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Live Theme Performance Cards and newly playable solo and unit songs!
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Rhythm Hive, new and improved!
Check out the new features such as moving artists in Live Theme Performance Cards and newly playable solo and unit songs!

💛 HYBE’s Official Rhythm Game: Rhythm Hive💛

📢 A rhythm game with BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, and SEVENTEEN songs!
Play popular songs in full and short versions! One more thing! Solo and unit songs are also now available!
Groove to beats such as “Butter”, “Magic”, “Upper Side Dreamin’”, “Darl+ing”, and even the latest released songs!

🎨 Stickers and decorating Diaries are all the rage! Create your personal Diary with your favorite artist!
Create your personal Diary theme using stickers of album covers, and your bias’s cute and awesome poses to your heart’s content!

🎨 New card draw tickets have arrived!
Collect various draw tickets and use them to obtain Performance Cards!

⭐️Check out our vast collection of cards of your favorite artists starting from their debut!
Level up by collecting them! Keep an eye out for Rhythm Hive exclusive selfie cards as well!

🎁 Play the game and earn goodies from Attendance Rewards to Quest Rewards!
Play a round of Rhythm Hive and get your free rewards now!

🌏 Don’t forget that Weverse users get a special bonus too!
Link your account with the BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, and SEVENTEEN Weverse for special rewards!

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Mission Update for Newcomers!
The Rhythm Hive Guide for new Hivers! Learn the game, get rewards, and have a great time!

[Smartphone App Access Permission Notice]
Rhythm Hive requires access to the following to provide its services.

Storage: For reading and storing game data.

Camera: Required to take photos/videos to upload.
Photos/media/files: Required to store videos and upload photo/videos.

*Choosing not to allow optional access permissions will still let you use the app.

[How to Cancel Access Permission]
-Android 6.0 & up: Settings > Apps > Select permission category > Permission list > Allow or deny permission.
-Android versions below 6.0: Upgrade OS to deny permission, or delete app.

*Individual permissions may not be provided by the app, and in such a case permissions may be denied using the method described above.

*App permissions are used for playing the game only and are not used for any other purposes.

[Product Information and Terms]
※ A separate fee is charged for purchasing paid content.
▶ Payment amounts and methods are separately announced and are different for each product. (The actual charged amount may differ for foreign currencies depending on the exchange rate, fee, etc.)
▶ Product terms and periods are announced separately in the game.
▶ You can purchase the subscription product via in-app purchase, and the transaction is made each month from the date of your first purchase until you cancel the subscription.
※ If you don’t cancel the subscription within 24 hours before the next transaction day, it is renewed automatically, and the cancellation is handled in accordance with the Market’s cancellation policy.

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Privacy Policy: https://rhythmhive.hybecorp.com/app/rhythmhive/privacy
Terms of Service: https://rhythmhive.hybecorp.com/app/rhythmhive/terms


40 comentarios en "Rhythm Hive: Cheering Season MOD"

  1. Kris Ly. dice:

    I would love to give this a high rating. But I can’t. After each update it’s great to play but then within a few days glitches happen and it ruins the game. I stop playing shorting after each update because missing one is basically a fail. Also the BTS song choices are very limited when they have so many great songs.

  2. Jeannie _ dice:

    This game can be fun without spending anything. The frequent addition of special cards is a bit frustrating but you can slowly get them through royal card packs. I still miss the old mix area. The cheer section is ok. I wish we could play a shorter version of the songs there. It’s time consuming having to play the whole song.

  3. Just started playing the game, and so far it’s pretty good. Good visuals, love the music obviously, runs smoothly… most of the time. I’d rate this 5 stars if the game would stop lagging when I’m trying to play the actual songs, it will lag and cause me to miss various beats, harming my streaks, scores, and patience.

  4. So much fun to play and it gives me hours of entertainment. The different modes give variety and the recently-added diary is a ton of fun for the artistically-inclined. It does have a tendency to glitch out, though, sometimes crashing altogether. Also, super-hard level can be impossible, which sometimes gets you stuck in the chapter mode, and I have had an issue with never getting even a single card from some of the special themes despite pulling constantly from the high drop rate draws.

  5. MissMad12 dice:

    They just released Cheer Mode in its beta, where gameplay follows the rhythms of songs’ fanchants. It includes some current playable songs. You don’t have to download content for all groups; I downloaded Rhythm Hive to play a few of SVT’s songs that I was really interested in playing, and this made that easy. However, the groups are too separated for someone who wants to play songs by different groups. I hope the developers can find a way to play any songs while keeping the clean interface.

  6. This game continues to get worse. Cheer mode feels so pointless and it’s honestly confusing. I wish mix challenges were brought back and replaced the new mode, not to mention it runs worse. Paid gems need to be removed. It has really become a pay to play game which turns away new players; some songs are locked until you get a card that’s near impossible to obtain unless you pay real money. I’m so done.

