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Be a rock legend! 20+ of Queen’s greatest hits in the official rhythm game!
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Become a rock legend with Queen as you tap to the rhythm of over 20 classic songs including “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You,” “We Are the Champions” and “Radio Ga Ga.”
Hit the stage and perform with the entire band—Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon—as you unleash your music talents to play thrilling guitar riffs, heart-pounding drum solos and much more. All you need to do is tap the tiles in time with the rhythm, and become a part of these heroes’ band!

Embark on a musical journey to rediscover the story of Queen, the world’s most iconic rock band. Play their greatest hits at historic venues, create your own stage performances with unique animations and legendary outfits, and collect exclusive images from the official archives of Queen!


*(Fully Unlocked Version Required)*

Play your favorite tracks from over 20 official Queen songs from their greatest albums, including: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Keep Yourself Alive,” “We Will Rock You,” “I Want to Break Free,” “We Are the Champions,” and many more!
Challenge your music skills in this fun, addictive, and intuitive game. Prove that you are a true Freddie Mercury fan! Whether you’re a hero playing the guitar, drums, or bass, or you’re on vocals, just tap the tiles as they float by to create some of the most memorable music on mobile!

Keep the rhythm going across the stage to chain together crazy combos and rack up an amazing game score as you play and complete the songs! Dazzle the audience with official outfits and customizable accessories you can unlock and pick out for each venue.
Play your songs in front of your lovely fans in one iconic venue after another, including the legendary original stages in London and Tokyo, and then fly to Houston in the USA before amusing your fans in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, and in many more venues and stages.

Master the guitar, drums, bass, vocals, and even the piano as you tap tiles to become the ultimate rock music legend. Witness breathtaking performances with amazing graphics and unique stage animations inspired by the iconic style and presence of Queen. Unlock and collect fun music trivia facts and exclusive band images from the official Queen archives.

Ready to make music history with Queen? It’s showtime!

Queen: Rock Tour is free to download and play, but if you wish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing the full game with real money.

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In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting the authentication settings in your Play Store settings (Google Play Store Home > Settings > Require authentication for purchases) and requiring a password to be entered for each purchase, every 30 minutes or never.
Disabling password protection may result in unauthorized purchases. We strongly encourage you to keep password protection turned on if you have children or if others have access to your device.
You can restrict in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.

The game requires an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) for in-app purchases and cloud saves. No additional downloads or third-party advertisements are required for this game.
Queen: Rock Tour supports 14 languages including English, French, German, Bahasa Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

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40 comentarios en "Queen: Rock Tour – The Officia 2022"

  1. I’m bringing my ratibgof this game to four stars NOTbecause it’s a bad game; I love this game and I am OBSESSED with Queen. The issue is that the game starts lagging horribly (doesn’t sense that I am touching the screen every other note, feezes and gets stuck, etc.) when you get to “One Vision” and “A KindOf Magic” on “legend mode” and the rest of the the game is fine and plays great but I absolutely can NOT get all three discs on those two due to this bug. It is frustrating me. Please fix this.

  2. I really wanted to love this game but unfortunately it doesn’t work on my Moto G Stylus. Everything runs smoothly until the music starts which causes the band to move at 5fps and causes jerkiness on the notes highway, while the crowd and stage run at full speed. It’s almost impossible to hit the notes in time because of it. But that’s more of my hardware not being compatible than on the app itself. This is the way you do mobile games. It looks, sounds, and plays great. No ads or pop ups. Awesome

  3. I’m taking it down to a 4 because I’ve noticed that the songs and the beats are just a bit off. Something that small can totally ruin your flow and the lag is bad sometimes. This game is by no means bad and I think it’s great; it just needs a little more polish to make perfect! I think once it’s perfect I’ll give it a 5 and maybe you guys can even add new songs in the future?!

  4. Steven dice:

    I’m so happy to see an official, licensed rhythm game back on the app store! I really enjoyed my time with this game, and regardless of if you’re a queen fan or just a rhythm game fan, this is a must have. only $2.99 for the full game and it’s free to try! My only complaint is the lag that happens when you activate rock mode on older devices. if there was a way to turn off extra effects to make the app perform better, it would be perfect! I hope to see more games like this soon!

  5. I’m a huge queen fan and I downloaded this game as soon as I saw the trailer for it. However, the game is still pretty laggy and had really bad hit detection. I would 100% buy the full game if these issues were to be fixed. $2.99 for the full version seems fair, but not fair with the underlying issues present. Definitely would give 5 stars if the game gave a smooth experience.

