Tap Tap Beat – the most addict FULL


Saddle up! Ride your Unicorn through the clouds and beyond 🦄 🚀💫
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Guide the Unicorn through the path! Listen carefully to the beat, and play to the music or you’ll fall off.

Will you reach the end of the road?! And what about your friends, will they beat you?

Who will be the best Unicorn rider?

*Play on epic music

*Evolve your Unicorn! Watch it upgrade with awesome skins and armors

*Try to beat your friends score

*Get daily gifts and rewards

*Enjoy hundreds of levels of increasing difficulty

*Discover our magical universes: SkyHigh and SpaceOpera

Ready to play the best game for Android? Time to see them Unicorns dancing!


40 comentarios en "Tap Tap Beat – the most addict FULL"

  1. I’m someone who has grown up playing rhythm games almost my whole life. This is one of the worst. The music is so off sync you can’t even play it. I’m attuned to games where the music is synced up to the gameplay (eg. Rhythm Tengoku) but this one is not synced up to the rhythm and I couldn’t get past the first level with how screwy it is. Horrible game.

  2. Sadie mae dice:

    Cute game but the music doesn’t always match the level which sucks, it makes it harder but in the wrong way. And none of the ads work for me so, I can’t get any rewards and stuff. All in all fun, but frustrating in a bad way

  3. The songs are rather antiquated, the popular melody that is played at graduation, for example, was originally written for a funerary dirge, to be performed as a sending off with a “Pleasant voyage my friend/loved one/etc. I will await your return.” Kinda feeling that left the attendance feeling better and gave a deeper sense of closure, thus easing the symptoms of depression/grief. I have also noticed that the video doesn’t play when you press the button and said that “the video was skipped before it was finished so the reward will not be paid.” But where was the video? It did not play and I am yet again robbed of the reward! Bad form.

  4. Genuinely one of the worst games I’ve ever played. The graphics are atrocious, it’s laggy, the music is awful, & playing it feels like a slow death at the hands of frustration & madness. Now having said that, I actually had a lot of fun with this one. It’s a ‘so bad it’s good’ kind of game! It’s kind of a pseudo beat game, & both me & my sister played it bc of that. We quickly realized that we hated it’s guts & that we were going to finish it or die trying. We fought to see who finished first!

  5. Unique and fun, but REALLY NEEDS an “easy” level option. “Snail mode” destroys the music & doesn’t really make it easier. It needs an option to not have narrowing paths & to allow varying degrees of precision required for each jump point. 5 stars if this is added.

  6. It constantly lagged and threw off my jump which made me have to always restart. There were ads every three deaths. The music was impossible to follow because sometimes it would follow the lower notes then switch to the higher ones with no warning, making death inevitable. Whenever I DID get the jump in time I would still die, whether it be from the lag or just no making it. Then the little bridges were impossible to get passed because even if I got the perfect timing I would still die.

  7. I used to play this a lot and beat the whole game. The game gets incredibly difficult later levels, but everytime you die, it feels fair. If you’re looking for a real challenge, but can be patient with the easier levels, I highly recommend

  8. very laggy it is very frustrating to play a game that could be genuinely good and fun but isnt because the constant pop up ads. a game that makes you tap to play, then has a pop up ad knowing we will click on it, its a fun game i would actually play regularly if it weren’t for the horrible pop ups

  9. I think you can change when you fall you can go back to the same place you have fallen instead of going back to the start and doing it all over again and the sky high level are hard for me and the horses are very fast and I can,t Keep up with the music

  10. i realy enjoyed it and like how it goes with music. i think they should make it a bit easier to get new characters but otherwiise such a good game. love it!!

  11. this is an awful game not at all addictives and the graphics couldnt be worse! i reccomend a similar but happier review from tap tap dash witch is awsome and is actually addictive its graphics couldnt be better and the backround is bright that makes me feel happy as for this game never get becuase it is the worst game and youre not playing for anything u only have 1 vharacter tht looks like a scarecrow got killed bye a million geese and was barfed up bye a plant eating monster!

  12. This game is so simulative! Its so addictive that you need to do a perfect timing. But can you please add more levels to make it more playful?

  13. Omg I love this game so much whoever made this game I applaud them because it is always fun to play and it’s just so awesome and the only thing bad is the ads but basically I love this game a lot so yeah man keep it up gamers

  14. Love it ! It’s faster when u r learning it and when u finish its slower. Needs to be other way but it cool!

  15. mob dice:

    I adore this game, amount of ads are perfect and fair, it’s the first game I ever downloaded and I couldn’t be more satisfied

  16. this game completely sucks the music isn’t even on the spot correctly so it makes it a bit harder.

  17. Amazing music with some tough stages. I LOVE THIS GAME.

  18. The best game ever but at some times can be kind of hard at times

  19. Every time i webt on the app it started from level 1 when i was on leval 56!!!!

  20. Gameplay is fun, however frame rate is incredibly choppy even playing on my S10.

  21. it is ok but have trouble loading and shuts off regularly

  22. A mixture of amazing games and a great variety of songs!💗

  23. Love the game prehaps you can add more songs and more looks if the unicorns

  24. I love it . It has good pictures and it is just very good made l hope they make more games like this

  25. This is the most stupid app i have ever played the controls are no good

  26. It is so fun and time passes bye when I play it

  27. Amazing Game really fun I love Classical Music

  28. Its a amazing game but the best part about it is because it has unicornsssssssss 😘😄😄😍😍😘😄

  29. Very challenging game but I love it

  30. it is fun to see and hear

  31. K end dice:

    I absolutely hate the game but I also like it. Just be glad I won’t give you. 1

  32. They should put a worning on this game cuz it’s that addicting

  33. i love this i cant stop playing it ❤❤❤

  34. love the simplicity of it

  35. I tried to play it but it was not good at all !!!!!!!!

  36. It’s cute and fun to play

  37. I love unicorns try this game ☺😇happy thanksgiving

  38. This game sucks all it is is hard that’s it.😤

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