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Conduct an orchestra of musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters!
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Become a Monster Maestro in My Singing Monsters Composer!

Conduct an orchestra of cute musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters! Each Monster is packed with personality and its own unique vocal, percussive, and instrumental sound. Compose your own original song using a powerful and easy-to-use music editor, or recreate your favorites! Plus enjoy Monster parts not found on My Singing Monsters’ Composer Island, like unique Rare sounds and the mysterious Ethereals.

My Singing Monsters Composer is a great tool for learning musical notation in a fun and memorable way. People of all skill levels will love practicing songwriting with this simple music editor!

Download My Singing Monsters Composer today — Happy Monstering!

• Dozens of lovable Monsters with unique sounds
• New sounds for Rare Monsters
• Compose songs with the Ethereals
• Write original music
• Learn musical notation
• Record and share songs with friends
• Built-in keyboard
• Play offline when you’re on the go
• No ads or in-app purchases


HELP & SUPPORT: Get in touch with the Monster-Handlers by visiting or contacting us in game by going to Options > Contact Support.


40 comentarios en "My Singing Monsters Composer MODDED"

  1. codster dice:

    It’s a great app. I’ve made many songs with it, and have had a great time. But recently the app has constantly been crashing and I can’t even get past the loading screen. It just crashes as soon as it opens. I’ve tried reinstalling the game hoping it would fix, but it didn’t. So now I’ve lost all of my songs, and the game still crashes. I’ve read a couple other reviews and people are saying it only crashes for Android, which I have. So please fix this glitch!

  2. Id say it’s a pretty nice app for composing some lovely music with singing monsters, But there’s just a small bug that I really don’t like. Whenever I try to open the app, It kicks me out right when I open the app and then I have to delete and re install the app. I would really like if this bug were patched so that I can compose music without any problems. + It would be most appreciated by me. If u can read this, Try to get this bug patched. I really don’t like it and it annoys me a lot. Thanks

  3. It’s really good, but as many have said, there’s lot of monsters from the original game that aren’t here, like the mythicals, fire element, magical elements, and wublins. i do get why they would take a while to add, though. also there’s a bug when a monster sings a long note then a short note, where the short note is sung by a second monster. since there’s stereo audio and the second monster is at a different position, it makes the whole melody jump between positions, if that makes sense.

  4. MsM Composer is a really good app for making music or recreating music, everything is good about it despite having a little bit to work with. There are a few problems with it that I recently discovered and noticed. You can’t really represent or show something that could resemble types of notes. There’s also something that may be a glitch but I now can’t seem to load the game anymore with no idea why.

  5. $5 for a game that never gets patches for bugs so horrendous it makes the game literally unplayable? What an amazing way to have spent my money. Sarcasm aside, don’t bother getting this game. While it may be extremely fun, it’s going to leave you devastated. You will spend hours upon hours making music and having a good time, only for the game to randomly stop opening. The only known fix is a hard reset. Uninstall and reinstall, meaning you lose everything. A waste of time and, in turn, money.

  6. I’ve used this for years, made over 40 songs and I’ve ran into the crashing issue. I’ve lost hours and hours of time in a matter of seconds. This is an absolute scam of an app. They’ve added about two updates and they were only for adding monsters to this broken game. If you EVER download this app UPLOAD YOUR SONGS SOMEWHERE. There’s a letter icon with an arrow next to it. That’s how you do it.

  7. I love the game! It’s where I made my first few original songs, and the sounds are very high quality. There’s only one problem, and I know I’m not the only one experiencing it- after a while of using it, it just stops launching. this is a major problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible, especially since people paid for this game. Other, minor problems: – No bass or alto clef – Outdated monster collection (I understand why not everything’s there)

  8. The game is basically a much better version of the composer island in MSM. Monsters sound cleaner, you can make longer songs, you get more options, and you can make a bunch of songs for free. Definitely would recommend buying! The only complaint I have is that sometimes your game can stop working and you have to uninstall it. You end up losing any unsaved progress, so I’d reccomend saving all your songs to Google Drive.

