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Exciting new music game with your favorite artists from YG Entertainment!
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YG official rhythm game SuperStar YG!

◐ Features world-class YG artist songs
All the latest hits by YG artists!
Play various songs in SuperStar YG 🙂

◐ Collect YG artist cards
Collect various artist cards and upgrade to more beautiful and powerful ones!
Collect fabulous cards in various themes!

◐ Weekly League competition
Rewards to rain according to your Weekly League ranking!
Reach higher score with matching theme and high-grade cards!

◐ World Record competition with global fans
Be the best player in the world, among YG fans worldwide!
Go for the top 100 for each song.

◐ Various daily missions
Clear missions to level up!
Clear various missions and get many rewards.


[Application Permission Usage Notice]
We are requesting for access permissions to provide services as below.
Required Access Permissions
Camera/Storage: For saving the game data in your storage
Read, write on external storage: For saving settings and music data cache
Device ID and phone calls: For tracking and analyzing advertisement records and creating tokens for push notifications
Wi-Fi connection information: For sending guide messages upon downloading additional data
ID: For creating and confirming user accounts

[Access Permission Revoke]
Settings > SUPERSTAR YG > Access Agree or Access Revoke

※ Visual Setting
If you experience lags in the game you can change your visual setting to low resolution for better performance.

※ While SuperStar YG is available for free, you will get charged upon purchases of certain paid items.

※ If you have any inquiries or require any further information, please contact us at.
E-MAIL: [email protected]


SuperStar YG Dalcomsoft Contact Information
Email: [email protected]


40 comentarios en "SuperStar YG MOD 2022"

  1. I’ve been waiting like 2 years for this, so I’m really happy that it’s finally here. I wanted it even more when TREASURE debuted so I cleared up space and downloaded it. I like how it looks different than the other ones (except I haven’t got Starship or Gfriend yet). The only thing is that sometimes the cards keep failing when I try to upgrade them.

  2. Very fun. I’m not super competitive, so it’s just fun to try and level up the cards. I’m a fan of all the groups, so it takes a while to level up each group equally because it takes a lot of RP & diamonds. Sometimes it’s hard to get the limited cards even when you buy the card packs. I think the drop rate should be better when you buy the card packs. Overall it’s fun and challenging. New songs are added each week, which is great. Wish 2NE1 songs were available, but I understand.

  3. I love this game it is really good however for the past 4 days I have not been able to access the app. Everytime I go to open up the app it just shows a black screen for the longest time until I get out of the app. I have tried exiting the app aswell as turning off my phone and turning it back on and nothing has work. This issue has been fixed and I can now play the game again 😀

  4. Its a little slow to load but overall is good and doesn’t take too much of my storage. Its also fair and gives you decent cards all the time in a pack. It gives you a lot of opportunity’ to level up your card and clear missions easily.

  5. I’m getting fed up with how this game somehow gets worse after every update. I’m convinced that drop rates are only for show since I spent 2k diamonds and STILL haven’t gotten all the cards I need. All that ‘randomness’ in the drop rate keeps on giving me duplicate cards. In spending that much, I would at least get all cards and finish an event but end up wasting resources and time. Touch controls also miss during crucial plays. PLEASE prioritize non-owned cards and fix touch controls.

  6. installed it yesterday and man, I’m still trying to play a single song. the game keeps on load screen, and I was able to go to the lobby/main screen only once; after that, it never loads after I start it and it just keep saying I have no network… when I, in fact, have very good connection. don’t know if it’s a server problem or a code problem, but it needs to be fixed, especially when it is a problem in others Superstar – I’m experiencing the same problem w Superstar LOONA

  7. My experience with this app has been really good BUT whenever I play, they keep saying that I missed those buttons thing but I did pressed/clicked it and because of it I kept losing and it’s just so frustrating. I also play the JYP version and I never had the same experience as with this app. I don’t know if it’s bugs or something but please do fix this. Thank you.

  8. Daylight dice:

    Ok. The game is amazing and so much to play but my problem is playing the song. The tap effects is so big that i miss focused and ended up missing a note its just distracting. Second. The speed, can’t we just adjust the speed..? Im not used into slow things please make a speed setting like 1.0 – 12.0 like other rhythm games. Third is the rating. Cant 3 stars get earned even with 1 – 5 misses and then 2 stars on 6 – 30 i dont know. Please add the speed and make a setting to reduce tap effect.