  6. The game is solid. Nice mix of songs from their first 12 studio albums. Decent gameplay mechanic. Nice factoids to unlock. It’s neat how you can customize the boys. I just hope there’s more to come. Like, you play through the set and unlock the outfits, then it’s just kinda done. You can’t play online. There’s no leaderboard. No way to put your scores against a friend’s outside of screenshots. I REALLY hope more songs and features will get added. If not, it’s just a $3 rock band wannabe

  7. It’s good but there is a few things… I’m not far in the game so I’m unsure if you can unlock stuff but as of now, you have to pay for the full game to unlock more songs, outfits, and places. The game is fun and I like that you can change difficulty but I wish you didn’t have to pay I was thinking maybe there could be an ad to watch to unlock songs you want. And, the music is normal speed but the dots to press go slow and makes it hard to keep up. That’s all

  8. Cell VA dice:

    Absolutely amazing and worth the price! Expertly challenging and helps you learn in the best way. There is a bug with the last two songs where elongated notes won’t register or will go all funky whenever you hold them like you’re supposed to. I’ve only found tjis bug so far on the last two songs so hopefully this can be solved easily.

  9. Joey Heck dice:

    I honestly can’t figure out how this is only $2.99. The songs alone are worth that, but this has characters, animations, different patterns per difficulty, not to mention the fun extras. This is better than many console music games, and in this set I am guaranteed to love every single.

  10. I’ve been a big fan of rhythmn games & Queen for years, so of course I jumped on this! The game is solid (if simple), the music is obviously fantastic. I like the lil’ trailers before each tour, & I LOVE that it’s 3 bucks for the whole game, no ads, no microtransactions! Such a welcome change from most mobile games these days! Minor gripes- sometimes the beat pattern feels off, & the characters are kind of ugly. That’s it. If you like Queen, this is a must have! *played on Samsung Galaxy S9

  11. For one it’s pretty decent. Although there are many flaws. For one Brian gutair has 2 strings while Deacon’s bass has 4. I just found that halirous nothing serious. Also the notes feel either out of place or to slow. It doesn’t feel smooth to the songs being played. What caught me by surprise was they used the actually live versions I thought they would use the studio version and edit out the vocals or drums for when you screw up but this way is pretty decent. If you are a Queen fan this is it.

  12. Nosebluds dice:

    -I would say this is technically a 1.5 star review. When I saw this ad on YT, I was so excited to play a rhythm game of music exclusively from my favorite band(tied with Pink Floyd) and with customizable outfits and trinkets to unlock as well. However there’s a lot of issues that ruined my excitement once I started, what is apparently a “free trial”. -Just going through non-skip tutorial, there were some bugs I noticed, mainly the lag and the switching between brackets. I don’t have the most state-of-the-art phone, but running game apps, especially rhythm games, has never been an issue before this game. I think the gameplay format is kind of easy, but still fun, especially for getting younger age groups in to rhythm games AND Queen. However when the game lags, this either seems to make the tracking not register the tapping, or it is overly sensitive with where the taps are on the screen. -Also a more minor complaint is that when the song switches from 2-3 brackets or 1-2 brackets, sometimes that has screwed up the positioning of where to hit in the song, so I’ll get misses in the song that I couldn’t avoid. -My biggest complaint is the amount of hard paywalls that keep people from getting experienced at the game, and/or enjoying playing a Queen-flavored rhythm game. I understand that paying to unlock certain items is a key way that developers make money, I’m a game designer myself, but the only things to unlock in free mode are some images from the first tour, and the 2 songs: Seven Seas of Rhye and Keep Yourself Alive. The outfits, all other facts, images, and songs, and “venues” are not even limited time unlockables. There seems to be a money and rewards system in the game, but there are no rewards to claim without having to spend real money! -Both free songs are great songs, but there is no way of unlocking any other features or songs without having to spend 3 dollars on a game with bugs, and I unlocked everything that I could find, within a matter of an hour and a half. I’ve gone through both songs at least 3 times to build up points and frankly I’m too frustrated with the glitchy repetition to continue or want to pay for the whole game. None of the other tours or songs can even be unlocked, and I’ve already hit perfect score level on the hardest play modes for both songs (and through the bugs in the gameplay as well). -Last complaint; I don’t find the 3D design well done at all. I know that again, this is a new game, and 3D graphics in apps are sometimes more limited to save space (which I sometimes appreciate), but none of the characters have any unique models that make it easy to tell who is supposed to be which band member, without me having to scan through the LOCKED character outfits. Each bandmember in the game just has the same generic model, that looks like a blend between a rabbid and a pop figure. This last one doesn’t have as much to do with the game design, but it does rub salt in the wound to see that as unexciting as the little characters are, to add any ‘customizable’ features I’m going to have to pay a bottom price of 3 dollars. -I’m hoping that a later update changes these issues and eases up on the paywalls in the game, especially since this game is brand new. I might redact my complaining if there was just a little more play in the free version of this game, but until then I can’t see myself returning to or enjoying this game further.