  7. Natalie dice:

    Best game ever. I always have fun playing this game. However, when ever I play a song it always lags and freezes for 5 seconds and like a minute after it lags again and it stops. It has been happening to me lately. Also it always says an error occurred during the game too.Other then that everything is fine.

  8. I loved this game, Ive been playing since its release. The challenges are fun but some are far to difficult & its frustrating to beat when it’s near impossible. The options for the difficulty don’t match the higher difficulty options on the live stage which is annoying. My main problem tho started with the newest update. Before this update I could tap the notes no problem but now I cant keep a streak of 20, the game doesn’t process my taps anymore and I no longer play it. Please fix it!!!

  9. KatePearl dice:

    It’s ok. You can only play one groups songs unless you completely switch your main group which really sucks. The rhythm for the buttons seems odd and throws me off. But even then I never do bad cause they’re stupidly easy?? Even hard mode is easy. I swear sometimes I completely missed the button and it still counts. honestly pretty underwhelming. Got bored quick and I usually like rhythm games.

  10. This game has changed so much. I’ve been here from the beginning and miss the old one. All the new songs are hidden behind paid products, and it’s near impossible to get a card to unlock them unless you pay $40+ for packs. I also can’t buy any card packs with gold anymore. I miss the old game. When they cared about the user’s experience and not just making a profit. They should’ve made the diary and its additions a separate app. It’s useless here.

  11. This game is very cute, and fun. You can challenge yourself, or put the settings on easy and enjoy yourself! With a little bit of hard work, you can have amazing cards that help boost your score, and make it easier to compete. I do have one big issue with this game. You are forced to purchase gems for certain items like stickers, earned gems are useless. It makes no sense! Almost 100$ for 12 stickers and a background!

  12. I love this game so much it is unique, yet familiar! The quality is fantastic and they compensated for the issues that were happening when it launched! There are still small things, but that may be my wifi and the number of players. (During the songs sometimes it freezes for a second and I miss some notes because of that. Also often when trying to challenge a miss I get the notice that another user is already participating, which can be frustrating.) Overall, wonderful game!!

  13. The new update has fixed the unknown error. So far I am enjoying this game and love the new additions. There is still no advantage to the studio feature. Sometimes the score it shows at the end is inaccurate. I wish I didnt have to repeat all the missions for every member. When finishing a task for an artist, loading the rewards screen is very laggy. The app crashes so often it’s not even funny. Would be better if it didnt automatically go to that screen.

  14. bug dice:

    the game is overall pretty good!! i love the cool features added like multi-player and being able to customize the stage is pretty neat! however, I dislike the way the cards are organized. especially when you go to upgrade a card and you have to search through the tiny long row at the bottom, it’s not very efficient and difficult to look through. Another concern is that the beat maps feel clunky and not very fluid while playing. fixing these two things would improve the game greatly!!

  15. I was able to play the game right, I figured out how to play by myself and practice. It’s under the “studio” button. I didn’t realize this. It’s actually really fun and will be giving it a better review from my original post. Now, the only problem that I really have is that when I’m upgrading my cards or getting more points, it runs smoothly. When I’m playing a song, sometimes it lags and kind of freezes. I also noticed that this mostly happens when I score a fair or miss a point. Idk 🤷‍♀️😁

  16. The one problem I had with the game when I first got it was that I wanted some kind of level, and more diverse missions. With the latest update they finally did just that!!!!!! Unfortunately, now all the “live stages” glitch right after I play them. None of my progress is shown, I don’t get to see my score, and I don’t get any rewards. I was trying to complete all the live stages with a certain difficulty, but now if I do it won’t count. When they fix it I’ll raise my review to 5 stars!!

  17. So far, so good. The bug fix worked great. I’m glad to see there’s been some consideration taken on the difficulty level of the missions. It isn’t just new/unfamiliar players who are having trouble. I’ve been playing beat touch games for a few years and I cannot get past level 20 in the BTS missions. I’ve tried 30+ times. I really think the expectation of 3 or less “good” hits on a super hard level is unrealistic, even for veterans of this style of game.

  18. Very smooth gameplay and no ads!! I’m not too bothered about the cards bc I just like playing rhythm based games so I can’t comment on that aspect. My critique would be as follows: 1) levels of difficulty are not consistent across songs — i.e. hard mode is still very simple for some songs but in other songs it’s more challenging. So sometimes it gets a bit frustrating to play. 2) there is no pause or option to leave the game. I get that the point is to play live but at least allow us to pause!!

