Awesome songs, fun cosplay and dancing with friends in a big party.
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AVATAR MUSIK WORLD is the perfect social game for meeting, dancing and having fun with friends, and best of all, you can download for FREE!

AVATAR MUSIK WORLD is more than just dance:

FREE DAILY GIFTS to build up your fashion style.

FREE DAILY MISSION REWARDS earn more free gifts as an animal vet, farmer, police, music and hero challenges.

PRIVATE PARTY ROOMS to dance, chat and chill with up to 12 friends.

FRIEND LINKS up to 100 friends for private group chat.

HOT MUSIC including pop, disco, hip-hop, K POP, V POP and party rock songs.

CRAZY COSPLAY to show your fashion style and have fun.

FRESH EVENTS new games launched weekly to celebrate holidays around the world, including Halloween, Valentines, New Year, Moon Festival and more.

DANCE OFF player and clan challenges to show the world you are a dancing idol!

SOCIAL MAPS to chat with new friends, play games and listen to songs in an awesome world of fun, including Downtown, Park, Wedding, Beach, Private Yacht and more.

AMW requires an internet connection.

The first download is big, so please use a strong and stable WIFI connection.
The game reloads very fast after that.


ENGLISH : facebook.com/TeaMobiWorld/
SPANISH : facebook.com/teamobiworldespanol/
PORTUGUESE : facebook.com/teamobiworldportuguese/
KHMER: facebook.com/teamobiworldcambodia/
INDONESIAN : facebook.com/am.indonaga/
VIETNAMESE : facebook.com/am.teamobi/


40 comentarios en "AVATAR MUSIK WORLD – Music and MOD"

  1. I used to play this game when I was younger I feel in love with it but haven’t played it in a long time. I came back to find a song I loved but the game got bad, connection is slow, cant even click some things, it’s just slow. I also think they should remove that how long you get outfits thing cause it’s annoying, atleast make it easier for the new people, I was upset when I lost mines cause I didnt understand. Fix please.

  2. I used to play this game when I was younger I feel in love with it but haven’t played it in a long time. I came back to find a song I loved but the game got bad, connection is slow, cant even click some things, it’s just slow. I also think they should remove that how long you get outfits thing cause it’s annoying, atleast make it easier for the new people, I was upset when I lost mines cause I didnt understand. Fix please.

  3. This game is lagging a lot. Too many bugs and glitches. Why can’t we customize our character they way we want(including skin color). Loads very slowly. uninstalling maybe it would be a better update in the future. Really wanted to play this game because it reminds me of the Sims and it looks fun

  4. Will not connect. Can’t get past the title screen. Edit for developers: when opening the game, it only opens to an image I assume is supposed to be the loading or launch screen, with music playing in the background. It will not connect to the server, even though my phone is connected to good wifi, so I can’t get past that screen.

  5. So i’v done tried downloading this app about several times noweach on a new device with lots storage over a period or 2 years maybe it will rather A not enough storage WHEN The device is brand new or has been download after I factory reset or B will say connection lost when I have stable and high speed internet and will keep saying it and then it will start to make my device glitch and now wanna X out. Don’t get me wrong I like the art and. Idea of the game it just won’t work right

  6. so irritating i can’t upload a photo of myself. everytime i try and click on the photo, it force restarts the application and nothing is done. plz help me fix this issue, i can’t stand not being able to identify myself with a simple photo. i even have it linked to fb and still does nothing, i have also re-installed it and still nothing. everything else works fine for me. fast loading, smooth effects even in high quality and smooth controls. my username is -Senpaii11-

  7. I have played both versions or Avatar Musik and this one isnt bad. It asked permission to mange phone calls but it doesnt do anything so theres nothing to worry about. I’ve played the other Avatar Musik for 4 years and accepted the phone call mange thing and nothing ever went wrong. It only ask to mange phone calls so that when you get a call you can see it in the app. Overall nothings wrong with the game other than the space it takes up. I love it

  8. Odeta dice:

    So When I noticed that the loading was taking soooo long, I went to the reviews and I learnd a trick to open it….you gotta charge your phone ,while the app is loading and the next time you open the game it wont load.I just tried it and the game sais that I dont have internet again and again! I went on youtube and it worked! I have wifi in my house and it works great. So I havent seen how the game is yet , but i really want to. Please fix it.

  9. Never get the chance to play it! Everytime i open the app it would load for a very very long time. I can’t even experience a single thing. And while it loads, same song will keep playing again and again. It’s boring! Fix it please.

