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Bring your songs to life with Jukebox! A music game focused on providing you a magical musical experience. Explore our large catalogue of songs with your fingertips.

We keep an up-to-date collection of popular music from various genres and artists. Master your favorite songs and upgrade your music tapping skills. Tap away!


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40 comentarios en "Jukebox MODDED 2022"

  1. BEST game ever. I love it. I love how the songs speed up and get higher pitched to increase the difficulty. If anything I just wish I could pause in the middle of the game without having to exit out real quick and come back. It would also be nice if I was able to pick how fast and high pitched I wanted to song to be. Plus some more songs wouldn’t hurt. Other than that, perfect game, no complains, good song collection.

  2. Richard dice:

    There’s some weird glitch whenever I play a song on hard and/or medium difficulty. I press a note, and then it says I never pressed it, even if I did. It’s annoying. Also, if you could have it to where people could look up the song and the artist at the same time, that would be great, because it sucks trying to find a song from an artist who isn’t mainstream and all you get are songs from mainstream artists and popular songs of that name.

  3. So far, I have not gotten a single add, it has a wide variety of songs, a lot of then uncensored, that you can look up to find. You don’t have to unlock them either. There is not a way to continue where you left off if you mess up, meaning that the result you got reflects your actual score, not the score you got after reviving yourself ten times. I like the app a lot, it is very fun. Though it is only an online game.

  4. Harlie C. dice:

    Not bad. My biggest issue is that for some reason the bar indicating where you should press the buttons slowly moves up and down the screen as you play. It makes so you have to adjust your grip while you play meaning messed up scores and potential failure. Maybe that’s the point, but if that’s the goal, why not just add more keys?

  5. So many songs to choose from! But none of the notes match up to what you’re playing. Maybe I’m missing something, but it’s hard to play something where you’re just blindly hitting notes. Not to mention, when you hit the wrong note, it makes a piano sound?? 2 stars for how much variety you get, other than that, the game just seems like an RNG note tapping game

  6. The songs are amazing, but all of a sudden it won’t let me get past the seventh or eighth tile without saying I did it wrong, even if I didn’t. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and nothing changed. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something else, but I hope it gets fixed because it’s annoying and makes completing the song impossible.

  7. Any time I play a song on the hard setting it will say I’ve got a wrong note when in fact I am hitting the note that I’m supposed to. This new change in game play sucks as well. No more points so I can no longer try and beat my high scores, and the songs no longer just keep playing at a faster pace until you mess up. Please change this game back to how it was before. It was 5 stars when it was like that. But now it’s worth less than 1.

  8. Hate the new update where it tells you if you miss tiles, it used to be fine not to hold down the tiles for like 3 seconds more, and it was more fun that way. Also hate that the number is a decimal percentage and not a plain number, it look dumb. No new songs from “tomorrow x together”,and you miss a tile you don’t restart which is taking the fun away.

  9. I expected this game to be great and to work well but that did not work. I have noticed that as soon as you click on the game then it does not show up on all of the screen, it only shows it on half of the screen. I have tried restarting my device lots of times and Uninstall and reinstall multiple times. I would like this problem to be fixed / changed for other people to play what they love without any problems. Please fix this problem.

  10. m Griese dice:

    Loved it. I was surprised they had Gorillaz and The Offsprings because most piano apps dont offer those. I had one issue with it, and no its not the nightcore for the crowns, the notes wernt insync. I dont really mind but i feel like it would make the game much better if it was insync with either the voice or the tune and not switching between the both. I would also like to mention the difficulties, Hard seems like Medium and Medium seems like Easy ect. The difficulties isnt really a problem.

  11. Pretty good! My only request is get rid of the percentages and go back to the old bar and update the game maybe once a month to have the latest songs. Otherwise, all good! This is the best piano tiles-like app I could find, and it would be much appreciated if you brought back the stars and crowns again, please.

  12. This game is fantastic because recently I’ve been trying to find a certain song on apps like music tiles and other music tap apps but I didn’t think much off it at first then I realized that this game is better than anything I’ve ever played. No adds, loads of songs that aren’t on other apps. Sayonara.

  13. Lydia Lee dice:

    the game is a lot better than other piano games since its completely free and doesn’t have any ads plus it has all the best songs. the only problem i have is that sometimes the keys do not respond to my touch, i made this review once before and the response basically told me to play on easy because i just wasn’t good at the game smh. i love it when its as fast as it can be but if this glitch continues then i will probably delete the game.

  14. Atl4s dice:

    This game is great but as do all games it has a few issues ive found. First on all the songs ive play all of them are a beat off. Second personally i believe that if you are gonna have you press buttons related to the song they should be the main part of the song or the beat not both this game does a lot of switching in between the 2. Third the difficulty for the second part seems a little bit weird it goes from lets say just as an example 100bpm then all of a sudden 200+but its funotherthanthat

  15. Love the song selections. So much better than others. I don’t like that it seems off beat. I want to play to the song. And I can’t stand the fast chipmunk voice super speed part at the end to get crowns. That just ruins it for me. I play for the song selection and not much more. 🙁

  16. This is a very fun and VERY challenging game,I can usually get past the 2nd round on easy and sometimes Medium,it depends on if the song is slow to begin with or not. Also I hate that you have to do the song more than once and I also hate that the song is sped up after round #2.

