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Master a cast of quirky My Singing Monsters and explore the Monster World!
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Think you know your Singing Monsters? Travel back in time to when Monsters first erupted into song and witness the glorious Dawn of Fire.

Experience catchy tunes, gorgeous graphics and intuitive gameplay in this exciting prequel to the hit mobile sensation My Singing Monsters.

Each Monster has its own voice!
As you unlock each lovable character, their unique musical stylings will be added to the song to build upon the symphony creating richer sounds. Some Monsters are vocal virtuosos, while others play splendorous instruments. Until you hatch it, it’s a surprise!

Breed and grow your Monster musicians!
Want to grow your Singing Monster collection? That’s simple – breed Monsters with different elements together to create new ones! Level them up by rewarding them stuff they like and nurture your very own one-of-a-kind orchestra.

Craft a multitude of unique items!
Build impressive structures, collect resources, and master the intricate new crafting system! Learn the recipes for anything your Monsters might ask of you, and put up wacky decorations to add that personal touch!

Discover new lands and catchy tunes!
Expand your horizons beyond the Continent and explore the diverse and wondrous Outer Islands. Each has its own infectious melody, as performed by your Singing Monster maestros! Who knows how many there are to discover?

Get ready to bask in the golden age of Monster music in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Happy Monstering!


PLEASE NOTE! My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire requires an internet connection to play (3G or WiFi).

HELP & SUPPORT: Get in touch with the Monster-Handlers by visiting or contacting us in game by going to Options > Support.


40 comentarios en "Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire MOD 2022"

  1. This game completed the job of being a good sequel, and then went beyond. The art is really nice, the music is good, and even though the music loops, it doesn’t get repetitive. The new features like the trading shop or farms/bakeries fit into the game perfectly, and the old features have been fixed for more fun. The only complaint I have is the song often desyncing, but that is expected for looping music with different tracks. Nice job, BBB!

  2. Luis M dice:

    It’s a great game that I enjoy playing. The music and colorful characters that creat it is always relaxing to watch and listen to. The only that would make this better and give it the 5 stars I want to give, is adding a feature that lets you know what you need, and how much, when in the crafting menus. It would help tremendously as it’s really annoying when you use an expensive/hard-to-find material on something, o LY to discover you needed something else.

  3. I love this app! I’ve been obsessed with my singing monsters and this is the perfect app for me. I just give it 4 stars because the chest doesn’t hold much food even when I upgrade it, it also disables the sell button so I can’t sell the extra food I don’t need. Otherwise, this is an amazing app and I definitely recommend. It’s easy for beginners and amazing for advanced players.

  4. I think this game is great! If you have it for a long time, it’s really rewarding to see what you’ve done. It’s still free-to-play friendly, which is amazing! Proggressive Overview (November 19): It’s been a few months in and I still love this game a lot. However, I would like to report what I’ve noticed as a gamer who’s enjoyed the game. I’ve noticed monsters will sing out of sync every now and then then just a stanza. When hatching an egg, the move menu will sometimes switch out for the default menu, and then you have to resort the game. I would never discourage the play of this game just because of these few minor issues. Looking at the new monsters… they lack personality. If they had appeared in tge original MSM, I may have flipped the table I play on. They seem shameless or lazily made. I get this is a new game, so new art style, but the designs for the 1.0 update munsters look great! I want to see more of that. Maybe we could have a fan competition to create a monster. On the positive side, the things above do not waver my experience of the game much. Thankyou so much for taking the time out of your day to reply to my comment, Big Blue Bubble!

  5. Love the game! Absolutely amazing! The monsters are adorable, especially the babies (my favorite’s Yelmut). Theres even less ads in this one than the first! I understand ads, especially in free games, but the msm ads are reasonably balanced with the play, and in dof, you only see the ads to speed up breeding and stuff! Only thing is, there’s a monster missing. It’s a four element monster of earth, water, cold and fire. I might be wrong, though. Please add if possible.

