Fashion Beat MODDED 2022


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3D Social Dancing Game
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Avatar Social, Music Beats and Fashion — The novel Gen Z casual mobile game is coming!

Romantic Encounter: meet with young people around the world and find your soulmate
Customized Style: DIY the face of your avatar and create a unique self
Rhythmical music: Enjoy the hottest pop music and play the most exciting rhythm game
Fashionista: Create your best fashion look in the game out of tons of clothes from real world
Ever-changing Colors: Create your own color scheme and be the fashion highlight with each item having several colors for you to choose from

DIY your style without limits!


What’s new in this update
1. Fix the lag caused by loading game resources
2. Add one new room in the dance hall
3. Optimize the interface of the sale pack event
4. The rewards of first top-up has been updated with a more valuable package.
5. Chat interface optimization


4 comentarios en "Fashion Beat MODDED 2022"

  1. Kyla Gaming126 dice:

    We need more people to play this game! I try it today and it was pretty good. I heard people are saying it’s a rip-off of sweet dance….well it kind of is but they added more stuff to the game like customize your own face and body shape. The problem is that there not enough people joining in and the songs. Add more of those

  2. Ava W dice:

    This app is the worst! You start the game with 2K and it forces you to spend it on stuff and it’s really irritating! And you don’t start of with many things which is understandable, but you can’t choose for example a dark skin tone, and they don’t have most many eye colours, i mean yours only option for blue eyes is this BRIGHT turquoise! The dances on it are quite boaring. The whole game is basically just pressing a button. Anyway long story short, I DONT RECCOMEND THIS APP!! 😡😣

  3. Gamer Musical dice:

    Not sure at the moment what to think… I mean this game could go places but there is copyright from Sweet Dance and IMVU. also there is connection issues at times where you will disconnect randomly… I will keep playing and see what happens. Hopefully there will be more to do, and also more items for F2P players as a lot of items are diamonds. The coupons in the game make no sense really as there isn’t much to buy with it… Hope to see some improvements

  4. Ha Na dice:

    The app is great with so many diffrent dances and people to discover,However its been acting odd…I have put some accessories on and they are not being seen only If we go into the Mall or Bag.Its really irratateing and I got a very rare item which is not show.Very sad disapointing reveiw but other than the game is a model.Pls fix this bug ❤ツ

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