  9. I used to love this game, and making songs in it. But recently it has become unplayable. It constantly stops working and every time I try to open it the game crashes before I can even get off the loading screen. When it does work, although it rarely does, I only get to play it for a day and when I close the app it starts the crashing issue I mentioned earlier. I am giving it a 2 stars because if this game gets fixed to me personally it would be a 5 star game. Love the game when it works though!

  10. A wonderful spin-off of an awesome game, this app has a lot of awesome stuff in it, and it’s truly the successor to the original Composer Island, and I’m perfectly fine with the cost of such a great app. One issue/suggestion though, I would love it if we could log in to our My Singing Monsters account so that we can save our data to the cloud (so issues like deleting the app (intentionally or due to a glitch) doesn’t delete your songs.)

  11. I like this new one but I think there should be more to it, like sharing your music, maybe submitting it somewhere, kinda like normal msm. Nice update, but I have two glitches. The recording button doesn’t work, and when rare reedling plays a long note, the eyes turn blue. Thanks for understanding that people LOVE composing music on my singing monsters, and making a whole different game for it. Thank you

  12. BAK dice:

    Update: Change my review from one star to 3. They were very kind It’s still impossible to recover what was lost but I suppose that is my fault for not reading the fine print. As far as composer itself, it could use a few upgrades. The songs definitely need to be able to be longer. And the ability to zoom in-and-out further would be extremely helpful. To be able to see more or less of the song at once. Mainly because scrolling/skipping through the song takes forever and does not flow well at all

  13. Love it, but there are a lot of things I think should be added to make the game better, these things being: tempo changes within the music, so we don’t have to be guessing how long we have to make a note last so it feels like a certain part is slower or faster, eighth and sixteenth notes so we again don’t have to be guessing how long a note should be, the ability to switch between trebel, alto, and bass clef, and the ability to use things like staccatos and accents. Would enhance the experience.

  14. Emma Boyd dice:

    This app is really amazing! I enjoy the fact that there are more settings and you have availability to all of the monsters, but I do have some complaints. It only allows you to use one monster for each kind, so I can have multiple parts for a certain monster. As well as this the treble cleft is the only one you can use and there is no alto or bass.

  15. This game is a very decent purchase. That being said, there are a few things that could use fixing. First and foremost, some Ethereals (Whisp, Nebulob, and Jellbilly) are missing key parts of their vocals. Hopefully this is due to upcoming Rare sounds? It’s also bothersome that you can’t insert saved parts from any measure other than the first one. Finally, I’d like to be able to move Monsters around on the island and have multiples of a single monster.

  16. It’s an amazing game, I love the idea of taking a component from another loved game to make it’s own. The only true problem I see is not being able to have more than one monster. I can see the problems it would create like placement but it’s almost detrimental in some songs to have more than one, yet having access to ONLY one can ruin the quality of a song. I’m sure the brilliant minds at BBB can come up with something to solve this issue.

  17. The game is absolutely stunning and fun at all times. It’s the perfect time-killer and is very expressive and creative. The quirky sounds made by the monsters make all created songs unique and special. The only problem is the lack of sounds. in other words, there aren’t as much monsters to choose from as not only me, but everyone would appreciate and enjoy. Thank you, Big Blue Bubble! I always have a good time when I’m happy monstering!

  18. I love the app, but there’s some room for improvement. Something that should definitely be done is glitches need to be fixed with opening the app, sometimes it will not open for days at a time. There should be a wider variety of Monsters, a way to connect notes, 16th notes should be easier to deal with, a better way than changing the time signature just to get 16th notes, there should be a way to move monsters, and please, add some updates for once, it can get somewhat old sometimes. Thank you.