  17. Rex ??? dice:

    I honestly like every part of the game except this new update you added. If you don’t hold the tile for an extremely long time, it says you lose. I get the idea but… Why… It just makes the game frustrating. Untill this is fixed I will be deleting the app. I love every thing else. The fact that almost any song can be played is amazing and there are almost no ads. This problem though is making the game almost unplayable.

  18. This app is good in all but is has so many bugs. It keeps saying I’m clicking on things when I’m not! Then I’m sliding through songs and it starts a random song for no reason! And sometimes I’ll click a song and it’ll go to start it but it will just freeze.

  19. Right after downloading the game I couldn’t get it to load the list of songs. It would get to the point where it says choose a song but never load the list. I have tried to redownload and that didn’t help.

  20. This is by far the best piano app I have found. Before I downloaded this one I had at least 4-5 other ones downloaded and since I have downloaded Jukebox I have uninstalled all the other ones I had. None of them compare to this one. The only thing I suggest is put some Allan Jackson songs on here and more of Newsboys. I have noticed the songs are cutting in and out please fix this. Thanks thanks for adding the free continue option however it is not working properly

  21. Please change your ‘update’. It’s just a sad attempt at fixing something that didn’t need to be fixed, making this game now unplayable with not being able to get past the 7th or 8th tile without on any song without failing. I know that I hit that note, and this is not just a glitch, as it has happened with so many other people. Please just turn this game back to normal. It was so much better before, and this update was a mistake. Your game is seriously terrible like this and needs to be fixed.

  22. Great game, but why you hit a slider (the notes where you hold down on it and everything), if you don’t hold it down till the end of it, it counts it as a miss and that bugs me so much- I can and will play this game a lot, just please fix this bug

  23. So many options for songs it’s amazing! There’s like no ads (that I’ve experienced) it’s totally free and such a good app! They don’t have covers (no piano covers or voice) which is great! This app is really good ! ^^

  24. I love this app a lot but the recent update took away the ability to score points and you can only play a song once at a time. It used to be you could play a song many times in one go and it would get faster and you had a high score to beat. It took away a lot of the fun.

  25. I like the way you can search for songs or artists and the level of difficulty . there is some I put in but they don’t have them I would like a way to send the songs to them so they can add them to the list you can search for. Second as third level are not original singers they sound like squirrels or foreign people. All in all a nice way to relax , and a heart near is your favorite.

  26. I really love the game and the choices of songs I get but it’s kinda for me to find the beat in the song and when I play on hard difficulty every time I get to the second part of the song it always shows a note I hit and flashes red like was I not supposed to hit it I can’t get passed 2 stars on hard I hope that’s a bug that’s soon to be fixed

  27. Danie F dice:

    Fantastic game but I’m also having issues with the bar moving during game play. It moves way down into an uncomfortably small space to get perfects. Needs more testing on varied devices I guess.

  28. This game is amazing! It basically has every song, and they are all free! And there are no ads whatsoever! And you can change the difficulty of each song to your preferred speed. This game is definitely 5 stars.

  29. used to like this app untill the most recent update ecompletly ruined it. now there’s no mode where the song will like speed up and stuff which would add more difficulty and make the experience alit more fun. I’m very dissipointed.

  30. This game is amazing. You can play literally ANYTNING!! The game is a bit hard though. Especially when you get to the good part. No continue ads either. But a good game all around.

  31. Roy dice:

    Good songs, not gameplay. Its really difficult because you cannot stop midway through the “hold finger” notes, and if you do, it restarts you.

  32. The game has a vast selection of songs, but the gameplay is really annoying and it will often times end your run for no reason, specifically after completing a hold note.

  33. Good for the most part, except for when ur playing songs it knocks u off for not finishing and raises the bar which is really annoying. And so now playing songs is kinda just ruined after the recent update 😕

  34. It can be glitchy sometimes but I really like the music,making the tiles more individual would make it more fun.Adding bts on here and more songs would be cool.

  35. This is the best piano tile style game out there. I enjoy playing the huge range of music that I actually find pleasant. I could and will spend a good chunk of time on this game trying to better my score.

  36. This game is good. There is an error for the song Savage Love by Jason Derulo. When I play it I’ll hit every tile right but it’ll always read one of the tiles I hit as me missing it and the it’ll say I failed when I’m hitting every tile right. It’s kinda annoying.

  37. Mage dice:

    I love it… It’s great. 10/10 would recommend! Kinda wish they had the artist Get Scared but they have so many good songs!

  38. So basically the only problem is that when I press the tile sometimes it thinks that I pressed above the tile so please fix that devs If you see this please fix this bug sorry that I am trying to make this review long I just like long sentences so yeah please fix that bug…view more

  39. I will say this good song selection. Beats were completely off with no setting for audio calibration. 😕 Note 10+ on Verizon usingBluetooth, so I expect some lag but there are other games that have this capability. 😁

  40. It is an amazing app, but you need to add more songs! Like, The new BTS songs, if you add more I’ll give five stars.★★★★☆

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