My Music Tower : Piano Tiles MODDED 2022


Sweet Music and Lovely Brick Tower! Adorable Rhythm Simulation Tycoon Game!
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Welcome to My Music Tower! Tap, Tap, Super Cute Piano Tiles
Play relaxing music with guitar and piano. It’s simple but fun!
Decorate your tower with pretty & cute diorama brick items!
This game will heal your stressed mind comfortably.

You can play music easily just by tapping the tiles.

Build your lovely diorama brick tower.
You can decorate it anyway you would like.
Sweet dream tower decoration! Adorable game!

Start a concert with cats, kittens, dogs, baby sharks and little ghosts!
Please invite your party guests.
They will listen and applaud to your performance.

This rhythm simulation tycoon game is free!

● How to Play ●
– Tap and hold tiles to play Piano Tiles, Guitar Tiles very easily.
– Tap gift boxes, Do not touch bombs!
– Install your diorama brick party decorations with note tickets earned by playing.
– Tap those gifts from your party guests.
– Open the newly themed party!
– This game can be played offline!

● Game Features ●
– Cute and adorable brick party decorations
– Sweet party guests
– Calm and comfortable music
– High quality of guitar and piano sound
– Soft and fast speed of sound response

Do you want to play calm and comfortable music?
Do you like diorama bricks and tycoon game?
Download and try My Music Tower!


40 comentarios en "My Music Tower : Piano Tiles MODDED 2022"

  1. I love this game, the art style is cute and aesthetically pleasing, the music is nice, and the gameplay is simple enough for casual enjoyment. But it’s impossible to play. The game is just unplayable. The app closes out randomly, and when I open it again, it freezes and the music continues to play even though I closed it again. I can’t even finish a song without it happening. I really hope the issue is fixed soon 🙁

  2. way too much of the game is hidden behind microtransactions and ad breaks, but it’s pretty fun and cute regardless. edit: went down a star because it keeps telling me I need to watch more ads in order to play songs I used to have?? what the hell. also, more than HALF the time when you watch an ad to get something it doesn’t work and you have to watch another one, and sometimes even that doesn’t make it work. it’s really fun and cute, but SO FRUSTRATING!

  3. Josephine dice:

    Love this game, great graphics, great songs, great plot. The few ads you’re forced to watch (not reward ads) are rare and usually less than five seconds, which, as someone who absolutely hates forced ads, isn’t much at all. The graphics are absolutely adorable and I love all the tiles. Just wished they didn’t punish you as much for hitting a space without a tile but I suppose it’s to keep people from tapping everywhere. Could be more of a three strikes and you’re out thing though, but good game.

  4. Super cute and challenging game. Some of the songs are pretty hard which makes this game fun and satisfying. I agree with other reviews, way too many ads and there needs to be a way to turn down game volume separate from song volume so your ears don’t get blasted every time you finish a song. I paid 99 cents for an in app purchase to cut back on the ads, they are over the top annoying! After seeing Project Makeovers ad 50 times I wanted to gouge my eyes out. Terrible terrible ads.

  5. It’s legitimately refreshing to find a phone game that requires skill instead of being pay-to-win. My Music Tower will frustrate you. It’s not always a cake walk. But it’s built fairly and accessibly. I will say the UI is a bit busy with all the in-game advertisements. But the music selection is broad and the Midi instruments are good. Give it a shot if you like games like Guitar Hero.

  6. A great music game! The progression of the tower is absolutely phenomenal, and I love the tiny difference between the guitar and piano songs! The only issues I have are: once I had a problem where fhe game wouldn’t load, but I restarted my device and it worked just fine! Also, I think the music choice might be a bit limited, so maybe some more songs in the near future could be a possibility? All in all, a wonderful game, and I sincerely hope that it continues to be this good going forward.

