Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game FULL


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Slash the beats in a perfect combo of dancing music & rhythm slicing game.
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Looking for new rhythm edm game music?
Or maybe dance music games?
Well, you must try Dancing Blade!

🕺Dancing Blade is an immersive rhythm experience you have never seen before on mobile! Enjoy tons of handcrafted levels and swing your way through the pulsing music beats, surrounded by a futuristic world. How long can you slice, dance and stay on the road in this edm game?

Slice to right, left, up.. or don’t slice at all! Use your Finger as Blade to slash the beats as they come flying at you. With Dancing Blade your finger becomes a dancing superhero! Can you remain calm under pressure and focused to slice all the dance beats? Only the most talented rhythm dance players will conquer the high score top.

▶️ Feel the Rhythm: Immerse yourself in the smoothest combination of music beats and visual effects in Dancing Blade’s truly unique gameplay. Enjoy original sound effects and high-quality graphics with a fun ambiance that will entertain you to the fullest.
▶️ Handcrafted Levels & Music: Unlike other rhythm games with generated content, music and levels in Dancing Blade’s are drawn precisely by hand to enhance the music experience. We promise edm experience like no other!
▶️ Challenging Campaign: Get better every day while completing objectives and challenges in the Campaign. It’s so much fun to play a music game with objectives and challenges that are optimally hard – it’ll make you come back for more and more!
▶️ Easy to Learn, Fun to Master: With the initial tutorial and simple controls, everyone can understand the basic game mechanics. For best results stay focused, follow the music and beats coming to your and slice fast and precisely. Your good results will help you unlock a variety of fun items that enhance your performance.
▶️Upload music & play: Dancing Blade allows you to upload your music and play the slicing and dancing game. That’s right you can slice the beat and stay entertained while playing the game with your favorite tune!
And all this is packed in a dancing game with high quality graphics, stunning audio visual effects and a lovely gaming feel that will make you come back for more and more.
✅ enhance focus and train reflexes
✅ boost cognitive skills and train brain
✅ train reaction while listening to modern music
✅ enjoy high-quality music and beats unseen in any other music game

Do you have what it takes to become the hero blade dancer?
Now start the dancing and slicing quest!

🕺 Download the most entertaining music dancing & slicing beat game now for free!


Christmas update
More theme, for free
New end game reward.
performance improvement
add more music.

Fix bug.


4 comentarios en "Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game FULL"

  1. Raspberry Cyanide dice:

    Its what you’d expect from a Beatsaber clone for mobile. It’s nice, but I have a few gripes. The controls aren’t accurate enough. I often hit blocks correctly and it doesn’t register or I don’t hit them and it does. It just kinda works when it wants. I also think that the My music feature is broken. I find that when using songs that aren’t EDM or pop it tends to give a lot of repeats with little variation and difficulty. I also think that there are way too many ads. Hope this helps!!

  2. Dradic Nova dice:

    The game itself isn’t bad, though I have no idea if the perfect zone is the circle around the notes or the rectangle. No, my issue with the game is in the custom songs and speed. Or rather lack of it. I don’t expect it to match every song, but it’d be nice if I could have the notes be faster than the standard songs with a decently faster beat.

  3. Zee dice:

    I really like the game. It’s what you’d expect from a kind of beat saber for mobile. The only thing I have a problem with is importing my own music. The files won’t pop up or the folder is just plain empty even though if I check the file on my phone, it’s clearly there. It’s with any and every file of music I have downloaded. Besides that- it’s a pretty okay game.

  4. Drake Wilson dice:

    While the game plays.. fine, its just not what I would consider a good game. Its repetitive and boring for me. Others may like it but who knows. Also, on a good point. All the ads I encountered were all optional, that is, if you wanted to watch an ad for whatever, you could. But at least for me, it never forced an ad on me. That was nice.

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