  9. It’s so laggy. Loading takes too long, most of the time the game just crashes. Holy hell, I haven’t played a single song yet since downloading because the game just keeps on crashing. Absolute dog sheyt. This game is just a cash grab, I can’t even call it a game due to it being unplayable. Y’all just better play bandori or pjsk

  10. Literally disappointed. When I was done downloading the data and stuff it lags please fix this. I don’t wanna download it again because it takes so long.

  11. I would give this game 5 stars but there is only one problem it takes almost 5-10 minutes just to load if this would be fixed then this game will definitely my favorite

  12. Vgh Str dice:

    The game is actually great for people who wants a quick play rhythm games. It’s good but i just dont really enjoy how short the song is. Second of all, im really annoyed by the combo display, im a mobile player and it literally appears in the middle of the frame and covers the tiles. It is distracting and annoyingly big i dont know if i just missed it but i dont see anything in the setting area that could fix it either.

  13. For me, it’s ok. But whenever I’ve already pressed the note into the right timing, I don’t get it but I am getting a good score. Aside from that, I’ve also noticed that even though I did already tap the note, I still get a miss.

  14. yans dins dice:

    Okay tbh I love using this app as it has lots of enjoyable songs I can play but the merchs sometimes too pricey and it’s loads for a long time but it is a good app just my wish is why did there’s no 2ne1 songs like I’m so sad but lpls ad TYPA GIRL by BLACKPINK soon that’s the sole reason I still played this game.

  15. This game is wonderful, I love how you can buy an artist pack and honestly the best game for people who can’t afford to buy things with real money(like me). You can earn diamonds and rhythm points by completing events, missions, and by attending everyday. I do have a tiny problem, it’s the fact that my game keeps lagging and causing me to miss the notes. Sometimes I miss the notes even if I did press it. It might just be me or my phone so I’ll try reinstalling it.

  16. This game is okay, I like the songs that they add and the aesthetic style of the game, I just think you could make the loading screens faster and make the game a little less laggy, the game is still fun to play with but still a bit frustrating at times.

  17. I can’t complete the daily mission (4/5), there is no advertisement to watch. The app is still confusing…

  18. Om Mahra dice:

    It’s an pretty fun app tbh, you can get to play songs from your favorite yg groips, you can collect cards, themes etc, and all that stuff but the thing i really hate about this app is the Loading it takes forever when you first download the game te loading was something i would give this game 1 stars, but.. It’s a pretty fasanating game so 4 stars

  19. When I download this app it works good at first time. But when I finally wanna try it, like no tutorials it keep loading and when it’s almost done, it says, sorry miss that ! download again, and after I reload it it keep saying the same thing and it’s so long to loading it’s super anoying

  20. Blah Blue dice:

    This game is good but the drop rate is horrible. Spent more than 2000 diamonds that I earned in months just to get repititive cards or you just get nothing. somehow this sounds like a scam. You have to spend real money in order to collect all limited cards. Also please give MORE REWARDS for the missions, you are being very stingy lol

  21. I love this game, I got to know every YG artist and their songs, this game is more better than BTS Superstar 😚 I hope the next update there’s no request for us to fullfil such as we need to have more than 500000 scores… Thank you

  22. Song shut down by blackpink are error, also it’s suddenly out of the game. And some beat are not sync with the song, like the beat is slower than the song. i hope you fix this bugs

  23. Love this game but recently it keeps loading when i open the app. Like keep staying at 2.1% for forever.

  24. Krist Tan dice:

    App stopped working after playing the first time. It got stuck on the loading screen and just kept loading. When playing, the app was super slow in the lobby.

  25. Uninstalled after first start. Why on earth would a music game require access to phone calls, logs and messages?

  26. After updating the app, why is it just load at 89.2 % ❓ I’ve checked my network, and it’s stable :(((

  27. I don’t have much problem for this game. The thing is I spent too much diamond on the recent card theme to get that one last member theme card, and I already spent every diamonds I have. But I didn’t get that. But I got the other members multiple times (10x). Could have dropped atleast one A card of that. Hope the drop rates are fair enough.