  6. Just as much and maybe even more fun than the first game! Not having to wait forever for buildings to upgrade and stuff feels like a luxury compared to the wait times in the other game. The marketplace and the new monster wants mechanics are way easier to work with, too. The menu designs and the graphics in general are a real improvement.

  7. This game is great. I’ve played it for many many years. And honestly, it is probably better than the original. But I think there are a lot of bugs to fix. Like how the song suddenly glitches to be off tempo. I also think that currency (aspecialy dimonds) needs to be easier to get. Because otherwise game progression takes to long and is quite boring at times. If you fixed these things I would deffenently rate this game 5 stars. And I get that you guys get most of your money from purchases.

  8. SpeedTV dice:

    Everything in this game is tedious and time consuming. There is a huge problem with beds in this game. I literally spent over a year getting diamonds to upgrade the castle, and then I could only place a few monsters and I ran out of beds again. Buying another castle is extremely expensive and I don’t have the time or detication to get another one. Please just add more beds! Also you can’t see the whole island at once and it’s super laggy and sometimes crashes.

  9. Cashew A. dice:

    it is a great game where i collect monsters that sing, thats the summed version. each monster has a different element combination (accept for the star ones) and they all sing different tones and add to the music. it doesnt go by to fast or slow and its pretty enjoyable even when you have nothing else to do as you are always creating items to be able to level up your monsters more! 5/5 it is pretty good.

  10. This game is enjoyable to some degree, and i think it’s worth a shot, but it’s definately nowhere near as good as the origional. The monster design is still on point, but overall it feels less polished, and gameplay is tedious. However my biggest issue is that the game is unnecessary. The origional is still being actively updated, and almost every feature that made this game unique now makes an appearance in its predecessor. If you enjoy the original try it out, but dont expect too much.

  11. This game is great, I also love the original game. I like the original game better because the new one kicks me out every 15 minutes or so. Its says “failed to log in” and logs me out. Then when I try again I have log in, it still logs me out after a while!!! The worst part is that it doesn’t save my progress. I really like the idea, but please fix this problem.

  12. I’m In love with this game. It tells the story of the monsters being once younglings. It’s cute, it’s relaxing, and it’s a great prequel. But, there is this annoying bug where the monsters are singing, then all of a sudden, they kinda glitch, causing all the sounds to be off tempo, then there is a moment of silence so the sounds can keep up with all the other sounds. It ruines the experience of the songs. So please fix that, it’s been in the game for years!

  13. They really do keep you going, doing stuff all the time. It does get challenging at times, but thats what makes it fun. And listening to the monsters sing is amazing. They make so many sounds and noises. I mean soetimes it does get a little anoying listening to them the whole time while you are playing. But hey, they have a mute buttan. Thankfully. =) It is a really fun game though, and you should play it yourself. I think you would really injoy it.

  14. Lagtim3 dice:

    I remember playing the original ‘My Singing Monsters’ seven or eight years ago in high-school. I loved it then, and not much has changed about that!! I downloaded this iteration out of familiarity and curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. Gameplay is overall better, graphics are better, the new songs are cute–everything improved!

  15. So far, it is enjoyable, but it’s very underrated. I have skimmed the reviews, and some make sense, like reporting a bug. But some have called it “inferior”, “bad sequel”, and even outside of the App Store/Google Play, “trash”. TBH, the game isn’t the best sequel, but definitely equal to the first. The dragging mechanic is a nice change. It does get a bit buggy at times, but rarely does it do this. I would reccomend this to any MSM fan, and I hope they’d enjoy it.

  16. The sound of the monsters are amazing, especially on the outer islands. Absolutely no ads unless you want them, which is great. Personally, my favorite island is the cave island. Although, all islands sound great. Graphics are AWESOME. Good stuff BBB. Although, I recently experienced a bug with the offer system. I did an offer for 865 gems, completed it, went back to DOF, and all I got was 1 gem. This makes me feel like I wasted my time, and this same thing happened to me in MSM1. Please fix this

  17. Fun but glitchy. There’s an option to speed up timers by 15 minutes if you watch an ad but the ads don’t have an ‘X’ to close at the end. The back button doesn’t do anything and I have to exit the game and restart it. AND it doesn’t credit me the time for watching the ad! Please fix ASAP!!!

