Dancing Line Original MODDED 2022


Dancing Line Snake a music rhythm game to make the line rush to the end
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This Slither Snake dancing line 2020 music game you can play dancing line with Piano Music or guitar music and combines various instruments which are guitar 2020, drum, and especially piano! Moreover, this is one of the popular piano games which has high-quality piano songs and beautiful gameplay with Color line Road.
If in dancing line 2 the music snake head touches the wall you will explode and then it’s game over you should use your Brain Out and you see if Can you pass it.
with a carefully selected soundtrack to create an experience like no other. Featuring different Magic Dance Line Tiles worlds of increasing difficulty, each one paints a unique picture and evokes different emotions. The key of dancing line 1 2 3 is to not only watch for obstacles and traps, but also play to the music. Listen to the beat in dancing line saga and the melody, and after a short while you will find yourself doing better and better.

It’s an epic rolling simulator of growing up line over sharp turns of zigzag glowing crazy path.
Lost Harmony’s Musical in Dance with music on Dancing line tells an ambitious and emotional tale of traditional narrative.
It’s an endless rolling and dancing line game in the sky in which your dance with line is just rolling by tapping the path at right timing. Be careful it’s all about timing.
Not only watch for obstacles and traps, but also enjoy the Lost Harmony’s music.
Time your actions , tap carefully and become the dancing master.
Are you crazy fans of music and dance ?
Do you want play casual music and listen music song ?
The most engaging music game rolling sky line .
Try to keep the snake rush on the run, dance and become the champion.
Welcome to “musical dancing line snake” game.
free dance music game 2020, a totally new dancing game designed for 2020 with flat design Cube dance Surfer style.
Relax your soul with beautiful sounds & dance with your favorite character.
Addictive musical game for tapping and dancing rolling Dream .
Listening carefully to the music dancing line 2, and it will guide the slither snake through a changing environments with Tricky Taps. Tap the screen to make a sharp steer, avoiding obstacles and reach to the destination before you can see. Trust your ears than your eyes to dance the line!
Addictive Colour Adventure musical game for tapping and dancing.

A magic dancing line come and play music rhythm in beautiful seasons. Listen the melody carefully and tap on the screen to Draw the steering wheel, control the line turn to avoid the obstacles appeared.

the slither snake music piano 2020 is an amazing labyrinth game that challenges your reflexes.
Do zigzag as much as you can and try to avoid obstacles. The dancing line is daunting but you can learn it easily.
line dance dancing line full of tricky maze Test Brain it s Tricky , so you have to be careful and pay attention to precipices that are in the game musical Roll dancing line Game enjoy it on every day. try to get into a trance to enjoy venture and awesome line dance music EDM Rush , don’t give up and continue Draw adventure in this nightmarish maze of twisting precipices and moving platforms of Slicing line .

– Listen to music and dance with world tiles !
– Tap to screen to dance, and dance follow zigzag game.
continue your adventure in this unspeakable maze of twisting ZigZag and moving platform.So What are u waiting for just tap the Download link to download this addictive Dancing ZigZag Line

– Challenge your friends and see who might be the best player! !
– Always free to play.
– Stunning graphic and sound.
– Simple but hard to master.
– Fun and challenging


40 comentarios en "Dancing Line Original MODDED 2022"

  1. Aliyah AK dice:

    This game is just like the original. I have no problems except, like everyone else says, the ads. But I honestly don’t mind them because the original game used to have many ads too. The only reason I am giving this a four star is because when I play the levels, it looks zoomed in. I can’t even see the entire landscape, which makes it very hard for me to complete levels that would’ve been easy for me if I saw the whole picture. Overall, very good, great songs, lot of ads, and zoomed in screen.

  2. The game isn’t that bad its the same as it used to but, like everyone else, there are too many ads. Also before the game got taken down you had to complete certain levels to unlock certain levels but that’s not in this one. Another thing is when you complete a level you still have to watch an ad to play that level again despite completing it. The ads really need to be toned down and yoy should be able to have the level permanently once yoy complete it.

  3. This game used to be good. When I could play uninterrupted for longer than 60 seconds. Now there are ads after every death and song. It’s impossible to enjoy the app. Aside from that, the levels are all “free trial” now (meaning you get them for a little while by watching an ad) and there’s a heart system which basically functions as the amount of energy you have before you have to wait for it to recharge. Maybe someone with more patience could play this. And I’m very patient.

  4. Jibbert dice:

    I could write a dissertation on how much of an awful disappointment this game is. Great music, great graphics, terrible gameplay. Level design is downright malicious later on. Music not in sync with level in a RHYTHM GAME. And that’s not even mentioning the awful ads. Spend 40% of the game actually playing and the other 60% looking at ads because there’s SO MANY. One ad to play a level. One ad when you die. One ad to keep playing the level. Here’s an ad just because we hate you. Awful app.

  5. As much as I love the original and being able to play the paid levels for free was fun but, the effects in some levels don’t do what the original developers intended. For some reason, the vignette doesn’t work at all in some levels, leaving some weird cutting effect(the cathedral is a good example) and no shadows, where are they. Also the can’t forget the ads, it bombards you with ads at any chance it gets. In a nutshell, it’s the original DL with more ads and broken effects.

  6. This is the closest app to the original but i do want to point some bugs : 1. There’s no Guidelines, it might be fine on early levels but when you want to practice harder levels like Legend of Assassins, it’s a problem 2. Shop is bugged, Skin’s only obtainable through quest 3. Water in Samurai, Romance, Indian Journey sometimes get bugged, to the point it could give you frame drops (They looked like those missing texture) 4. There’s no shadow effect

  7. Love the game. If you don’t want to watch ads just turn on airplane mode. Simple. One thing though, please make guidance line available to buy on levels as some are really hard. Guidance line would make it 5 stars. Other than that though, great game.