  13. Crashed a couple of times. During the game. Seems to lag every now and then. Playing on snapdragon 855 with 6gb ram. Love the songs and the tap sequence. Very authentic and follows the beat. Also like the variations and the swipes that have been implemented. Might buy the full game

  14. I played and enjoyed your free version of the game, but the moment I purchased it the game immediately had issues…. The game ran perfectly fine on my Oneplus 7 Pro during the free phase, and then I purchased the 2.99 upgrade via google play, and immediately upon doing so the audio basically broke. Slow, distorted audio on everything, songs, sound effects, etc literally the moment after my purchase. Update: new patch update, even clean reinstall still not fixing issue. Still unplayable…

  15. The Kotaku write up promised a game without ads or micro transactions and so here I am. The free version is the demo which allows for four songs to play through but then hooked. The gameplay is challenging but allows for plenty of mistakes. It feels like I’m in the song. The demo closes with an opportunity to play “We are the Champions” so, yeah I’m spending Happy Meal money. Hope more music comes out. Have the Violent Femmes been considered?

  16. Pure lag from the start, good gosh. I’m in a brand new Motorola G Power, and this game performs horribly. The hit buttons lag on the way down. Graphics are lagged. Literally everything aside from the music playing was pure lag. Wouldn’t recommend at all. Great concept, one of the worst performing games I’ve seen in a long while.

  17. When I opened the game, its sound was very laggy, like playing a song on the slowest slow motion you can imagine. But I’ve discovered that when I play a music app (radio, Spotify,…) while opening the game and pause the music app as soon as the game has fully loaded, the game works perfectly without any lag (sound or video). The game is a lot of fun with good music (of course) and lots of facts.

  18. It’s a really fun game, awesome character design, and will give nostalgic feelings for fans. However, since it’s a quite large game, it’s a bit laggy to play on my potato phone. Especially on the transition once the rock meter filled, so I can say goodbye to full perfect combo 😂. But if your phone is good enough (or you have enough space), it will be worth it to purchase the full version.

  19. It’s cute, it’s cheap, it doesn’t have ads or annoying micro-transactions. Lots of original music. It’s let down by poor rhythm-matching with some of the songs. Anyone trying to tap in time with We Will Rock You, for instance, will fail miserably. So at times you have to try to ignore the music and just concentrate on the prompts. So loses one star for that, but otherwise recommended.

  20. Great game with a great soundtrack. Although some tracks are really difficult, could just be the slit lag happening at times. Which I am sure will get fixed in future patches. For those moaning that the game is behind a pay wall and its unfair to charge. You are only paying 2.99 for the full game. There are NO adverts and nothing further to purchase. It’s great value for what you are getting.

  21. I am a Queen fan, so I enjoyed that game. I purchased the full version and already finished the game (too easy) , but I wish there were more songs available. I hope that there will be more songs added with future updates. I also wish that a single instrument could be selected, rather than a mix of all instruments throughout the songs. This feature could actually “renew” the game as the same songs could be played following different instruments throughout, at different difficulty levels.

  22. When I installed the game, I was surprised that there were only 3 free songs, which include: keep yourself alive, seven seasons of rhye, and the choice to be able to try we are the champions. I would have liked there to be more free songs available to people who want to try the game. Also, please extend the rehearsal time for each song to at least 1 minute.Also,I like the songs that you chose to put in the game.

  23. Damn near perfect, honestly – I just wish that some of the songs lined up better / the performance was smoothed out for some devices as some songs really lag behind and has you hit a half beat early or late in order to land a perfect. Could vary from device to device, sure – but overall it’s a fun game. Short, sweet, and to the point. If ya like Queen, you’ll have fun with this!

  24. I would’ve given this 5 stars but I think 4 is better. The game was good at first, I got to Radio Ga Ga but after that the game started to lag. Every time I open it, the music plays well for a few seconds but then slows down which is not good if you want to keep up with the beat. Please, fix this? 😿 (Edit) The lags started happening when I uploaded the game for the first time and before I purchased it. I don’t have think it’s anything that My phone is doing to it.

  25. This game has a lot of potential but there were constant lags at times plus my payment for the full game was being declined (both on GP credits and Paypal with more than AU$5 in it) has ruined the experience. I could rate much higher but the current issues is a utter disappointment in such a brilliant game. I’m a fan of Queen but I wanna enjoy this game without problems and I don’t want to be stuck with two songs and 1 free outfit with the choice to try out just one other song. GL support was very terrible in their service and they thought it was something that went wrong with my device when it clearly wasn’t the case. Update: 22/7: I have finally were able to buy the entire tour. FINALLY! The lag is somewhat there at times but at least the whole game is now purchasable. Thank you for sorting the purchase problems out. Had to give 4/5 due to the lag.

