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Unleash your inner dancer with Just Dance Now!
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Enjoy Just Dance’s greatest songs and moves on the go!

Dance to a free song every day! Get ready to dance to over 700+ top global hits from around the world, including the best tunes from the Just Dance 2022 console game!

Experience music from all over the world with awesome choreography and gameplay! Featuring tracks from your favorite chart-topping artists:
• Ice Cream by BLACKPINK x Selena Gomez
• I Am The Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) by 2NE1
• Bangarang by Skrillex Ft. Sirah
• Don’t Go Yet by Camila Cabello
• Levitating by Dua Lipa
• Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish
• Mood by 24kGoldn Ft. iann dior
• Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé
• Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake
• Judas by Lady Gaga
• Sua Cara by Major Lazer Ft. Anitta & Pabllo Vittar
• China by Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G Ft. Ozuna, J Balvin
• Chandelier by Sia
• SaveYourTears by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande
• Believer by Imagine Dragons

Enjoy the Just Dance experience:
• Instant: Dance to your favorite songs in just a few taps!
• Social: Show-off your dance moves and skills to the world and share your personalized Dancer Card with your friends!
• Fresh: New songs and exclusive content are added every month!
• Customize: Create your own playlist with your favorite songs!
• Google Fit: Track calories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your Google Fit dashboard!
• Compete: Dance your way to the top of the charts to be named Dancer of the Week, and get featured in the game!

Enjoy the features you know and love from consoles:
• Immersive: Immerse yourself in the music and show off your cool dance moves to the entire world! The ultimate dancing experience on your smartphone!
• Genres: Enjoy a wide variety of music across all genres such as EDM, KPop, Pop, Rock, and Latin, along with timeless classics!
• Content: Dance to over 700+ of the best songs from around the world with fresh content added regularly!
• Quality: Only the best chart-topping hits, all licensed, choreographed and optimized for your personal dancefloor! Quality playlists and collections added every week!
• Innovative: Stay fit, have fun, and enjoy the rhythm with an arcade like experience!
• Party: Play casually or join the online competitive game where you compete to become Dancer of the Week and get featured on the app! Casual or competitive, it’s your call!
• Original: Stay fit without the need for any gym membership or equipment!

Enjoy the dance and workout app! A music app like no other! Take your dancefloor with you in your back pocket. Work out, stay fit and party to your favorite beats! Learn, dance, work out and become the star that you are!

Just Dance Now is a product of Ubisoft Entertainment, developer and publisher with a variety of critically acclaimed and AAA titles under their belt. With Ubisoft behind it, you’re guaranteed a polished and optimized game that is both unique and innovative in the smartphone market! Jive and groove to over 700+ licensed top hits from around the world with new tracks being added regularly!

Are you ready to Just Dance?

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40 comentarios en "Just Dance Now MODDED 2022"

  1. This is really fun. I would only change 2 things. 1) I think there should be a way to be able to play more than 2 songs a day without paying a subscription. In my opinion, the subscription is a reasonable price considering how much the Wii games were each year, but still. 2) I wish the recommended for you playlist changed more often based on what I played. Ideally I’d like it to update daily. Still a great game other than those two things!

  2. Cypher dice:

    I had 200 coins, right? that means two songs. Which is absurd, by the way, but I’ll get more on that later! I played one song just fine. When I went to play the second song, it said there was an error. The first time this happened I thought “oh, I’ll just try again.” No. It took my coins anyway and I never got to play the song. This happened twice. About the one song every 24 hours. That is just horrendous. I know you want people to pay for your overpriced subscription but I’m poor af like most

  3. Lots of connectivity issues with even the best internet connection and flagship devices. The graphics and song selections are absolutely fantastic. Sad to see I can’t add my annual Just Dance Now subscription to my Google family library. The actual dance and graphics took a ton of people, time, and effort. It was an entire production. So imo this justifies a subscription. I just feel like a parent should be able to share it with their kid in college.

  4. I won’t lie, Just Dance is one of my favorite games to play when I have free time. The concept is revolutionary, however the excecution is a little worse than I thought. For one thing, majority of the song roster are recent songs, and a lot of the popular songs from older games are not present in the game (Where Have You Been and She Wolf, for example). Also, I heard that the use of currency changed from the last update. The songs were more expensive, but after that, you could play that song as many times as you want for free. Please, bring that back. It would make the game much more enjoyable, than dancing to 2 songs and then waiting a whole day to dance to another.

