FNF Music Night Battle MOD 2022


Full Mod with Online Match
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Set your Friday night on fire by real FNF music battle!

Music Night Battle is an amazing funkin music game where you have to use multiple skills to beat your opponents in funky music battle. It’s the only game with an online mode to compete against other players, make new friends and earn your fame.

Up, Down, Left and Right, follow the rhythm, fight till the last minute, earn your respect and win the heart of your girlfriend!

– Easy Controls
– FNF Full 7 weeks and many MODs
– Real PvP Online Mode
– Your favourite characters: Boyfriend, Huggy, Sonic, Witty,…
– Various songs’ genre: Genocide, Headache, At my worst,…

You think you are cool?! Then let’s have a music battle.


To make FNF Music Night Battle work better for you, we deliver updates regularly. These updates include bug fixes and improvements for speed and reliability.


40 comentarios en "FNF Music Night Battle MOD 2022"

  1. I love this game sand everything it has to offer. I don’t mind the ads to unlock songs. I do have a few problems with it however. First off, it plays an ad after every ATTEMPT at a song, meaning that it can be difficult to practice certain songs. I also have a problem with the speed of some songs, where done songs can be painfully slow, while other songs can be insanely fast and surprise any unexpected player. If you could fix these problems, then I would give it 6 starts out of 5.

  2. This was a really good game! I would have rated this 5 stars if it weren’t for 2 things. 1: IT IS JUST ADS!! In order to play most of the songs, you have to watch an ad. 2: It never gives me my reward. I tried watching and ad to unlock a song twice, but it kept saying video failed. I have perfect internet so I don’t know what’s wrong with that. Other than those 2 things, really good game!

  3. SapphFire dice:

    This is the BEST music game EVER. I just wish we could pick who we play as and also have skins to buy. The biggest issue though is that it doesn’t register internet connection even when it is strong. It will play ads automatically but just not when I want a video reward. It can lag at times, but if these things are fixed, I’ll give 5 stars and reccomend to my friends!!

  4. I’m not going to complain about the ads because they don’t bother me, but I will complain about the offset. It’s a good 5-1 second late and it’s super annoying. It would help a lot if you could calibrate the offset in settings 🙂 And the game sometimes doesn’t register arrows if it’s going fast, probably fix that. This is a huge problem on Satin Pnaties and it annoys the hell out of me. The graphics are cool though. One if the best FNF mobile games I’ve played.

  5. Pretty much copyrighted, and when you and the bot are both having a turn at the same time, you can see their arrows and there’s no way to turn it off. The timing of the music is off with the notes. It keeps saying I’m missing when yet I’m not, cuz on the tutorial, I wasn’t missing but it said I was.. Please fix some of these errors then I’ll rate it five stars

  6. Honestly, the game overall is good. I rate 3 stars because the developers are extremely greedy with multiple forced ads and the only way to unlock songs is ads. I understand that the sprites are to avoid copyright, but you could have tried harder. One last thing for you who will install this, I have a tip. Instead of using 2 fingers, lay down your phone/tablet and use your left middle finger, your left index finger, your right index finger, and your right middle finger to control the notes.

  7. Bash Inc dice:

    This is a rip-off so i will take a star away. I am a genuine rythem gamer and I take alot of these sorts of games seriously, i play 4k, osu! And plenty of others so i like a good challenge. This game does not pose a challenge but ive been playing games like this for years so that maybe different for other people. The game itself is not “Bad” but there are alot of bugs and ads after every level. The real problems I have, is the input detection doesn’t process my taps.

  8. I played for at least 10 minutes and I really enjoyed it. Some things that you can fix are some audio switches between the character your playing and the character your facing, also make a difficulty system cause it feels kinda weird for their to be less notes than the normal game, and last but not least 15% less ads. If these requirements are met I feel like u got an amazing game.

  9. A few months ago I installed this, the game was great there werent many ads and it was extremely easy but now. now is sad the update was working but all of a sudden it started lagging so much the game was impossible, I couldnt even get the first star of Hairball (Kapi Mod) without watching 4 ads for revives! PLEASE FIX IT I used to br able to do hard songs that most people struggle at but now i struggle to play RAM (Hex mod) And that song is almost the easiest hard mode song! Please fix it.

  10. Giving it 2 stars, one for the amazing character designs and the second for the amazing songs in it, but sadly the game is just about ads, you cant do anything without ads, the ingame money that u get only unlocks like 5 songs or something for us but that’s all i can do with it, and sometimes i feel like im playing with bots not actual players specialy in the song “Kerre” every player that i played against is failing on the first part, there can’t be such a coincidence, thay have to be bots.

  11. Kiudare dice:

    Decent clone. However, not touching on the ads case, pretty sure the leaderboards are fake. Now I’m not saying I’m a bad player, but for me to be #1 on almost every leaderboard is impossible. I find it hard to believe that not even a single person can surpass my score.

  12. I give it a three because 1 ads 2 why the arrows look 5o classic than old 3 The game is soo easy and battle mode everyone dies so could you put a setting for to pick which difficulty on every song and a competitive mode for to challenge the best players.

  13. I guess it’s nice and I really love the vibes of winning a competitor in battle mode, like seriously don’t get me wrong I like as they turn into skeletons and their brain just disappears like that’s totally sick bros love it and the ads, Sheesh, really needs some work on that, anyways love the game stay awsommee!!

  14. I would give it 5 stars but I don’t like how their is no more challenge to it. The hard difficulty songs speed moves like the easy difficulty speed. Can to please add a option to enable slow moving arrows while on any difficulty.