  26. Queen are my all time favourite band so I was so excited to play this game. It works perfectly on my Samsung S20. There’s some great songs and I like how you can collect and change outfits for each band member. The only downside is I have already completed the game apart from two achievements. It would be great if more songs were added and maybe even a percentage meter so you know how many of the notes you hit.

  27. Mike vdM dice:

    At the moment, everytime I want to play a song, the sound slows down to incredibly low speeds and the notes do the same. It sounds very weird and it makss the game unplayable because a 4 minute song quickly turns into 30 minutes to play. I hope this is just a bug and that it is fixed soon, ’cause I’d love to experience tge game as it should be experienced. I already tried reinstalling the game, restarting my phone, but sadly nothing works.

  28. Really good game, brilliant songs although probably not enough and also sometimes the songs can go quickly with the touches needed even on beginner. Either make the difficulty easier to get 3 records and then subsequently more for the other difficulties or make less instructions at the time, so you can unlock the tours easier or make the tour unlocks less records to unlock. Also when you need to move to the other line, it sometimes doesn’t work especially when the line is locked

  29. High potential, but needs polishing. The timing of the notes is not in full sync with the music, which makes it confusing. Graphics need an upgrade, and it needs to have an option to quit in the pause menu. Edit: come on. After half a year the graphics still look like the work of an intern. Was this project abandoned?

  30. Great concept, but only 20 musics out of hundreds of Queen’s great records. Gameplay is very laggy, there’s constant frame skipping during the main gameplay and some touch input are not registered. Otherwise, the framerate looks good on the menu and some photos and motion graphics for each level are cool. Conclusion, cool concept but barely playable with limited amount of songs.

  31. Really enjoy the game and have more or less finished the tour, minus a couple of achievements… One thing I will say is that the one to get a 100 perfect streak is kinda impossible, as the game is too laggy and can ruin it, or it doesn’t quite register you pressing it… I think that needs to be a little tweaked, like great or above streak 👍 other than that I do enjoy it, and listening to Queen songs while I play the game

  32. Frank C dice:

    One of the best rhythm games I’ve played ever and definitely the best on mobile. It’s quite challenging but not impossible in beginner mode. Probably better if you already know and love the songs. Gameplay is fluid and the rewards, movies and history of the tours make this a wonderful experience.

  33. it’s a really good game, and very cute too, I loved the part of being able to choose other clothes for the members. but it needs to be optimized, it has a lot of laggy, especially when there’s a special, the game becomes impossible to play. (and no, there is no lack of ram on my phone, it’s literally the game, poorly optimized.)

  34. Great fun, great songs the only down side is sometimes the frame rate will disappear and you miss notes or it will stop responding to the long note/s that you are holding not sure if it’s just a bug in the game but if that gets fixed game will be perfect. Maybe also have a couple more songs but that’s just my opinion

  35. Simply brilliant. Aside from the obviously great music, the game manages something others have struggled with: creating a rhythm game on mobile that works and is fun. My only complaint is the end is in sight. I’m hopeful for more content or future releases, but otherwise I’ve loved every second.

  36. Amazing. I have sworn off mobile games for while now because of ads and micro transactions. I came across this and tried it and it restored my faith in mobile games. No ads or up charges. Bought the full game and love it. Queen is my favorite band so it’s great to play this game to their music and learn about them along the way. 10 stars.

  37. Martin R. dice:

    Smooth on my Galaxy S10 – fair to say you need a phone with sufficient oomph, so try before you buy. This is a great mobile rhythm game with 20 rocking songs – fake-playing along, you’re reminded how energetic, up-beat, inventive and complex Queen songs are. Mostly doable but Legend level One Vision and It’s a Kind of Magic are super difficult! Nice presentation, well-designed play patterns and plenty collectables. Character animations during songs are awesome! Great value for money overall.

  38. Good potential, currently broken. There seems to be a tempo issue where the song changes speed at random. Makes it unplayable in its current state. Songs should sound as the records do, and be a consistent tempo to be played. Probably a bug, will play again once it’s fixed. I paid for the full version, and at this point, I want my money back. Big Queen fan, massively disappointed.

  39. Z Z dice:

    Great rhythm game for Queen fans! I thoroughly enjoyed playing along with some of their best songs. I love the feature where a band member would stop playing their instrument if you miss their note. The character designs are adorable and it just feels very good to play.

  40. Well, I love Queen and I like rhythm games, a win win for me! The gameplay is really addicting, I already unlocked all of the songs but, I like to go back and replay them. (Update) This game plays even better now that I have a better phone to play it on! Only minor thing is I hope in the future, more songs and costumes get added to the game, as either an update or dlc. Game is still awesome though! 🙂

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