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A Musical Fantasy Adventure.
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Just in time for Rayark’s 10th anniversary comes a sequel to their classic IP, DEEMO.

A kingdom created through music faces an uncertain future after a monster called ‘The Ancestor’ plagues the land with a destructive ‘Hollow Rain’. This dangerous rain causes anyone it touches to ‘bloom’, turning into a flurry of white flower petals and ultimately vanishing from existence.
DEEMO II follows Echo, a girl who has bloomed but mysteriously re-appeared, and Deemo, an enigmatic station Guardian, as they journey through this rain-soaked world in hopes of finding a way to save it.


▲A Mysterious and Emotional Story:
Why did ‘The Composer’, the elusive being who created this world, suddenly abandon it? Why and how did Echo bloom and then come back to life? Accompany Echo as she uncovers the secrets behind these questions, journeying to uncover the truth and save the world.

▲A Combination of Rhythm and Adventure:
Explore Central Station with Echo, interacting with your surroundings as you get to know the many station residents while discovering clues and ‘Charts’, magical pieces of music with the power to clear away Hollow Rain. As Deemo you’ll play those Charts, putting your musical skills to the test in fun and challenging rhythm sections, ultimately moving the story forward.

▲30 Core Songs + DLC Song Packs for a Total of 120+ Tracks:
Composers from around the world, including Japan, Korea, Europe and the Americas, have created an eclectic array of tracks for DEEMO II with an emphasis on acoustic instrumentation. Genres include Classical, Jazz, Chill Pop, J-Pop, and more. Infectious, emotive melodies will give music lovers dozens of fast favorites, and creative, syncopated rhythms will make sure rhythm-game aficionados have plenty to sink their teeth into.

▲Make Friends with Over 50 Station Residents:
Central Station is full of characters with their own personalities and stories. As Echo, you can chat with them as they walk about Central Station, living their lives, opening paths to different topics depending on the situation. As you talk with them and get to know them, you’ll start to feel like you’re part of an eccentric new community.

▲Storybook Graphics and Artstyle:
DEEMO II marries hand-drawn backgrounds with 3D models and a meticulous attention to detail that will make you feel like you’re caught in a storybook, or an anime come to life.

▲Movie-Quality Animated Scenes:
DEEMO II is full of high-quality anime cutscenes, fully voiced by professional Japanese voice actors. Pair that with music composed by DEEMO and Sdorica vets, and you’ve got an audio and visual treat.

Rayark is well-versed in rhythm-game production, with popular titles like Cytus, DEEMO, Voez, and Cytus II under their belt. They are well-known for mixing fun and fluid rhythm gameplay with visual flair and deep storylines, providing full, rewarding experiences to get lost in.


Version 1.1.1 Updates

- You can now spend more Radiance points at once.
- You can now listen to samples and check the difficulty of charts found in the Arcanum.
- Tutorial has been optimized.
- "Calibration" has been added to the settings menu.
- Fixed an issue where some charts would repeat and overlap while previewing them.
- Chart "DRG (Piano Ver.)" artist changed to "Onoken, arranged by SLS".
- Fixed some known in-game issues.
- Improved stability.


4 comentarios en "DEEMO II MODDED 2022"

  1. Andre Castrellon dice:

    It’s better than I could imagine brings a tear to my eye. Edit: it’s not a “battle pass system” it’s a way for them to make money you only buy it once and then you just level it up if you check it has no expiration date it’s like the sand timer in the first one it only unlocks more of the game a system like this is need for a free game and plus the things you can only can only be bought once except the 5 dollar one but everything in the game can be earned and you can still play without radiance.

  2. Emily Pham dice:

    Pros: Story and graphics remind me of Studio Ghibli. Events are really fun to play! Can purchase song packs for free. Played since launch and already have 5/6 of the currency needed for one. Good amount of free song packs given, and they will probably give more with future updates. Cons: There’s a bit of lag when playing music, hurts combos at times but uncommon. Battle pass is pricey. Cutscenes are sometimes unsynced. Note: Radiance only helps progress the story faster, don’t need it to play.

  3. Charles DeLoach dice:

    This is a good phone game, a good rpg, but doesn’t improve much at being a rhythm game. The story is a LOT more of an element in this second game than the first, which I don’t mind but it’s harder to pick up and play. Instead of choosing from a song list similar to the first’s you move around in an overhead world to progress. Maybe there could be more songs, like a paid expansion with records you need to collect and restore. Maybe the peices you restore give more story connecting both games?

  4. Spark Lupus dice:

    I absolutely loved deemo. The story. The music. The artstyle. With this one though… the actual gameplay while you’re playing is definitely a nice artistic choice. Though playing it, it feels extremely slow to start from deemo. I find whenever I play it, it just makes me miss the music from the original deemo. I did not see a single artist I liked in any of the purchaseable packs. They’re all different from deemo one, just makes me miss the days when deemo one was still being extended upon.

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