  7. jack root dice:

    love it!! there’s dozens of piano tiles games out there, but this is easily my favorite above all of them 🙂 it’s adorable, with lots of music and customization options, and a nice progression system too! i like being able to work towards a goal instead of just playing songs over and over. it’s also got just the right level of difficulty, some songs are tricky and you can challenge yourself id desired, but it’s also easy to enjoy ot as a simple, relaxing game. definitely recommend it

  8. Nice game. I like the idea of giving the player the choice in decor when they have enough tickets. I just wish I could play non-stop to build up the amount of tickets, and just go on a decoration spreed. One bug that found was the error for free revivals during a song. It happened three times. Where I would watch an ad for a free revival and not get it. I’ll have to watch a second ad for the revival. The current number of pop up ads is making me thinking about unistall.

  9. Cacticrow dice:

    It’s like typical piano tile games with the twist of an actual end goal, which I really like! The mix of guitar and piano songs is a great touch, and I think the art style is really cute. One too many ads though. A little laggy at times, which makes me miss a tile and lose. I wish it were a little easier to get gems without paying though.

  10. AMAZING game. Levels aren’t too hard, and ads aren’t intrusive at all (once every 4-5 games or so). Super fun to mix and match themes and tiles, goals are achievable as well. Edit: Still 5 stars, but sometimes when trying to continue a game or get a reward, etc, the ad won’t be available (most of the time)? Not too much of a hassle but it would be nice to have that fixed 🙂

  11. I started playing this when it seemed pretty new, and it was great! But now that I’ve installed this latest update, there have been ads upon ads. I get watching ads for a second chance or something like that, but i feel like the decorations shouldn’t have them. Really cute game, and if the ads get fixed it would be really awesome!

  12. This is a good option for piano tiles / tycoon games if you’re into those kinds of apps. Wouldn’t recommend playing if you’re really tired, it’s just too hard then. The ad placement is pretty okay, my only complaint is that it didn’t ever tell me that I was losing coins when I lost. Losing in this game is really easy to do so it seems a bit unfair that my coins keep on being stolen. Honestly I’d rather that feature not exist. Overrall, it’s pretty fun/10

  13. This game is amazing! The art style is adorable, so are the themes and the backgrounds for the piano tiles. The only thing I have a problem with is how much the themes cost, and the fact that the songs are so challenging! Since the songs are so fast I wouldn’t recommend it for children, unless you can change the speed ( which I haven’t really looked into ) And the themes cost 20 gems each and then it takes 15 ads to get it for free, so it’s pretty expensive and it takes forever to get gems.

  14. It was really cute and fun for a while, and I liked how steady the difficulty progression was. But when I got to the second floor, the songs were set weird and it was hard to play. It was like the music was broken up, and I couldn’t tap at an appropriate tempo to the song. It wasn’t the difficulty level, but it’s like the taps came at a different pace than the song was played. Otherwise, the game was great!

  15. Sometimes touch doesn’t register in the far left or far right lanes. You have to watch ads to get decor when you already have the tickets. Some songs are extremely fast and the next ones are slow, you can’t choose difficulties/speeds. When you actually wanna watch an ad to revive, it doesnt give you the option, but when you don’t want to watch an ad it does give the option. Shows ads before and after playing the tile game. Which is overbearing tbh.

  16. Pros: Graphics are adorable & music is synced well to the beats. They did a decent job converting this style game to mobile. Cons: Sometimes ads will not retrieve & game crashes. Bug where music will stop. Fundamental gameplay issues. “Basic” mode is far more difficult than challenge mode b/c you have to get a perfect score. There is no ad-free version (the paid version still has reward ads). It is possible to get a perfect score in challenge mode & still fail if you don’t pick up potions.

  17. I really wanted to like this game. It’s super cute, but the songs are incredibly fast right away, so there’s no time to build up to it and there’s many fails. Worst, the ads are broken… there were at least 10 times within a half hour that I watched an ad to either revive or double my rewards and it didn’t work at all.

  18. When I first installed this game, I was fairly new to piano tile games and was clumsy at them due to my poor coordination. However, this game has genuinely improved those skills for me. It also has charming characters and stories, lovely daily challenges, and a very hopeful and positive tone to it all. While I do agree there is sometimes a latency issue that causes me to mess up occasionally, and many many ads, it’s still a charming and delightful game. Pls add more parties!!!

