunge and rain/snow/blizzard overlays. A few months later, those overlays were removed from the app without warning. The app is still good for what it is, but it is no longer what I paid for. EDIT: Just noticed that the green and orange smoke overlay is also gone. An other of my favorites.

  11. I love this app. You can do very subtle edits that look very natural and in retouched, or you can go to the extreme and completely change what you look like, and the results STILL look as if the photo hasn’t been touched by an editor. I’ll say it over and over again. I love this app! You’re foolish if you don’t download this when you’re looking for a beauty editor. This one is the absolute best and trust me, I’ve tried them all.

  12. One of the only apps worth paying for ! Its $4.99 a month I think or it used to be .. You can be old young bald change hair color You can crop change back grounds its only gotten better with time even the upgrades are awesome!!! I think I finally upgraded to a yearly subscription because its just so awesome and I don’t like paying for apps but this one is sooooo worth it feel free to ask me anything about it if I know ill share…its like your own personal glamor shots

  13. App is great, has lots of cool tools and can do things I don’t see often- if you wanna pay for it. I’m happy the devs have the ability to have it be subscription based but there wasn’t even a symbol for pro on the light hair option, but I can’t apply it without subbing. Props also to disallowing screenshots. Great tool if you wanna pay, I’m sure. I only needed to make one picture but now I’m leaving this review. Keep up the work devs, there will be people who are willing to subscribe but not me.

  14. Kari Wain dice:

    Classic bait and switch. Paid for a lifetime pro 2021/04/19 and have used the program a lot. It use to be great at doing face swaps, it’s terrible now, the swap has horrible dithering, as well as significant reduce matching of facial features. The swapping prior was excellent, in fact my avatar here is a face swap, done by this software. Impossible to achieve now. I’m pissed, Google needs to make a refund option, for lifetime licenses if developer changes app significantly.

  15. Kari Ann dice:

    This app is amazing. All the things you can do as far as with your photos is unbelievable. I love just see the xhanges and different looks. If you like to aadd things to your photos I suggest givint this app a try because it’s easy to work with. Go ahead and give it a try. See what you think of it. I was instantly drawn to the results.

  16. This app was cool until they took away the ability to use free filters. You can use the spotlight area, but they include a comparison photo of your old one in the picture you save, so the filters aren’t actually free. Huge let down. There’s other options now though.

  17. Used to love this and use it all the time! I thought the option to watch an ad and get to use the pro features was pretty cool. Prices seem really steep unless you are editing pictures everyday. Bummer I’m on the hunt for a new photo editing app when I had thought I finally had found the 1!!!

  18. I love this app!! I always thought it would be cool to see what I would look like with different hairstyles, hair colors, and makeup looks and with this app I can see what I would look like! The only downside though is you have to pay for pro ( all the cool filters). But overall this is a really good time passing app!

  19. Very limited features unless you pay a silly price to rent it. Even worse, they saw face swapping and morphing features were becoming popular so they put them behind the pay wall, they were free before. No reason to use it anymore since the two most amusing features are no longer available for free.

  20. Neat features (really, they are), but money hungry. Can’t hit continue and save a photo using trial features without pro subscription? – No thanks, I’d like to try it BEFORE you get my payment information, and way too many features are behind the paywall to begin with. Can’t take a screenshot due to security policy!? Absolutely not, never in a million years, gtf outta here. Any app that locks me out of the native functionality of my phone is automatically on my sh*tlist.

  21. This ap is always a pleasure. Just too many features that require payment, but still worth the download for the free features, because the graphics are spot on and very detailed, with good editing capabilities, for choosing backgrounds and redrawing the cutout area that alot of apps dont have.

  22. Okay, what happened? I use this app a lot and I do not have the money for a subscription to unlock the pro features you used to be able to unlock by watching an ad. Now, I can’t watch an ad for the feature anymore? That’s not cool. I’m deeply displeased by this and would like this action undone. Please undo this. I am sure there are many in the same financial situation as myself. Until then, this app will continue to have only a two star rating from me. Edit: Thank you for returning the ads.🤗

  23. 10 minutes playing with this app and my results are excellent. Easy to use. Easy to reverse any change so that you get just the look you want. I’m impressed. Worth its price and then some. If I had to use one word to describe this app it would be Amazing. After several weeks. It’s still amazing. If I had a higher superlative I’d use that. Anyone who is working with images of faces or is building composites needs this app. It is worth three times its price.

  24. Great app for some effects, but unfortunately WAY too expensive. The price of $5 monthly or $30 just for a year is ridiculous. This is supposed to be a mobile casual app you use a few times for fun, not a professional PC software for editing! If it were $30 for unlimited use and $10 for a year, I’d definitely get it. But now they even removed the unlimited option out of greed. Also, the option of watching ads and getting a pro-effect got removed. Do you really think that way, you get more people to spend that kind of money? Hope you’ll get some cheaper competition, soon.

  25. Fun and surprisingly realistic, but has some trouble with angles and degrees of rotation of subject. Some controls are redundant, like the Make-up choices, at 1 or 5 they all look pretty much the same. Some controls need expansion, like the facial expression choices, way more choices needed! The ability to change eye color and remove marks, tattoos and blemishes would be great too! But it is fun and worth the extra $ for the Pro version.