  10. can’t even into the game in the first place. everything was fine with the game loading up,but apparently everytime it tries to connect,it always says it failed to connect,or “connection lost!” even though my connection is fine,and I’m even near the router.

  11. This game does not work at ALL because when i got to the loading screen it keeps telling me “WI-Fi connection is not working please try again” my WI-FI is perfectly fine! Everytime this pop up will show! Evertime! I was so happy to play this but this game is not letting me!! Please fix this! Thank you for understanding

  12. Bugg dice:

    This game is very fun, but the problem is to wait until it fully loads. I have to wait for 5 minutes and in my opinion it’s been a issue since it didn’t happen before, many people are indeed complaining about it so please fix it. Also fix the disconnection that happens DAILY and TWO times whenever I play, my WiFi is totally fine. The disconnection makes me even wait more. If you’re patient enough, you will enjoy the game.

  13. I thought this game would be kinda cool but I was most definitely wrong. How are you going to have a player spend their diamonds on something and then do a weekly, monthy, permanent type payment. That was a huge turn off for me. And then if your not spending diamond your soending a large chunk of coins which is an even bigger turn off. The game play is a little slow and the dancing is sucky. Way to fast especially for someone who’s never played the game before. Controls for dancing are a big no.

  14. I love this game but I rate it a 4 star because whenever you want to buy clothes there is a weekly monthly and permanent for how long you want to keep the item. It is just devasting when you lose your stuff. Please get rid of it.

  15. This has made me mad and I only had it for a few minutes. I would recommend never try to play. I was only on loading screen and than it kept having connection problems. I checked if my wi fi was on and it was. This game has a problem. I didn’t even get to play. It was so bad I deleted it! I RECOMMEND NOT TO INSTALL THIS APP!😡

  16. This game is the best than any other game in my opinion. I’m not going to lie but this is very addicting. My experience with this game is so far so good. The music choice for dancing is good. I think that Teamobi should add living together when you are married and a extra floor level for houses. I’ve been playing this for a while now and never had a problem with anything so I think this game is spot-on!!!! I love AMW so much and hoping fresh new things will come soon!!😄 – xNanieXB

  17. If you want a serious response as to what happens when you download this game then you came to the right place. Once downloaded you need permission for it to manage your phone calls. Many people have said this (reviews). The developer has said many times that it doesn’t need to access the phone and all that you need is good wifi and storage. I tried this out myself and if you decline this access then you can’t play even though the the developers said that you can. I just find it a fishy 🤔

  18. Gabby dice:

    If I could give this game a zero I would just as I download the game cus it seems interesting,once it finished downloading I went on the app and it started downloading data or whatever and it also started playing a song called despacito and it takes forever to load I have been waiting and wasting my time on something that doesn’t even work I am so pissed off

  19. I really suggest this game, it very fun and the controls r easy!:D u meat great friends and there loads of great fashion, it’s active and events come often, can’t wait for Halloween :D!! Hope everyone enjoys it and hope to meet you all there :3

  20. This is one of the worst games ever. First of all, why would the game need to manage phone calls? I was TRYING to play this on my tablet. It dosen’t make phone calls. Tablets don’t do that. Second, the game was connected to the wifi but it wouldn’t connect, and yes I had wifi at the time. Lastly, because the game wouldn’t start, I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO PLAY AT ALL!!! one may argue that this is a great game, but with my experience, I can DEFINITELY tell that this is THE. WORST. GAME. EVER.

  21. I just downloaded this game today, just now, and the first time it said connection lost. Then, it loaded it and allowed me to fill out my information and create a character. I was a little disappointed in the lack of diversity amongst skin tone but that was not such of a big deal. After, I filled out my information and created my character I just kept losing connection. Please fix this, I would like to try out the game to give it a better review.

  22. it shows a pink screen when ever i travel somewhere. It also shows this blue upside down L shaped thing when i try to go dance and do anything but i dont know if it just my phone acting stupid but im sure my phone is fine. Please fix. I would really appreaciate it if you could fix those problems. please notify me when that is done. my username is TerraJenn. This would make my playing experience so much better. I would also appreciate it if you made it to where you can play more than just 2 songs.

  23. joy tiga dice:

    First off I totally agree with others, For one when you go in it ask to make or for me it ask to make phone calls and manage my device. And For some what reason It loads slow I have space or I would have never got to download it in the first place. Me personally, I wouldn’t get it. But if you think it’s fun and have a good device, go at it.😓🙄

  24. Don’t download this. This is thw worst game I have ever seen. They said after installing,the game will load fast but no,it is not true. What’s man,too slow. Very very slow. Always show connection lost after data 17.5. I try again and again but it doesn’t work. Now my phone battery is dying. Worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. When i first open the game.. There was 2 problems,.. First problem was that we can’t change our own language ..and then second problem is that when at last i customize my charecter and then when i press the login button ..it was showing something in other language but also i was trying and trying but it shows the same ..🙁

  26. The game fun to play but when you get ready to dance the character doesn’t move even when you click the buttons that moves your character it still won’t move ,so please fix this because the game is really fun to play.