  5. when I load up the app, theres a black screen with green pixels in the corner, and you can NOT skip the tutorial, which costs 100 coins so that’s a bummer. the quick join didn’t work at all, and if you accidentally click on a song you can’t cancel. also, I’m not sure if this is fixable but you can’t put your phone on sleep mode, it’ll boot you out of the room and it won’t let you back in. fun app, similar to the dvds but the vip app isn’t better than them because of all these small problems.

  6. I like the game, it’s good overall and has a variety of music. They let you get new songs 2 per day and has great prices for the subscription. The actual motion controls for the phone may need alittle work. The songs would be better to find if they were in their own genres. Sometimes when the screen is in idle on my laptop the screen goes black and crashes.

  7. Th3 Gh02t dice:

    Was good at first. However, I was only able to play two songs(one of the intro dances, and a dance of my choice), before it started having difficulties with connection. I’ve disconnected and reconnected the WiFi. Restarted both my computer and phone, and uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but so far, none of these methods have worked. Really disappointed. Otherwise, would’ve been a really good app. I’ll change my review once this bug is fixed. Anyways, thank you for reading.

  8. Cloudi dice:

    Cash grab. Can only play one song a day and, according to the game, most of the music isn’t even available. Glitchy as all get out. Buffers/loads while the song is playing so you lose points bc you can’t even see the moves and it randomly changes pitch. Can’t skip the tutorial. You have to go through it, even if you don’t want to. The UI is not that hard to figure out. We should be able to skip it. You’d have a better time just dancing to the gameplay from a third party site for FREE.

  9. Convenient and fun. In the latest update, I last wrote that I am able to scan the dance room and join using the computer with no problems. However, when I cast it on tv, I am noticing that I am having issues connecting and playing a song. Overall, it is an enjoyable experience and convenient that we can play just dance through our phones and a computer/tv with the family when the connection is successful. Appreciate the work you did in being able to develop this app.

  10. It was a great app, being able to use my phone as a remote, the built in screencast in my TV to use as a screen, AND its free! But i’m giving it 3 because I was able to use my coins to play the songs, but now when I try to do so, it takes my coins then says “sorry, you don’t have enough coins! Please try again later,” despite having the coins before, it’s kinda annoying me. I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but I can’t play the game because of it. Edit, nvm it was fixed, it 5 stars now.

  11. Just played for half an hour… What a workout! I don’t like that you are so limited to how many songs you can play without a subscription, but it helps that subscription prices aren’t -too- pricey. Sometimes the game would kick me off or lose connection, and some songs are definitely difficult. I also would accidentally hit my camera button, which messed the game up. Overall though, insanely fun! 🙂

  12. I LOVE this app! It’s the most fun way of exercising. You dont even have to go HARDCORE in the dance to get a good rating. (although I try my best). The only complaint is the “points” you get 200 points. It costs 100 per song. You are given 100 points per 24 hours, but the max is 200. I hate this feature because I can only do 2 songs, there for shortening my fun with the app, and my excersize. I’d like to have infinite excersize and stop when I’m ready, or at least 5 songs per day.

  13. I was super excited to see this game come out. It was easy to set up but the first song I chose I got 1/3 of the way through and the game was out of sync. It continued to keep freezing and there is no way to exit once the song is started. Hopefully the bugs get fixed and honestly the vip price isn’t bad considering the actual game is around the same price for the Wii.

  14. Louis S dice:

    Enjoy the game but wish there was a better way to search and find songs. Only being able to search by difficulty, alphabetical, and number of dancers makes it hard to find dances I’m in the mood for. I’d really love to see a feature that’s search by artist and possibly an option to build playlists/add songs to favorites. It’s good value for money, imo.

  15. Unfortunately not great. If you want to play free, you only get two dances every 24 hours. Also, you can’t listen to the music on your phone and have to use the big screen, so if you want to use headphones you’re screwed. I had high hopes for this app but was a little crushed when I downloaded it. On the bright side, the phone sensitivity seems great and all the songs I remember from old games are available!

