Pango Musical March: 3-6 years MODDED 2022

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Create your own marching band with PANGO MUSICAL MARCH!
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Create your own marching band with PANGO MUSICAL MARCH!

CHOOSE instruments and PLACE your characters: the musicians come to life and move!
The marching band starts playing!

Each character plays their own melody and marches in time.
The musicians speed up and slow down when you CHANGE the music speed.
The music changes and adapts when you ARRANGE and MIX the musicians.
MOVE AROUND and listen to the result!
The bigger the marching band, the livelier the scene gets.

We recommend headphones for a better audio experience.


Find out more at:

– ARRANGE marching bands any way you like
– PLAY 40 different instruments
– DISCOVER 4 musical styles
– CHANGE the music speed
– Perfect for children aged 3 and up
– No stress, no time limit, no competition
– A simple, effective app
– Internal parental controls
– No in-game purchases or invasive advertising


17 comentarios en "Pango Musical March: 3-6 years MODDED 2022"

  1. I got this for my daughter who lasted 2 minutes with it. I had to write a review though because it’s just such a joyous app. Not even a game really, just a lovely musical experience.

  2. Only cute to attract kids to pester elders to purchase but well short on depth of content. Should be a free app. Gives new meaning to “expert-approved”?

  3. Logzez dice:

    Boring some times and maybe make in app punches instead of make the whole game cost money

  4. I used this game in preschool class, everyone was so happy!

  5. You can stay with us and then we will make sure you have the perfect place ✨

  6. I love pango musical March, so can you make your own Rockstar ghipmunks

  7. Pango Musical March for president.

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