  19. This game is amazing. The controls are great, the animation is sooooo cue and the little guitar and piano characters are so fun! In particular the guitar music you get to play is so beautiful, and the animation of that part of the gameplay is flawless. It never gives me any trouble at all. 10/10 love this game so much definitely recommend to people who like music games, decorating games, and cute games!

  20. A really good music game family. Ever since Piano Tiles 2 disappeared along with Dancing Line, I’ve been longing for another music game app that’s actually good without random ads during gameplay or glitching. This app is the most perfect there is. Very fun to play, very cute to decoration, and overall I have fun watching ads for suitable rewards. The absolute best!

  21. This is the rhythm game of my dreams! Where do I start?! The charts are perfect some are a little fast though when you start but that’s not an issue to progress in game! The characters and party’s are so cute I enjoy decorate rooms! The songs are nicely recorded and have a huge selection based on each party you open. The tiles and backgrounds are super cool when they transition and are super cute! I like to use the Halloween cat one as the different faces are adorable! I love this game

  22. very fun, but recently i got a bug where it wouldn’t load past 50% and i had to reinstall to fix it, but i lost all my progress because the save function is very hidden. i am very upset by this, as i had spent money to get some packs before the bug, but now i don’t have them, and am considering uninstalling permanently. to people who plan on downloading: the save function is hidden in the settings, save often or you’ll end up sad like me 🙁 (edit: fixed wording)

  23. This game has to be one of my favorite piano tiles games so far, it’s simple but challenging enough to be entertaining. There isn’t an overload of ads, infact I rarely have to watch one. I think all the themes of the game are so cute and are definitely exciting to unlock. I wouldn’t change a thing about this game. ☆

  24. Mycah dice:

    some of the songs are pretty easy but there’s ones that are medium and hard unlike every other piano tiles game I’ve played where the only options are easy and impossible. I really like the sliding scale of difficulty and it’s neat to be able to decorate parties as you play.

  25. Good game, I love the song choices! But may I suggest that it you have a line where we press the keys because the fast notes get hard to follow and hard to keep tempo, so the songs aren’t pleasant to listen to. Like more of just playing the song in the background while we try to follow the notes, instead of the song following us

  26. Silver 57 dice:

    This is probably one of the best music games I’ve played in a while! There’s a vast variety of music (no lyrics, percussion), and it’s really, oddly good for relieving stress. It has an adorable design you can customise and is fairly f2p friendly. It doesn’t lag, and even if you mess up, it lets you continue in exchange for in-game currency. If not, ads. I also really adore the fact that you’re playing to make sure the party goes on! I’ll definitely be hooked on this one for a while.

  27. This game is cute. I really like the additional spin on the usual piano tiles by being able to decorate the tower. It’s satisfying to see the tower grow more and more each time I play. The custom tiles are cute too! I have to say though, I had to watch quite a lot of ads to progress, mainly to unlock the gift boxes. I guess it can’t be helped, though I hope the gift boxes limit can be upgraded or something? When I play for a long time, unlocking the gift boxes feels annoying.

  28. The game is fun and the graphics are adorable! I love collecting the themes, decorations, etc. One thing I hate tho are the amount of ads, especially when you already collected tickets for a decoration but still have to watch an ad. I understand if it’s for other extras like another chance, a roulette spin, etc but not for the decorations. So I hope that gets fixed. Otherwise, great game!

  29. Remi dice:

    I love everything this game has. It’s good because it can be played offline. Although it crashes sometimes. Well that’s quite reasonable since the graphics are so smooth and definitely well made. This deserves more downloads. And i also love how we can change the tiles and themes. It also has a feature which you can choose which songs you want to be played. Overall, i really love this game😭😭 thankyou so much for the developers who’s incharge to improve the game.