  16. This app is very buggy. I was in the middle of class when out of nowhere, the music started playing. If I remember correctly, the song playing was “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull, I am unsure if it’s this song specifically, but I feel that this app has possibly caused my phone to start acting up. I now have to take it to the store to erase the memory so that it will work the way it’s supposed to. This glitch may be related to a certain problem I had with sending an emoji, candy crush, and spotify.

  17. It’s really fun and I’m excited there’s an option for this game without the console, but the phone controls don’t connect well and it’s quite laggy. This has affected gameplay so much that it’s really frustrating. It would be cool of this was smartwatch compatible too so that you could leave your phone in a safe place like a nearby table so you don’t accidentally click out of the app while dancing (no Smartphones are tiny hands friendly so this is an issue for me).

  18. I think this is a really cool game and can be a really fun cardio workout, but for me at least, I cant stay connected for more than the first 20-30 seconds of any song. I’ve looked at my wifi connection and everything is all good there, maybe it’s just my tv, but I’m really disappointed that something with such cool gameplay and easy ui just won’t work for more than a few seconds :/

  19. Love how it was ported. My phones a little old so it can be laggy sending signals. However, app is functional and pretty free unless u want more and more songs which you can grind with coins. My only issue is not being able to X out on my phone if I decided to change song or chose one by mistake. Right now i can only close my phone screen and then wait for a timeout. Please think about rolling out some way to cut the song during playback.

  20. Works well from the 2 plays I was able to do. The cool down to be able to play another song is WAY too long. At least add the option to watch an ad or something. Many people, especially the target demographic, will absolutely refuse to pay for a subscription no matter how low it is. Don’t give me that “we’ll take your comment into consideration” garbage I’ve seen in other reviews.

  21. c K dice:

    Edit: it works again! 🙂 🙂 Ever since the update it doesnt work for me on my android with chromecast. Ive tried reinstalling it several times and it literally never loads. It’s even more annoying because I have a subscription, I was hopeful that after 2 months they would have fixed the bug it seems to be causing many users.

  22. Every Just Dance game in one! The pricing is fair (except the 1 day option, that one’s weird) and it’s so easy to play anywhere with a phone and a laptop! I would give it five stars, but the motion detection can be a little inaccurate compared to my experience with the Wii games and seeing “Okay” when you land a move sucks. Still, it’s my favorite way to work up a sweat!

  23. Blutonic dice:

    I love playing this game. It starts up, I open the webpage on my computer monitor, connect it, and dance until I can’t feel my feet. Have not had any of the connection or crashing issues others have had, and I’m using WiFi on my Samsung Galaxy S10+. I hope they continue to add more songs across different genres, especially Japanese!

  24. Everything is nice though some notable songs are missing like the Bangarang extreme variation and She wolf just to name some. The motion detector on the phone app needs some fixing. I can’t count the amount of times I did a move PERFECTLY and it gave me an “Ok” rating. As someone who can do most of the dances almost perfectly on the kinect version, it’s very upsetting. Definitely needs to be worked on. Other than that, fantastic app!

  25. For some reason a few of the songs respond really poorly in terms of movement. The Mugsy Baloney is an example of a song that’s super buggy. Shows the wrong moves at the bottom and then stops tracking movement properly when the wrong moves show up. I figured with this update the response would be better but I’m going to end up deleting it for the same reason as last time. Hates my phone I guess.

  26. I downloaded it maybe 2 minutes ago and it’s already malfunctioning. I set up my phone and tv correctly, but as soon as I select a song to dance to, it takes my coins and then glitches and says the song cant be played so I can’t actually participate in what I just paid for. You have to pay per song to dance which is incredibly messed up. Don’t bother getting this app. It’s a waste of time and energy.

  27. This would be an amazing experience if you could play the song you “purchase” all day instead of having to “pay” everytime. Also When I try and play a song it glitches out and the music and dancing freezes, the lyrics still go and it still registers my phone’s movements, everything else just stops. When I try to restart the game and replay that song I lose out on a free turn. But then it doesnt work again and I’ve just wasted my final free song. So maybe it’s a bug, idk, but not happy.

  28. I wanted to try this out and see if it worked well online and if I liked it get a subscription for my family. They give you a free first song, but when I chose it the server timed out and didn’t let me try to load the first song again. Ok, well I had 100 coins still so I thought, no big deal I’ll use those to try a song. Same deal. Queued it up, got timed out by the server and it used all the coin without letting me play the song. So it gets 0 stars for being unplayable.

