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2021 Fun Piano Music Game with Edm Songs! Tap tiles non-stop, enjoy music feast!
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Piano Music Go! is an amazing piano game that makes music fun! It is an easy music game that everyone can play. Come to challenge yourself while enjoying music.
We have updated the songs in the game! If you like anime, come and check it out!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist? Have you ever dreamed of playing piano songs like Little Star, Für Elise, Canon, or Jingle Bells? Now your dream can come true. Play this music game with friends and family for even more fun.

How to play:
– Tap the black tiles following the rhythm of the music to create the melody
– Don’t miss any black tiles, avoid the white ones
– The game will stop if you miss a black tile or tap on a white tile
– Collect as many gold and diamonds as you can to unlock new songs
– For a complete music experience, headphones are recommended

Game Features:
– Simple design and graphics. Easy to play and everybody can be the piano master.
– High-quality music soundtracks and sound effects.
– Battle mode creates the opportunity for players to compete. The winner takes it all!
– Amounts of songs to choose from. You can find classical piano music and more!
– Multiple beautiful colored tiles to select, creating a personalized experience each time you play.
– Hit great achievements to win extra diamonds and gold coins.
– Offline mode and single-player mode are available.

Music is a great time killer and Piano Music Go puts it in your pocket! You can enjoy the happiness that music brings you anywhere and anytime! Just listen, tap, relax and have fun!


40 comentarios en "Piano Music Go-EDM Piano Games MODDED"

  1. If you want to play this do the following things first: Deny the app notification permissions and also deny access to wifi and data. If you don’t, you’ll be spammed with notifications while not playing it all day long. There are so many ads it feels like malware unless you revoke data access. Lastly, and I can’t believe I have to say this, the songs are bad. They are not the songs they are listed as and become different songs halfway through that are poorly meshed.

  2. I have tried almost 90% of piano games available in the store. but this one is best one so far 1. no frustrated ads 2. flexible options 3. good music 4. chances to resume the game

  3. This is the one I’ve been looking for. Endless tiles not short tiles where its finish when the music is gone. I like this

  4. This app is amazing, the fact that you can do so much is awesome. So many song options, and you can change the color of the bg (background) before you play the song. Although you have limited options on the bg choices, it still makes you feel more “in control” of how you get to play the game. I’m going to have to rate this app a 4.7 by far the most well created piano titles app I have played.

  5. This game is amazing 🤩 I discovered it on my brothers phone and when I saw how fun it looks I downloaded it here, and when I did “MIND BLOWN” it was sooooooo fun. So 10/10 would recommend

  6. I think it is amazing but thus app can do better and I think it should be like tiles hop but on the piano.

  7. Eva Mrab dice:

    Great game! Piano music is an amazing way to spend time and generally have lots of fun as a family or by yourself. It has lots of features, my favourite being the online battle, such as changing the colours and many more. It really challenges your brain to work at its best.

  8. It a brilliant game love all of the songs I can play up 2 round with out blinking the game is fun I enjoy it also sometime I have a competition with my brother and friends and family I love the songs and game

  9. This app is really good and easy and I love it how there’s no ads so you don’t have to wait when you die to watch an add

  10. Worst game ever… Can’t even hear the pianio tune..it just plays same rhythm continuously although u play game or not…

  11. I used to say that this game is not nice but when l saw it from my friend it was soooooo amazing l will never delete it from my phone until l become a pianist.

  12. It is a great game.but it dont have a feature of pase butten so unforchunateli I have to rate 4/5. Thank you

  13. ajc123 dice:

    It’s a very good enjoyable game absolutely love it. I am addicted to the music and the satisfaction. Pros: really good songs, ads are optional, there are extra songs and they are not so hard that it is impossible Cons: no words to the music, some are really hard and I can get frustrated over the crazy fast ones But over all amazing. And this game helped me calm down after my dog died 😢.

  14. This is a nice game,it has a lot of musics to choose from but,something i CAN NOT stand,is the ads. Some times ads will apear in the middle of songs. I don’t know if this is happening to others but PLEASE fix it.Something else is that it is saying im clicking on the side when im clicking on the note. One more thing is that it is also saying that im not clicking the note. Other than that,its a nice game and would recomend. Good job!