  19. While this is a good step up from the composer island, it still lacks a lot of features. 1. The staff is kinda limited, and I know it’s probably because it’s hard enough to tap the correct line or space already, but it would be super nice to be able to add and remove lines and spaces. 2. MORE MONSTERS! With the main game constantly getting new additions, I feel like some of those older additions, (like the fire monsters), could be added at least. 3. Bass Clef. Just Bass Clef.

  20. Gl Di dice:

    Ok, so the app was great! Key word, was. I lived the wide variety of Monster sounds there where. However, after a few week of having the game, it just crashes. Won’t stop I re-downloaded it, and even reset my device. It still keeps crashing after like, 0.5 seconds of being open. If somebody can please help with this issue. Also, not only that, but it bothered me that there where no Epic versions of Monsters. In some cases, there weren’t even the rare version! I hope more monsters are added soon

  21. It’s a great app, so far it has been working perfectly. It has more monsters than the composer island for My Singing Monsters, and a few more features. However, there is a limit to how low or high the notes go (adding two or three more notes would be great), and you can only compose in treble clef. Otherwise it is a great game!

  22. PLEASE UPDATE!!! I’ve grown up with my singing monsters and loving the composer Island, I hopped on this game. But its just missing alot. Id love to be able to use all the wubboxes, unlock new variants of the island, decorate, and move the monsters freely like in the other game. Hopefully all those things could happen and if they do, I look forward to it!

  23. You still haven’t fixed the glitch where it crashes, it has to do with abruptly closing it while the song was playing for me. I have some ideas: Link the data to Google Play accounts so no one will lose their data again. Get every monster, their Rare and Epic versions, as well as baby and both Celestial types. 8th notes, more space for longer songs. Being able to have multiple of the same monster for better volume control and being able to move Monsters, dark mode, and a higher and lower octave.

  24. Great until… The game just doesn’t work on Android. It crashes after around a few months of having it causing me to lose all of the songs I’ve made. Thankfully I saved them all, however this NEEDS to be fixed. A huge problem with this game is that it hasn’t been updated or fixed in nearly 3 years which stinks because it has so much potential to add more things. Really wish I could give it a 0.

  25. Its great but its lacking a bit of things in music. It would be twice as good of an app if you add an easier way of doing sixteenth notes instead of just doubleing the time signature, a bigger range of notes you can do, and more things like: crescendo, decresendo, stress notes, volume setting for a single note, and the ability to connect notes, if these things could be added it would very great!

  26. Lemme just say that I LOVE the new upadate with all the new sounds! They’re AWESOME!!! But one little thing I found is that, when you hold a note with the reedling, it makes the noise of a rare reedling. That might be intentional, might be a glitch, idk. But I really loved how the reedling originally sounded and would love if it was changed back! Thanks! <3

  27. The app is great! Though I really wish I could transfer my scores from composer island in the regular game to this app. I would also appreciate if notes like triplets, trills, mordent and glissandos were added, plus more measures. Also, more dynamics. (changing volume mid-song, crescendos, decrescendos, etc.) Maybe some mid-song tempo changes as well. Bass clef and tenor clef would also be nice. There’s also a problem with the rare Riff having very soft low notes. Five stars!

  28. It’s an awesome game! I like it a lot, but one thing that could make this entire game SO much better is the ability to see other islands, because… well, there isn’t much else to do besides make music. Plus, Big Blue Bubble… please, please, PLEASE! Add more rares or some epics PLEASE! Thank you for the game, overall.

  29. The Ethereals are amazing! Nebulob really adds depth to my songs when the tempo is right. However, Kazilleon is VERY off-key, so maybe you could re-tune the samples. Also, Rare Reedling sounds more like bagpipes rather than an accordion. Pummel seems to be more of a chromatic Monster, so the higher pitches should match that. It would also be helpful if there were either a setting that allows all or certain Monsters to have doubles due to long notes or place the long/short doubles next to each other. More octaves could also be implemented and there could be individual limits for which Monsters can have higher or lower notes. Pitch bend could be nice as well, as well as off-beat notes and short notes (you don’t even need to re-record them; they’ll just be cut off or sped up when a next note plays)

  30. This game really isn’t that bad. The rares and ethereals really give more variety for sounds but there are lots of cons. 1 is that it isn’t updated often which starts to get rid of its value. But the biggest con is it will constantly crash and break to the point it won’t let you in after. The only way is you have to delete and reinstall. But that brings the issue that doing that DELETES your save data forever as the game doesn’t have any sort of optional account sync to prevent losing save data!

