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PIANISTA - The Ultimate Music Game Experience
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PIANISTA – Invitation To Classical Music
Play now the ultimate music game experience with PIANISTA!

[Classical Music]
PIANISTA is the worldwide phenomenal mobile game, wide open to all ages and all levels of game-players.
Its inclusive contents, superb visual quality, and a variety of play modes have been drawing renowned media’s attention with numerous acclaimed reviews:
“You can enjoy the legendary classical music from the world’s greatest composers with your fingers”
“The Perfect Piano Play Game Of All Time”

[Worldwide League]
Now you can play and compete against other Pianists (game-players) worldwide at the League mode.
Songs, composers, and rankings are refreshed every day.
Your game-play will get more intense as the competition gets fiercer.

[Inspirational Tour – Music Pack]
Discover new music packs released regularly!
You can take an inspirational journey with PIANISTA’s hand-curated music packs, ranging from ‘The Spring of Sound’ to ‘Compilation of Ensemble.’
Clear every stage of the music packs to become a virtuoso.
[Legendary Composers – Collection]
From Beethoven to Rossini, the list of legendary composers is just endless!
Play your favorite composer’s songs to earn a score bonus and more golds.

[Artistic Piano]
Showcase your artistic tastes with a beautifully designed piano skin, inspired by the notable paintings.
You can upgrade your piano to earn an extra bonus or choose the piano with special features.

[Practice Makes Perfect]
You can get free music points by watching video ads or simply purchase the Prestige Membership to have unlimited access to all contents.

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4 comentarios en "Pianista MOD 2022"

  1. Isabel Murphy dice:

    It’s got a great jist, but it is so frustrating when I can’t play the longer notes because it’s not recognizing when I’m hitting them. I’ll be halfway through a song when the app stops letting me click it, making it so difficult and frustrating. Other than that it’s a good game, no ads, but there are only three starter composers and only one of their songs are playable.

  2. OG Gamer Palm Springs, CA dice:

    First things first. This software is hands down the most natural feeling rhythm game I’ve ever played. The ornamentals are perfect, the physics flow smoothly and the score actually seem to have been written for musicians to read. I’m VERY impressed, not only by the arrangements, but also by the care given to each piece. PLEASE! Leave the game as it is, I wouldn’t (yet) change a DAMN thing 😉 Gold 3 League, and rising fast :). Bravo to the entire dev team!

  3. Uncreative Name42 dice:

    90% of the game is locked behind paywalls. If you want to do more than play the beginning set of songs, you have to either pay to get gems, or become a Prestige member. I understand that free to download, ad free games have to find other ways to make profit, but this is ridiculous. At the very least have some stuff unlockable at higher levels. I’m considering deleting the game just because it gets more repetitive each time I play.

  4. Erica Carroll dice:

    Good game, i really enjoyed it for a minute. It was interesting to read the histories and hear the songs. I downloaded this because I love the music, but there are still kinks. Like most of the reviews I’ve read, yeah, gameplay ok but mostly inaccurate as far as timing. Eventually the notes started fading in the middle of the strip and were gone before the bottom where the line is, so I kept missing and failing. I did finally find the sync settings and tried that. It worked great for the test song and played the way I wanted it to but the changes didn’t last once I hit apply; just kept going in circles. Also yeah, the running out of energy thing and having to buy more or wait is kinda bunk but I can deal with that. However, it’s too frustrating to keep playing a broken game so I ended up uninstalling it, sadly. I really hope the developers take note and are able/willing to fix these issues; I’d love to try again sometime.

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