  15. OMG , this is what I’ve been waiting for😭 i waited a lot for this kind of piano tiles, because all of my favorite classical piano pieces is in here. My favorite piano tiles is no longer available so i searched hoping to find it but now 2022 i found this app its similar to my favorite piano tiles because of its classical piano pieces. Thank you so much

  16. This game is really fun no like a bunch of adds and it’s just pretty calming I love this game.

  17. Kanan N. dice:

    Everything is okay. But please, work on design of 🎹 buttons, which looks unpleasant to eye and makes uncomfortable to play. Thanks.

  18. I like the game and all but if you’re into trophy hunting, this game doesn’t give you any of the Google Play achievements. So therefore you’re kinda wasting your time to the game but I personally enjoyed it.

  19. I really have to be with piano and now I’m a master player at piano because this piano music go help me a lot and I hope you let it let you learn what you need to learn and so your parents if they want you to learn piano songs literally just download this app it’s so amazing

  20. Thotxic dice:

    Concept of piano tiles with reaction time music base game. The rhythm is fantastic going faster and faster without stopping is such fun.

  21. Kaitlyn dice:

    It’s a great game but it’s very addictive and sometimes you will hit the piano tiles and it won’t count it, but other than that I would definitely suggest,

  22. Great game been on it since many years ago and got back at it because some games are either too exiting but no challenges. It helps with the eyesight and the songs bring challenges on their endless mode depending on how fast or slow the instrument is. Though I would recommend if it could have not only the track but the sound as well but all is well great game.

  23. This game is awesome ,everying is good .But the other thing try to put more graphics please

  24. Its Kinda Hard But It might, be Super Nice! But im not sure if they have add’s.. But it’s super Fun! 🙂

  25. It’s quite enjoyable also doesn’t take time to setup. Just downlaod and start playing. Entertainment at finger tips. love IT!!!

  26. Its a decent game, but 1 thing i have to say, its to easy, they should make a difficulty bar pr smth so you can change the difficulty, like from guitar hero

  27. I’ve really enjoyed this game so far I only have two minor issues. When I’m playing against other people (or playing a solo game) the song sometimes lags which makes me press the wrong space for the key. As well as this any time I shut the app all my progress on any songs I’d gone and everything is reset to when you first instal the game. Overall though a brilliant game

  28. This game was not even working as soon as i entered the game it exited by itself

  29. It’s a very good initiative but it’s annoying. I played a full song and even got to 3 crowns but only got 30 coins? Come on! And the keys don’t match the beat of the song. But it has great graphics. Great colour and great music choices. It could recieve a 5 star if improved on

  30. Not bad, maybe one or two more free songs would be nice. Noice game! love the endless mode!

  31. Super Super songs Touch speed is increased by this game

  32. Imani D dice:

    The closest i could find of the original. Has an endless mode and a lot of the games in the original r in this one too. Pretty nice. Only thing for me is the occasional lag (which doesnt happen often but its pretty annoying when it happens) and the 10 day award…it resets the day count every 7 days and goes back to 0 which is also frustrating. Other than those 2 small things its a pretty fun game

  33. I love this ge the best way to play the piano is through this game but if there was an option to make Your Own Tunes it would be fun😇❤❤❤

  34. Umm the reason why I am giving this game a three stars is that this game doesn’t have enough songs I mean the present day songs and this game stucks alot sometimes it won’t even work I want to look after this situation other wise I like the game

  35. Tcj X3t dice:

    This game sucks,first of all some of the songs are so fast that it’s impossible to play them.Second, when you get to endless mode the song adds other instruments to itself that it sounds terrible. Lastly, after you beat the song or lose it an ad just pops up and it’s really annoying. You should not play this game ever.

  36. My experience with this game is one of the most amazing satisfactory when you finish a level, it’s polished, it’s challenging. It’s amazing, but there was a bug while playing ‘Ocean’ I failed, by missing one of the tiles, and the game just went on, please fix this.

  37. It’s pretty nice.but it’s my first so.the reason of why I didn’t give 5 🌟 is because it has a lot of ads.wish you could take.but it’s still fun

  38. Every than other piano tiles app, i choose this. And when i play once literally love it. And i have a dream to be pianis one day ☺️😍🎹🎶

  39. A wonderful game so much fun and so few ads it’s wonderful I’ve tried many piano games and this is by far the best. You can choose your key color (which I haven’t seen in any other piano game) and it goes slow but will speed up not as good for beginners but definitely a great choice if the other games you’ve tried haven’t been satisfactory. Strongly recommend.

  40. Really fun game. The online mode makes it even more enjoyable for people that enjoy the thrills.

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