  8. This game is very relaxing. Barely any ads, no in-app purchases and you can customise your character. Very simple and menus that are easy to navigate. Two game play changes I would add is a map creator mode or a versus mode.

  9. Well, the game is what it says on the tin… It’s the dancing line as it was before it was taken off of the store. So that means that it has all of the great levels from before and the progression system, but that also means it has the ads which make the game a little less enjoyable, but in my opinion it is a small price to pay for being able to play dancing line as it was before.

  10. Jaanhavi dice:

    I loved Dancing Line, I remember playing the original one while it was on Play Store. But now in this app, some free levels work but the others don’t load at all, even after watching ads, the screen freezes at “Loading” plss fix this issue.

  11. I used to play this game a lot years ago, then something happened. Years later, I figured out how to get google play on my device and then I remembered this game. I checked for it and they did have it (although not the same owner). I can’t believe how muched I missed this game when I went back. The only thing I am sad about is I missed it’s years of developing :(. There are a few ads, but you should get the game. It is amazing and I enjoy it.

  12. So I’m having a lot of fun, but please remove free trial ads. I want to be able to UNLOCK them by unlocking previous ones. Closest I could find to Dancing Line though. Keep up the good work 😃

  13. I don’t think this is the original dancing line, but this one is the closest it could get to the original one. All the other games are just full of advertisements and rythmless, dont coordinate with the music. But I found this one very good just like the original game.

  14. A lot of ads. Hard to play when an ad happens after each one. And you can get stuff by watching an ad, but if you skip, you still watch an ad. And if you do chose to watch the ad, another ad happens right after. Like I said, a lot of ads.

  15. I love this game but the effects can be messed up sometimes and there is ads after every death and level pass. Although it sucks with ads and has some glitches it is still fun and is free.

  16. I love this game. But loved the old version more where you had the option to buy lines with gems. Why was that taken away! Game is not as fun when you have to battle to complete with no guideline

  17. I love this game, I love the different variety of levels and the music. I just with that they would bring back Faded original and Despacito other than that I love this game.

  18. Marina M dice:

    Too many ads. Also, I can’t seem to be able to turn on the guiding line for new levels, making it almost impossible to complete them.

  19. Hello please abeg can yall put back the guide lines that assists one while playing the game .your game was originally so difficult with it now that you’ve taken it away it’s absolutely impossible for us to play and actually win ….I beg youuuuuuuuuu

  20. Ayla Hale dice:

    LOVE THIS GAME, so calming and fun with the different music, but I wish you could make it so that the cube reacts faster to your touch but overall a great game!

  21. Lityne dice:

    A really cool precise for a game ruined by in app purchases. If die suddenly and want to restart for the beginning, which isn’t bad because the levels are short you have to intentionally back out of the ‘spend a life and restart from the last checkpoint’ screen then it prompts you to stay, then you have to clsoe that, then you’re still on the spend a life screen, so you have to press out again, and what could have been a second long death has ten ten and ruined any patience you had.

  22. I played 1 time and the sound is gone please tell me if that is my bad or if it a problem with the game other than that the game is pretty great.

  23. The Game is completely ad based, you can buy most of the levels with your gems and get ads every 5 seconds, if there were less ads this game would be great

  24. Its alright. Ad after every level and since levels are short its annoying and ive uninstalled already. You cant pick your songs, and its mostly relaxing piano music so wouldnt recommend for those who prefer upbeat music. Apart from that its fine

  25. I wanted the original but it seemed like it was taken off there are to many adds that 90% of the time I’m watching add and that 10% I’m playing the actual game

  26. Please, for the love of whomever, please make a version you can buy without ads. This game would be awesome if not for the constant interruption of capitalism.

  27. Its amazing that you were able to remake this Cheetah Mobiles game and make it even better. I loved that game so much and this one is like an improvement to that one. What I don’t like is the ads overloading. Please try to reduce the in game ads.

  28. It is very beautiful music game. But the ads keep increasing that it became too annoying. Why not make an option to pay for free ads? Before, you can buy a stage by clearing the previous one. But now, it sucks.

  29. It literally won’t even start up! It doesn’t load the game. I’m super disappointed because I used to play this game all the time! 🙁 FIX ITTTTTTT 😭😭😭

  30. I like this game but the game is crazy if you think imma waste 1,000 Diamonds to play a f*@k!n’ level. Disappointed in Cheetah Games, giving it 2 stars for now.

  31. Matt Gang dice:

    None of the videos play. I always get the “video not available” message. Have uninstalled & reinstalled the game, but get the same result. It’s frustrating when trying to collect rewards or continue a level.

  32. webcore! dice:

    I finally found it! This is the actual dancing line when you open the app you will see ‘music line’ it the icon and the name has changed (i think)! But overall it is really good ! If your bored and you like music this is the game for u! 😀

  33. Levels won’t download even though I checked everything from internet to storage, very disappointed.

  34. Daisy dice:

    Please don’t download if you get agree easily…the adds in this game are insane I just wanted to play my childhood game!

  35. Snep Yadn dice:

    Cant download the songs, everytime it says ” Error occured” error occured… 😡

  36. Such a good replacement. Not the latest version though but atleast it’s better than the scam ones

  37. Ads not available to play even free trail Bug in video game level.. Endless fall ..

  38. Game is unresponsive and crashes upon opening

  39. A K dice:

    Unskippable 1 minute Ads after every 2nd game, nice. This is why people pirate games 🙂

  40. Just like the original, however, riddled with ads..

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