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PIANISTA – Invitation To Classical Music
Play now the ultimate music game experience with PIANISTA!

[Classical Music]
PIANISTA is the worldwide phenomenal mobile game, wide open to all ages and all levels of game-players.
Now let’s play the masterpiece songs of legendary composers on mobile!

[Worldwide League]
Now you can play and compete against other Pianists (game-players) worldwide at the League mode.
Songs, composers, and rankings are refreshed every day.
Your game-play will get more intense as the competition gets fiercer.

[Inspirational Tour – Music Pack]
Discover new music packs released regularly!
You can take an inspirational journey with PIANISTA’s hand-curated music packs, ranging from ‘The Spring of Sound’ to ‘Compilation of Ensemble.’
Clear every stage of the music packs to become a virtuoso.
[Legendary Composers – Collection]
From Beethoven to Rossini, the list of legendary composers is just endless!
Play your favorite composer’s songs to earn a score bonus and more golds.

[Artistic Piano]
Showcase your artistic tastes with a beautifully designed piano skin, inspired by the notable paintings.
You can upgrade your piano to earn an extra bonus or choose the piano with special features.

[Practice Makes Perfect]
You can get free music points by watching video ads or simply purchase the Prestige Membership to have unlimited access to all contents.

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40 comentarios en "Pianista FULL"

  1. Absolutely unplayable due to faulty “sync”. This system is ridiculous – there are two adjustments you can tweak, but the descriptions of what each one does makes no sense (in English), and one seems to counteract the other somehow? I couldn’t get the beats to line up no matter how many times I adjusted the sliders, and spent over an hour (literally) trying to figure it out before leaving a negative review. On top of that, you have to run through the ENTIRE test song EACH TIME you try syncing.

  2. Good game, i really enjoyed it for a minute. It was interesting to read the histories and hear the songs. I downloaded this because I love the music, but there are still kinks. Like most of the reviews I’ve read, yeah, gameplay ok but mostly inaccurate as far as timing. Eventually the notes started fading in the middle of the strip and were gone before the bottom where the line is, so I kept missing and failing. I did finally find the sync settings and tried that. It worked great for the test song and played the way I wanted it to but the changes didn’t last once I hit apply; just kept going in circles. Also yeah, the running out of energy thing and having to buy more or wait is kinda bunk but I can deal with that. However, it’s too frustrating to keep playing a broken game so I ended up uninstalling it, sadly. I really hope the developers take note and are able/willing to fix these issues; I’d love to try again sometime.

  3. I believe this game is good but could use improvement. I found out that there is no point scaling between the difficulties, which means that I could simply go onto the easiest difficulty and top the leaderboards (personally that isnt fun; it should be a challenge/accomplishment to get on). I think a suitable replacement would be to have leaderboards for each difficulty, or at least making it so the easier difficulties cant get as many points. Anyways, its still a good game, and should be played.

  4. The music is beautiful and plays gorgeously!! The game play is smooth and neat. The only complaint I have is that when playing a song it tells you whether you “miss” the key or you hit it “marvelous”ly in the MIDDLE of the damn screen. Half the time I can’t even see the notes coming down the middle because of this and it’s very annoying. So because of that I’m giving 2 stars, it’s a huge distraction and is literally in the way, it’s placement is highly unnecessary. If it gets fixed I’ll give 5.

  5. Loved this game, but here’s why I stopped playing: the ‘perfect’ is really large in the screen and blocks the incoming notes so I can’t see them. Also, the sound that plays when you miss a note is really loud! It makes me jump in my seat every time I miss. Those two things are too distracting from the gameplay for me. I wish there was more ways to customize the hit sounds or the way the app looks during play. Ultimately there are other rhythm games I play more often so I uninstalled.

  6. I love the concept of this game, but the controls are awful. When I tap it counts the notes as wrong. I tried syncing and it didn’t help. There’s also no way to slow the songs down and practice, so I’m stuck on the songs that require a combo to pass. The music point system is also stupid. This game would be awesome if we had a practice mode.