  19. I really love tapping games and I’m pretty good at them. There’s enough going on for you to keep playing. But the season levels get impossible into the 20s. I can’t imagine how annoying it must be for people who just enjoy playing casually. Even with the option to watch ads to lower/increase targets it’s not helpful when you don’t have the skills, maybe the ads can allow us to lower the difficulty as well? Everybody should be able to finish the season challenges, not only expert players.

  20. Tomi Chan dice:

    Ok. I, like others, cannot help but compare ssbts to this game. Being that this is sort of a ‘pre-season/beta-esque’ open? I’m going to go with what I’ve seen so far. Positives: -various play modes -ability to remix songs for increased replay value – interesting approach to global play -ability to choose short or long version of songs – a full discography – access to other artists music [especially helpful to those who are interested, but haven’t gotten around to getting too deep into the music]. Now – I won’t go too hard on the mishaps that happened with this early of a launch. Everyone’s disappointment and stress are warranted, but there was a relatively quick turn around to address the issues. I’ll say the compensation for the issues was definitely a plus. Here are things I have an issue with -I was not able to finish the tutorial because there was no around, so I had to SKIP the tutorial thus losing the bonus. The tutorial should be on studio mode since many folks weren’t able to access the live mode. OR we should be able to go back and redo the tutorial mode with a once collected reward unable to be collected. -There needs to be some kind of color difference between quick notes. Maybe it’s just me? But I need to see some color variation in the way these rapid staccato/quick notes appear. It’s perhaps something I’ve been used to for so long [DDR etc.] But different notes at different speeds tend to have some sort of color variation so you know to approach them differently. -Tutorial mode should be AI based. There was nothing that really described what was expected in live mode? Maybe I’ll have to restart it and try it again. -Account Sync. Please fix this. I should not receive error messages or need to sync POST set up. It’s fun once you get started. I hope another difficulty level is added once things get going. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

  21. I like that you can level up each member of all groups. I also like the solo play/ studio option which also allows you to level up each member. Now that the game is updated and isn’t having the issues it had on launch, it’s really fun. However I can see where some fans might have issues. Those who can pay for better cards will always be on top and those who can’t won’t be able to keep up thus lose out on rewards, unless there’s some way to balance it. The game is fun so far though.

  22. Even though I want to give this app 5 stars because of BTS, I am extremely dissappointed. After several hours of waiting to get past the bugs, I found that the timing for songs are really off. I tried adjusting the sync settings with little success. Also it is kind of difficult to achieve best artist player mission when other people’s cards are a lot better. However there’s a little bit of customability with the game. Personally, I enjoyed the game design of SSBTS a lot better.

  23. This is a fun app were I can see my favorite artists and enjoy the music! The things that I worry about is whether I am playing with real people or just bots, as well as the Mix option should cater to my mix’s difficulty (usual between a 5 or 9). Yet all of the mixed I must challenge are in the 1-4 range. Also there have been many time were I would finish a song with the “others” and the game would read an error and not count my score. This happened many times in one night. Thank you💜

  24. This is a really fun app, I love playing it because it has so many of my favorite songs and it’s easy to collect cards. However, it may be because the graphics are so high quality, but I keep having to exit the app and reenter it because it freezes on the loading screen, and it happens after I complete a level which is frustrating. If this glitch is fixed, the app will be perfect.

  25. I like the game overall, especially with the new update, it allows me to play and listen to music from the groups that I like. I only have 2 problems with the game. The small problem is the issue of getting and completing cards and their sets. It’s a little irritating to pay so much for so little but that’s something that will either improve with time or I’ll adjust. My main issue is the error message I get as soon as I finish dis-ease, I’ve tried 4 times, so it won’t allow me to clear the song.

  26. Andy dice:

    This game still has fun aspects about it but I feel like it can be improved in a lot of ways. To start off, the live stage, your part of the song will be much harder than the others no matter which member you play as. This is very confusing and makes all the practice you do in the studio serve no purpose. Second, the cards, I feel like the area were you level them up is hard to navigate through. Last, during the songs the frame rate will drop and or it will freeze and make you miss beats.

  27. It’s a fun game… when I can play it. The crashing every other time I open a new menu or check on an artist, or even right after I finish a song with pefect hits, causing me to not get any rewards from it, has made it increasingly too frustrating to play. In comparison to other beat games, I LOVE that it doesn’t have any kind of health bar. You could suck and miss all notes and be able to continue playing. I alos love having truly optional difficulties.

  28. Elissa D. dice:

    Idk what happened in the recent update, but my game hasn’t been very cooperative since. I lag more often anywhere w/in the game, not just live stage, and it keeps crashing at random times. This makes it very difficult to complete quests and missions. It’d also be nice if songs were added more regularly. It gets rather repetitive playing the same songs over and over again, but I also understand if it takes time to actually get them ready for the game.