  30. I wanted to rate it 5 stars but luckily I waited a couple of days because the difficulty of the songs just shoot up all of a sudden. What’s with that one song starting off at 180 BPM right off the bat? I wasn’t even on challenge mode too. There are ads but they’re not intrusive (sometimes). My main problem with the app is that your difficulty is unstable. Please look into balancing out the difficulty of your levels for normal mode because not everyone wants a challenge all the time.

  31. Marie Dee dice:

    I’m in love!!! The visual is so cute and it has a great music collection. I’ve been searching for this kind of game that has classical music in its playlist and glad to find it in this one. I like that they also have songs that are played in guitar. Also you get to decorate the rooms and personalize your tiles. Ads are not annoying bcs it’s optional. Overall, it’s a great game. 10/10 recommended! 🥰

  32. I enjoy the game a lot, it’s cute, very nice design. Just a few problems though, and one of them is the sensitivity and lag. The screen sometimes freeze during a game, and the game also doesn’t recognize/receive my touches/clicks on a tile, it needs to bit more sensitive. I’m fine with the ads, they maybe only come once every two or three plays.

  33. Yee Yee dice:

    I found it really cute, but it kept on stopping/pausing while I was playing the game which was a little frustrating. And some of the songs weren’t quite…correct or had completely different notes from what I’ve heard. I also found the sound when you tap the tiles to interfere with the song. Which is even more annoying. It didn’t have the feeling of what you listening to those songs either, I couldn’t enjoy playing the game. I don’t think it’s my cup of tea, but I love the designs and creativity

  34. It’s a great game. It has cute graphics and it’s overall quite smooth. Rewards are balanced. It has two downsides though. When the songs get to a very high speed, the game stops registering taps properly, so I could get the tile in time, but the game just won’t recognise it. The other downside is that there are songs who already start at a very high speed and even getting 2-3 stars gets near impossible, let alone do it in challenge mode. Those two problems make the game just not fun anymore.

  35. wottobix dice:

    Fun game, definitely one of the more enjoyable piano tile games I’ve found. The room design element is fun and the ads aren’t too intrusive. My main complaint is some of the music, especially the ones that use guitar instrumentals, sound very… off. I’m not sure how to describe it, other than it isn’t pleasant to listen to. I tend to just avoid any songs that use the guitar

  36. It’s an amazing game, but two issues: 1. It crashes when loading an optional ad. If it’s a random ad it lags a bit then moves on. My internet could be the blame, but ads in other games work fine. 2. Why can’t I use the BPM lower power on songs in normal mode? Symphony No. 5 and others are a bit fast in my opinion, which is probably the reason for lower BPM power. Defiently great to train your left hand to. Also, which the game had more backgrounds, maybe simpler.

  37. This was a great app, but there seems to be issues today. Every single time I play, it keeps going wrong, as though I have missed hitting a key, but I haven’t! There isn’t even a key, where it’s suggesting I missed one. It was fine yesterday, but has done this on literally every tune I have tried to play today. (6 in total) my rating would be 5 stars, as it’s a great game. But It’s just really not working well today.

  38. This game is great! Not your typical music tile game. It’s a very innovative, different take on the genre with cute characters, great graphics and good gameplay, though it feels like it’s a tad bit too difficult for me and I could get bored of it in the future, but for now, it seems fun and it wouldn’t be a fault of the game either way, because it does what it’s meant to do really well! Edit: I’ve played it more & I have an issue with the ads for the decor. I think that it’s too much.

  39. Crashes galore. I’ve had to clear the game’s data at least twice. It just keeps crashing and freezing, not to mention unresponsive. It’s such a shame too because the game itself is so fun and cute, but I don’t want to keep starting all over again to make it actually *work*.

  40. I love the game! The artstlye is 10/10, graphics 10/10 and there’s a lot of songs to choose from and you unlock more songs everytime you you finish each room, there’s also not many adds which is nice. Some of the song is hard to play and it’s frustrating sometimes butt other than that i like the game and i recomend it if you like music tile games

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