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Create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers!
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Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Choose your musical style among 8 impressive atmospheres and start to lay down, record and share your mix.

Part game, part tool, Incredibox is above all an audio and visual experience that has quickly become a hit with people of all ages. The right mix of music, graphics, animation and interactivity makes Incredibox ideal for everyone. And because it makes learning fun and entertaining, Incredibox is now being used by schools all over the world.

How to play? Easy! Drag and drop icons onto the avatars to make them sing and start to compose your own music. Find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will enhance your tune.

Save, share and download your mix! Once your composition sounds great, just save it and you will get a link to your mix. You can easily share it with anybody so they can listen and even vote for it.

If your mix sounds great and gets enough votes from other users, you may go down in Incredibox history by joining the Top 50 chart. Ready to show your stuff?

Too lazy to create your own mix? No problem, just let the automatic mode play for you!
Pump it up and chill 😉

Incredibox, the brainchild of Lyon, France-based studio So Far So Good, was created in 2009. Starting out as a webpage, it was then released as a mobile and tablet app and became an instant hit. It has won several awards and appeared in various international media, including: BBC, Adobe, FWA, Gizmodo, Slate, Konbini, Softonic, Kotaku, Cosmopolitan, PocketGamer, AppAdvice, AppSpy, Vice, Ultralinx and many others. The online demo has attracted more than 60 million visitors since its creation.


40 comentarios en "Incredibox MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is really fun and has good beats. However, I feel there are a few things they can improve. 1. They can make it where you purchase an incredibox account, and the app free. That way, you can use that account to access the four exclusive versions from any device. 2. Sometimes I get bored of the current versions, so they could have made limited time versions for holidays. Another thing they could have is that you can submit a mod you made and they will check it and let other people play it.

  2. Incredibox is a wonderful app. It’s a unique concept and an excellent execution of it. One small issue though, is that it randomly crashes and says “Incredibox isn’t responding.” It doesn’t bother me too much but it gets annoying after a while. Besides that, this is the best experience with an app I’ve ever had, thank you very much to the fine people at So Far So Good. Update: I’ve only had one random crash since this review was posted, has definitely made this app perfect

  3. Well, I have some good news and bad news. Unlike before, I can actually get into the game now! However, a Bluetooth message appears saying it can’t connect, even when my Bluetooth is off, and it only plays 1 sound at a time, to where if I add another, everything just stops. This also isn’t even mentioning the complete lack of sound. Once this is fixed, I’ll be glad to make my 4 star review, a 5 star

  4. Blue Fuji dice:

    I’ve seen videos of it online and it looks sick, but mine seems to have a problem. It has no sound whatsoever (due to the Bluetooth I think) and when I connect to Bluetooth, my screen turns black. Not sure what’s up, but it seems to be happening to a lot of people in the reviews. I hope this bug gets fixed 🙂

  5. So I absolutely love the direction this game goes. The possibilities for different sounds are truly endless. The little story arcs with the different music styles are great. My only issue is there aren’t more styles 😛 Keep up the great work, to all devs and artists. We need more games like this. I was a huge Punk-O-Matic player back in high school and this reminds me of it so much.

  6. The reason i rate this 4 stars is because although the app is great and worked very well, it recently has not been working. When i attempt to open one of the 8 song packs it has, the game just freezes on a black screen, and if i turn off my bluetooth, it lets me play but i cannot here anything and nothing actually works. If anybody knows how to help it would be appricoated.

  7. Was a great game but then It started saying we’ve disconnected Bluetooth when I didn’t have Bluetooth on. I’ve read reviews and tried what you guys said but it still doesn’t work. It doesn’t play any sound and freezes. If you guys can help i would really appreciate it.

  8. D S dice:

    This is probably the best music game. Usually in a music game the hard thing to do is to make good music, in incredibox the hard thing is to make bad music. But once it just stopped working there was no sounds. I checked my volume. And they werent even moving. Soon it worked but it was still annoying.

  9. Jay Dee dice:

    Honestly ok one of the coolest and most original apps on here. One thing I’ve been wondering about for awhile though, is possibly a custom mode where you can make your own unofficial version! Dont know how hard it would be, but if possible I’d like to see something like it. Also, the new Dystopia update for some reason made it waaaaay harder to pick up two beats at the same time if they are close. Some distancing options on buttons would also be appreciated

  10. This app is awesome. The first time I’d ever played this “game” was almost 10 years ago in high school and I got in trouble for it because a teacher had mistaken it for south park??? Anyway, I’ve been wanting to find this again and play around some more since forever and I’m not disappointed in the slightest. Sidenote: my gam sorta stopped working after the automatic mode. I couldnt open the top menu and pausing soft locked my game but it didn’t crash.