  29. It’s not a bad game. Good music (obviously). It’s still not even in the top half of music rhythm games I’ve played though. There’s a lot of pressure to “keep up” in score with other users, which means you either need to grind a LOT or have a lot of money if you’re likely to give into that. For more serious MR players: This game does not have the count of how many perfect, good, bad, etc were achieved. The scoring is based much more on what cards you own than on how well you do There is no way to participate in the mix feature that others have put together unless you want to play level 1 and 2 mixes (max difficulty 10). Having an option to sort by difficulty would be great. If you play it to have fun/enjoy the music, not care about keeping up in scores, and not care about what you can collect, you’ll have the best time with this game.

  30. There’s 50/50 chance your ad bonus won’t apply. At one point, I watched 4 ads to get it. Kind of annoying to watch something for no reason over and over. It also lags from time to time which can ruin your entire mission. Then you get to start all over and hope you can get through the song without that happening again. I like the concept but too much frustration due to lag once you get past the “easy” missions.

  31. Sanvi S dice:

    Honestly, it was very underwhelming. I didn’t have any bugs or anything but it seemed like a waste to choose a difficulty level and just end up playing easy mode and then the difficulty level you chose ONLY when the member you chose’s part came. Yes, it’s something different from its competitor (the Superstar app) but the concept was very underwhelming. I would also like more of all of the groups’ songs but it’s still in its beginnings so that’s fine.

  32. Some fans are saying this game is too hard, but it’s actually not hard for experienced rhythm game players. I’d say this is easier than some popular rhythm games out there. Instead I think there should be a difficulty choice and prizes that scale to the difficulties(for quests and events). It would be only fair to those who want to play harder lvls without taking away the fun for people who want the game to be “playable.” As someone who loves playing the Super Hard lvls I love the mapping so far

  33. diana dice:

    I took a break from the game, but when I came back, I totally couldn’t use the layout! It’s so disorganized and hard to navigate! I keep getting lost! I also don’t like the fact that the game has to load to switch to different artists when before, you could just play all artists together! Honestly, I don’t know if I want this app on my phone anymore. It was fine the way it was before! I’m really missing SuperStar BTS right now. They should’ve just made SuperStar BigHit/Hybe🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. This game is beyond amazing and deserves so much positive attention, but (sorry to ruin the positive shower) alot of the time when I’m in the middle of a round the game freezes which makes it harder to pass the quests. Since season 2 it seems to have gotten worse. I thought it was my phone but I have restarted and deleted stuff on my phone. Nothing seems to help so as long as this problem is fixed I will happily put a 5 star 🌟. Fighting!

  35. As promised, I’ve updated my review. Having played the Superstar game series, there’s comparison. Interface is good and bright. Though shallow (for now) the idol interaction tasks are a neat touch. For gameplay, the target line is about 1/3 of the way up the screen, reducing reaction time; also the lozenge shapes are more difficult to time. You do get full/much longer songs and the co-op is a nice feature! Compensation (for early issues) also was not stingy. Overall, pretty good initially.

  36. justl1zz dice:

    I really enjoy playing this! I was really bummed out when SuperStarBTS got deleted, so having a rhythm game that ALSO had other BigHit groups is gnarly. My only issue is that when playing, it tends to lag which usually causes me to miss notes. This only really happens when there a lot of notes on the screen, so it only really happens on the higher difficulties and higher speeds. I’ll give my rating a 5 stars once that is fixed! Other than that, really good game!

  37. mystic dice:

    My favorite game ever! I absolutely love rhythm games and when it’s mixed with music I love, it’s a dealbreaker. I’ve bought almost all of the hive passes. I think the level design and graphics are pretty good. My only issue that sadly doesn’t make it a five star is the amount of glitches. Some days it’s bearable and won’t glitch or only do it once or twice. But some days I can’t even open the app. It’s hard sometimes to get all of the daily bonuses when I can’t load my game.

  38. ash dice:

    (this will be a temporary review, until all issues are fixed) about a day later, and everything is running smoothly. the concept of having other players play with you is a very creative idea, i enjoy that, but when opening card packs the game crashes for some reason. this is most likely not a device issue, since my device is running android 10 with frequent updates. hopefully this issue gets resolved in the future, then the game would be complete and ready for others to play with no issues.

  39. Edit: Game is great! I really like the color palette, and it’s nice to have a BTS rhythm game again. I wish there was a tutorial on how to upgrade card rarities (if it’s possible). Also, the game keeps erroring out whenever I complete a song in Live Stage mode. Looking forward to the next event.

  40. Abe dice:

    Please fix this game! There are so many instances in which I tap a note and it does not register causing a miss in mission mode and live stage. I retry and waste so much energy in missions because it does not register the note and keeps missing. There’s also a notable lag in the game and it is also messing up the game and causing the screen to freeze for a moment. Those are the only notable issues I’ve found and everything else about this game is fun.

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