  28. I downloaded this game bc I like kpop. But first, I don’t know why this game needs permission to manage and access your phone calls. It’s not a simulation game so i don’t see the point. Second, it takes VERY long to launch the data :). (I’m pretty sure that it’s not bc of my internet speed). After a tutorial, which was really fun, it started to launch data AGAIN and it’s 1.1 GB. Overall the tuorial was good but disappointed with the game. if you have patience, give it a try!

  29. jijeyy dice:

    I like the additional features in this version of Superstar. As an avid fan and player of the game, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear your idols voice while playing the game. But aside from that, I’ve also noticed somewhat kind of bugs. First is the rave bonus, even though I am pressing on the right time and is mostly perfect, the rave seems to stop and wouldn’t add a bonus. Aside from that I have problem with the notes. Eventhough I’m pressing it, it becomes a miss instead.

  30. Based on my experience playing this game, this game really really need a stable connection while it is contrary in my country. Our connection doesn’t quite stable so, it is effect to the games performances. Sometimes the loading just freeze and you have to restart again or when you playing the games, the movement doesn’t smooth or lagging. Hard mode is quite hard to do (at least for me). but overall, i’m so excited doing this game.

  31. 킨씨 dice:

    I think this has the best graphics compared to the other SS apps. I’m totally contented with that, but lately I have been experiencing annoying things such as I get a miss even though I tapped at the right time. The power up/upgrading of cards costs too much, but the upgrade is still unsuccessful. And the slots, they cost diamonds but you only get 20 slots? It’s too few. Please fix this. I really love this game.

  32. There are so many qualities and offers that set this apart,, this is my first time writing a review for a superstar game because it is just too good. I really enjoy the artist package, where you can have their handwriting and voice when playing. I think that is one of the best. As for the songs, I am totally fine with all of them. The controls are easy per say, and overall it’s very clear on the locations of items. I really recommend this app to first time players of superstar.

  33. Senrami dice:

    I downloaded this today, it took AGES, and when I finally thought that I’d be able to play… Oh child. I’ve been trying for two hours, literally. Everytime I open the game it crashes and I have to restart it, I’ve gotten to the music menu a couple of times but all it does es load… Load… And… Load. No gameplay whatsoever, it’s horrible. My phone is one of the latest models so it isn’t because of the hardware nor software. Wish you cpuld fix the game.

  34. The game is really fun i can say but there’s a thing that happens a few times every month. When i opened the app it shows the white background and suddenly it turned black and the game won’t start. It really annoys me everytime. Sometimes i can just uninstall and install it again and it will be okay after that but sometimes it happens again not long after i reinstalled it. And also i don’t really like how the game will lower your rank if you ranked low in the weekly league.

  35. It’s overall a very interesting game. Although sometimes cause us to miss a beat cause it can get laggy at times. And I think a trade system could be helpful for us players, as there seems to be cards that are harder to get. It gets really infuriating and that forces us to not want to play because of “bad luck”

  36. Ni U dice:

    The game is really good. The design is really YG style, simple but elegant and swag. There are some minor bugs in this game. Sometimes it’s easy to get super perfect, and sometimes it’s hard. I think, in this game, you have to be more accurate while hitting the notes. For sensitivity, I think town’s superstar game is better. But it doesn’t make me unable to enjoy playing this game. Btw, I’m excited for the MULTIPLAY mode. It’s in Feb, right? I’ll wait for it ^^

  37. Have been playing this game for a few months and I really love it, however it has been lagging too much these days. Even though i pressed the right note, it kept saying i miss the notes even when I didn’t. The same thing happens when I’m watching ads to get rewards. It’s really an enjoyable game but the lagging during gameplay ruins the excitement. I hope this problem will be fixed soon because it also affects card power ups. Thank you in advance.

  38. I love playing this game! Much like other similar games, having to play with your favorite artists’ songs as the music is great. I have little to no issues with gameplay, my issue is that, since my phone doesn’t have a huge amount of storage, I have to move some apps to SD storage, and when I do so with this game, I get a message in Korean and its as if its saying I’m cheating the game. I try to return it back to phone storage but its of no use, so I reinstall it instead.

  39. i hope music battle will be back soon, of course without the connection bug. And the LE drop rate is so bad for some players, it’s not fair.

  40. I like the game, it is also easy to navigate. I get to listen to my favorite idols’ music while enjoying. The only problem i encountered was this certain bug that whenever i tap on a note it keeps saying “miss”. I retried the song thrice and it always misses on that particular note. I hope you could fix this.

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