  7. As someone who really enjoys osu!mania, I can confidently say this is the best phone app that I’ve tried in this genre. Responsive, amazing music, and even free version is good. Although it is expensive, you pay for what you get and it’s worth it. My only major issue is that I cant turn off the missed note sound which is a loud sound of someone smashing their head on the piano keys. It really destroys the experience, for example “Morning mood”. Even if its a premium feature it would make app 5*

  8. Minidoux dice:

    The game is great, however there are some problems with it. Firstly, the game *seriously* needs a practice mode, it gets frustrating trying to complete a difficult song with so little Music Points to play. Secondly, the controls are a bit wonky. When there’s a chord in which the notes are close together, it does not render me playing both of the notes, only one of them. Edit: You should be able to play songs that you have unlocked in the collection without music notes

  9. Galaxy dice:

    The gameplay is awesome in my opinion! I like the style of the tiles falling down, the longer notes, and the keyslides! The only problem is that in one level that is “Composer ~ Bach | Piece ~ Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” has a glitch where it doesn’t allow me to do the keyslide when it comes and counts it as missed, resetting my score everytime that happens and not allowing me to reach the goal to clear the song. So if you guys can fix this, I would gladly rerate for 5 stars. 😉

  10. I love love love this game. HOWEVER! 1. The full version is outrageously expensive. I also hate the coins, points, and jewels. Just let me play in peace. 2. In order to get more music points you have to watch the same 3 lame ads over and over. Seriously, I get that I will have to watch some ads, but switch it up a little will you? 3. The music point will “mysteriously” refuse to load after an ad at least once a session, making me watch the same stupid ads back to back. Just to play one song.

  11. The game itself is perfect, I absolutely love it. But, the “Energy system” placed in it is really bad and truly ruins the experience. I like that we have to work to get the songs, but with “energy” we can hardly play and enjoy the game. I’d like for it removed but then again you probably won’t read this review. I enjoy the game quiet a lot and would enjoy it much more without that “energy” wall preventing me from learning more about the world of classical music through this game. Hope you do.

  12. Absolutely love this game. There was a steep learning curve but…practice, practice, practice. No ads, and the prestige is worth the cost. I would however like to see some incredibly long songs, a way to make a “playlist” of songs to play in a row, or even a sort of randomized marathon mode. Just something to keep me playing without all the gaps in between. 5 stars from me. Fantastic game.

  13. Its a fun game, but very aggravating after a while. Rank grandmaster III, and it sucks i cant play it right because a lot of times it doesnt register my taps. Something that was obviously touched on time registers it as a miss or fair. Big let down and i didnt mind it at first, but after a while its just annoying. Please fix it instead of releasing more songs. I see im not the only one with this issue.

  14. Really loved it at first. But I noticed on heavier songs there are phantom misses on some notes out of nowhere. Particularly with level 50 Normal Mode — in order to finish tour you need 290 combo which is not possible with particular bugs in the red notes. Unless you pay real money for shields… Also realized there is a delay if you play with Bluetooth headphones. Would have been nice to have been told that initially. The sync settings did not work intuitively at all, despite my graphics being smooth. Really didn’t notice these issues much until heavy songs came about. Now, they are game breaking to me. The song play limit is also far too low and slow regeneration. The ability to practice songs would be nice at least if you’re going to implement a point regen limit so strict. Also wish there were ways to play other packs though achievements or something. To top it off, the fact alone that a third of the time I watch a video ad and mysteriously don’t credit — frankly raises quite a bit of suspicion about the company’s motives. Especially when that issue has been mentioned repeatedly in these reviews and not addressed. Meanwhile, it seems Superb is still responding to select reviews. It’s a disappointing collapse in my enthusiasm after seeing the immense promise the game has, and then realizing it’s being neglected just for the milking of a few bucks. They’d make far more money in microtransactions, ad revenue, and profit in totality if they cleaned that up and at least have some respect for F2P players that don’t mind ads occasionally during an achievement system to unlock things… Without doling out cash directly.

  15. Very fun and smooth playing game. The only gripe that I have is it displays the combo and how well you hit the notes right in the middle of where the notes come down. This makes it pretty hard to see what’s coming next on the harder songs. I think the game would benefit from being able to move that counter off to the side of the piano. Fantastic game otherwise though.

  16. *EDIT* you fixed the synch problems for the Note9 but I upgraded to the Note10+ and we are right back to songs going out of sync mid to late in song. I’m very good at this game and have played for a long time so I know it’s not my errors and I know what I’m doing with my phone. I’ve tried to fix the issue and nothing works. I hope you have plans to fix the issue soon because last time I waited months. 1 star and no money till then. I was paying every new music pack. Not anymore until fixed.

