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Rhythm, music and guitars!
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Guitar Band Solo is a music game that offers a unique combination of rhythm, band and guitar. Play the best pop, rock and heavy metal rhythms, from classics to current beats. Upgrade your guitars and be the hero of millions of fans in the biggest music and rhythm game in the Guitar Band franchise!

• Tap, drag, and hold the beat to get more fans.
• Perform famous rhythms and tap like a rock star hero.
• Master each song and climb the leaderboard.

• Collect dozens of 3D high-definition guitars.
• Upgrade and customize each guitar to be a pop, rock and heavy metal hero.
• Each guitar is made to tap a rhythm and song style, be sure to make good choices.

• Start your band in the garage and evolve by playing gigs and unlocking songs and guitars.
• Tap the perfect rhythm to be a rock n roll hero and rank in every song.

• Music adapted for short games: your gameplay will be dynamic and fun.
• Guitar Band Solo presents a different, fluid model for you to have fun while learning songs, rhythms, guitars, and becoming a beat hero!

Please note: Guitar Band Solo is completely free to play, however some game items can be purchased for real money. It is possible to play offline.


40 comentarios en "Guitar Band – Solo Hero MOD"

  1. Games great played for a while before I posted a review to get the good feeling for the game basically the upgrades for the guitar are hard to come by you have to keep playing until you’re red in the face and then you still don’t get the one you want. The other thing is the events only a five ticket play after that buy more for 99 cents. I get you want to make money but I downloaded this game for free so I could play for free. And I see I could have better guitar case if I pay? Ridiculous!

  2. This is better than the multiplayer before, no buying guitar and other stuff, no hire band member, no energy, only play for free, guitar can be bought from guitar bags, guitar bags can easily we get when finished the stage or get from watching ads or daily rewards. [Edit] Login with Google Play not save any progress, only login and all progress is save to device only, not both cloud and local, just like the previous game. I’m very disappointed, also the tutorial take too long and can’t skipped.

  3. A brilliant game but issues do come into place like in event I played using 5 tickets but my score isn’t showing for some reason that and also the fact that some of these famous songs, or so they are in this game are morely remixed and renamed but do have the slight recognised sounds in the songs but only slightly which disappointed me in a way in hopes to have famous songs from early 80s-90s but other than that this is a great game one of the best I played so far.

  4. I love this game! The custom songs and the layout, everything! The fact that there isn’t an ad every 2 seconds is also amazing. Just a couple things that stop it from being 5 stars. By the 3rd tour, Brazil, if you don’t have an upgraded guitar you physically cannot progress. There’s no easy way to buy crates with in-game cash, so you can’t upgrade the guitar. Even if you get a perfect song you won’t beat the other band. The songs are about half a second offsync, easy fix though!

  5. I don’t mean to be rude but while all the controls are nice I hate the fact that all the music is just slightly altered versions of the originals and it annoys the hell out of me that that is the case either use the actual songs or make up your own completely original songs don’t use the openings or beats or hell even the vibe of the actual good songs

  6. I will change my review, IF I can play the game, but as of now I can’t even do anything after running the the game, and then the game told me to choose a song, and nope I can’t do anything, the animation still play, the music still running, but I’m stuck cuz I can’t do anything, nothing happens when I try to choose a song. Hope devs could help me fix my problem, I really wanted to play this game. Edit : nvm, its back, im stuck again, I’ve sent the video about my problem.

  7. This game is addictive and, enjoyable however, the next in game event timer reads 738,427 days until the next event. This is equivalent to 2023 years. (not adjusted for leap years). I’m not sure if you, the developers read these reviews, but if you do I wanted to let you the next event is not scheduled until sometime in the year 4025 at least. I would’ve made a formal ticket however, I’m not sure how to do that for this game.

  8. Solid game play, decent ‘not quite covers,’ but can use some fine tuning and optimization. Would like more haptic feedback for lost/missed notes and more forgiveness on missed note lanes (held notes).