  15. ## dice:

    Perfect game….I like the rhythm.But I might have A problem with the speed.I would really appreciate it if there was a scroll speed adjustment in the settings please……like a scroll speed button (scroll speed:1.25x)

  16. This is the best fnf game i have played( besides real fnf) great reaction times too my only problems are that 1.ads for songs for me dont give pleaze make more songs costing money(in-game) 2.the game lags wierdly during songs sometimes but it just might be my device. If you can fix these thank you 4.6 stars

  17. I give it 3 stars because 1. When I play the levels and i die ads pop up every single time 2.the levels are really hard to beat and other people get really angry like me last but not least 3. The ads pop in like random!..and that’s it! Ok fix the game now please and I won’t kill myself!

  18. It’s actually like the adds! If is cool, but I want the original designs. It’s good for mobile because it’s controls are easier than real fnf. But you need to wach an ad before each song.

  19. I expected this game to suck like all the other knockoffs, but overall it is pretty good including quality, accuracy in the mapping, and character design.

  20. It’s amazing. You have soooooooo many levels and soooooooo many different character’s. And the songs are amazing. And when you know half of the songs it’s more fun.

  21. Baby Caca dice:

    I like it very much but u wish we can choose the. Mode and more stuff but the real problem is that I don’t get that we have to be playing for the other person to I wish this can be fixed or removed! Pls and thank u

  22. Tim dice:

    Pretty fun except when I do online mode.. I’m facing people who fail within 10seconds of any song I choose.. Could you add like a ranking system, so i could face some better people?

  23. Fix the left arrow because when I’m trying to do the song split and it’s so easy to do and I may get for message that’s not my problem for you fix that left arrow I will give you five stars can go and fix it they better be fixed next month

  24. I don’t think the game is good, I’m my self a osu mania player, and I wanted to see how the “definitely original”games are and I’m not interested, but if a person found this they would probably get better and then move on to a different game.

  25. I’m not a fan of the new update. I liked it before when the notes were round because it was reminiscent of Guitar Hero, and you could play and mess up by hitting the buttons when notes weren’t present. Now this just looks like every other fnf app out there that has a set number of notes missed before it’s an instant game over instead of having the opportunity to regain your health by hitting notes, and has lost most of its individuality outside of Battle Mode.

  26. I loved this game and the and the quality was so good like if you download this game like I don’t know find your peaceful place because I certainly found mine it’s just like a great game for like finding peace . PS if your little cousins or sisters are here annoying you do not play it because they will get your hair right into your f###ing face

  27. This is one of the most fun fnf games I ever played and it has soo many mods if your looking for a mod that you can’t find in any other game download this game and you’ll probably find that mod there really isn’t anything bad to say about this game I had a blast playing so you should download it to

  28. This game is much better than I thought. Two problems I have are that sometimes when I press a button it doesn’t register. There are also many ads which can get annoying after some time but besides that this is a pretty good game. If I can request mod songs to be added I would request all 3 songs from the V.S Rascals mod. I love them. Also, can you make a friend system where you use their IGN to add them so you can play against them? That would be cool.

  29. Dez dice:

    The games awesome but can you change your character?EDIT:seems as my favorite song(rivals from among us mod) shows the full chart and its super confusing please fix

  30. ok the game is good but theres a reason why i rate 2 first theres too many ads second the chart is way too slow in my opinion please make it so we can change scroll speed

  31. Remove the bots from multiplayer. I know the difference when my oppents loose more notes than they should on a song. Like a 4notemulti and they somehow loose 5-6 hearts, when it should’ve only been 4 at most if they missed it.

  32. miger tes dice:

    Very good and fun I like the new character designs and the game is very forgiving when is comes to missing notes☺️☺️☺️ My single complaint is that they should really REALLY add more mods because now the selection is very lacking and limited 😢😢😢 But overall it’s a phenomenal game and it’s great for anyone who likes Friday night funkin and like mobile games 😍😍😍🙏🙏

  33. Great game cant wait to see more but ive noticed that you have put less space between the notes and slowed them down can you speed up the notes and space them out a little bit

  34. Nax Poole dice:

    This game is so cool because you have to play songs and if you don’t beat it you die and then you’ll get a ad and then you have to wait and then you play another song yay I’m so happy with this thing please make more of these like a number two or three oh I forgot also there’s chasing like other in mods so this is what I like about it really much what I like about it the most is that can you please make add where you can get rid of that free please please please please please can you???????????

  35. I would rate it higher if it wasn’t for the abhorrent amount of ads. Like, I get ads to get rewards. Understandable. But an ad everytime I finish a level? Really. At least do what Beat Battle Duet did and give an $4 VIP option that gets rid of ads.

  36. Bruh Too many ads. You click skip, it opens another ad, hit exit pops up ANOTHER ad, and then you can play a song:) Also, the initial ad is 30 seconds, the second is 10, and the last is 5, so it’s a whole minute wasted xd

  37. Rawdz dice:

    This is the best Fnf game I’ve ever played. The animation is so smooth, the charts is actually following the music and the mod / song is also like the regular one. Hope you can add more new song from mod like more learning with pibby, bob onslaught (its my fav) and many more! ads doesn’t matter tho

  38. The game is awesome, no doubt about it. The music and arrow calibration is off by 3 to 4 seconds so hopefully they’ll fix that soon. Otherwise, love this game!!

  39. I rilly like it but for most of the songs i have to watch ads but now i cant can you make the ads work for tablets 🙂 pls

  40. Really think this game has a 5 star because well terribly I think it has to get lower sometimes because well there’s so much glitches that you should delete

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