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Simple, Fun, And Clean! Like A Dino!

※ Please note, the game information and data could be deleted and not be restored if you delete the application.
※ Game information and data cannot be transferred to other devices.
※ Find me on any of my social media (usually @super_toki, unless it’s been taken)


General fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "Like A Dino! MODDED 2022"

  1. This is such a great game, games like this you can hardly ever find. The music is so lovely and relaxing. It’s honestly great, simple, and so cute too!! I do wish that it was possible to customize your own dinos and colors, instead of just green and pink. Or even customize your own levels! I would definitely recommend to anyone, especially travelers, who like calm music and cute dinos, colors, and levels that don’t give you headaches when on the go! Amazing game! :]

  2. Adorable- Just amazing, great calming music. Beautiful designs! Can’t wait for more Also great cause no adds 👍(unless you choose) Very proud of creator and hope they do more! There are many copies of this or that are similar, but this is by far the best one, not to mention it’s the original. I would love if you could change the background though, I don’t like how it’s all the same color, but that’s my only suggestion. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, definitely worthy dowload!

  3. This is genuinely one of my favorite relaxing games. The music is lovely and the style is so cute. I do have a question- is there any chance we’ll get the blue and white color scheme back? That’s the one thing I miss from before the Dino update: all the color options. Now it’s just pinks and greens and the bars don’t stand out as nicely from the background. Overall great game, excellent gameplay and design, I just miss my colors!

  4. I love the game. There are so many characters and songs to chose form! If you want to get them you need a amount of coins. To get those coins you can watch an ad or just get points form playing. It’s so fun and I just started. The characters are so cute and the songs are pretty nice. When you play you have to get the Dino taller and taller by the green things touch ing his head. To do so you have 3 life. You can miss twice and life but if you miss again the game ends. Play the game! It’s so fun!

  5. This game is pretty simple, and that’s good! It pretty much your standard piano game, but with charm. This game is kinda grindy though. I assume love story is a little story that gives you skins as well, but I could be wrong. The music is fantastic, and I love the art style. There’s also barely any ads. I don’t even think this game has ads. Overall, I would recommend this game to pass the time, but the grinding part kinda ruins it. Not too much though.

  6. This game is ADORABLE!!! From the cute dinosaur aesthetic to the gameplay, this game is, hands-down, unique. I adore the stories unlocked with the skins, and the songs you can play. Even though I occasionally get bored, it’s always fun to come back to. Also, this game seems to be frustration proof. It’s an absolute joy to play. Good luck on your animation, Toki!

  7. This is a really cute and fun game. Its not super hard but it is not so easy that you get bored. It’s just right (: The songs are cute and you only have to watch adds when you want more coins. (And you don’t NEED the coins so you can have 0 adds) Also, I play on my computer which makes it a little harder but I still do fine (:

  8. I absolutely love it! Just the fact that I can have a game that I can click on and be able to finally relax for once. The music, gameplay, dinasour is all so unique and It makes me feel comfortable with myself. I don’t regret downloading it at all! Definitely recommend to people with anxiety and other disords or for people who just want a relaxing game to play! 🙂

  9. Your game is very well made and people are kindly thanked for playing your calming fun game you also are told kind things like “perfect” when you hit a note or “marvelous” when you get a good score.If you are checking reviews to see if you want the game then in my opinion you should get it I have one really small problem that Isn’t a glitch it’s that sometimes if you miss the word “Duh!” Pops up I don’t feel like it goes with the other words used in the game.But also all ads are optional🙂.

  10. rose dice:

    Overall, the game is wonderful, of course with the occasional bug. The only bug I’ve encountered so far is when the notes keep on going, and you can’t “collect” them, but the amazing music and the oustanding yet simple art style / charm – make up for it! The game is a rythym game. But the music has such a unique charm to it. Its a nice turn in rythym games, and I ask of you to subscribe to the creator. The skins, to the songs, they all have effort put into them! (Yes, the skins.)

  11. This game is soo cute!! Love it! I found that while using my bluetooth headphones, the sound is delayed, but I don’t even mind. The dino is so cute, and having options of songs is a nice touch, as well as different outfits going along with the love story. Would give more stars if I could. No ads at all. Not like other games, and the dino is super cute.

  12. I can’t believe how simple yet AMAZING this game is! It’s like a therapeutic game. It has visually pleasing pastel colors, positive messages, 3 tries per round, adorable characters you can unlock, and positive music! This is my favorite game… oh, and don’t forget, you can unlock a few more songs as well! You can start off slow paced, and eventually it will go from fast, slow, fast. I absolutely recommend this to people of all ages, and to people with anxiety. Trust me, it relaxes you.

  13. If I could go on and on about Like A Dino forever, I would. I’ll start with the best— 1, there are practically zero to none ads, which is incredibly hard to find. 2, I absolutely love the characters and music. The characters are pretty much for everyone, and that’s what I love. The music is also brilliantly composed—not to mention the timing and everything. And 3, everything about this game just screams “Beautifully Made”! I’m so glad to have found this game,I’d recommend it to anyone. 10/10

  14. This game is amazing!!! I’ve only played two of the songs, and I can already tell how awesome it is! It’s super fun, super relaxing, super simple, and pretty easy to play. And I also love that it gives you multiple tries before making you start over, and I love that you can change your character. All in all, easy five stars, and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cute, simplistic musical game!