  31. Chris Y. dice:

    There’s a randomly occurring bug that crashes the app everytime you open it, thereby soft-locking it. This is such a glaring flaw, especially for a paid app. Not only does it make it unplayable, but it also prevents access to all of the songs you have created (the data can’t be backed up through a file explorer). Your support has told me to reinstall the app as a fix, but by doing so all of the app’s data would be lost. I’ve kept my app stuck in this state for months. Please update your app.

  32. This game is so wonderful for making music. The monsters are adorable, I like the variety of sounds, and it’s just pleasant. However, this game has a horrible habit of randomly crashing. If it does, you have literally one option, and that is to lose every single bit of progress you’ve made by uninstalling. I’ve lost so many songs this way, and it makes me very sad. Please, BBB, fix this. I love this app so much and it deserves a much higher rating, but I can’t in good faith give it better.

  33. VinMii dice:

    Edit: deleted it because of the crash glitch, still crashes. Fix your freaking app.//// The only way to fix the crashing is to delete and redownload, but that means you lose your songs if you haven’t saved them. I’m in the middle of recreating two songs, one being from plants vs zombies and also a remake of plant island. I’m extremely mad that I have to start over. BBB, please do something about this.

  34. I think it’s a great concept and I love working with the monsters, but there’s a few giant issues. There are a lot of limits on the range of the monsters. The whole thing is in treble clef with no options to change that.The rhythm is also way too restricted. I think it just in general, it needs to become an even more musical app.

  35. Has good potential but I feel like a lot more could be added…. like an actualy way to change the tempo or some actual ways to have different rhythms that arent just the same eighth, quarter, half, and whole notes. This could add to the experience and actually help kids get into and learn a lot more about music and would add great things to experiment with. But right now in NO WAY is this worth 5 dollars. Probs like 3 with the limitations it currently has.

  36. Great game, love it with all my heart, but sometimes i will log in and it will exit me out immediately, i wont be able to make projects because the only way that ive been fixing it is to completely restart the game, therefore wiping my progress Please fix this, i want to play more but this is starting to irritate me, 3rd time happening too D: Another thing id like to see though is repeats and fixed repeats, it could allow so many more monsterpeices!

  37. Camro dice:

    I love the game, but I’d like to suggest a few improvements: 1 – Rest notes for monsters (sometimes a single note’s echo makes my song sound bad). 2 – Fade in/out for volume, as well as the option to gradually decrease/increase pitch in a long note (Some of the songs I replicate have examples of this). 3 – A larger range of notes pitchwise. (Many of the songs I copy are not within the current range and it can be the main reason I give up composing them). Otherwise a very good ad free experience!

  38. Brogan dice:

    Very good game but I have just one problem. Each time I load up the game it shows the loading screen with the music and halfway through the loading screen it kicks me out the game. I have tried to fix this by uninstalling it, restarting it, etc and nothing works. Please fix this bug I want to make music again

  39. Good game and love all of the opportunities to make any song you’d want with just a few little monsters. but I recommend that big blue bubble put more monsters on in the future. Also the game keeps stopping and I have realised the only way to get on the game again is to reinstall it so that is why I have given this 2 stars… Just wanted to say It is a waste of money for making a song that lasts a week…

  40. It’s really good! I love the freedom you have to either mess around and make silly little tunes, or conduct an entire orchestra! However, I do think there should be the ability to loop bits of a song over and over, as placing the same sequence of notes twenty-five times gets a bit boring. Overall though, a great tool for composing, with the imagery of monsters singing and playing the instruments too!

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