  11. I would like to rate more than 5 actually! This is a nice app with cool features! Awesome! Totally recommend it! But sometimes there can be lags when I record. For example, one time I was recording in Jeevan but I put a person in and they wouldn’t do anything, but it later got fixed. Besides that this is a good app! I hope you make more great versions in Incredibox! “So far so good”

  12. Clean and simple graphics. Music sounds great. In retrospect it is probably very hard to create repeating sounds that combined make music. Very well designed. Only issue would be how there is no slowing or increasing the beat, and though they most likely would not be able to fix it, it has a bit akward controls for adding and getting rid of characters on mobile.

  13. The 5 stars will always stay. I always find myself coming back to it, there are so many mixes you can make with all eight versions! I’ve been encountering a continuous bug where about a third of the bonuses play the music, but dont actually show the video! It’s not too bad of a bug, but it does affect the play of some versions.

  14. Been digging Incredibox since 09 on google chrome on my pc. I love it. Love the new additions. Reason for 4 and not 5 stars. I have to close the app down and reopen it in order to switch to a different version. Also I think it would be really cool if you had a thing on the app where you could have all of the Beats available and mix what you want from the different versions into your own and also have unlimited amounts of dudes you can put beats on.

  15. It’s a great game. You can have a ridiculous amount of fun just by mixing a few guys together. Though, there is one problem. Whenever I try to activate a bonus, it doesn’t actually play. Sure, the sound is there, but where the animation should be playing is just the last frame of the incredibox characters before the bonus began playing. It kinda ruins the experience, and I’d love to have this bug fixed, or at least some info to make it stop happening (and yes, i tried reinstalling it.)

  16. Really good music app. Glad I found this. One glitch I did experience was when I turn off auto mode after using ot for a while. It glitches and doesn’t let me tap any buttons. I have to restart the app in order to fix it which is tedious. I also recommend that the auto mode can have the option to still play even after the device is locked/sleeping.

  17. I’ve been playing with this for about 2 hours and not even halfway through all the content and I love it so much! I think it’s a lovely app and really appeals to my music side. I only give this 4 stars because I have constant problems with using a bluetooth headset, whenever I try to open a new map I have an error saying it turned my Bluetooth device off. After that I can turn it on once in. However, when I get it working there is a huge delay between audio and video (audio lagging behind video)

  18. I heard about this game from a friend and when I was browsing I was just like “woah” and bought the game. BEST GAME EVER. I love that you can mix and match the beats. I’m addicted to the music and would love to see [and hear] more. (edit) i found this glitch. when i go into the gamebit disconnects my headphones and restarts and thats super disappointing.

  19. Solid app that was fun to mess around with. Only two things that keep it from being a 5 star. 1) The ability to drag a symbol onto an existing beat; cancelling it and prepping it for the next one. Current method has you swiping down and *then* placing the beat in. 2) Not sure how possible this is but a 20-man version or even 10-man so more of the samples can be used together.

  20. Incredibox is a wonderful music app, where the world is your instrument. With currently 7 different versions, each containing different styles of music, from a classical boy band, to Brazilian culture, you name it. However, every app has flaws, and Incredibox is no exception. I wish people couldn’t copy artist names, making song searching easier. I also wish you could subscribe to a specific song writer so you get notified on future songs they create.

  21. Nixs Sins dice:

    I believe Incredibox is an amazing game. At least for me to melt music but never got a chance to really sit down and learn about it so I can compose my own this gives me an opportunity to express my musical taste to a certain extent. It’s very fun and once you memorized the placement of a certain sound for a certain version it becomes really easy start switching between sounds to make some really excuse the pun, incredible beat boxes. For me this is a 5 out of 5 and I will enjoy this for awhile

  22. Very fun! The recording aspect should be cleaned up. It’s difficult to begin a song at the right time. Also, once you select your beatboxers, you have one chance to record it the way you want and if you mess something up, you have to select them all again rather than just retrying with the same ones. Overall, it’s a great experience and satisfying to make fun songs but those are very annoying issues.

  23. Amazing game, and this bug doesn’t effect my rating. However, I recently noticed in the new update, that on v8, the one person that is a computer and makes the clacking noises has their audio cut off at the beginning of each time it makes a noise. If you could please fix this, that would be awesome!

  24. CTCC2022 dice:

    This is an amazing game for everyone who likes to listen to music! With 8 different versions to make some music to, it’s not hard to create your song, even if you aren’t talented at music! V8 is also probably one of the best versions yet, the futuristic style is what makes it great! Definetly a must play for EVERYONE, I can guarentee this will rock your socks off!