  9. The game is fun and I like the songs. But everything is slightly off sync on my device and I can’t seem to find a way to tweak the syncing

  10. This had to be one of the worst games I have ever played. Perfection is what it wants there is no fun in that plus it says your offline unless except when the game wants you to watch a commercial. Load of BS. Don’t waste your time.

  11. Closest to Guitar Hero I have felt in a long time! No major tracks but many of them sound familiar enough to follow the tune. Awesome with good headphones! I REAALLLY miss Guitar Hero.

  12. Pretty cool options for play. I love the way they change up the names too!

  13. This game is perfect. I love that it gives a really good chance to play the classic Guitar Hero experience to new people. Keep it up!

  14. S F dice:

    Needs less distractions, it does this thi g wear you can’t see the note you’re supost to play. Also it’s impossible to win cuz guitars won’t upgrade more and u can’t even buy them

  15. So…the game comes across as a knock off. The songs are all generic versions of famous songs which wouldn’t be so bad except the audio never matches the note you are playing. The audio is a second or two ahead. The controls for the game aren’t all the great. I mean, I guess they tried…

  16. Jet dice:

    Technically smooth playing 👏 More Funk and Santana like songs would be great.

  17. I love all of the legendary 🎸 the only thing that it’s missing SRV’s famous Stratocaster it has a lot of famous guitars in it but it’s missing two of them Stevie Ray Vaughan’s fender Stratocaster and Jimi Hendrix upside down Stratocaster

  18. chit chot dice:

    if the song is original it would be better to play..

  19. it’s the best one I’ve come across button’s ain’t to small all u need is thumbs to play great sound and light effects

  20. Jill s dice:

    it’s a fun game, kinda harder at first, but overall it’s pretty fun and challenging too

  21. Travis H dice:

    Definitely would decrease the time needed on the opening of small cases but other then that def happy I downloaded it

  22. It was almost cool but the fact you only play portions of songs and none of them are named correctly for what they are so I was only able to recognize 2 songs out of the first possible 20 I could pick. Honestly a terrible attempt at making a good game

  23. This game is awful. If you want to play nothing but 1 minute long horrible rip-offs of classic songs with no cohesion between your fingers and the screen, then this game is for you. Otherwise stay away and thank me later. I’m only giving it one star because my charity can be tax deductible.

  24. This game sucks! Not only are all the songs covers, they only last for about a minute. The calibration on some of the songs are not right either, and there isn’t a way to fix it. Don’t waste your time!!

  25. Game is okay but it uses covers with weird names.

  26. It’s not okay when it adjust the speed before any buttons are able to be pushed jimmy can be fired

  27. I just have one complaint, I cant use the guitars for heavy or rock, just pop. Kinda wondering why?

  28. sean P. dice:

    Closest well ever get to guitar hero on mobile. But it still sucks…

  29. Very buggy, Doesn’t work correctly, and very bad game.

  30. it’s ok, the nearly original song names and slightly off oldish school guitar legends are pretty dynny

  31. I got to the first screen and deleted it from there. Once I saw the dumb names and heard the awful sounding remakes of really good songs… I said “NOPE!”

  32. Its a Sly dice:

    It’s okay at best, getting a big combo removed notes and messes with the screen and missing notes vibrates as default..

  33. great game smooth playing and sounds

  34. Horrible, the game is litteraly a worse version of Guitar Hero Live, plus they didn’t have the balls just to add 5 notes and make it a actual guitar hero spin off like clone hero! Instead they made it this, take notes developer’s, have balls and actually make a good game

  35. You need to upgrade the guitars to go further. Sad.

  36. It’s like getting a nut kinda. Lol You just need to try it

  37. everythinf is kinda nice, except the songs… its… sorry i cant

  38. perfect game if your looking for a game like guitar hero I love it🔥🔥🔥

  39. hard to get the hang of playing with my thumbs, but I like it so far. it takes patients and practice to get it.

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