  29. Lex W dice:

    The games fun to play, if it actually works (which is very rarely). It loves to skip ahead everything on the website and throw you right into the dance without even letting you purchase it or anything. It’s also great for just taking your coins and then making you pay for the song again. I don’t have unlimited so I thought this would be better to use since it has all the songs but nope, it’s not even playable. If you already have the games with the songs on them, play those instead.

  30. I think this app is very nice and and a great workout. The only thing I do not like about this app is that you can only play one song a day. And unless your VIP you can only get up to 200 coins. Maybe the songs could be just a bit cheaper (like 50 coins a song instead of 100). Or we could watch an add to get 100 coins. But besides that the app is pretty great!

  31. Great game! I love that we’re able to choose which songs we want, unlike buying the console version, which is a pre set selection. However, I wish we could have unlimited access to a song once we purchase it. I’d rather the price be higher if we got to keep it forever than lower but we only play it once. Otherwise, I love having this on my phone, as I don’t have the money to buy a console for the console version.

  32. Good app but really hard to access. I purchased the VIP pass for the year and it automatically renewed it the following year. I tried to reach out to developer’s email about it, THREE TIMES, and no one responded back. It’s a new year and they’re going to take my money again soon lol. Useless support team, don’t bother buying the pass when it automatically takes your money without a warning as well. I would give it under 1 star if I could.

  33. Sometimes it disconnects but those are minor issues and are rare. I have a lot of fun playing this game definitely worth the subscription but u can’t really play it without paying. So disregard the free price tag. Best part is u can do it anywhere as long as u have a smart phone and a computer. And u can have up to 4 people play with u. No need to carry around ur console and controllers.

  34. Casting the game to chromecast is super buggy. There were times where the screen would freeze and the song would completely slow down and drop pitch, or speed up and increase in pitch. It’s missing songs like “I feel good” and “I don’t feel like dancing”… but they can remember to put all five million versions of Just Dance and I kissed a girl on there??? Overall this is a pretty good game. Worth the $27? No, not yet. This app has a long way to go.

  35. I really enjoy the app itself and I have grown a routine of practicing two selected songs and doing great at them when I actually play. The issue Im facing is that I would like to buy the pass but hearing about how awful it is makes me not want to pay. Also, one song a day is a bit of a let down. The website says that there is a free section but it is nowhere to be found.

  36. Highly recommend. If you buy vip subscription is only ~$25 for a Year. You have access to all music without limit. I just downloaded and I did like 5 songs. I’m extremely love to dance. And this make you sweat so perfect for someone who doesn’t like to exercise. Great warm up. This make you move. I’m not sure how accurate. I would like to prefer a set of wrist and ankle sensor . Holding the phone sometimes uncomfortable cause I want to dance with my hands either. And also you can try free.

  37. It’s so fun. I was skeptical since the rating is so low. I paid for the unlimited one. The movement control needs improvement, you need shake your phone hard (which can be dangerous). The free version can be better if you can allow users watch ads for coins. For room number, I used my computer. I typed in the website as instructed & loads qr code and number at top left corner with no issues. Select songs on phone not 2nd screen, it will freeze

  38. Subscribed to VIP because my daughter wanted to dance. What a waste? The Tv screen freeze most of the times during the danceoff. While other people’s meter is going up, my kid is clueless on what to do next. And alas she lost. Earlier it was happening less. But now it is happening every damn time. So frustrating. To top it all, once my daughter was doing good and at the very end of the dance, the entire group was replaced and she was at the bottom. Whatever it is, but the app is very glitchy.

  39. Just Dance is a fun game but this game has too many connection issues. I have a stable internet connection this is the only thing that gives me trouble. If this game reliably worked it seems like a good price for the subscription. I just won’t invest in a subscription when the service keeps going down. Not to mention that as I was deciding if I wanted the subscription the game would sometimes take my coins and kick me out. I’ll give this game props for not using micro-transactions though

  40. This game is so fun, and what’s nice is you need a phone, and a tablet, computer, or chromecast, and you can have the original game experience. There is one thing that really bugs me, you get 100 coins( what you need for ONE dance, every 24 hours) and so it limits you. If you are willing to pay 24$, then this game is great especially if you buy the year long membership ☺️

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