Baby piano for kids & toddlers MODDED


Animal sounds, nursery rhymes, songs and games for toddlers.
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Kids piano is a music game for kids of 1 to 6 years old. Our kids game features 5 entertaining and educational activities for toddlers. Our learning game for girls and boys will allow little ones to develop creativity, an ear for music, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and attention. Baby piano is perfect for pre-k and preschool education. It is also suitable for kids with developmental disorders, such as autism.

Baby piano has 5 activities for kids to choose from:

Nursery rhymes. There are 8 classic songs for your kid to enjoy:
– Jingle Bells
– Happy Birthday
– Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
– Old MacDonald Had a Farm
– Pop Goes the Weasel
– The Muffin Man
– Wheels on the Bus
– Five Little Monkeys

Musical Instruments for toddlers. Children can use a variety of instruments to perform – piano, drums, bells, flute, guitar, trumpet, harmonic and tambourine. Great animations featuring cool characters will ensure an amazing experience for kids ages 2 to 5.

Sounds for kids. Being not only entertaining but also educational, this toddler activity will allow your child to learn sounds of different animals, vehicles and much more! Baby piano contains 60 amazing sounds for kids across 6 awesome sets:

– Animal sounds
– Vehicle sounds
– Kids’ sounds
– Robot sounds
– Alien sounds
– Environment sounds

Lullabies. 8 outstanding lullabies will help your sweet child to fall asleep. Let your kid to choose a lovely character to watch them fall asleep while listening to a calming tune.
Games for kids. 8 educational music games to choose from. Help Bimi Boo in his adventures at different locations. Kids games for girls and boys will help your child to develop love for music. The games for toddlers are perfect for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Baby piano is a game that doesn’t require Wi-Fi to be played. Both boys and girls will love our baby game.

The following content is available for free:
– 20+ ambient sounds.
– 2 music instruments.
– 2 popular songs for babies.
– 2 baby games.
– 2 lullabies.
Please kindly note that an in-app purchase is required to unlock additional content.

Here at Bimi Boo, we strive to provide the best experience for your child. You will never find annoying ads inside our apps. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.


40 comentarios en "Baby piano for kids & toddlers MODDED"

  1. This is EPIC. Just download and try it. They’ve got tons of very simple sections for babies(rhymes, games, instruments) . It’s easy to use and intuitive. The music and noises arent annoying. My baby loves it. I like that its simple but there is so much variety. After checking it out and showing my baby I got the paid package. Totally worth it for no ads and just an easy to use Super entertaining baby app. I seriously have no clue what could possibly make it better.

  2. This is a really good app for the little ones, my son is only 1 and has mastered all of the games. Keeps him active and helps develop his mind. My only issue is the New App button in the bottom corner – it keeps attracting him to press it and then he gets lost in the store and it frustrates him. It should be more inconspicuous and hidden, only for the parents eyes. I’m not sure if that was done intentionally to trick kids to buy more apps secretly but buying apps requires my fingerprint.

  3. [edited to explain clearly] They changed the baby piano (melody) in the most recent update. Before there was a set melody that played as you “played” a piano. This allowed the child to associate “piano playing” with the continuation of a familiar melody, and was enjoyable that way. Now its a play/pause, and a set of buttons that plays random sounds — it doesn’t clearly associate with anything. And there is a “sounds” segment that serves the same purpose as a game. Older version much better.

  4. J L dice:

    I bought this app months ago and never signed out of my account-but, the app locked me out of the full version anyway and won’t let me back in. Your directions don’t work and neither does the “Restore Purchases” option in unlock (when I click “Full Version” it gives me an Error box that says I already own this item). You need to refund our money or fix the problem.

  5. Wonderful, bought the full version for my son, he loves it!

  6. Tiggz B dice:

    My little boy loves this app. I have the free version on the ipad and the full version on a Android. On the free version on the piano section there is a play/pause button so the song will play continuously without having to push the keys which is great. On the full version this button isn’t there so he gets frustrated when the song stops playing as he doesn’t quite understand you have to keep pressing on the keys. It would be great for this play pause button to be available again.

  7. Help! I love the game and my son has played it for months. I recently purchased the full version and tried to install it on his device but the restore purchases button isn’t working. I’m pretty irritated as this should be a simple fix and I’ve been unable to contact anyone….. Changed to five stars! Thank you so much for the help

  8. Amazing buy!!! My child can’t get enough of the app!!! Even with the free version she always wants to play. She loves the music, the pictures and most of all the interaction on screen where she touches!! Perfect for a toddler’s first learner game!!

  9. Disappointed to see a cutout view (zoomed in) on my Pixel 4XL running Android 10, while the sound, animation and feature set are lower compared the the iOS version of the same app. PS: I did send you all the info requested. Will update review if I see an update that fixes any of the items I mentioned.