  15. Overall, this game is really fun and keeps me entertained. You can choose from different dinosaurs and songs. Each note you catch makes the dinosaurs’s neck get longer. It is a really fun game. You can even let young children play, 3 and up. There are no ads at all unless you are watching a video to get coins. After a while you learn how to catch notes even faster. I would recommended this game with all my heart! Love it!

  16. SO CUTE!! I am absolutely In love with this game, it has a love story within it too!! It has such cute music and it gets harder and harder at a good pace!!! And ads so far haven’t been a problem!!! And when you fail, it doesn’t make any noise like a buzzer or alarm, just gives you your score and you can try again! It gives you CONSTANT words of encouragement and uplifts you!!! Super positive game!!! There is so much more amazing stuff I don’t have room to write it!!! Def worth a download!!✨✨✨

  17. The psyhology of this game is brilliant! Three tries to complete a level, no scary buzzer noise when you fail, constant words of encouragement throughout the game, and the spacing between sections gets bigger when the songs speeds up making it playable even if its slightly harder each time. I’ve never played a friendlier mobile game, and all the characters are so cute! Love it! 10/10!!!

  18. It’s a great game and when you get to the faster bit of the songs it’s quite an adrenaline rusher! The characters are cute although I do wish for more dinosaurs or a snake or maybe even a dragon to be a bit testy! Overall an amazing game! It’s fun to play and the music and love story are both awesome and cute! The effort the creator/s put into the animation is awesome!! I love the game! I hope more updates come soon i would love to see more of Like A Dino! Amazing animation by the way!♥️🦕

  19. Such an adorable game. I’m in love with the cutesy songs, and the adorable little story line! <3 This game has a lovely vibe to it! :3 I love the fact they put inspirational little messages if you mess up! 🙂 They give you 3 lives (thank you!) And 1k coins with every ad; which can be used to unlock more of the love story! It has a faster pace as the song goes on! This is an overall really wonderful game, and I can't wait to see what's to come in the near future with the animation! ♡

  20. Litterally perfect and amazing! I havent ecpirienced lag at all. It has multiple levels and if its to easy (i mean the first coyple times it was hard) it gets faster. You get to buy multiple characters and they have their own live story too! Its truly amazing. They also have their youtube channel linked in the top you get coins when you follow and their animations are great! I havent gotten one ad. You dont have to worry about that. This game really is great. Its vibe is relaxing but fun. Play.!

  21. *sigh* Where do i even start. I absolutely LOVE this game! Not only the concept, but also the art style! I also love how unlike other games, its not filled with ads. The only time i get ads, is whenever i need coins! 🙂 and the games also not full of in-app purchases which is also great. 🙂

  22. I love this game its so adorable and ad free the only time you watch an ad is to get coins . The love story is cute and so are the songs. But the only problem is that sometimes if I miss a note it says “duh!” And that kinda makes me rage, but overall it’s an amazing game and for me, stress relieving. I really do recommend it.

  23. This is so cool! It’s one of those games that is satisfying, passes time, and very mindful. The ads are not bad either, you only have to do ads when you want money. Ads are always optional and you can earn coins by watching them. You can customize the song you are playing to or your dinosaur. There are two dinosaur characters, a girl and a boy. They are in different clothes for every different type. I am also happy with the fact that they don’t advertise it. Overall, I recommend this cute game🙂

  24. Honestly for starters if ur looking for a fun simple music game, this game is for u! The art style so cool and cute! The music too is joyful and cute. The concept of the game is rlly easy and simple to under stand in seconds. One thing I would advice is whenever u get a point or a note the neck of the Dino vibrates weirdly so I would suggest removing that.

  25. Review: Really cute and fun to play! You can tell the maker put a lot of effort into it. I love that there’s no ads. Suggestion: Bluetooth audio is out of sync, not sure what is causing that, but a fix would be nice! Edit: Removed prior critique about unlocking songs; I was doing it wrong! I realised you just have to “buy” them with earned coins like the dinos. Sorry about that!

  26. Mad dice:

    Really wholesome game! The music is very uplifting, and when you fail it gives you encouraging messages. Plus, it generously gives you two lives everytime. Whenever you’re feeling down, this game may help to get your mind off of things. Also, the developer seems to be very kind, and genuine. Also, it works offline, and doesn’t really have many ads at all(I mostly play offline so I’m not sure how many ads it may or may not have, but I don’t think it’s many). I really recommend trying this out 🙂

  27. Absolutely amazing!! I love this game so much, the music is nice, when you lose it says “its okay” or “it’s okay not to be okay”and it boosts my confidence. I love how theres no ads unless you want to watch an ad for ONE THOUSAND COINS. that’s a lot of coins for a small ad. One think that would be cool to add, would be different speeds, slow, normal, and fast. But it also keeps getting faster as well. Unless you want to keep it on the same speed. I have never wrote a review on anything, amazing

  28. Absolutely phenomenal! Simple design, easy and quick to play, and the music… *muah*. It even has encouraging messages if you mess up! Another thing is the lack of ads. I love it. It doesn’t force you to pay to get rid of ads, shove so mamy ads in your face, and you don’t need ads to get coins for the game. The coins are given generously when you play. Simply put, this game makes me a very, very happy person.