  27. You need to spend alot of time to work this game out even though it is meant to be simple. The challenge to make gems and coins is hard or non existent and the dance challenge confusing and hard im so close to giving up. The game eats up so much ram and you have to download extra data. Many features do not work either. This game has potential but Avakin life is so much better in many aspects including a feeling community.

  28. iiLixxy dice:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS! I installed the game and it took over like a YEAR for it to load and it says Reconnecting even tho my data is on!!! When I pressed the yellow arrow to move on it wouldn’t work I tried it out like 20 times! When I finally was able to play my phone just went BLACK and started glitching my phone was broken for a while until today bc it’s done repairing! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS IT IA THE WORST AND THE SAME COULD HAPPEN TO U!!!!!😠😡😠😡😠

  29. When I opened the game for the first time, it kept saying that my connection was poor even though it was just fine. Also I wish when your downloading when you just open the game it would play different songs rather than playing the same one over and over again. Other than that it would have been a 5-star game for me.

  30. You guys complain about the long loading, but here’s a trick! Run the app while charging it, at night when you’re sleeping. The app will no longer load everytime you open it. It’s just a one-time thing, so it won’t be so bad!

  31. Ivan B dice:

    Cons: 1. First time resource download on the app is bugged, it doesn’t show the exact percentage and won’t stop even if it reach 100%. 2. Compared to the old version, the new version lags even more and consume more internet data. 3. There seem to be no GM/ mod monitoring the game. 4. The game has low player base compared to Indo and Vietnam server. 5. There’s still no FAM/Guild function. 6. Why did I got cured of being a werewolf? I bought the potion that supposed to make it “permanent.”

  32. Ok. So… why do you copy imvu. Your content is like imvu and I dont really appreciate that. The game keeps on lagging. in A year ago, it was working fine! But I had to delete it. But now when I have it again. It has so many lags and bugs. Pls fix them and respond to me!

  33. A.C dice:

    Okay so looking at the game info and pics it looks quite good and fun to play but like most of the other comments the loading screen simply takes too long to load I know its a big game and needs time to create all the features and that but hardly any other big game takes that long to load,do you think people have the time to wait for ONE game to load because I sure don’t,I don’t know how you expect people to like and comment good stuff on the game if they can’t even play it(lucky to get 2 stars)

  34. The game loads and starts the tutorial but when I need to click on the yellow arrow to move it doesn’t do anything no matter how many times I try to click it or close and reopen the game. So I can’t even start playing it.

  35. First of all this game wante to wait that it’s fully load and my wifi is working just fine it said “internet disconnected.” So please fix that I never got the chance to see the game because of that so I give you 1 star.☹️🙄😒😤 I’ve got to wait 1 hours to load but it can’t load.😠 This game isn’t a good game before publishing it into the web, make sure that the game doesn’t have problems.

  36. I got it fully installed and downloaded, only for it to just not let me in. I was stuck on the menu screen. I used to play this years ago and I loved it. Im really bummed that I can’t relive those memories :/

  37. Takes forever to load. Reinstalled it and it took an hour. Then it closed out of the app. Then it took another hour to load. Did the same thing. When I had it a year ago it was fine. Please fix this in future updates!

  38. Rosario hey if they turned the game into a type of sims it would be amazing because it is fun to dance, but I think that over time they also bore many more who would like to play the game, in addition to the clothes, hair and eyes that are things to personalize avatar enter the eyes in Brown and honey, but whatever with coins so you have the opportunity to dress your avatar better.( It’s a great idea.You don’t even have to think about it.just do it please)hey listen to me please!!!!!!!!!

  39. It Download too fast but when I open this app it is showing reconnecting and some times it is showing connection lost try again , it is not opening at all I am trying till now on words I wanted to play the game , I have heard that it needs stable internet connection I have stable internet connection and I have also open mobile data and WiFi networks still it is showing connecting please fix this problems.

  40. This game is so boring and not worth trying at all. It has very limited options and the one existing require real money… It’s ok when you give the people who don’t pay a chance to play fairly as well but no!! The only source seems to be that dancing which is extremely hard to play… Especially that 4K… You don’t even deserve this one star.

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