  10. Barely anything. There’s only a couple (two or three) things to do from each category, and sometimes those limitations are locked except for a couple keys or items. You’re basically forced to pay if you want it unlocked and it’s very easy to do, which is not a good idea if you have explorative toddlers. The things available weren’t even entertaining for my daughter and she kept handing my phone back. I had to uninstall this and would recommend other kids’ apps well before this one. Moto G Fast.

  11. My 2 year old son really loved the other version. We like the new version too especially the piano. I do prefer the new version, because now he has to work to fill in the images and make an effort to finish. He got bored otherwise as he didn’t have to put in an effort to finish it. I didn’t mind paying for the full version, it has nice graphics and it’s fun for him.

  12. bit disappointed that after paying for many of these apps, there still appears an add for new apps. my daughter keeps accidentally pressing the button. i don’t think it’s right to continue with adds once paid money for an app.otherwise the games are well thought out and my daughter and i enjoy playing them together. i have since had response from developer and am putting up my star rating as a result.

  13. I thought it was going to be a cool game for my daughter and I downloaded it and all was fun until she wanted to switch instruments I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you have to pay for more interments and songs and animals!!! Hey come and download this free game.. but bam you have to spend money to get all the other cool stuff!!! If it is free it should be free. And if it ain’t free you should put it on there saying this app is free to download but if you want all the cool stuff that comes with it you have to pay money. So I don’t waste my time… hey parents you want a free game just like this one then it’s called kids piano-Music and songs now it is free with all the cool stuff!!

  14. This is an amazing app. It’s easy to manipulate but just fine it difficult to unlock other items to move forward

  15. Not a piano learning app. Waste of time, only a partial version of a game on your device only, even as a game, for end user if you want to play more you will have to pay. Better description of the app. Can clarify game from education. If you want a learning app. This is not it.

  16. After paying full price for the full version..still wasn’t able to play the full version. I got scammed! How dissappointing! Shame on those who scam people for money esp during this hard times👎👎👎

  17. this app needs to have more sounds available without paying so much! my 18 month old granddaughter loves the music but gets impatient when she can’t play half the sounds. .

  18. Tara Duff dice:

    rather good little game

  19. UPDATED: Response from developer, suggestion worked ~ My grands are quite happy! Thank you. Kids have been playing this app right along, and now my purchase restore is required? No option to restore?

  20. Sorry My friend went through my phone I hope you can forgive me, you have made a fantastic game my cousin loves this game and it keeps him busy for hours. So keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

  21. didnt open. uninstalled and reinstalled several times and wouldn’t even open to get to the part where you allegedly have to pay for it

  22. I like the game it entratains my 1 year old…but I can’t download the paid version on my phone vs my iPad…paid it on iPad…..can’t restore purchase….please help

  23. Edit 2: After a while I was able to finally download it on her Fire 7 tablet so it’s back to 5 stars. My daughter loves it!

  24. Comes with unnecessary stuff like games etc. Interface is not useful also

  25. Ashika SR dice:

    i was much excited while downloading this App. dissatisfied while playing.. and many button not worked it was only paid version get full access

  26. My sonmlovesnthis one payment and the lot is yours. Unlike others one off payment is great. Great games and other activities.

  27. after purchasing the full version and restarting my mobile, the app requires to purchase the full version again !!

  28. it’s good, basic functions but fun to look at and swipe fingers across for baby

  29. Dangerous Monster disaster because of equipment placement swipe Hold finger for the Steer round of your controls you can change your controls in the pause menu incredible downtown showdown impossible to work here for free to Steer you into your business and friends big world big adventures song and your name is a 6th generation song and the storybots manufacturer experiment experience examining oh man oh no matter who you want everywhere ever everyone once upon a time when you’re not alone and

  30. Only downloaded this for my 2year old n seems to smile a lot just playing random sounds.. Great stumalant I guess

  31. I love it .It is so amazing my 5 year old can play row ror your boat .like I said so amazing

  32. This is a great game but one problem a lot of the games you have to pay for so I give it 3 stars

  33. My sister love baby piano she play it every hour and it make her sit still and she it all over the place

  34. Love the app! however, after the last update, I cannot restore my purchase

  35. My 9 month old son loves this application and is easily entertained by it

  36. The apps is verygood for my child, actualy my child is suggested to download this app, she telling me want this game.

  37. T F dice:

    Audio isn’t working, about half the things sound

  38. Easy to use, baby loves the games and activities

  39. You have to pay to unlock and one of the piano keys to be unlocked is front and centre, so unavoidable for a baby

  40. Very nice and good for small kids to learn piano

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