  17. The general rule with Android/iOS games is: behind every decent game is an awful pay structure that wants to siphon as much money as humanly possible from you. There has perhaps never been a better example of this rule than Pianista. The game itself is fantastic. The tracks are very thoughtfully arranged to make the player feel a real connection to the piano keys/chords being hit, the selection is massive and there is information attached to the composers for anyone whose Pianista sessions inspire them to learn a little bit about the people behind the music they enjoy. Unfortunately, it has one of the most insulting pay-to-play structures I have ever encountered in a video game. If you want to play for free you’ll be watching 30-second ads before *every single song*, and even then watching the ad doesn’t always register and give you credit. I’d love to buy the game, but instead of making an ad-free, purchasable copy available, the game offers you a rental structure whose price isn’t that shy of a Netflix subscription. I can’t emphasize enough how sleazy the pay structure is.

  18. This game is AMAZING! This is the closest to guitar hero that I have found, except that it is classical music instead. The app runs smoothly. The ability to adjust timing is so nice since I wear bluetooth earbuds and there can sonetimes be a micro delay between when the music is played in the game and when I actually hear it. My only gripe about this is the noise that is made when I make a mistake as the music cuts out. I make more mistakes because of this out of frustration.

  19. Some keys don’t react when being touched and proceed to become a miss. They actually in a way seem delayed. My device works just fine. The keys move smoothly and they are fast. But some of them just decide to not work. There is also another problem. The advertisment that gives you another music point doesn’t work the first time. Making you have to watch two advertisments.

  20. Steve S dice:

    Should be 5 stars but for greed. Pros: Gameplay is smooth and music selection is beautiful! Soo fun! Cons: 1: You can only play a few songs before having to either wait 20 mins for another “token” or forking over cash. 2: If you pay the ridiculously high price for premium (to play unlimited times) it only lasts a short time before renewing. If I pay $8 for the “full” version it better be permanent! 3: No multi player. The Nintendo version has a duet mode that makes the game.

  21. I’ve been playing for a long while now and overall the game is great. No lag, things sync up decently and it’s a blast. My biggest complaint is how slowly new music is released, especially with how spendy prestige is. I’m also not a fan of the giant combo counter and words taking up the middle of the screen. Longer songs, harder versions of some current songs and more lvl 9 technical songs would be amazing.

  22. Gameplay and graphics are great! the game plays nice and smooth too! But then after playing a few songs u get a connection timeout usually right after completing a song. This wouldn’t be so bad if it still remembered u beat a lvl, but it dosen’t! and has no problem taking a music note from u for playing a song that u have to play again cause it didn’t give u credit for playing it!

  23. I have very mixed opinions on this game. It is designed well, has a great selection of composers and provides a bit of history on them, and has good difficulty scaling. The paywall and pay to win features are horrible though. Since upgrading your pianos gives you extra points to your score, online rankings don’t really matter. That isn’t too big of a problem though. What is truly horrible is the premium costs. Getting new songs costs a ridiculous amount of gems that are expensive to buy too.

  24. Very fun! I learn the names of the songs I love to hear through this game. The different pianos I can play are very visually appealing and add to the experience! With the music points sometimes the ad doesn’t work and after I watch it doesn’t give me a point. But thats okay for me since it usually works the second time!

  25. It’s got a great jist, but it is so frustrating when I can’t play the longer notes because it’s not recognizing when I’m hitting them. I’ll be halfway through a song when the app stops letting me click it, making it so difficult and frustrating. Other than that it’s a good game, no ads, but there are only three starter composers and only one of their songs are playable.

  26. The game is amazing and plays really well. The recharge on music points is kind of ridiculous but the fact that the free point ads don’t work after a certain point is just sad. I don’t mind watching ads for how good the game is bud if they don’t load and it’s the only way to play another song without paying it should work without issues. Update. Now the ads dont work at all so now I have to wait the two hours to play the game for even a couple of minutes. Starting to wonder if this is on purpose?

  27. the game is great. Its fun, addictive and offers a large number of tracks to play(albeit alot are behind a pay wall). HOWEVER, there are a few issues. The main one being that if you ever uninstall or get forcefully logged off your account for whatever reason you lose ALL of your progress and to my knowledge there is no way to recover it (this has happened to me 3 times now). Also if using bluetooth headphones theres a very noticeable delay between when notes need to be hit and the sound playing.