  18. This game is…. Pretty awesome! I have had this game on my Ipad(loved it) and now I’m playing it with bluestacks on my computer! It’s easy to play, you just have to add the zoom controls and the D-PAD is optional. I haven’t experienced any glitches so far and overall, it’s a great game where you get to breed monsters and listen to their soothing(or energizing) songs.. Tbh I actually got nostalgia from listening to these songs. The way you get gems is very cool! Thumbs up and props to you

  19. hailey dice:

    The game is great ,but there are login issues. I had accidentally deleted the game and I reinstalled it ,but whenever I try to log back into my account it keep showing up as “there has been an error. Failed to receive login credentials” I’ve tried unistalling the game and reinstalling it multiple times and it still wouldn’t work. And till now I still can’t login 🙁

  20. I’ve always adored this game. I’ve played the first one since it came out, this one is fun too. The baby monsters are an adorable idea. I was a bit upset at first because I couldn’t place every monster on the island but then learned I could buy an extra castle. I do agree that 800 diamonds is a bit too much for one but to be fair, I gathered up that within 2-3 weeks by teleporting new monsters to different islands. Thank you though for not making the upgrade cost on the extra castle be diamonds.

  21. Great game! I love the idea of the original My Singing Monsters game going back in time and unlocking new monster songs. I also like the fact that you can get special “starhenge” monsters by stargazing! The only thing preventing me from rating 5 stars is the price on Castle upgrades. I’m constantly found working to upgrade the amount of beds I have and it would be nicer if the upgrades were cheaper or gained more beds. Otherwise, great game! (◠‿・)—☆

  22. Love this game! All sorts of things to craft with lots of different items needed for crafting – which may be found easily – or may need to be crafted theirself! Some are made quickly, but some take a longgggg time! You have to choose wisely which to make when, etc. Might not be fun for everyone but I LUV it! 😀 If it sounds fun to you – come try it!! More fun to me every time I play! 🙂

  23. Review change: The music of the game is good, that’ll never change, but the gameplay itself makes it far too alien compared to the sequel. The baby monsters are time consuming to feed and teleport, and the outer islands have nothing interesting besides the prismatics. Over all, the gameplay is pretty bland, but the rest isn’t awful.

  24. I really love this game but I’m having issues with a glitch. The app won’t get off of the stargazer map. It wouldn’t let me skip to the next map so I used 85 diamonds to buy the special monster (which I already have) to get it off that page. Now it’s just stuck on the map with a swirl going around. Can’t get to the maps or anything.

  25. this is a solid game it moves much faster than the original and like the original has a very nice sound track and general ambiance is calming the only down sides are once in awile it will get stuck on a image that you have to reboot the game to fix like you must be level 4 to interact…ect and inventory get filled up very quickly if not upgraded with the green crystal, other than that it is a great game. 4.5/5

  26. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of weeks, and the continent song is my favorite, but I no longer can progress in the game on the continent. I’m level 16 and my castle is level nine with 68/68 bed occupied, but it costs 400 gems to upgrade which will take me months to get without spending money on the game. I think the scaling of the castle should allows to get close to being able to fit all of the monsters without spending gems. Even with spending gems, I think it should be less like 40

  27. I like this prequel, and the sequel, but, it gets very boring most of the time, the more you progress in the game, the harder and longer it takes to progress in the game. Overall, I like it. But, you need to spend some money to progress, so, I will give it 3 stars for how long it takes to play the game, either make diamonds easier to get, make adds have more of a change, so they make it more quicker than it is right now, or just make the breeding take a bit of less time, these words go to both G

  28. So for starters, I like the new music direction, it sounds pretty nice especially as you go through islands. Too bad thats the only thing Ive found satisfying so far. Art is Blues Clues, so its obviously come down a ways from MSM. It takes far to long to do anything as well. I shouldnt be working on 2 element monsters still. The growing, cooking, crafting system is deep… but like your head is in an ant hill. Yall really dropped the ball on this one.