  26. Michael dice:

    Limited access issue seems resolved now, so I’m changing my review and rating. If they make it so I can isolate which folders to pull photos from I would give it a 5. That’s the only inconvenience. The default is to show every picture on my phone in seemingly random order and I have to select the folder to pull from every time. I wish I could just default he app to a main folder with only the pictures I want to edit.

  27. Your app still has some bugs to work out. Sometimes I get the message “we didn’t detect any face in this photo.” While the face is clear, straight aligned, with 2 eyes open and ears showing (the full view.) Also, I can only do a series of 30 pics before the app crashes! It freezes up, flips the renders upside down, or just gives me an empty black square!

  28. M Bradley dice:

    Amazing app so far! No ads (so far.), pretty decent amount of options for free, I’d reccomend for light editing. I use it to make Billie Eilish edits and edit pics of myself; mainly. While it’s a great app, I need more filters and effects FOR FREE, such as a shaping/reshaping effect, more than 1 free makeup filter, a tattoo and peircing option, more than 3 hairstyles, and maybe hairdye? (FOR FREE, or you could watch an ad.) Bye!

  29. The App was good, but now all the basic free features are locked behind a paywall and don’t even allow you to see ads to avoid. Given the developers response to others it’s clear this is a bug and not deliberate but the person that responds to reviews here clearly hasn’t figured this out. Let me be clear: THERE IS CURRENTLY NO FREE CONTENT. For example Faceswap is now Pro only with no ad options. Same for Dark hair, long hair (on women), freckles and most other basic things. Fix your app!

  30. This app is so good it should be illegal. The photo editing is unreal. Scary that people could use this to catfish, and nobody would know the difference! Very fun to use though. 4/5 because unless you do the subscription, you only get like one filter in each category, and $5 a month or $30 a year (recurring) seems a little steep.

  31. M W dice:

    Good, but useless unless you pay- and that’s why I don’t recommend it. Can’t use any features unless you use a “trial” subscription that is designed in the hopes you forget to cancel so they can bill you for an entire year. There are far too many other editing apps that don’t act shady, so I would not bother with this one. Sadly, this could be a 5 star app if it weren’t designed in such a scammy, anti-consumer way.

  32. In order to do ANYTHING on the app, it’s required that you upgrade to pro. Before, this app used to be a fun way to edit a friend’s face through a watermarked image but now everything is behind a paywall. Disappointing. In response to the developer: Yes, there are 10 free filters (out of 60) but they are not the ones that most come for. The filters that you USED to offer for free are not available even with ads anymore so there’s no point in even downloading. A niche free filter means nothing.

  33. christina dice:

    I have enjoyed using this app it’s actually my all time favorite among all other photo editors that I have ever tried but I unfortunately will need to cancel my subscription due to budget cuts in the family if there was a monthly fee for the subscription I’d be able to budget it in without having to explain a $30 charge in our budget book if a monthly subscription becomes available at reasonable price I’ll be one of the first ones on it. Thank you for an awesome app with great features ❤

  34. Kaitlyn dice:

    The absolute BEST photo editing app I have ever encountered. There is a three day free trial that I suggest you take full advantage of. You can change literally anything about yourself – your hair style/color, the size of your eyes, your smile, makeup, gender! Its incredible. It also has some awesome filters. Amazing app!!!

  35. I purchased the subscription but I wasn’t able to see the Pro Features. I contacted support for assistance hoping that the issue could be fixed because I would love to be able to use the app. Next thing I know, I received an email stating that my subscription has been canceled. I was hoping that the issue would be fixed but instead my subscription got canceled. Not sure if I should purchase again. Don’t want to experience the same issue and not get an explanation from support.

  36. What’s the point of the ads if you can’t even save the pictures without paying? I’m not paying $5 a month to use it a few times a year. And definitely not paying $30 a year either. Also it’s yearly subscription not even $30 to keep the premium features forever. The app is making money off the ads and off people paying monthly/yearly. What a scam! And yes if the developer gets money from us watching ads and we still aren’t able to save the pic, it’s a scam.

  37. This was previously one of the best apps I’ve ever encountered. It has been quite ruined with the recent updates. The older version was simple, elegant, and user friendly. The newer format is difficult to navigate, and one has to move around through the screens in a very disjointed fashion. Everything was previously easily reachable from the same screen. Also, I don’t believe anyone would use this pro version as a subscription service. Especially at the posted prices. Unbelievable descent of a high quality app into chaos.

  38. Intuitive, unique app that allows you to do a good deal of testing out what they have to offer – without having to purchase the paid version. Easy to use, fun, but not so accurate when it comes to assuming what one will look like, or did look like, older and younger. All in all, a mildly entertaining app that caught the internet’s eye for at least a week or two.

  39. I continuously send emails to the developer but have received no replies to my issue. I purchased a monthly subscription to pro and it suddenly stopped working. So I attempted a yearly subscription and pro is still not working anymore. I keep getting a message saying “error your order is processing, your item will be available in a few minutes” but it isnt. It was working a few weeks ago, but not anymore. I love the app. When it works it’s great and the filters look great! This bug needs fixing.

  40. This app is pretty awesome! I really enjoy using it, and I even went pro. However, there’s certainly room for improvement. It could use some more options! Especially for the pro version. Which, by the way, is a little pricy. My biggest critique is that the filter where you go from female to male reeeeallly needs updating. It looks extremely awful.

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