  28. I want to like this game but it has a major flaw. A disturbing number of tracks have audio files with errors that reset the songs audio and as a result the song no longer syncs woth the notes you play. I mean what is the point of playing a game like this if none of the notes even sync up? This is incredibly frustrating and I cannot give this game the 5 star rating it deserves with such a glaring issue. Once this is fixed I will happily change my rating to 5 stars

  29. I love the concept and layout (well, not overall UI so much but the layout when playing a song) of this game and it’s lot of fun when it doesn’t hiccup on you. Unfortunately, I get slight freezes where the screen isn’t matching audio. At least pausing is usually enough to resync things. In a way, tgis game is 5 stars but I’m basing my rating from my level of enjoyment. I ended up uninstalling it because it’s annoying but I hope to try this game out again in the future. 🙂

  30. Pretty good game; good music. However, there is a part in Bach’s Jesu, Son of Man’s Desiring (normal) that is impeding my progression in the Tour mode. The part where there is a trill followed by a half-note, or a slide ending with a hold, should be passable by holding my finger on the screen. Unfortunately, this is not working for me.

  31. I Totaly Love this game but it needs improvements,surely you need to release updates more often.The biggest problem I guess is that sometimes hits don’t register and they are counted as wrong which is super annoying. Another is not being able to practice songs freely and without using music points ( watching ads videos sometime doesn’t work so you have to watch another).Also I think that the pause button should be closer to the bottom of screen where you put your fingers,and easier to reach.

  32. 90% of the game is locked behind paywalls. If you want to do more than play the beginning set of songs, you have to either pay to get gems, or become a Prestige member. I understand that free to download, ad free games have to find other ways to make profit, but this is ridiculous. At the very least have some stuff unlockable at higher levels. I’m considering deleting the game just because it gets more repetitive each time I play.

  33. G0thicus dice:

    Real fun and a good challenge if it wasn’t for the fact that some notes don’t register and will count as wrong even if you pressed it on time. This is noticeable in the tour stages especially on technical difficulty. “Practice make perfect” but can’t practice when you run out of music notes to play quickly. Even watching ads is no good as you never get them. The songs are great and even get to play memorable songs, but that loud error note messes with everything. Combos’ impossible to achieve.

  34. The game is really good. The problem is the fact that you can’t play the game after like 5 songs. They want you to buy energy to keep playing even songs you’ve beaten and “unlocked”. As well as the fact that combo bar is directly center screen and in your way. It covers a good amount of the upcoming notes.

  35. This is an example of a game that makes NO sense to have energy. You get 1 energy about every 25 minutes, and 5 energy to start. So you can only play those 4 songs before you just can’t play anymore unless you pay for more energy. It’s extremely stupid. The game itself is fine. It’s one of the better music games. There are a lot of songs to play. There’s no lag when hitting the notes, which is great. But seriously, the energy just makes no sense in this game.

  36. Great game…streak counter placement i think should be moved from middle of screen. Offline mode would be great (maybe for subscribers or something). Half speed or lower would be nice to learn songs on expert. My eyes aren’t as young as they use to be. Like not scored or something. Great game would love to see more songs and longer songs.

  37. Annay dice:

    I do enjoy this game but it would be great if there was another way to sync and save ur game progress other than facebook and apple. I have played this game since it came out, enjoy the music, composer selection, and they have updated it over the years to have more compositions. Although the higher the difficulty level the possibility of playing is not there. Hate and love the game.

  38. For the love of god add an auto sync option. I just spent like 30 minutes fiddling with the sync and whether I put the music/visual slider on far right or far left the notes were still wildly ahead of the music in the test song. I literally can’t handle another 30 seconds of swan lake. Just add a “tap this button when you hear the metronome” (music sync ☑) “now tap this button when it pulses” (touch input sync ☑) bit instead of the sliders. I KNOW my headphone latency and it’s still wrong. Ahhh

  39. I really loved this game on my old iPhone 5s but now stylo 6. my screen is to big to play with thumbs. I really don’t like playing with my fingers. Also I’m having hard time knowing where the buttons are. There no seperate lines and with lazy eye it confuses me clicking the wrong segment. Please add a function to see the seperate lines. That would help me and would be easier on my eyes. Tapping area is really small/thin barely half inch can make a way to adjust I can play with fingers easier.

  40. Liz Reece dice:

    Love this game! Learning about new composers, and discovering new favorites from composers I’ve already known. **update** I still adore this game! I have never experienced ANY of the sync issues, false update prompts, game locking up or restarting a song. I honestly have had no issues with this game what so ever. I love that new songs and composers are added fairly often. It helps keep my attention, which can be difficult.

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