  29. Not many ads but awesome game! It has no lags or bugs and it’s perfect for me! But sometimes when I try to get into the game,it just logs me out. If it happens to you, you just have too much storage. If you don’t know what to do just delete some games and photos. So if you need help, just call me on the game! Thanks anyway and hope you had an awesome time on this game hope you enjoyed my message, bye! -Abbie (my actual name)

  30. It’s a really good game, I really enjoy it. Much easier to keep track of that the original MSM. However, alot of upgrades, teleporting monsters, breeding them and cooking things takes a while. It seems that most of the time you could spend playing the game but instead is spent waiting for sometimes hours at a time.

  31. It’s absolutely wonderful! The animations and art style are smooth and friendly-looking and the mechanics added make a refreshing difference from their original and just as fabulous game. However, there are some things I feel I need to say about the game… I think it’s too hard to level monsters up. It’s interesting that there are new ways of feeding monsters to level them up, but the amount of levels they gain compared to how long the food takes to prepare is a bit out of wack.

  32. Normally, these simulation games would bore me the first week or two, but the Singing Monsters games have such an appeal to complete the islands that I can’t stop playing them until I hear all the songs! And with frequent updates, there’s always something to look forward to. I just want them to add the remainder of the Quad- and Quint-Elementals before they finish the Prismatics, please.

  33. Simply beautiful. It’s crafted so that all 50+ monsters will sing in harmony, but you’ll need patience to unlock them all. But you can bet that every monster will greatly improve the song. The changes added in version 2.0.0 have made the game more lenient and accesable than ever, and the prismatics help the game stand out from its predecessor, and make the game a more enjoyable experience. I do think the marketplace needs an overhaul to make it easier to see what’s in stock, however.

  34. Always loved the msm games, this is amazing. The variation of monsters on the continent is collosal, with each one adding a huge part to the song, and as another castle is 800 gems, it’s something to save up for, plus every update adds something new, monster or Prismatic, to the game. Also I uninstalled the games about 2 years ago and it allowed me to pick up from where I left off roughly 4 months ago, which was a huge relief considering the progress I had made. Great job! 👍

  35. I love it, it is so great. But I do have to admit my singing monsters (the original) takes more time than dawn of fire, in the sence that to manage to get all the monsters you have to do more so it depends on you if you like long games the original would do best, if you like not so long well this one would do good or if your like me (that loves the songs from both games) well you can play both. About glitches or bugs I haven’t seen one yet, at least for now.

  36. I love the first game. I wish I could love this one. It’s full of glitches though. The offer wall is broken in the current version, the loading screen takes FOREVER and it even occasionally crashes. Please BBB, try and fix these bugs and I’ll change my review.

  37. This game is pretty fun and addicting! Not as good as the original My Singing Monsters, this game still is amazing! The selection of monsters available is HUGE, the music is top tier, and it gets updated pretty frequently! The only thing I dislike about this game is that you have to feed your monsters specific food/items to level up compared to the other MSM where it’s just “treats”! A wonderful game if you enjoyed My Singing Monsters, or if you play any resource management games!

  38. Absolutely phenomenal game. The animation is of stellar quality, the character designs are unique and never the same, each and every one of them has a fleshed out backstory, the premise of the game is simple: mix monsters together to create new hybrids until the island’s song is in its full glory with all the monsters in harmony, as everyone does their part to sing and play instrumental. Overall a good game. 10/10.

  39. Dawn of Fire is certainly a creative twist on its predecessor that doesn’t change too much. That being said, the crafting system can be a bit tedious at times and I do wish the game was updated more often, but it’s still an enjoyable experience overall. The baby monsters are just so darn cute, as are the new fire monsters who are each filled with so much personailty and will win over the heart of any monster-lover.

  40. This game is really fun, with the prismatics and baby monsters, but I have one problem. The feeding and the baking. I’m more use to having to just feed him by pressing one thing, but it’s multiple. Also you need multiple structures to get certain foods. This is the only problem I have, but it is still a very good game (4/5).

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