  25. Very fun, I love all the animations, extras, and sounds, but there is an issue When holding down on a character, they do a solo without you having to remove any beatboxers, but it tends to lack a second behind, and it makes it hard for me to improve my songs in that aspect. If you all amazing people could fix that, I’m sure many others would like that

  26. I love this game to death! This game has hours of remixes to be made, which all sound fantastic. However I do have 2 small suggestions though. One would be the ability to pause/rewind your recordings allowing players to more easily edit music together. The second suggestion would be to be able to swap out and lock different “outfits” more easily by simply dropping over a preexisting beatboxer to override the old outfit, or ensure they don’t accidentally do, allowing for more fluid editing

  27. When I play, just a black screen. When I pick a version, the screen its just pitch black. I checked that my phone is up to date, uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Only time I got to even play was when I turned off bluetooth but none of the sounds loaded. I either need a way to fix this or a refund.

  28. Amazing app! Fun to play! But I have an idea. Maybe when you drag an icon onto a character who already has an icon it will wait until the next rotation to automatically swap out the characters icon without having to manually swap it out? Maybe the icon can show up above their head when it’s waiting and you can cancel it by tapping it? It seems like a good idea to me 🙂

  29. As a lover of acapella music, layered music and sounds, and multiple genres of music, this resonates with me on so many levels. With a wide array of sounds to pick and choose what your favorite combination is, and different combos that create little videos with their own unique sounds, and a variety of different sound combinations recorded by other players around the world, this is definitely worth every penny. Truly lives up to its name as incredible beat boxing. 11/10

  30. This is a very fun and cool little music composition game, but it keeps bugging out on me. When I do the animations, the screen just stays blank. It still runs in the background as I’m still able to pause and stuff, but I can see anything. But other than that, I really like this game! Next time do a vapor wave or 80’s kind of music group, and I might just buy it for all my friends. 😁

  31. This game has a really great concept and great execution in the presentation. But some minor fixes are needed. First of all i almost exclusivley use bluetooth headphones for medical purposes, but this game does not seem to support bluetooth which is incredibly annoying. I understand that there would be delays but i can deal with that, i would just like it to be supported. Second is a lack of settings. Be able to adjust somthing as simple as the volume would be awesome. Mostly great game tho

  32. Great game, nothing else to say, I could sum it up entirely, but maybe next time. There is one thing that takes out that one star. There is a glitch were some of my incredibox people disappears, I mostly encounter it in the replay section in creating a mix. It’s funny at first but then it’s sad that I can’t get to see some of the incredibox people that were mostly in the song. And that’s really all, fun game overall.

  33. I played the demo for Incredibox a few years ago, and ever since I’ve been in love with this app. It’s an outstanding little beatbox music maker that is easy to use, and so well made, that you’ll be begging for the release of the next version! I definitely recommend. There are 8 different versions so far, with more on the way, so theres almost certainly something for everyone! So pump it up and enjoy!!

  34. So much fun! It runs smoothly, It sounds good. I cant wait for the next update! Just one thing I would want to fix is the bluetooth bug, but even after you get disconnected from your headphones (Or speaker) you can connect them right after. Overall, A great app. You can make some really good music with this!

  35. Wow, this is even more fun than the website, which I’d played with off and on for a few years. I was afraid the project was done with “The Love”. Turns out they’d simply went the app route. It’s great to see a redone “Alpha,” as well as two new sound suites. “Alive” is especially great. Can’t get enough of it. Combined with the better control that mobile offers for this type of thing, I’m very happy with the purchase.

  36. The app is the best beatboxing app I’ve ever seen. The only downside is that it only has seven versions. I also have a suggestion for the game and that is for it to have more variety and by that I mean adding more features like being able to record your own sounds or edit the sounds that are already there as in pitch or speed and more. Overall good game 10/10

  37. This app is phenomenal! The headphone advice is definitely a good one to rule by for the really neat bass characters that are offered. The design is super cute, music is bumpin’ and customization is almost limitless! The only complaint I have is I downloaded it on my new Android phone and the resolution of the game doesn’t quite fit my screen and some crucial info of the game is cut in half like the circle measure bar system.

  38. Kinda dope. Worth less than $5. The concept is cool: developer makes some cohesive sets of sounds/sequences and you get to match them to make some cool music and mess around with. There’s some good stuff here but it’s not crammed full of good stuff. The sequences generally lack sonic depth and the overall selection lacks variety and depth enough to really feel like you’re making cool music. There are a few very well chosen and insightful sequences and themes. I want to match across themes too.

  39. Great game! I have an idea, instead of just 7 incredimen, how about 8 of them because sometimes when I create mixes, I only have one melody or effects and so on. It sorts of sounds bland. And it is also not fair that we can only play 1 beat, 1 effect, 1 melody, and 1 voice. Great game though and it is your decision if you want to do this.

  40. Great game, super catchy and fun. I’ve played this for hours which makes it a great time killer. I do have bluetooth problems. Keeps disconnecting with my headphones everytime i switch songs. It also crashes, but its probably just my phone. I recommend this to anyone who wants to be able to make some good ear candy!

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