  29. Amazing amazing amazing! I never really liked these types of games but this is different and cute and the music goes so well with the dino. Now, let’s talk about the ads. They literally only give ads if you ASK for one because of extra coins or something. And if your a parent trying to see if this is a good fit for your kids, its perfect! If you mess up, you always have three tries AND every time you mess up (not just at the end) it gives you little notes like its ok! I 100% reccomend!

  30. Amazing app! Amazingly done and no lag in sight! The only ads are completely optional and are only for if you want extra currency! It’s smooth, has wonderful music, adorable art style, and many encouraging messages as to not make you feel bad about failing! The difficulty is perfect, and the creator seems extremely lovely! A 10/10, it far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to more in the future!

  31. bruhboy89 dice:

    this is purely amazing. first off, you won’t see a single ad in the game, unless you volunteer. secondly, the controls are super easy, you just move the giraffe from side to side. thirdly, the music is really good! even the starter song is a bop. fourthly, you get three tries and then you lose. and fifth, you get motivational messages, like “it’s okay to not be okay”. this game is amazing, I love it.

  32. en gu dice:

    Great game for anytime because wi-fi isn’t needed so you can play anywhere! And, it’s relaxing to just make the dino taller! Plus, the songs get faster so it’s not so boring! And: music + cute characters! Except maybe you can make the speed change on an even number and not a random one, like 382, please? But that’s not necessary, just a suggestion. So, if you read this, get the game for stress-relief, serenity, fun, just a time-killer, or music!

  33. I originally saw this on TikTok, and dang this app is honestly amazing! The songs are really cute and also really catchy, and the game itself is just adorable. Not to mention, the only ads you get are ones if you want to get coins to help unlock different songs and skins, and even so you get a lot of coins for that. Oh, and it also gives you small encouraging messages when you die! In general, this game is super fun and pretty simple, and it’s a perfect thing to play in your free time!

  34. Katie dice:

    This app is so cute and I love how you are able to choose when the ads play •A few adjustments to make the game a bit more interesting: •more themes like a jungle theme or a winter theme for the background. •The coin system should be adjusted a little with the availability of the things sold having something cheaper and more characters. The songs are very catchy and thought through.•There should also be a way to pause the game. ~thank you for creating an overall great game!

  35. This is a newer game. It is simple, but fun. A bit more traditional, but engaging. There are zero adds that inturupt the game. The only adds involved, are when you choose to watch one for extra coins. The game is customizable with characters and songs. These customizations are a good goal to work towards while playing a very carefree, feel-good game. It’s adorable, lagless, and overall worth your time.

  36. Rpoxxu dice:

    This game is super fun! It’s cute, and a pretty great time killer! I love the color scheme too, it’s a pretty simple, cute game. Great for playing when you’re bored or have nothing to do. I’ve also never experienced lag in this game. And if you die you get 2 more tries, with a inspirational message in the corner saying “it’s ok to not be ok” and when the round ends it says “pretty good” or something else depending on the score you got.

  37. The previous version was so cute and fun. The music is great. I absolutely loved it, but since the update, they deleted all the characters I collected (and didn’t really compensate me). With only the options of a green or pink dinosaur, I don’t enjoy playing it as much anymore. I used to like switching between different characters often for a change, but now there’s less options to customize and it feels more repetitive and monotonous. It’s a little sad and I wish they didn’t update it.

  38. LOVED IT!! super fun, and easy to play! Simple concept, and you don’t need wifi to play it. Perfect for long road trips, or just a simple ride to the grocery store! No need for payment to “get rid of ads”, all ads are optional! It’s 1,000 coins for one ad, which makes to easy to unlock things, but there so addictive! And the dinosaurs are SO CUTEEEE!! Totally recommended for any occasion and any person!

  39. For those of u who glanced at this game thinking its just riddled with ads and low quality, its not. The only time I’ve gotten an ad so far is by voluntarily watching an ad to get free coins. The songs are catchy, the little dinos are so cute, and the game seems to aim at keeping frustration levels low. It is very fun and a simple rhythm game, and easy to get the hang of.

  40. keirpoi dice:

    This is such an adorable, loving musical game. It’s very time consuming, and the cute details make this game a great game to play. The music is ively and cheers me up, and it’s just overall one of the best musical games I’ve ever played. I don’t think they’ll add more songs, but I sure hope they do. There are no ads, and you get 3 tries, which is great for beginning the game. The only time ads appear is when you want free coins. The free 1,000 coins ad never goes away. Great game. Try it out! 😀

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